5 Best Emeril Lagasse Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The best Emeril Lagasse cookbooks are written by celebrity chef John Emeril Lagasse III. Chef Lagasse is a chef, television personality, restauranteur, and cookbook author. This chef is good at what he does, and he won the National Best Recipe Award for this 2003 recipe, The Sausage Chili. Having garnered so much experience in the culinary arts, he shares his experience with his fans through his cookbooks, and there have been so many of them.

If you want to order some of the best cookbooks written by this celebrity chef, you are right. In the following text, we review five of his best cookbooks containing brilliant recipes that you can try at home. Happy reading.

Best Emeril Lagasse Cookbooks

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1. Emeril Lagasse Everyday Recipes for 360 Airfryer Power

Emeril Lagasse Everyday Recipes For 360 Airfryer Power

Chef Emeril introduces recipes that can be prepared with an air fryer in this cookbook. Published in premium hardcover, the recipes in Recipe 360 will blow your mind for real. This is because they are tasty, refreshing, and relatively easy to prepare. By reading this book, you learn something new on each page. You also learn new recipes that will greatly enrich your diet using the same ingredients you’ve always used to create culinary wonders. The recipes can be prepared using different cooking styles. Chef Emeril teaches readers how to make tasty meals in less time.

In this cookbook, there are recipes that you can bake, roast, slow cook, dehydrate, and lots more. The recipes are practical and rewarding. From quick snacks to crisp pizzas and appetizers, this cookbook has everything you need to turn yourself into a great cook, if not a super chef. Cooking for yourself and your loved ones is made easier by simply flipping through the pages and digesting the book’s lessons and instructions.

The ingredients required for the recipes are also budget-friendly, so you don’t have to commit too many resources to make them. Each recipe also has detailed instructions on how to prepare them. A book worth reading.

Why do we like it?

  • It contains traditional and Modern recipes
  • Enriched with amazing pictures
  • Extra instructions like cooking charts and temperature control for each recipe
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2. Emeril Lagasse Favorite Recipes from Emeril Restaurants

Emeril Lagasse Favorite Recipes From Emeril Restaurants

Not only is Emeril a renowned chef, but he also runs restaurants too. If you have ever visited any of his restaurants or wish you could but are unable to, worry not as this is one of his best Lagasse cookbooks that contains amazing recipes served to diners at his restaurants. With this book, you now have the opportunity to recreate tasty Lagasse tasty meals in your home by simply following the instructions in this cookbook. Chef Emeril hasn’t just picked the recipes just for the sake of it; he includes the best recipes in this book, so what you get is a collection of his best work compiled in an easy-to-read instruction manual.

There are 150 recipes in the book, all drawn from his restaurants. Not just that, the 150 recipes are the most requested by customers, and he includes two of his all-time favorites in his work. The recipes are practical and easy to prepare. Furthermore, the ingredients required to prepare them are accessible and available at local markets and grocery stores. All you need is the time and the maximum concentration to prepare any of them provided you have the required condiments.

The first chapter contains the Basics that teach the reader the building blocks of how to make great meals, then as you progress, you are introduced to new recipes and cooking instructions. This book has all the information you need to improve your skills maximally.

Why do we like it?

  • Refreshing recipes
  • Logical arrangement of instructions in successive order
  • Brilliant pictures
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3. Emeril Lagasse One Pot Wonders Cookbook

Emeril Lagasse One Pot Wonders Cookbook

Cooking is enjoyable and fun when you have the knowledge and the required ingredients for the recipe, and more importantly when it is easy to prepare. Have you ever dreamed of cooking tasty meals in a single pot or pan that others will appreciate? Or better still, do you struggle to come up with one-pot recipes on your own? If that is the case, this cookbook is just right for you. In this cookbook, the author introduces innovative recipes that require only a single pot or pan to pull off.

Your cookware may be a Dutch oven, skillet, stockpot, or saucepan, but with just one of these, you can create magical menus that will blow the mind of everyone who tastes it. Cooking simple Casseroles, stews and soups is something every average Joe can pull off in the kitchen. However, if you want to take your cooking to the next level, you need to learn how to do more with less. This work, regarded as one of the author’s best cookbooks, contains recipes like the new England shellfish and Chowder, BLT Risotto, Southern Chicken and Dumplins, and so much more.

All these menus can be prepared in a single pot or pan, so you get to clean up after you are done in no time.

Why do we like it?

  • It contains more than 130 recipes
  • Teaches readers foolproof techniques
  • Recipes are drawn from different traditions and styles
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4. Emeril Lagasse New Orleans Cooking

Emeril Lagasse New Orleans Cooking

If you are a fan of Cajun recipes, this is one of the best Emeril Lagasse cookbooks for those. Chef Emeril goes beyond the limits in New Orleans Cooking. Many Cajun cookbook readers complain that the Cajun cookbooks they have are either too modern or contain complicated recipes. Well, we will like to inform you that his cookbook contains both modern and traditional recipes. As for the cooking requirements, they are flexible and easy to pull off using everyday ingredients.

There are more than 100 recipes in this cookbook, including professional tips on how to spice up your dishes to make them sweeter. The seasoning methods are reminiscent of Cajun culinary traditions of old, but Chef Emeril also encourages you to create your own recipes by providing tips and tricks to guide and spur you. New Orleans Cookbook contains Creole recipes such as Etoufees, Bisque, Red Beans, Shrimp Remoulade, and Banana fosters.

Before you open this book, we advise that you dispel whatever misconceptions you might have regarding Cajun food. Read it with an open mind just like a student would, and your skills will be better for it.

Why do we like it?

  • More than a year’s worth of recipes
  • Contains dessert suggestions
  • The recipes are a perfect combination of century-old Cajun and Creole cooking styles
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5. Emeril Lagasse Louisiana Real & Rustic Cookbook

Emeril Lagasse Louisiana Real & Rustic Cookbook

In Louisiana Real and Rustic Cookbook, the author chef discusses recipes and techniques not covered in New Orleans Cooking Cookbook. If you know Cajun traditions well enough, you will understand that hundreds of recipes and dozens of cooking styles were adopted by Louisianians over the last 100 years. In this Real and Rustic Cookbook, the legendary chef brings some of them to life again for your reading pleasure.

This work contains 150 authentic recipes, including regional dishes developed by Louisiana cooks, such as Oyster fishes, ettoufles, grillades, meat pies, and Fricassees. You will also find more robust recipes like gumbos, red beans, and rice, and jambalayas. The recipes in this cookbook are as real and rustic as any recipe can be. Chef Emeril does not leave you hanging by simply introducing the recipes; he also provides you with relevant information like the cooking techniques, heat temperature, ingredient measurement, and more.

All the colorful and rich culinary traditions are espoused in this masterpiece of a book. You do not have to visit Louisiana to enjoy Cajun recipes. In your home, you can create tasty meals using the tools and ingredients at your disposal.

Why do we like it?

  • Each recipe has specific instructions
  • Practical Recipes for everyday people
  • Published in an attractive hardcover
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Emeril Lagasse Cookbooks Buyer’s Guide

Chef Emeril has some of the best cookbooks around, which best explains why his books are always in demand. Over the years, he has written more than a few cookbooks, and each one is dedicated to a specific niche. While this is great as it increases your option, it creates a challenge because you are spoilt for choice on the one to buy. To help your case, here are some things to consider.

Focus on a Niche

If you want the best Emeril Lagasse cookbook that discusses Cajun recipes, then order a Cajun book by the author. If you want Southern or one-pot recipes, then order those as well. Buying niche-focused books will help you prioritize your goals because you will not have the time to read all his books.


Cookbooks never go out of fashion as the information they contain remains evergreen. For long-term preservation, we advise that you only order a hardcover over a softcover. You want a cookbook that will remain in good condition for years to come.


Whether you go for the best Emeril Lagasse cookbooks with ancient recipes or modern ones is up to you. Some of his books are a combination of both. We recommend that you order a volume that contains both traditional and modern recipes. Also, consider volumes with as many recipes as possible.