5 Best Dog Food Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Do you love your dog, but you’re constantly stressing about feeding it the right food? It might be challenging, but it will become easy to prepare the dog food at home. You can get a cookbook as it will help you to cook delicious and nutrition-rich recipes for your furry friend. The requirements of dogs are different, and you have to take good care of them. Homemade food is the healthiest and most affordable. Preparing it at home will put that extra love for your pup, and it will grow healthier and wiser.

Several cookery books are available in the market, but only the best dog food cookbooks will allow you to make a balanced meal for your pet. In this list, we have mentioned the top five books so that you can feed your loyal friend with the food it deserves!

Best Dog Food Cookbooks

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1. Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs by Christie Keith

Raw And Natural Nutrition For Dogs By Christie Keith

Is preparing a nutritious diet for your dog your primary concern? Then the ‘Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs’ is the complete guidebook for you. It allows the pet owners to serve deliciously rich meals for their dogs. It is written by Christie Keith, who holds a Ph.D. degree and has written this book of love. This particular book will give you in-depth insights into the requirements of dogs at different levels. You will be able to closely observe the changes in the lifespan in a comprehensive and straightforward language. It contains information about recipes, ingredients and quality, diet plans, and much more. It is one of the best dog food cookbooks, and you will not need any other.

This book finds a top spot in our list because it is diverse and deals with numerous issues. It will offer you the most healthy recipe and other information to maintain your dog’s health. It is a one-stop solution for the complete guidance of pets. The recipes mentioned in this book deliciously yummy and even humans can fall for them!

Why do we like it?

  • The language is easy to understand
  • It has both raw feeding and cooked recipes
  • The book comes with additional information
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2. Dinner PAWsible by D.V.M Cathy Alinovi and Susan Thixton

Dinner Pawsible By D.v.m Cathy Alinovi And Susan Thixton

There is a reason why your pets always come to your dinner table. They want real food and not just something that comes out of the packet right into their plate. The book ‘DinnerPAWsible’ takes you through pets’ journeys and the delicious recipes they will enjoy. This book will give you general guidance on the best recipe is available for your pets which is essential so that your pets can stay away from deadly diseases.

One of the authors of this book has a veterinary degree, and the other one is a pet food safety advocate. The combined brains have developed this book for you to always give the love back to your pets in the form of delicious food.

If you can prepare healthy meals for your pets, they shall remain a long time for you. You can purchase this book without delay because you will be serving your pets the safest and most delicious meals throughout the day. Give your pet a reason to love you back, take care in the best manner with the book.

Why do we like it?

  • This is an informative book as a veterinary doctor writes it
  • It uses the most trusted measures and healthy recipes
  • It is a professional guide to dog nutrition and meals
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3. Feed Your Best Friend Better by Rick Woodford

Feed Your Best Friend Better By Rick Woodford

Would you like to consume processed food on a daily basis? The answer is No! If that is the case with you, why will you make your dog eat packaged food every day. Rise above that and order the ‘Feed Your Best Friend Better’ for your pet’s sake. It is easy to understand book that will allow you to make delicious, fresh, and homemade recipes for your pets. It would be an essential cookbook for your pet if you want them to remain healthy.

The motto of the book says that ‘why healthy cannot tasty? The book mentions the complete journey of dogs and offers you 85 mouthwatering and healthy recipes. Even you as an owner can start drooling over these methods. It’s one of the best Dog food cookbooks as the author emphasizes healthy homemade diets for dogs and feeding them the best without any compromise.

The book gives you an option to choose the right food under the names puppy pesto, barkscotti, mutt loaf, and much more. You will also be able to do a behavioral analysis of your dog with the information provided in this book. In the truest sense, this publication can be the easiest way of learning about your dog.

Why do we like it?

  • It includes fun and healthy recipes
  • It allows you to analyze the psychology of animals
  • It is a complete guide to dealing with red-code pet situations
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4. Home Cooking for Your Dog by Christine Filardi

Home Cooking For Your Dog By Christine Filardi

Do you want your dog to be healthy? There is a suitable book because it offers 75 nutritionally rich recipes for your dog. You will be able to unlock the secrets of getting a more healthy dog with this book’s help. All the recipes require a minimum preparation time and countless other helpful informational pieces. It is a smart buy as the book is user-friendly.

The language is relatively easy to understand. The book explains everything concisely. The author also gives a personal touch and share real-life experiences so that you can understand better.

This book is a champion because it is published for a good cause. A portion of the selling percentage will always go to the animal rescue centers. Buy this book to make your relationship better with your dog, and it will grow salubrious and wise!

Why do we like it?

  • The content is accessible and understandable
  • It offers numerous extremely healthy recipes
  • It supports the animal rescue organizations
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5. Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook by The Bubba Rose Biscuit Company

Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook By The Bubba Rose Biscuit Company

Have you been feeding your monotonous dog meals every day? Please stop it because your dog deserves the best! Forget about the regular meals and try something new because you will get numerous recipes in the ‘Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook.’ Give your dog surprises with occasional treats and prepare healthy, delicious, and mouthwatering recipes mentioned in this book.

Your dog will come back begging you for wholesome and healthy meals every time. It is among the best dog food cookbooks for dog lovers who want to see their pets the best every time. The language is clear and easy, and most of the recipes are organic. Your dog and also fall in love with this book after getting the lavish treatment.

It is the book of love as it contains the best recipes and different ways to treat your dog. You will never see an unhealthy and unhappy dog if you start giving it the recipes from this book. Your relationship with your buddy is going to improve when you bring this book home!

Why do we like it?

  • The book focuses on the happiness of the dogs
  • It has delicious tail wagging dishes
  • It has various options for the weekend and occasional treats
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Dog Food Cookbooks Buyer’s Guide

Food is the fuel for living beings. It gives us the strength and life-giving energy to get through the day and life. It is vital to have nutrition-rich and healthy food for better metabolism. Humans, plants, and animals need it. We can easily feed ourselves, but we need to make some extra efforts for our pets. It is essential to provide them with good quality homemade food. It will ensure that your pet remains healthy and happy.

If you love your pet dog, then you must go for the best dog food cookbooks. These books are beneficial and help you make fresh homemade, nutritionally dense food for your dog. However, it would help if you kept some things in mind before buying a book of recipes. We are mentioning some crucial points below.


A good dog food cookbook should have recipes that are specifically tailored for dogs. You should always look for a book that belongs to your region to make all the ingredients readily available. It is necessary to purchase a book from a well-known author so that you can trust the recipe. All the recipes mentioned in the cookbook should be specific to the subject and give enough information.

If your dog food cookbook does not have easily available ingredients, it will be a waste for you. You can also go for the cookbooks depending on what you consume at your home. If you are vegetarian, you would like to go for a dog cookbook that boasts healthy vegetarian recipes.


If your pet is undergoing any medical issue or deficiency of some vitamins or minerals, you should go for any specific one. It will allow you to make recipes that will cure the problem or complete the deficiency. As you advance with buying, any work will not be profitable and won’t address your issue. It is always essential to you know before making a purchase.

There are numerous cookbooks available, and if you have a newborn dog, things might be different, while for an adult, the other book is required. Therefore, check all the things in detail and buy a specific book made for your pet, not all the dogs.

Serving suggestions

It will be better if your cookbook offers amazing dog food recipes along with serving suggestions. It mostly happens with pet dogs that they puke if served at the wrong time and in the incorrect quantity. There should be a section of complete information apart from the recipe. Such cookbooks are better and will help your pet to stay happy and healthy. It will be able to enjoy the meal better.

Apart from the ingredients and measurements, suggestions of serving make it ideal to decide the pet’s well-being and healthy digestion. Therefore, always consider serving suggestions.

Number of recipes

You purchase a dog food cookbook so that your dog can have the luck of enjoying delicious meals every day. You will always want to uplift the standard and wish to feed your dog with homemade food. However, if your recipe does not have numerous recipes, it won’t be very interesting for you and your pet.

Feeding pets is always tricky, and it is all about testing and trying. If your book has diverse recipes, chances are more than your pet would like two to four out of so many.

Time estimate

Your dog food to cook should not have recipes that take hours and hours to make. They should be relatively easy but nutrition-rich at the same time. Also, each recipe’s average time should be somewhat less so you don’t feel like you are doing a chore.


The time estimate is the most crucial thing because if you prepare dog food at home, it should not consume all your time. The best dog food cookbooks have a balance between short-duration and long-duration recipes. You will be doing it for your love. Don’t let it become trouble!

Most dog food recipes do not take much time. However, some of them are time-consuming, especially if they are non-vegetarian and the meat needs to boil for a good time. You can decide what will be convenient for you.


You will be investing a decent amount of money in the cookbook; therefore, make sure you purchase the one with enough information and numerous recipes to last long for some months or even a year. However, the rest of the things you know only after feeding your dog. It might be it likes to enjoy only 2 or 3 recipes for the rest of the life and discard the others.

There are numerous best dog food cookbooks available by different writers, and each of them is priced at a different level. You can pick the one which suits your budget and get ready to supply eatable love to your dog!