5 Best Electric Griddles (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Do you run late for the office a few times a week cooking your breakfast? Do you have a combination of food items to cook at the same time? Does the bacon go cold as you are cooking eggs? Well, having to wait for a full meal to be cooked together and served could be annoying, wasting your time. How do you overcome this?

Simple!  Use the electric griddle! An electric griddle is a cooking appliance that has a large flat surface area. It is usually made of metals like cast iron, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, or ceramic or nonstick coated material. With a heating source underneath it, the griddle provides a large surface for cooking various items at one go, like bacon, sausages, eggs, steaks, burgers, etc.  Electric griddles are good if you need even heating for food items and are cooking multiple dishes simultaneously. If you are ready to review some, save you time and effort because we have selected the five best electric griddles for you and taken the time to review each of them. Now you can opt for the one that suits you the most!

Best Electric Griddles

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1. Wolf Gourmet’s Precision Electric Griddle

Wolf Gourmet’s Precision Electric Griddle

A top-tier cooking appliance with a range of cooking styles, this electric griddle from Wolf Gourmet is a tabletop griddle. Cook your favorites like pancakes, french toast, crepes, pizza, biscuits, fish, chicken, hamburgers, roasted veggies, and much more. The griddle surface is 240 sq. inches with even surface temperatures all over, so no more cold or hot spots, unlike some other griddles. The cooking surface is PTFE and PFOA-free.

The thick base aluminum cooking surface retains heat to cook food rapidly, reducing waiting time. The griddle surface is fully flat, unlike others which may be slightly inclined towards the drip tray. This gives you a perfect finish for the food.

This griddle has a temperature range of 150° F to 450º F.  With a lid height of 1.85 inches; the stainless steel lid retains heat and moisture to cook food evenly. The best part is the 0.5-inch deep rim that allows you to stir or turn food, giving you non-messy cooking.

Power and preheat lights offer indications when the griddle is turned on and when it reaches the cooking temperature. The griddle is equipped with a drip tray accessible from the front for easy cleaning.

Weighing 21 pounds, it has great stability. This electric griddle makes a great choice in any area where gas appliances are not allowed, for example – balconies.

Why do we like it?

  • Soft-grip handle on the lid
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Even cooking surface
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2. Black & Decker Electric Griddle

Black & Decker Electric Griddle

Cook eggs, bacon, pancakes, steaks, sandwiches, hot dogs, grilled cheese, and much more on this griddle. Really? Yes! With this electric griddle, you can cook all of it because of the even temperatures, and no hot/cold spots appear. The griddle has a warming tray that keeps pre-cooked food warm as you finish up the rest of it.  This way, you can finish up and serve everything together –fresh and warm! The griddle also has a drip tray to collect all of the greases and dispose of them easily, which means easy cleaning and no mess for you.

With 10 inches x 20 inches dimensions, it has a large cooking area. You can use this product to cook-up different choices of food for your family. The nonstick cooking surface is stable, inert, non-reactive, non-toxic, and PFOA-free. The temperature probe is removable, allowing easier clean-up and perfect cooking temperature.  The temperature controls come with a click & lock thermostat and can be adjusted for your convenience. An indicator lights up when it reaches your desired cooking temperature.

It is a single-piece appliance with cool-touch handles that not protruding out. This product weighs 4.96 pounds.

Why do we like it?

  • Offers a 2-year limited warranty
  • Warming tray
  • Nonstick cooking surface PFOA free
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3. Aroma Housewares Electric Griddle

Aroma Housewares Electric Griddle

This product from Aroma Housewares offers you portability from outdoor grilling to indoor cooking. The flavors of cooked food remain the same when moved from the outside to the inside. The temperature range offered is between 200°F to 425°F.  The temperatures can be adjusted while making pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages, and more.

Then tempered glass lid can be removed easily for cleaning. The detachable lid ensures that it retains heat and allows cooking of the dish safely and evenly inside the griddle. It is easy to clean as you can put all non-electric parts in the dishwasher for cleaning.  We recommend that you use the topmost drawer of the dishwasher for easy cleaning.  You can easily multi-task electric griddle as the family gets into the kitchen, dishing-up everyone’s choice.

When done cooking, change the heating of the control dial low to lowest marking of ‘warm’; this ensures that your food is kept warm until you are finished serving. With its dual plates built-in, you have a griddle that saves you much space on the kitchen top; you may simultaneously use the grill and griddle.

It weighs only 8.6 pounds, making it easy and light to port it into any area where you cannot use gas-burners. It has a capacity of 1800 watts per hour that enables it to cook food rapidly.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to use & clean
  • Removable glass lid
  • Use griddle and grill simultaneously
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4. BELLA Ceramic Titanium Electric Griddle

Bella Ceramic Titanium Electric Griddle

Now enjoy breakfast along with your family or/and family, not later.  With a large cooking surface of 10.5 inches x 20 inches, you can cook large meals in one go.  The Bella Ceramic Titanium electric griddle is BPA-free and has a special Copper Titanium nonstick coating giving you higher durability and faster cooking than most other electric griddles.

This electric griddle has cool-touch handles to offer ease in handling to you.  These cool-touch handles do not heat-up, ensuring you are safe. A key feature is a built-in ledge with a backstop that allows omelets and other dishes to be easily flipped. Electric griddles are usually safer than gas burner ones as it has a temperature control that is regulated automatically.

This powerhouse features a 1500 watt heating system. It maintains even control till your food is ready to be served. This electric griddle is dishwasher safe after you have removed the temperature probe and any electric parts. It has a slide-out drip tray to hold all the grease so that you can have a healthy meal.

This product has unit dimensions of 23.18 x 11.41 x 2.75 inches ((LxWxH). The unique nonstick surface is reinforced with a ceramic finish that makes it more durable (up to 8 times more) than others. It allows cooking up to 30 percent faster than other nonstick griddles. A layer of titanium nonstick coating gives it strength & makes it scratch resistant.

Why do we like it?

  • The nonstick coating is cadmium, lead, PTFE, and PFOA free.
  • Weighs only 3.88 pounds
  • Dishwasher safe
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5. Cuisinart 5-in-1 Electric Griddle

Cuisinart 5 In 1 Electric Griddle

Cook anything from pancakes, eggs, sausages, bacon, steaks to Paninis and hamburgers on this wonderful electric griddle. You can choose between the griddle and the grill function for finishing your meals. Each function (griddle/grill) has individual temperature controls to adjust to the dish you are cooking. It has two indicator lights – red and green – to indicate when the cooking temperature has been achieved.

The grill/griddle plates are reversible and can be removed for cleaning. The drip tray on this grill is below the grill/griddle plates and collects grease easily for healthy cooking. You can place this unit flat-open and make bacon, eggs, and toast all at the same time. It is good for indoor grilling, does not heat the kitchen measurably like some other appliances.

This electric griddle comes in a brushed stainless-steel finish with an elegant look to match any décor in your home. The entire packing comes with the griddle, gourmet recipes, and a scraping tool. It weighs only 8 pounds, and its dimensions are 13.5 x 11.5 x 7.12 inches. You must read the user manual before using it for your convenience and safety.

Some people who have used this product found that the griddle gives you a temperature between 200 and 425 degrees. When using the grill setting, you select temperature as either warm, low, medium, high, and sear.

This product’s key feature is a floating cover that automatically adjusts for your food items’ thickness.

Why do we like it?

  • BPA Free
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Removable drip tray
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Electric Griddles Buyer’s Guide

Before you buy an electric griddle, consider a few things like space occupied by the unit against what space you have available in your kitchen, portions it can cook, your need to cook large meals, frequency of use, space available in the kitchen,  etc.  Do they have important features that could offer you convenience and ease, like a drip tray, warming tray, removable/adjustable legs, and inserts like a grill option?

Who said buying an electric griddle was easy? You have to look-out for so many things that you need while making a selection. We have listed some important points for you to consider while selecting the best electric griddle for your benefit. Here they are.


How often do you use a cooking griddle? Do you cook for a large family at one time? Or do you cook large portions for yourself and your pets simultaneously? Griddles are available in different sizes, and you want to get a size that fits your needs. If you cook in the backyard/balcony often, you may want to opt for compact and lightweight for portability.


Electric griddles are usually made up with the underneath having a heating element.  New arrivals are made of ceramic-coated nonstick material for quick and even heating. If using a nonstick electric griddle, look for griddles that are PFOA and PTFE-free.  Remember to review if the griddle layers wear off easily or durable.  If the layers are flaking off, the material beneath may leech into your food which is harmful.

A nonstick coating or ceramic allows you ease in cleaning.  Do not use strong abrasives on these materials as they will flake off, letting harmful chemicals coming in contact with food. This makes the food unsafe for your consumption over some time.


The power cords offered in electric griddles could be a bit shorter than most other appliances. This is done to avoid accidents due to loose wire. When you set up the electric griddle, ensure and loose cords have been firmly held down and taped over to prevent anyone/ anything from caught into the cords.

Ease of Use

Electric griddles have either multiple or single control, depending upon how they are laid out.  If you have a 2-plate griddle, it is best to opt for a griddle with individual controls. This gives you access to different cooking temperatures, individually, on both plates.

Temperature probe: Look for a griddle that has a removable temperature probe.  This allows you ease in cooking and cleaning up too.

Drip Tray: A griddle with a drip tray that cab detached and taken to the bin/ trash to remove grease and then to the sink for wash is the best.  We recommend drip trays for a cooking healthy meal and ease of cleaning.

Multiple thermostat & controls: Most griddles offer you a single thermostat and control.  If it’s a small griddle for a small-sized family, you may be fine with this.  But when you are cooking two or more items on a large griddle, you want different temperature controls for a different part of the griddle. This allows you to cook and monitor different food items and is very convenient for cooking-up a batch of items in one go.  Additionally, if you have fewer people for a meal, you can heat-up only one portion of the griddle, saving yourself the effort to clean-up the entire griddle.