5 Best Dual Coffee Makers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Moods change, so do preferences. Having too many different appliances tend to clutter up your countertop. To save space and to keep your kitchen tidy, 2 in 1 appliance come in handy. If you are reading this, we are certain that your daily cup of coffee means a lot to you. There are days when you’ll need a coffee maker with a carafe, and there are others when you need a single-serve unit.

Dual coffee makers combine the functionalities of single-serve units and units with varying carafe capacity into one. They feature outstanding automation and ease of use that give the user convenience at its peak.

With this in mind, we have compiled some of the best dual coffee makers for your daily use and mood. Below are our five (5) best dual coffee maker reviews. Please read them.

Best Dual Coffee Makers

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Here are our Best Dual Coffee Maker Reviews.

1. Cuisinart SS-20P1 10-Cup Thermal Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Ss 20p1 10 Cup Thermal Single Serve Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart SS-20P1 offers you double excellence. Making coffee for yourself or a bunch of friends has never been easier. The single-serve side of this dual coffee maker offers 6, 8, and 10-oz of great-tasting coffee. While it is fully compatible with all single-cup pod brands, you can also use your own coffee by using the HomeBarista Reusable Filter Cup. A 40-oz water reservoir feeds water that is purified with a charcoal water filter into the unit. One great thing is that travel mugs can fit into the single-serve outlet once you remove the drip tray.

For the carafe brewer, you will get 10-cups of hot coffee on demand. Its fully automated timer can be pre-set to commence brewing at any time during a 24-hour period. More so, you’ll be getting full flavor as the GoldTone permanent filter extracts coffee effectively.

Why do we like it?

  • Easily accessible water window
  • Has a brew-pause feature
  • Stylish design
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2. Keurig K-Duo Plus Single Serve and 12-Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer

Keurig K Duo Plus Single Serve And 12 Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer

With the Keurig K-Duo Plus, you’ll be getting premium quality coffee just the way you like it. Featuring a 12-cup thermal carafe, your coffee stays hot and flavourful all day. While being brewed through a reusable ground coffee filter, the unit can be programmed to commence the brewing at the exact time you want it within 24 hours. The fact that you can quickly pour a cup within 20-seconds without stopping the brewing cycle is impressive. Nevertheless, you can equally get a single cup from the single-serve part of the unit compatible with K-Cups.

For an intense single cup, you can also use your own coffee instead of K-Cups. Brewing 6, 8, 10, or 12-oz isn’t difficult at all. Remarkably, with the smart start feature, waiting for the coffee maker to heat up isn’t needed. You can select and brew a cup in one single process as the unit heats up automatically.

Why do we like it?

  • 60-oz Multi-position water reservoir
  • Highly versatile
  • Drip-free carafe
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3. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Single Serve and 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Trio 2 Way Single Serve And 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Feel free to customize your cup of coffee with the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Dual Coffee Maker. You can choose either regular or bold brew strength while using the single-serve side or the carafe side. You can brew 10 – 14-oz of coffee on the single-serve side using a single pod or the brew basket. 3 minutes is all you’ll have to wait to get a steamy hot cup of coffee. You can brew up to 12-cups with your preferred coffee grounds. Luckily, each side features its own separate water tank and water window. The glass carafe is dishwasher safe and can keep your coffee warm for up to 2-hours.

Using the carafe side, you can wake up to freshly brewed coffee. This is because you can use the Easy-Touch programming to set the timer to your preferred hour during a 24-hour period. Remarkably, once brewing is done, the unit automatically shuts off.

Why do we like it?

  • The auto pause and brew function
  • Single-serve is compatible with a variety of pods
  • Easy to use
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4. Cuisinart SS-15P1 12-Cup and Single-Serve Coffee Brewer

Cuisinart Ss 15p1 12 Cup And Single Serve Coffee Brewer

The temperature control of the Cuisinart SS-15P1 Dual Coffee Maker offers you great-tasting coffee every time. For serving your friends and family, use the 12-cup glass carafe side. It features a flat-bottomed GoldTone filter that fully extracts coffee with its pure flavor. The programmable user interface allows you to pre-set the timer that automatically brews the coffee at a stipulated time. Customize your cup to either regular or bold strength on both sides.

Getting a 6, 8 10-oz cup from the single-serve side is very easy. You can either brew with K-Cups or simply use the HomeBarista Reusable Filter Cup for your preferred coffee grounds. While the drip tray and 40-oz water tank are removable on the single-serve side, the 60-oz water reservoir on the carafe side is fixed permanently. Additionally, all plastic parts are BPA-free.

Why do we like it?

  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Self-cleaning capabilities
  • Highly durable
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5. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 2 Way Brewer Coffee Maker

Why have a separate single-server coffee maker and a separate 12-cup carafe coffee maker? You can have the two at once with the Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer. The carafe side is fully automated and programmable. You can fill in water, add your coffee grounds, and pre-set to start brewing at a later time. Choosing the strength is easy with the two brew options available on the coffee maker. Go for regular flavor or bold flavor and fully customize it to meet your preference. The 12-cup carafe is made of glass and doesn’t tamper with the flavor of the coffee you brew into it.

Though K-Cups are not compatible with the single-serve side, you can easily scoop some of your loose ground coffee into the brew basket. The water reservoir on the carafe side has measurement markings and is extra large. Did you remember to switch the coffee maker off? Even if you forget, the Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer will automatically shut off in 2 hours.

Why do we like it?

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to program and use
  • Auto pause and pour feature
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Dual Coffee Maker Buyer’s Guide

Dual coffee makers offer you unbeatable flexibility. To get the best ones, there are major factors to consider. Read our buyer’s guide below for information on these factors.

Countertop Space

You shouldn’t forget that you might still need to acquire other countertop appliances like a countertop dishwasher, slow cooker, and a countertop blender if you don’t have them already. With this in mind, we recommend that you purchase a compact dual coffee machine that is high-performing and has a space-saving design.

K-Cups or Ground Coffee

Most dual coffee makers have a single-serve side that supports K-Cups. Notwithstanding, some don’t. Those that don’t always have a filter basket for ground coffee. While storing K-Cups, you might ask, do K-Cups go bad? While there are some dedicated K-cup coffee makers, we recommend that you purchase a dual coffee maker that supports both K-Cups and coffee grounds for its single-server.


If you would like to customize your cup of coffee, we recommend that you go for highly sophisticated dual coffee makers. Note that sophistication comes with a price tag. If you simply want your cup of Joe without pressing many buttons, go for ones that are less sophisticated and easy to use.