5 Best Drink Coasters (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Drink coasters have become a common feature in most homes, bars, restaurants, hotels, and cafes. But this was not always the case. As a matter of fact, coasters were largely unknown until the 1880s when printers in Germany started producing beermats using wood pulp. Today we have some of the best coasters with brilliant and attractive designs to cover our drinks or to protect our furniture from ice marks.

Coasters are available in varieties of designs, so finding a coaster to buy is not difficult. However, what is difficult is finding the best coasters that are durable and will complement your furniture. We understand that deciding on the one to go for can be quite the task. To help you overcome this challenge, we have compiled a detailed review of five of the best coasters available for sale.

Best Drink Coasters

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1. Barivo 8-Set Drink Coasters

Barivo 8 Set Drink Coasters

Barivo coaster is a set of 8 coasters all arranged in a single package. This coaster is suitable for all kinds of tabletops. From wood to granite tables, sandstone, marble, glass, soapstone, or stone tablets. Barivo is a non-selective coaster and will sit well on your furniture regardless of what the table is made of. You no longer have to worry about Stains and spills any longer. Every coaster in this set is made with black silicone materials, so be rest assured that your furniture will be kept safe and permanent damage will be prevented.

The exquisite design of Barivo makes it more than a beer coaster of convenience. These coasters can also serve as a decorative feature in your home or bar because they all have luxurious designs. Setting them on your tables before a drinking session begins will beautify your room in a simple but unique way. What’s more? Barivo 8-set Coaster can be given as a gift to your loved ones. What a way to make a statement.

Barivo protects your furniture from ice and slide marks on one hand, and on the other, it keeps your drinks safe from contamination when you place the coaster to the top. A simple tool but one that offers value in two folds.

Why do we like it?

  • Mark resistant
  • For hot and cold drinks
  • Easy to store after use due to their small size
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2. Legacy Marla Rae Coaster

Legacy Marla Rae Coaster

If you are a homeowner who likes to make a statement with every single piece of accessory or furniture you buy, you will definitely like this coaster by Legacy. It comes in a set of 6 coasters, and each of them carries an inspiring message; “This home is blessed” boldly written on them. Legacy Publishing group sure did a nice job with this cork-backed coaster set, especially due to the artwork by the famous Marla Rae.

It is not every time that you get to buy a coaster spotting lovely phrases like “Do all things with love,” “This is my happy place,” or “love yourself today.” Having your friends around and serving them chilled beverages with enough words of inspiration to go around is not a bad idea. Each coaster measures 3.75×3.75.12, making it large enough to cover big cups of tumblers.

The material also has enough absorbent capacity to protect your furniture when you place your drinking cup on top of it. Legacy’ coaster is packaged in an attractive gold stamped box durable enough to keep the coasters safe when they are not in use.

Why do we like it?

  • Each coaster in the pack has a unique design and message
  • Enough coaster for six people
  • The print will not lose color
  • Very affordable price
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3. Hunter Jackson Marble Coasters

Hunter Jackson Marble Coasters

Hunter Jackson is a marble coaster containing 6 units that are 4 inches wide. The coasters are made of white marble with brass inlays spotting a gold color. Unlike many other marble coaster products they are machine produced, this coaster is handcrafted. In case you didn’t know, handcrafted items are different and more artistic in appearance. These coasters will not lose their color with age, neither will they crack.

Each coaster has a distinct design from the others, and the stone marble materials used in making them are of the highest quality. Hunter Jackson coasters protect the surface of your furniture from damages caused by condensation and small drips. The softback covers the coaster bottom to prevent scratching.

Despite their looks, the coasters in this pack are 3.8 inches thick, so you don’t have to place your hand on the coaster each time you want to lift your cup. The coasters are a little weighty, so they will not stick to the cup’s bottom.

Why do we like it?

  • Extra-wide coaster
  • Very thick and solid marble
  • Complimentary design
  • High absorbency capacity
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4. Spectrum Diversified Coaster

Spectrum Diversified Coaster

Spectrum Diversified is a European styled coaster that comes with a durable holder. Each coaster in this pack has a waterproof feature for your drinks, and they are suitable for hot and cold temperatures. Their thick build prevents water rings from forming on your table, chairs, and countertops. This is because their chrome-plated steel material traps drip caused by condensation.

This coaster set is ideal for rooms, offices, living or dining rooms, and bars. Spectrum Diversified coasters have classic minimalist designs that will not make them look out of place in your home. Rather than making a statement of their own on your table, they will fit right in and blend with other room furniture. They are also very easy to clean with a damp towel and a dry cloth.

The holder is as durable as the coasters, with ample space to store all 6 coasters. Spectrum is a flexible coaster set for different cup types and suitable for hot and cold drinks. However, one thing to note is that this set should not be washed with a dishwasher, only by hand.

Why do we like it?

  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable and flexible
  • Multifunctional and easy to clean
  • Practical design
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5. Thirstystone Desert Stand Coaster

Thirstystone Desert Stand Coaster

Are you looking for a coaster with sets that have varying design patterns? Then we implore you to try Thirstystone. This desert coaster comes in multi-color variations, and no two coasters in the pack are the same. The brilliant colors have different patterns, so when they are set on a table, they beautify the platform significantly. Thirstystone is made with natural sandstone, and every piece in the pack is original.

The coasters in this set have 4-inch round shapes, and they are one and a half inches thick. The package also includes a pedestal holder in which the coasters can be stacked together for safekeeping. The coasters also have anti-scratch surfaces to protect their shape and form. On top of that, each unit has a cork back for more protection from rough surfaces.

Thirstystone coasters are easy to wash and clean with just soap and water. If you want to make a stunning aesthetic statement in your home, there are simple ways to do so. What better way than to buy coasters with attractive designs and brilliant colors?

Why do we like it?

  • Originally branded sandstone
  • Ultra-protective features
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to clean
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Coasters Buyer’s Guide

Coasters may not cost much, yet you do not want to spend your hard earned money on an inferior product, no matter how cheap the product may be. Once we realize that we have spent our money on an item with little value, we often feel cheated and taken for a fool. That is an experience no one likes to go through and should be avoided when shopping for coasters or any other item of value.

There are hundreds of coaster brands on sale, so you benefit from choosing from a wide array of products. However, you also need to know what to look for when shopping for coasters so that you don’t end up making the wrong choice. Here are some of the things to look out for when shopping for the best coasters for your home, bars, or restaurants.


There are different materials used for coaster production. These materials all serve the same purpose, but they offer different qualities. If you want to pick a coaster based on material considerations alone, you need to focus on two things; durability and personal preference. Let us review some of the common coaster materials that we have seen in recent times.

Silicone: Silicone coasters are very popular because they are easy to clean, flexible, and inexpensive. If you don’t want to spend too much on a coaster, but you also want good material, silicone is fine.

Slate: Coasters made of slates have a vintage look and are quite attractive, but they are not easy to clean.

Plastic/Rubber: These coasters are the cheapest types of coasters, but there is a downside to buying them. They lose form easily because they mostly lack anti-scratch features. You should only go for this if you cannot afford a different version.

Woven coasters: Coasters made from cotton yarn are the most durable and flexible of them all. They do not break but will last very long. Although they may not have a commanding presence like sandstone or silicone, they still serve their purpose well enough. And they are not too expensive.

Sandstone: Sandstone coasters are top of the mill coasters because they look good and have natural absorbent features. As for their downsize, they are quite fragile and expensive.

Bamboo & Wood: Bamboo and wood coasters come in different decorative patterns, but they crack and warp very quickly. If you don’t mind their short shelf life, you may buy coasters made with any of the two materials.


Make sure you pick coasters with a wide enough diameter to accommodate your bottles, jars, mugs, and other drinkware. The coasters you buy should fit your drink utensils, so consider measuring your cups and bottles’ size before going shopping.


Do you want coasters with decorative features, or do you prefer neutral colors? This is one decision that should not be made for you. Some homeowners see every item addition to their home as an opportunity to improve the look. Others look to bigger furniture and appliances to make a statement. Whether you go for a minimalist, shabby, chic, colorful, or clean design should be your choice to make.


What are the main features to consider when shopping for the best coasters? Here are a few.

  • Non-slip feature: A good coaster set should have non-slip features like non-slip feet or back. This feature will prevent the coaster from slipping off your cup or table.
  • Shape: Most mugs and cups are round, so you may want to go for round coasters as well. However, hexagonal coasters also sit well on round cups too. Let your preference be your guide when choosing shapes
  • Holder: If you don’t want the coaster lying about in places you may not find them when next you need them; we recommend that you only buy coasters that come with a holder to keep them safe.
  • Anti-scratch: While you are looking for an anti-slip coaster, you should also be looking to buy a set with anti-scratch features. There is nothing as unappealing as using a coaster with ugly marks and scratches all over it. Anti-scratch coasters maintain their form for a very long time.


The best coasters come in a set of 6, 8, 10, or 12. You may even find sets with more coasters, but those types are meant for commercial bars. The number of coasters will determine the price, and so will the material quality. Just go for coasters that have the exact number you need and do not pay over the top for an item you will not use all the time.