Best Electric Skillets

5 Best Electric Skillets (Reviews Updated 2021)

Today, everyone seems to be running short of time.  Time is money as they.  Well, if you are running short of time, you need a convenient method of cooking. Skipping meals or take-aways is only a band-aid and is low on nutrition.  Combine it with the trouble of ordering, being at home to receive it, heat them again is surely more of time and effort.

For a permanent fix, you need a cooking appliance that offers a one-stop-shop for convenience, effort, and time. And you have the electric skillets. An all-in-one appliance, skillets are traditional kitchenware from centuries ago that were usually made in cast iron. However, in today’s world, you have electric skillets conducting heat over a wide surface with precise temperature control. This allows the heating element to distribute heat evenly while cooking food. Some of them can also keep food warm till the time you are ready to eat, cook various food styles from sautéing to boiling to simmering, all in one pan.  Convenience, as you have fewer pots and pans, means easier cleaning. There are many available in the marketplace that may attract you, but you need to be mindful of a few aspects while selecting an electric skillet. To solve your problem, we have selected the best five electric skillets and taken the time to review each of them. Now you can opt for the one that suits you the most!

Best Electric Skillets

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Here are our best five electric skillets reviews.

1. Elite Gourmet Heavy Duty Electric Skillet

Elite Gourmet Heavy Duty Electric Skillet

Bring home convenience with this electric skillet that offers you a one-pot simmering, frying, boiling, sautéing, and much more in cooking.  Cook for your family or a large gathering of 6 to 8 people in this 10.5-quart electric skillet. The thick and durable non-stick stone coating ensures that you do not have food stuck on the skillet base while cooking. The M-shaped heating element on the underneath ensures even heating and consistent cooking temperatures. No more hot or cold spots!

Cleaning is super easy as all the non-electric parts are dishwasher safe. You can even immerse it in water or soap liquid. This product has a depth of 3.2 inches, ideal for shallow fry or simmering liquids. This electric skillet has a variable thermostat that gives you a range of cooking temperatures from 200o F to 400o F.

The see-through tempered glass enhances the visual food presentation and while the food remains warm with the lid close. The cool-touch handles and knobs are a great convenience feature and keep you safe from any burns. The 1500-watt electric skillet is ETL certified for your safe use. Included, Presto offers a 1-year limited warranty.

Why do we like it?

  • Heavy-duty non-stick coating, PFOA free
  • Easy-pour spout
  • Trigger release probe
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2. Presto Electric Skillet

Presto Electric Skillet

Cook yourself a special meal with fresh vegetables and meat of your choice in this electric skillet by Presto. Available in a rich range of options to cook (roast, deep/shallow fry, simmer, bake, or stew and grill), the electric skillet has a spout built-in to pour liquids like your soups, broths, curries, sauces once ready. An additional spoon rest to lay the ladles keeps your cooking or serving area clean and non-messy. The 16 inches electric skillet is just the right size for cooking meals that can be finished in just a cooking pan.

No need for multiple pans or pots, saving you the trouble of cleaning up later. Some electric skillets have a high sidewall, while others have a low sidewall.  Both have their benefits. This electric skillet has a sidewall that prevents any splashes or spillages when cooking or stirring the food. The best part of this Presto electric skillet is that you can detach the base and the handles easily for cleaning.  When detached, they also save you space for storage.

Electric skillets are the best as they can be set-up for use in any area where a gas burner is prohibited. Easy to carry and use and no fuss cleaning and maintenance offer a higher versatility giving you convenience.

An attraction on the buffet table by itself, you can avoid transferring food to another pan/dish for serving. The tempered see-through lid tempts your diners with the visual food display, attracting them to food cooked with love. Cleaning is easy as the non-electric parts are dishwasher safe and immersible. It weighs 8.55 pounds and has a size of 20 (L) x 12.5 (W) x 8 (H) sq. inches.

Presto, a recognized brand leader, has offered this electric skillet for more than a century now.

Why do we like it?

  • Adjustable easy to use temperature controls
  • Non-stick coating inside to cook
  • Doubles up as a food warmer
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3. Toastmaster 6 inch Electric Skillet

Toastmaster 6 Inch Electric Skillet

A small and compact electric skillet pan with a removable handle for easy cleaning, this variant from toastmaster is only 6 inches in size.  The 6 inches size makes it a great hit for people who are with small families or those who need to cook just for themselves or a duo. It is ideal for small servings of food or a small family needing quick meals.  Even though it is small, it offers a wide range of cooking temperatures displaying its versatility to cook anything from boiling eggs, a scrambled egg, quick pasta with pepperoni, or perhaps stir-fried vegetables? The non-stick coating makes it very convenient for you to cook. With a little spray-on or olive/ vegetable oil, you can cook food that tastes as great as any.  Less oil also means ease in cleaning later!

This compact unit is a favorite for those who travel and yearn for ‘Home-style food, away from the rich food of hotels and take-away. Some people who bought this product recommend this product to keep food warm after cooking if you are caught up with work or want to have it later. No need to reheat in the oven. Its dimensions are 9.1 x 6.5 x 7.1 inches (LxWxH), weighing only 2.44 pounds.

For the health-conscious, the product size also helps you to think of “potion control”!  This unit is compact, saving you space on a countertop. The design and compact looks make it very attractive to look-at, on any buffet table too. The four corner legs raise the skillet by a few inches for diners to see and admire the food inside and lead them to guess the food’s aroma. This product’s small compact size allows it to be stored in the kitchen cabinets with ease.

Why do we like it?

  • Compact 6 inches size for small portions
  • Sleek tempered glass cover
  • Cool-touch knob
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4. Chefman 3-in-1 Electric Grill, Pot, & Skillet

Chefman 3 In 1 Electric Grill, Pot, & Skillet

Finally, here is an electric skillet, neither family-sized, neither a couple-sized nor medium-sized! It is right-sized.  That’s right, right size with 10 inches. This electric skillet is the right size to stir fry, slow cook, braise, cook, simmer, boil or bake any food dish with the 3-in-1 feature of an electric grill, skillet, and pot. Versatile, isn’t it?

Cleaning? Well, that’s easy; so relax and smile as you wash-out the tempered see-through glass lid and the entire unit (without the electric parts) into the dishwasher. This unit is very easy to clean since the cooking pan too can be removed. The temperature range varies between 200o F to 450º F, catering to each need.  It even has a raised grill area that drains away grease, so you get only nutritious and tasty grilled food.

The best part of this unit is the high sides that avoid any liquids/juices/ oils from being splashed onto other adjoining surfaces. A single electric skill does wonders and is an all-in-one, easy-to-use appliance. Many people who have used this product recently say that the packaging box has a website mentioned, from where you can access recipes to cook.

This electric skillet is ETL approved for your safety and convenience and includes a 1-year warranty offered by Chefman.

Why do we like it?

  • 3-in-1 cooking appliance
  • Ease in use & cleaning
  • Medium-sized for cooking
  • Raised inner pot edge
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5. LIVEN Electric Skillet

Liven Electric Skillet

Traveling for work, you always find either greasy, unhealthy, and delayed meals or rich laden with fats throughout the day. This foldable electric skillet takes away all your worries with the 2-in1 feature of a skillet and a baking pan. This product has 2 round griddles that fold over one and another, saving you space during travel. When opened, they are two separate units to care for different requirements. If you need only half of the skillet, you can switch off the half, saving you electricity.

Cook yourself stir-fried vegetables, make a pie, pasta, meat patties, eggs, or a piece of simple fried bacon.  The even heat distribution is well-founded to give you consistent cooking so that no part of your food is left undone.

The temperature is adjusted automatically by the in-built controls for each food. You save time and all worries and can freshen-up as the food is being cooked. If you are traveling with this portable appliance, you want to avoid smudged files and clothes. This unit has specially designed oil grooves that carry the grease away., giving you a healthier diet at the same time.

The manufacturers recommend that you heat the skillet 2-3 times before use each time, for about 5 minutes. Please do not add any food to the skillet; allow it to cool down and only clean. Doing so makes food tastier and increases durability.

Why do we like it?

  • Foldable with individual controls
  • In-built thermal sensors
  • Easy to clean
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Electric Skillets Buyer’s Guide

Buying an electric skillet could be a tough decision-making process.  You need to study the products available, reviews of people who have used it, visit a store or two perhaps (either online or in-person); it could be a time-consuming task.  Phew!  Quite a task it is. We have listed some important points for you to consider while picking the best electric skillets for your benefit. We have a list of the top look-outs to assist you in selecting a perfect electric skillet basis for your needs.


How many people do you generally cook for? Do you cook more poached or boiled food, or do you need sautéing? Do you prefer one-pot meals? Do you need a shallow frying skillet or one that can deep fry food dishes? When you consider these questions, you gain clarity on the size of the electric skillet you need.


Skillets are available in various shapes; the most common ones are circular and rectangular-shaped ones. A circular shape allows you to stir food clockwise or anti-clockwise easily, and hence the circular shape. The rectangular shape gives you a good appeal when you have laid out the food at the table.


Tempered Glass Lids: Such lids allow you to check on the food during the cooking process. These lids preserve the moisture making the food tender, and retaining the food aroma. Tempered glass can withstand high temperatures and make it ideal for a lid. Lids should have a steam vent to let pressure escape. This keeps you safe when you open the lid.

Handle: Most electric skillets are designed with two-sided handles. This gives you a secure grip while moving the skillet from the kitchen top to the dining table or/and back.

Thermostat control probe: Most electric skillets have a detachable or fixed thermostat control probe; because of this reason, they cannot be immersed in during cleaning. Ensure that you consider easy, removable ones who have ease while cleaning up.  Additionally, the analog temperature probes are difficult to dial when your hands are greasy or dirty while cooking food. Perhaps you would want to opt for one that is digital?

Ease of cleaning

Electric skillets with non-stick coating are usually easier to clean than their counterparts made from steel or other metals. Many non-stick skillets are dishwasher safe, while some aren’t and need to be washed by hands. The abrasive nature of dishwasher detergent could ruin even the ones which are dishwasher safe.


Electric skillets are best known for their convenience, range of cooking styles, and even heat distribution.  The energy you save on an electric skillet is much higher than a gas burner as you can control the heating temperatures. Do study the heating temperature controls to get the best efficiency from your electric skillet.