5 Best Electric Knife Sharpeners (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Have you hurt yourself while trying to cut vegetables or meat?  Do you take more time to cut and prepare dishes? Now don’t be annoyed.  As they say, perhaps it is time to ‘sharpen your saw’ – oh, we mean knives! You are aware that more accidents happen due to blunt and dull knives because they cause more harm than a sharp knife.

If you buy a manual knife sharpener, you will only spend extra time, put in more effort compared to an electric knife sharpener that gives you quicker and better results. Bring home an electric knife sharpener for convenience, better performance, saving time and effort for you. Time saved is money saved, they say. With a host of choices/options available, how do you decide which electric knife sharpener is the best one for you? Well, to solve your problem, we have selected the best five electric knife sharpeners and taken the time to review each of them. Go ahead, read our reviews and opt for one that serves your need the best.

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

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Here are our reviews of the best five electric knife sharpeners.

1. Presto Electric Knife Sharpener

Presto Electric Knife Sharpener

This electric knife sharpener is a refined product for sharpening both – straight and serrated knives. It gives them a fine finish by grinding the blades against Sapphirite abrasives. For your safety, specific guides hold the knife blade at the required angle as it is being sharpened. This Presto electric knife sharpener is best for knives with blades of carbon, alloy, or stainless steel.  We recommend that you use protective gear for your eyes as sparks may fly during grinding; this is normal.

You will notice results immediately in the way the knives cut after sharpening. This compact single unit has two sharpeners, one that sharpens and another which polishes.  Sharpening the knives is quite easy; move the knife in and out of the slots a couple of times. You may also sharpen non-electric serrated knives (with serrations only on one side) with an electric knife sharpener.

Three rubber suction cups hold and secure the unit to a tabletop. Two small bowls are attached to catch any metal filings for your safety and easy disposal. This Presto product comes with a 1-year limited warranty. A 120-volt motor powers it, and the appliance weighs only 2.95 pounds. This unit comes with a sleek finish with its non-metallic silver and black, and it blends well with your kitchen’s decor.

People who have used it do not recommend this for sharpening scissor blades.  This unit does not make much noise when it is working. All controls are predetermined and fixed and eliminate the need for any manual adjustments to be done. The body of the unit is very sturdy, although it is made of plastic.  This Presto electric knife sharpener puts a decent edge on all your knives.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to install and use
  • Good for its quality, reliability, and costs
  • Doesn’t make any loud/strange noises
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2. Chef’s Choice Trizor EdgeSelect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef's Choice Trizor Edgeselect Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

This Chef’s choice product is a great buy for both straight and serrated knives. It has a 3-stage knife sharpening unit. Though fairly a basic model, it has one of the toughest abrasives, diamonds, in it. Now, don’t you look for diamonds that you can wear!  During stages 1 and 2, 100-percent diamond abrasives sharpen the knives and put an edge on them. During stage 3, the knives are polished using a patented abrasive. The polishing also helps to increase the life of knives.

We strongly recommend for your safety to read the instruction manual before you use it.  For your protection, safety gear like anti-cut hand gloves, eye masks, and face masks are advisable to prevent any metal dust from getting into your eyes. The anti-cut glove should keep your hands safe of any cuts or accidents.

Weighing only 4.18 pounds, this power horse protects your investments in cutlery very easily and at a low cost. It produces a little noise that is more than a usual hum (65 dB to 75 dB). It uses flexible spring guides that automatically adjust the blade angle of the knife for sharpening.  It has an easy-to-use on/off switch. You get a 3-year limited warranty on this product from the company.

Why do we like it?

  • Robust sharpening system with diamond abrasives (stage 1 & 2 only)
  • Quickly and easily converts knives from a 20 to a-15 degree edge.
  • It is a 3-stage electric knife sharpener
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3. Work Sharp WSKTS-W Knife & Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp Wskts W Knife & Tool Sharpener

This electric knife sharpener uses flexible abrasive belts. It can sharpen various types of knives and equipment like serrated knives, straight knives, curved knivesand many others giving you value for money.  For your convenience, the grinding belts with abrasives are color coded. This electric knife sharpener uses guides with a precision angle to give you a quality finish every time.

These electric knife sharpeners can also sharpen scissors at an angle of 65° for most common ones, including shop shears and kitchen scissors.  It weighs only 1.90 pounds and is one of the lightest electric knife sharpeners.  Some people who bought this product do not recommend its usage for sharpening lawn mower blades.

This product is a tiny belt sander with an electric motor and a handgrip in layman’s terms. A set of sharpening guides attach it to the main unit. Depending on the tool you are likely to grind, you will need to attach a compatible grit belt. This product is a specially engineered electric knife sharpener for your convenience while using simple machines and knives.  The instructions are easy to follow. We recommend that you read instructions carefully, getting the best results and for your safety.

The manufacturers do not recommend the use of power converters for operating with 220 volts.  However, it is fine to use the 12 volts power inverter for use in vehicles like cars, trucks, etc.

Why do we like it?

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Offers greater options for grinding at different angles
  • 1-year limited warranty
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4. Chef’s Choice 315S Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Chef's Choice 315s Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

These electric knife sharpeners from Chef’s Choice, sharpens knives just as professional shops do. It has a two-stage process and is specially engineered for Asian-style knives.  It polishes your blunt knives to a 15-degree edge irrespective if your knife is a single or double-bevel knife. Some people who have used this electric knife sharpener on the regular home/kitchen American or/and European styled blades are happy with the results.

The precision spring knife guides that are present control the knife’s angle for sharpening.  This gives you 100% results; every time and with consistency comes quality.   You can sharpen thick, medium, or thin Asian blades in this electric knife sharpener.  Using it is, as simple as passing the knives through the grit slots.   Each slot is numbered clearly for your ease.  The first slot has abrasives made of diamond. After the first stage is over, you pass the knife through the second slot to get a good polish on the blade.  The second slot has micron-sized abrasives that are ultra-fine, and flexible giving you top-notch results.

Chef’s Choice advises against using this electric knife sharpening device for professional scissors as it is not intended for them.  However, for common household use, scissors may be sharpened in this unit. This variant is a counter-top model and is secured in place with rubber feet under the unit for your safety. With its chrome finish appearance, it blends into your kitchen décor easily.

Why do we like it?

  • Lightweight at 4.2 pounds
  • A professional finish
  • A 2-stage unit with diamond abrasives in the first
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5. Presto Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Presto Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

This variant of Presto electric knife sharpener is a great solution to sharpen hunting knives, kitchen knives, and various fillet knives. You can sharpen knives of various blade thicknesses – thin blade (for pairing & fillet knives), thick blade (for hunting knives), and medium (all-purpose kitchen knives), using a selector switch.  Once you select the blade thickness, the knife guides are automatically adjusted to receive that thickness’s blade.

You need to pass the knives through stage 1, 2, and 3 slots.  The first stage slot sharpens knives using Sapphirite coarse-grinding wheel, creating a perfect angle, while the second one has a medium-grinding wheel which gives a finer precision. The third and final phase has super-fine-grit with ceramic abrasives that polishes the blade to offer a fine finish.

The 3 stage finishing process ensures that you do not need to get to a professional shop every time the knife’s performance goes bad.  This appliance is available with a 1-year limited warranty and weighs 5.07 pounds.

Presto recommends the use of stages 2 and 3 for sharpening non-electric serrated knives. They recommend that you sharpen the knife blade’s smooth side (the side without the serrations).  While moving the knife through the slots, you must apply very light little pressure.

Why do we like it?

  • One-year limited warranty
  • Professional results at home
  • 3-stage finish
  • Soft operation; Not noisy
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Electric Knife Sharpeners Buyer’s Guide

A sharp knife makes your job easier, whether you are hunting, using it in the kitchen, or for any other purpose. If you don’t sharpen your knives, you are sure to put in efforts that don’t yield quality results apart from wastage of your time. You could always consider buying a manual knife sharpener, but the efforts it entails is just not worth it. Investing in an electric knife sharpener is your best bet. For novices and first-time buyers, choosing a perfect sharpener could be a challenging task. The numbers of options available in the market are plenty. If you are focused on what you need from the electric knife sharpener, you will prioritize the features you want. For your benefit, we have highlighted important factors to consider while purchasing the best electric knife sharpener.


Your safety is of utmost importance. Opt for knife sharpeners that give you protection/ guard on the sharpener to prevent any accidents. When grinding the knives, the sharpener handle should offer you a sense of control and a firm grip.  Sharpeners that are table-top mounted should have rubber slips/ feet to prevent them from slipping off the table and causing an accident. Some variants offer you an anti-cut hand gloves to prevent accidents.


The grinding wheels of a knife sharpener are known as abrasives. They are made-up of diamond, sapphirite, ceramic, carbide tungsten, or synthetics. Diamond is known for its durability, hardness, and high costs. Hence, it may be available in upmarket sharpeners to sharpen delicate knives.  Sapphirite comes next for its quality and is commonly used in most knife sharpeners.  Depending upon the coarseness required for sharpening the knife, you may opt for the abrasive.


Electric knife sharpeners are available for different knives: those with straight blades, those with serrated blades, Asian knives, European knives, etc.  Remember that serrated knives have a special technique for sharpening them and need special grits. You may want to opt for an electric knife sharpener for the type of knives you want to sharpen.

Sharpening process

A domestic knife sharpener works in two phases. In the first phase, the sharpener grinds and throws bits of dull metal, giving a new sharpness to the metal blade. In the second phase, extra-fine grits further sharpen the knife blade and then polish it.  You must consider an electric knife sharpener with multiple slots and stages for a high-quality finish. Multiple slots will remove burrs and offer a finer sharp knife. If you are not careful, the metal may keep reducing, and the knife blade may break if you over do it. For professionals, there are additional phases of grinding, which home chefs should ignore.

Durability & Warranty

You would want a product that lasts you longer and still offers you a quality as when best as when you used it first. Do look at the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions before you decide.