5 Best Dualit Toasters (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Toasts have been a long time easy to make, readily available at home or office, less expensive, and a much-preferred option to bit along with a cup of tea or with your main course.  Toasts can be made in various ways, but a toaster ensures a quicker turnaround with an auto cut-off feature allowing you to do your morning chores in between runs to the kitchen.

To ensure you enjoy your bread in any form, buns, bagels, or just sliced bread, a toaster is an essential part of your breakfast routine. We have selected the 5 Best Dualit Toasters for you. Each of them has been reviewed in-depth for your benefit. Additionally, we have included a buyer’s guide towards the end.  So read on, explore and opt for one that fits your needs.

Best Dualit Toasters

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Here are our best Dualit Toaster reviews.

1. Dualit Classic Toaster

Dualit Classic Toaster

This basic yet most-needed model of toaster comes from Dualit, a trusted brand name in Kitchen appliances. This award winning product by Dualit browns the bread slices evenly, offering you a great crisp munch each time, every time, With the 4 slice variant, you can heat up to 4 slices in one go and thicker slices or burger bread slices or bagels.

The toaster’s outside surface is made from stainless steel and has a cool-to-touch finish, offering you a great safety feature.  It has an automatic shut-off function in case of a malfunction. The crumbs tray underneath ensures your kitchen or table top remains clean. The toaster comes with 3-set heating options offered on a turn-around dial that is easy to select. The sleek chrome finish makes it easy to clean. A shining toaster sitting at your breakfast table is appealing as you start your day.

Why do we like it?

  • Trusted brand Dualit
  • Award-winning product
  • Available in 25 distinctive colors
  • 2 slice or 4 slice variants
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Browns bread evenly
  • Cancel function available
  • Offers a defrosting function for frozen bread
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2. Dualit NewGen Toaster

Dualit Newgen Toaster

Another great product from Dualit, this toaster comes in a pastel Mint Green color, adding richness to your breakfast table. This is a hand-assembled offering from Dualit that allows you to toast thick and thin slices with 28 mm wide slots. The patented Proheat elements have a strong coating on top, strengthening the elements and preventing easier breaking, thus increasing the durability.  The Dualit 27160 is popular with smaller bed and breakfast establishments as it is designed for commercial use.

The Dualit 27160 allows you to defrost frozen bread and offers to toast bagels and buns to the right hint of golden brown that you want. It also has a sandwich cage to toast a sandwich. The toaster has a crumb tray beneath to catch all the crumbs, leaving your kitchen top clean.  The heavy-duty steel body is insulated for your safety.  An auto cut-off is added as a safety feature with an alarm to catch your attention to get back to breakfast!

This toaster is also compatible with the Dualit sandwich rack (bought separately) for warming up croissants, mini tea cakes over the toaster.

Why do we like it?

  • Offers a 1-year limited warranty by Dualit
  • Fully replaceable/repairable parts
  • Minimal plastic parts (only knobs)
  • Separate compartment to toast sandwiches
  • Dualit offers an electronics recycling program
  • Available in other colors too
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3. Dualit Domus 4-Slice Toaster

Dualit Domus 4 Slice Toaster

Finally, Duality 46631 offers a 4-slice Porcelain finish option that invites quality and class.  This model of Dualit 46631 is conceived and manufactured in the United Kingdom. Built for the elite with a Porcelain finish and a curvaceous body, this fine piece of a toaster is essential at your breakfast table.  The one-touch defrost function is perfect for frozen bread or heating bagels.  Brown your bagel on one side while toasting it on the other saves you time at breakfast and is an important feature of this toaster.

Two diners can toast the bread slices with a twin set operation as per their selection of browning the bread individually.  The extra-large toast slots allow up to 5.5 inches long bread slices (wow, isn’t it?). The ergonomically designed eject manual lever offers you a peek and pop function with ease. This feature allows you to take a quick peek at how well the bread has browned before lowering it back into the toast slot using this lever.  This does not interrupt the heating cycle, giving you a peek of the golden brown to an early sunshine bread toast you may want. This also saves you time as there is no cut-off of the heating system. This toaster is also compatible with the Dualit sandwich rack (bought separately) for warming up croissants, mini tea cakes over the toaster.

Why do we like it?

  • Designed and engineered in the UK
  • A classy porcelain finish
  • 4 sliced wide inserts in pairs
  • Two sets of controls
  • 9 levels of bread browning options
  • Soft LED display buttons
  • Includes a defrost function
  • Integral cord storage
  • BPA Free
  • Peek and pop function
  • Removable crumb tray
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4. Dualit Domus 2-Slice Toaster

Dualit Domus 2 Slice Toaster

This Dualit 26631 toaster is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom; the Dualit 26631 Domus 2-slice toaster comes in a porcelain finish and is ideal for a small family or a lighter requirement at the breakfast table.  With just 2 toast slots offered in this design, only one diner can toast up to 2 slices at a time.  An easy slider function enables you to sip your tea with one hand and manage the 9 setting browning function with ease by the other hand.

With Dualit patented perfect toast technology, each element in the toaster is engineered to perfection. Each variable in the toaster is calculated, measuring the ambient temperature in the room to the toaster’s temperature so that you get a lightly browned or well-done toast to start your breakfast. This Dualit 26331 Domus 2 slice toaster also has an ergonomically designed manual lever to raise the toasts to take a peek without interrupting the heating.  You may want to decide to lower it back for a little more crispiness or decide to cancel the toasting for a quicker bite into the warm bread layered with butter or preserves. For your safety, it has an insulated metallic body offering you greater safety.

This toaster is also compatible with the Dualit sandwich rack (bought separately) for warming up croissants, mini tea cakes over the toaster.

Why do we like it?

  • A classy porcelain finish
  • 2 slice inserts
  • 9 levels of bread browning options
  • BPA Free
  • Peek and pop function
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Smart defrost option
  • Limited 1-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Cancel button
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5. Dualit Design Series Toaster

Dualit Design Series Toaster

A sturdy offering from Dualit,  this light-bodied toaster offers chrome-finished steel, insulated for your safety.  The black and chrome are attractive and can be easily wiped clean of any stained fingerprints or crumbs with a fiber cloth (when the toaster is switched off and has cooled).  The slice slots have extra width to accommodate bagels, buns, or just thicker slices of bread.  This Dualit toaster allows for a diner to either warm or heat or a combination of both for bagels and buns.  It is compatible with the Dualit Sandwich toaster (bought separately) and offers you a great sandwich too.

This Dualit toaster offers you an ergonomically designed peek & pop function using a manual lever.  This allows you to check if the toast is ready or lower it back in for a crispier toast. It even has a one-touch defrost function.  This toaster is also compatible with the Dualit sandwich rack (bought separately) for warming up croissants, mini tea cakes over the toaster.

The handle to lower toasts and raise them is in a chrome finish and made of non-heating metal.  This one-piece handle offers you greater sturdiness.

Why do we like it?

  • 4 levels of bread browning
  • Peek and pop function
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Smart defrost option
  • Limited 1-year warranty on parts and labor
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Dualit Toaster Buyer’s Guide

Buying a new toaster isn’t simple unless you turn to Dualit, a trusted brand. A high priced toaster with extra features isn’t necessarily the one that browns the best. Stay focussed on your needs from a toaster.

The best toasters heat quickly, browning the bread evenly across the slice, and have toast slots deep enough for large slices and wide enough to accommodate bagels and buns. We recommend you consider one with an auto cut-off for your safety. As you explore, we recommend keeping some important points in mind while selecting a Dualit Toaster.  We have listed here the most important aspects you must consider.

Your needs

What exactly are you considering the toaster for – toasts, bagels, buns, or warmer rack for other bakery products?


What is your budget for this appliance that could provide you comfort? Is your usage high?

Safety Features

Your safety is of utmost importance when using any electrical appliance. While the manufacturers have complied with this at the design stage, ensure you consider insulated metal parts where ever possible. An auto-cut-off feature helps when the toast reaches preset heating levels, preventing burning smoke and alarms ringing.

Countdown alarm

Some toasters come with an alarm showing balance time available before the toast is browned to your preset temperature/ timer.

Convenient Controls

While digital controls offer high safety, ease of use and maintenance, remember they could cost you extra for replacements. Ensure that you look-out for study and non-heating plastic parts.

Numbers of Slots

You have two commonly available options for a domestic or small establishment under commercial use. You could opt for a 2-slice or a 4-slice toaster.  With a 2-slice toaster, you have options for a longer model (one long slot for two slices) or a shorter but thicker model (two side-by-side slots) or a four-slice model.   We recommend that you consider the kitchen or tabletop size available to place the toaster and your usage to decide this.

Width & height

To accommodate large sandwich slices, you may wish to look for deeper slots.  If you are more of a bagel or bun diner, probably wider slots would be helpful. Remember its function of the toaster that you should consider rather than its form.


The heating elements inside (coils or beads) have to spread the heat evenly.  If the toast is not evenly browned, you need to rethink of the model you want to buy. Consistency of browning with every slice of bread resulting in the same shade of brown is a great choice.

Automatic controls

This allows for the toasts to pop-up after the bread is done to the temperature setting you had set. If you get a toaster that buzzes you with an alarm and pops-out the slices, it is an added feature. A few toasters may require a touch of a button and no pulling of the lever. Caution: toasters do not power off from the mains, and that has to be done manually if you wish to.


A detachable crumb tray is easier to clean. Some toasters may offer you one that’s hinged and is not detachable from the toaster. Crumb trays come with a metallic surface, or a nonstick surface, or a porcelain one.  This allows you to clean the crumb tray easily and without dirtying the tabletop.

Bread Lifter

We recommend that you opt for a toaster with a bread lifter to be safe and avoid injuring yourself. Toasters come with a lever that pushes the toast just a little further up, enabling easier pick-up with a pair of tongs.