5 Best Double Boilers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Have you been facing challenges while making Hollandaise sauce? Do the eggs curdle the moment you add oil? What about the chocolate that you were trying to melt for the dessert; did that burn too?  If you face similar challenges during cooking, it’s time change over to a double boiler.

A double boiler is cookware used for cooking food sensitive to temperature on low and indirect heat. In practical use, it means placing a pot of water and bringing it to a boil, then placing a second pan over the water, which holds cheese, chocolate, milk, sauces, and more to cook for the right consistency. Hmm, did someone say fried fish with Hollandaise sauce for now? If you are ready to explore, read our in-depth reviews for the best five double boilers for cooking and choose one that best suits your needs.

Best Double Boilers

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Here are our best double boilers reviews:

1. All-Clad Double Boiler Insert

All Clad Double Boiler Insert

Now enjoy home cooking with this All Clads’ double boiler insert. It quickly settles into any saucepan with an eight inches diameter externally at the bottom, preferably a deeper one, so that water does not splatter. You can cook homemade cheese, melt chocolate, and more in this sturdy double boiler insert. It works well with any heat sources, including gas, electric, ceramic, halogen. The handle has rivets on the outside to give it extra strength.

You could use this independently as a saucepan to cook any food that requires direct heat from a cooktop. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it is a durable unit and gives a long service life. The All-Clad double boiler insert is easy to store and lightweight to handle at 3 lbs (when empty). Its long handle keeps your hand safe from heat, though we recommend you use cooking mitts to handle hot equipment. This will prevent you from any accidents. The best part is its capacity of 3-quarts (96 fluid ounces/2.84 liters), ideal for small families and controlling food portions.

Cleaning it is super easy as it is made of stainless steel. You can put it in the dishwasher or wash it with hands, warm water, and a bar of mild soap. If required, you may need a scrubbing pad to scrape food ingredients.

How about some steamed Dim Sums or Chinese pork dumplings and Mexican tamales for dinner tonight?

Why do we like it?

  • Made from durable stainless steel
  • An appropriate size of 3 quarts (96 fl. oz./ 2.84 liters)
  • Easy to clean, maintain and store
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2. Farberware Classic Double Boiler

Farberware Classic Double Boiler

Here’s a fabulous double boiler for all your cooking needs. This two-piece set has a pot at the bottom shelf with its handle.  The top shelf has a saucepan with a handle, lid and a knob. The lid is self-basting and easily seals in any moisture. It keeps the steamed food dish moist and retains heat for even cooking. This 2-quart cookware combo can be used as a single-piece/unit, double boiler or deployed easily as two different cookwares, as both have independent handles. Each handle is long enough to keep your hand away from the heat. At the end of the handle, you have a triangular metallic hook to help you hang both the boiler and the saucepan in your kitchen.

Each unit has a fully rounded finish to avoid any drip while pouring out any liquids.  On the underneath of the bottom boiler, there is a very thick aluminum core. This aluminum core is surrounded by stainless steel and provides high-speed heating evenly, on any stovetop distributed.

The entire double boiler unit is safe for oven use up to 350°F.  Cleaning this double boiler is easy as you can place it in a dishwasher, as you relax for a while. The dimensions of the double boiler are 11.5 x 7.75 x 6.75 inches (LxWxH).

With Farberware’s experience of more than 120 years, it brings home to you the latest technology for the most modern use.

Why do we like it?

  • Made from heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Works on any cooktop, including induction
  • Rapid and even heating
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3. SONGZIMING Stainless Steel Double Boiler Pot

Songziming Stainless Steel Double Boiler Pot

Make nougats or brownies and more with melted chocolate easily with this stainless steel double boiler pot by Songziming.  Available in various sizes, this variant is excellent for small portion sizes, and the capacity is 16.2 fluid ounces.  Remember not to use more than 1/3rd of the pot’s size for water to boil in a double boiler. The extra space is for allowing steam to be formed which can then provide heat to the upper-tier pan. This also avoids boiling water from overflowing onto the cooktop.

This double boiler is made from 18/8 durable stainless steel that distributes heat quickly and evenly than most other metals. It does not rust and is corrosion-free. This stainless steel double boiler is a versatile pan to steam vegetables, melt and clarify butter, melt wax for candle making, and more. You could also use both pans of the double boiler separately for various purpose.

With double pouring spouts, it offers convenience to both left-hand and right-handed people. It has handles on both sides to give you high convenience to give a better grip when moving the double boiler. The front handle is designed in a hook shape to engage it with the bottom pan’s edge. This way, the double boiler will not slip away when using over a flame. The main handle is long enough to prevent your hands from getting burnt. We recommend that you wear kitchen mitts when handling hot utensils.

Some folks who have used this stainless steel double boiler were happy with their decision. It takes less space than the traditional double boilers to store in your kitchen cabinet or over the cooktop. This also makes it easier to handle and move the boiler when done. Folks who are using it also mention tips to keep the moisture out from the double boiler while melting chocolate. They say it is best to keep the temperature low, so the chocolate does not splatter and invite water into the pan.

How about some Chocolate Soufflé to beat the heat this summer?

Why do we like it?

  • Ideal for small portions
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Easy to clean and store
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4. T-fal Specialty Stainless Steel Double Boiler

T Fal Specialty Stainless Steel Double Boiler

Be ready for making a grand meal with this T-fal specialty double boiler. This double boiler is heavy–duty stainless steel but does not feel heavyweight to hold/handle. You can quickly and slowly turn it around to manage melting, cheese, chocolate, and more.

The two-tiered unit is made for your convenience and can be used as two separate pieces too. The bottom pan is made from aluminum and has a non-stick finish both inside and on the outside. The top-tier pan is made from aluminum and finished with a high polish to give you the sparkle. To ensure that the top-tier pan sets into the lower-tier one, it has a stainless steel boiler insert.

Both the tiers have independent black phenolic handles for an easy grip and robust handling.  The handles are designed to give you comfort while lifting, even if the pans are full. The long handles keep your hands safe when the unit is hot. We recommend that you use oven mitts for your safety while handling cookware that is hot.

The top lid can be used on any of the pans when independently used. The lid is a see-through glass and has a small nozzle to let the built-up steam escape yet retain the heat needed for cooking. You can easily see the double boiler in action without removing the lid. Now smile as your dish nears completion!

Why do we like it?

  • Non-stick bottom pan for easy cooking
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime limited warranty
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5. Winware Stainless Steel Double Boiler

Winware Stainless Steel Double Boiler

Make cheese, hollandaise sauce, and more with this Winware stainless steel double boiler with a lid. With the 8-quart (256 fl. oz./7.5 liters) double boiler, you are ready to cook food for a large gathering. This sturdy double boiler is made from heavy-gauge stainless steel.

With a double handle for each tier of the double boiler, it offers you a stronghold to transfer the pans to the cooktop. The handles are made of stainless steel and are riveted for strength. The handles are designed in a simple-to-use way, with enough space for your cooking mitts to hold the double boiler.

Stainless steel cookware is easier to clean. It can easily be washed by hands using light soap, warm water, and a scrubbing pad.  Given its dimensions of 14 x 10 x 11.75 inches (LxWxH), it could take some space for storage in your kitchen cabinets. Available in 8, 12, 16, and 20 quarts with incremental pricing, you have various options to chose from.

Should we have Crème d le mushroom Avec Fruits de Mer (cream of mushroom with seafood) for the barbecue party this week?

Why do we like it?

  • Compatible for use with all stovetops, including induction
  • Made from heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Easy to clean and maintain
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Double Boilers Buyer’s Guide

After you have read our in-depth reviews on the five best double boilers for cooking, buying a double boiler isn’t a tough decision. To add value, here are some essential factors that you must consider to ensure you get the best double boiler..


Double boilers are made from various metals like stainless steel, aluminum, and others. Most of them are suited for a gas cooktop and some for ovens; not always for an induction cooktop. Select a double boiler that can work on your induction cooktop if you have one. Doing this will give you a wider option.

Some folks use double boilers in an oven. For use in an oven, check on the temperature that handles and lid knobs can withstand.


Two main things determine the size of a double boiler. How often do you use a double boiler, and what is the portion size you need to work upon? The size of the double boilers advertised, for example, ‘a 3-quart double boiler’, states the capacity of both the top layer and the bottom layer, combined. Check the sizes of both layers separately. As a rule of thumb, you fill-in water only till 1/3rd of the size of the lower pan, leaving enough space for water to boil and steam to lift and touch the bottom of the upper pan. You do not want water to be bubbling out and spattering onto your cooktop.


Dual handles: For oversized double boilers, it helps have handles on both sides for each of the pans. This makes it convenient to lift the double boiler set from the cooktop to the countertop or when used independently. This gives you enhanced grip and stability and prevents accidents.

Col handles: For your convenience and safety, you may want to search for a double boiler with cool handles or upgrade your purchase order to add silicone inserts to hold the handles.

Hooks: Some double boilers have handles that have hooks to hold the two-layered pots/pans while storing. You may opt to consider a double boiler with long handles and with a hook to hang them.

Ergonomic design: In either case, you are looking for ergonomically designed handles that you can lift very easily.


Most double boilers have a single lid that may be used on either the top-tiered pan or the bottom one, when both pans are used independently. If you are using a double boiler, where you have to constantly stir the food ingredients like melting butter, cheese, or chocolate, a lid may be of little use. However, we recommend getting a double boiler with a lid since it gives you a broader option to use the double boiler for steaming vegetables and more.

A see-through lid is usually helpful as you can see the food being steamed inside.  If this lid is a self-basting one, it will be an excellent choice. Self-basting lids are dome-shaped and have grooves on the inside. These groves help retain the rising moisture and send it back in the form of water droplets to keep the food moist while locking in the heat.


Spatulas: Steel spoons and spatulas are helpful while stirring or dishing out food ingredients. Some folks find using wooden spatulas helpful as they do not scratch the pots’ metallic surfaces. In either case, as long as you have avoided plastic or rubber ones that are not BPA/toxin-free, you are good.