5 Best Egg Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Be it a Sunday or a Monday, Thursday or Friday, every day is an egg day!  Eggs are an integral part of our breakfast routine. Even in monarchical times, eggs have commanded a whole course for themselves; yes, that’s right. In the gastronomically culinary, eggs were the second course in a 17-course meal. The first course is Appetisers. Whoa!  Did someone say 17 courses?

You hear of eggs, and you say is that all? If you are tired of the regular scrambled, boiled, poached, or egg omelet, egg cookbooks are your savior!  With a variety of recipes that are attractive, simple to make, healthy, and different, egg cookbooks can add a variety to your everyday meal.   Well, throw away that eggy-look from your face because we have reviewed the best Egg Cookbooks for your comfort. We have invested the time to review each of these in detail. You better hurry because it is time for you to explore the best egg cookbooks cook yourself some amazing recipes.

Best Egg Cookbooks

ImageBest Egg CookbooksRating
The Egg Cookbook1. The Egg Cookbook99%
The Fresh Egg Cookbook2. The Fresh Egg Cookbook96%
Eggs3. Eggs by Michel Roux92%
The Perfect Egg4. The Perfect Egg89%
The Good Egg5. The Good Egg85%

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Here are our best Egg Cookbooks reviews.

1. The Egg Cookbook: The Creative Farm-to-Table Guide to Cooking Fresh Eggs by Healdsburg Press

The Egg Cookbook

This amazing cookbook cooks up dishes at your table from farm fresh eggs. They say if you want to cook good food, you need to understand your ingredients, pots, and pans and then roll-up your sleeves to cook; exactly what this egg cookbook does.  It has detailed coverage of how eggs are classified, chicken breeds, their personality, egg output, and eggs’ color.  Now you may think you know it all, but a fresh perspective helps, and if you know it already, you are the chef!

The 216 pages are worth a read, for every one of them has a unique recipe from the furthest corner away of the world.  Ten everyday traditional recipes are included for refreshing your culinary skills. This book offers sophisticated, delicious quiches, frittatas, and crème Brulee recipes for those adventurous to seek egg recipes from regions worldwide.

This concentrated source of inspiration refrains from using any prepackaged food ingredients; only wholesome fresh ingredients are included in the recipes.  For the health-conscious, this egg cookbook leads you away from carbs to proteins, of course, in a limited space.

One of the key themes of this egg cookbook is ‘Savor the process,’ encouraging you to take time to cook yourself a healthy, nutritious, refreshing meal. This egg cookbook is a trade-off for the nerd in you; it offers more recipes than pictures.

Why do we like it?

  • Egg recipes from across the world
  • Recipes for 24×7 routine, not breakfast only
  • 110 unique recipes – Includes egg-based drinks
  • Great tips for backyard farmers
  • Available in paperback and Kindle
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2. The Fresh Egg Cookbook: From Chicken to Kitchen by J.T.Thompson

The Fresh Egg Cookbook

The author offers a great collection of 101 delicious recipes that you cook-up any time of the day, not necessarily only for breakfast.  Spread across 192 pages, she has recipes to add spice to your life by twisting classics like French toasts and eggs Florentine and using eggs in drinks and sauces.

Jennifer’s writing style keeps the chef in you intrigued with recipes that have been concocted to adapt to the modern world’s changing tastes.  Reading page after page, you are sure to go back and ask yourself – so what do I cook today the eggs Florentine, or should I keep it light with Eggnog for the evening?

Jennifer’s keenness in using the local eggs available from the farmer is encouraging to the chef at home. This enthralling egg cookbook offers you more than just a culinary journey with some funny stories layered in.

Why do we like it?

  • A practical guide
  • Beautiful pictures
  • A simple modern twist to traditional recipes
  • Available in paperback and Kindle
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3. Eggs by Michel Roux


Authored by Michel Roux, this egg cookbook is a masterpiece left behind by a master chef of his time.  This amazing cookbook is a fresh journey with the most versatile ingredient, an egg. Amazingly beautiful photographs by Martin Brigdale, a food photographer who has won many accolades, discovers the journey of over a hundred of the best egg recipes. For those who prefer a simple index, this egg cookbook offers an index anchored around cooking styles ranging from frying, boiling, baking, and , poaching and even scrambling.  This cookbook details step-by-step instruction showing you how to make the best egg dishes ranging from a mouse to soufflés to the basic like hard boiled eggs. We found this arrangement of recipes very helpful as it saves you time to flip to the right section quickly.

Michel Roux, an iconic chef, was an expert in French cuisine. He was the first chef to be awarded a 3-star Michelin stars for over 30 years for his restaurant in Britain.  He surprises you with a modern twist to otherwise traditional recipes. He describes that in his experience, he has seen that most Americans prefer their eggs more cooked than the French. To cater to this need, Chef Michel Roux offers alternative cooking times for many recipes.

This egg cookbook is available in hardcover and paperback editions.  A culinary treasure, it beckons you with color photographs that are step-by-step photos and “glamor shots” of the finished recipes.

Why do we like it?

  • Well-researched recipes
  • Colorful step-by-step illustrations
  • demystifying soufflés, crêpes and anything made with custard
  • Beautiful explanations with hints and tips
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4. The Perfect Egg: A Fresh Take on Recipes for Morning, Noon, and Night [A Cookbook] by T.L.Fisher and J Park

The Perfect Egg

The authors capture the humble egg’s essence in this simple cookbook.  Enriched with their experience and trials, this egg cookbook is your helpline to hunger at any time of the day.  While some egg cookbooks have egg as the main ingredient, this Jenny and Teri have kept this book versatile with recipes wherever an egg or two is included in the recipe. Jenny’s education from Le Cordon Bleu shines through the recipes in-making this simple yet versatile ingredient so famous.

Perhaps usually undermined, the humble egg is a super food; it is inexpensive, protein-rich, versatile, and easily renewable. Spread across 176 pages, the recipes themselves beckon you, the reader, to try every one of the egg-based recipes.  Perhaps, there is no single culture across the world where eggs are not a part of the cuisine.  Jenny and Teri have included recipes from across the world, adding a different flavor for your regional taste buds.

If you are in a mood to challenge your taste buds or get a picky family member to avoid making a grumpy face at the table, this book has some inspiring recipes.

A must-have? Exactly what we recommend.

Why do we like it?

  • Includes recipes from across the globe
  • Easy to make healthy recipes
  • It has a variety of recipes and excludes ‘egg only’ recipes.
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5. The Good Egg: More than 200 Fresh Approaches from Breakfast to Dessert by Marie Simons

The Good Egg

An epic and a James Beard Award-winning egg cookbook by Marie Simons hits a home run with the American audience for egg recipes. This descriptive cookbook explains cooking eggs’ basics and restores eggs to their golden glory, sharing secrets and tips.  The 464 pages (paperback edition) has inspiring recipes that are an inspiration to a novice and yet it calls out to the master chef’ in you to try your hand into something new.

Marie Simmons has smartly included a few ‘do-ahead’ egg recipes that perfectly fit our busy lifestyles today. This protein powerhouse is well-written with simple to follow recipes and tips. If you are looking at diversifying your collection of recipes, this is a ‘not be missed’ edition. Simmons has included lots of tips, stories, and quotes that make this treasure trove a cherished book to have.

Why do we like it?

  • Clear and detailed instruction a
  • A medley of inspiring recipes
  • Stories of the origins of recipes
  • Available in paperback and hardcover
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Egg Cookbooks Buyer’s Guide

“Well, eggs again?”

A nightmarish question makes you want to run away when you don’t appreciate your efforts. When you hear that question, you know it is time for you to reach out and get yourself an egg cookbook.  You may be a parent or an owner of a small side eatery; that question pushes you into searching for appetizing recipes that you want your diner to have.  Egg cookbooks are great resources to let you relax and follow the instructions to a great meal.

The question to ask is how do I select an egg cookbook? Well, the main thing is to be sure of what you expect from your cookbook? Are you going to be cooking just eggs this entire week, 24×7? Most egg cookbooks are focused on eggs being the main ingredient, which could be overwhelming for some.  Well, that’s a great choice, or you could consider cookbooks where the egg is an essential ingredient but not the only main ingredient.

For your benefit, here are some important aspects that we recommend.


More than just the author’s credentials, sometimes it helps to know the purpose with which the author has written an egg cookbook. For example, a particular author looked at egg recipes that don’t give you allergies; another was looking at consuming all the eggs that they had from their hen coop in their backyard.


‘A picture speaks more than words’ goes the popular saying.  Pictures always give you an idea of what to expect of a finished product. Some cookbooks also give you a step-by-step illustration of complex recipes or cooking styles. This helps some you get it right and stay on track.


Ingredients: You may want to consider if the cookbooks you are browsing use exotic ingredients or the more easily available at your home.  If it is a special occasion looking for some special recipes with rare and exotic or aromatic ingredients, it is welcome.

Variety: You need variety in recipes and just not recipes for a particular meal.  It’s the variety of recipes that your family may prefer, perhaps?

Measurement: We recommend that you look for cookbooks that offer ingredient measurements as per your system.  There is little use in shuttling back between It is of little use if you keep going back to calculate the quantity be used. It can be not very clear and a daunting task.

Nutritional value: It is always helpful to have the recipe’s nutritional value and its ingredients given along with the recipe.

Cooking equipment

Do consider if you are going to cook at home or a commercial establishment. You want a cookbook that uses cooking appliances available at a home that not the ones that they use at commercial places.

Sidebars, glossaries, index

Sidebars: These save you a lot of time in looking up a tip and highlight important points.

Index: We recommend that you consider an egg cookbook that lists recipes by some logic.  This will save you time and effort.  Recipes may be listed either by courses, method of cooking, or mealtime.

Glossaries: An important section even for experts helps you reconfirm your understanding of cooking terminologies that perhaps may be different in your part of the world than the author.

Bookmarks & Notes

Many folks prefer to bookmark interesting recipes that they want to try their hand at. You don’t want your egg cookbook to be a marriage photograph album, to be opened rarely. Do not hesitate to make your notes and add sticky notes of your own variations – this will only help you.

Paperback, hardbound, or Kindle

Well, it is your choice. In any case what you need is anything that you can pick-up easily, hold to read, and cook yourself a great meal from, is an excellent choice.