5 Best Dish Soaps (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Washing dishes can be hectic and a productive experience because you get to clean something yourself and gain satisfaction from it. While dishwashers are easier to use, you never know which stain might remain and which one will be cleaned off. It also depends on the kind of dish soap you use to clean your dishes and the amount of time you invest in scrubbing each dish. When we talk about dish soap, we wish to invest in something that will last a long time and cleans as many dishes per purchase as possible.

For that reason, you have to search for a quality dish soap in the market that sells you the promise of properly washed dishes and actually means it. Many will sell you offers to attract you, but few have earned their customers’ loyalty due to their quality and long-lasting fresh smells. We have listed them down below for you to take reference from and to ensure that you get the best dish soap available in the market.

Best Dish Soaps

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1. Dawn Platinum Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap

Dawn Platinum Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap

The Dawn Platinum dish soap comes in a 4.5-pound bottle with one of the best-concentrated soap on the market. The 4X Grease-Cleaning Power of the dish soap ensures that you can get the most out of just a drop of the dish soap. The platinum-grade cleaning potential is also useful because you get to take away some of the worst possible stains from the dishes without any hassle.

The result of using the dish soap will always be the same, especially after you’ve just eaten the greasiest steak of your life. The company also guarantees that the dish soap will provide 48-hours’ worth of protection to the dishes, which is more than enough to use your entire range of dishware. The company also provides a Dawn Non-scratch scrubber that helps clean away all the stain from your non-stick cookware without scratching the non-stick part away.

The best part of using dish soap is the fresh smell you get from your dishes as you’re about to dig into your food. It is truly a wonderful product to help impress your guests before they start eating in any special event or dinner. The best part is you can use dish soap on all kinds of stainless-steel products apart from just dishes.

Why do we like it?

  • 4.5-pound bottle of dish soap
  • 4X grease-cleaning strength
  • Provides 48-hours’ worth of protection
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2. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Dish Soap

When we talk about the best dish soap, we want a product that easily cuts through all the hard-stains that the dishware can hold. Fortunately, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day dish soap ensures that your dishes will not remain clean and hygienic to eat from but also remain brand new throughout the time you use the product. The product’s unique feature is that it contains a plant-derived cleaning ingredient that ensures that the grease disappears in mere seconds of applying it to the dishware.

This dish soap ensures that you remain safe from any harmful chemical that may get sucked into your pores if you don’t use hand gloves. Other than that, the plant-derived dish soap is also biodegradable, so even if the grease does get drained into, you can rest assured that it won’t negatively affect the environment. In addition, the dish soap also has a fresh smell to it that helps uplift moods while you pour food into your plate.

Mrs. Meyer’s is built upon the idea of eco-friendliness and produces cruelty-free soap, which means none of the company’s products are tested on animals. The 16-ounce bottle will easily last you for a month with an average number of dishware and cutlery. The company also gives its customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so they can safely invest their money in the product.

Why do we like it?

  • Eco-friendly soap formula
  • Fresh basil smell
  • Easily cuts through grease
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3. Palmolive Ultra Dish Soap

Palmolive Ultra Dish Soap

The Palmolive Ultra dish soap has earned itself a great reputation of being the most wonderful smelling dish soap in the market. However, that isn’t all because this 8.53-pounds, coffee-scented dish soap has 4X the power of your average dish soap to clean out tough stains. Your dishware is also protected with a Palmolive anti-germ shield for the next 48-hours to ensure proper hygiene is maintained.

The best part is that dish soap doesn’t have to be used while wearing gloves because it not only protects the dishware but your hands too. You no longer have to worry about your hands losing their softness because of the Palmolive Ultra dish soap’s oxy-formula. Using the scrub you receive from the company, double’s the effect of the formula on your dishware and any other stainless-steel dishes that you own.

The dish soap is also phosphate-free, which ensures that your hands and health remain safe from the grease getting sucked into your pores. Even if the stains have been stuck for over a 24-hour on the dishes, the dish soap promises to swiftly clean through them. Lastly, the Palmolive Ultra dish soap can easily last you for a month’s worth of dishes, so you end up saving up money in the long-run.

Why do we like it?

  • Helps you save money
  • Coffee-scented dish soap
  • Protects hands
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4. Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus Dish Liquid Soap

Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus Dish Liquid Soap

The Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus dish soap promises to clean the stickiest stains from your dishes and ensure proper cleaning potential. The company ensures you that the product has 20% more liquid soap as well as more power when it comes to cleaning and lasting for the entire month. There aren’t any synthetic smells, fragrances, or the use of phosphates in the dish soap that may render your dishware and cookware harmful to your health.

However, that doesn’t mean the dish soap does not make your dishes smell nice. With 100% citrus extracts and essential oils used through botanical methods, the dish soap ensures anything you wash smells fresh. The plant-based ingredients used in making the dish soap make it both eco-friendly and healthy to use than the chemical-based products.

The product is also USDA-approved, while Glycerin in the product acts as a foam stabilizer while you clean your dishes manually. The packaging used is also biodegradable, so you can rest assured the company’s commitment to conserving the environment is true. The company also provides you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure your investment remains safe as a first-time user.

Why do we like it?

  • Biodegradable packaging
  • USDA approved for customer safety
  • 20% more cleaning power
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5. ECOS Dishmate Hypoallergenic Dish Soap

Ecos Dishmate Hypoallergenic Dish Soap

The ECOS Dishmate Hypoallergenic dish soap is made to be free of dyes and perfumes while also having an ultra-concentrating feature that clears away any stain. You will find that your dishware will remain brand new over consistent use of the dish soap. The best part is that the ECOS dish soap also protects your hands along with your dishware, so you can keep using your hands without any damage.

The dish soap is also made through natural ingredients to help conserve the environment in comparison to chemical products. The packaging used is also bio-degradable to ensure that you can dispose of it properly. The product is cruelty-free towards animals, so you can also rest assured that your investment is made right.

The pH balance of the ECOS dish soap also ensures that your dishes are given a protective coating that lasts for 24-hours straight. All of this is done by using only a few drops of soap, so the 25-ounce bottle lasts you for a long time. The company also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with the product.

Why do we like it?

  • Biodegradable packaging
  • 24-hour protective coating
  • Protects hands while washing dishes
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Dish Soaps Buyer’s Guide

Dishes can be tricky to clean, but with the help of good dish soap, you can get it done in no time, especially if the dish soap lasts the entire month because you can save up on a lot of money that way. You must also ensure that the dish soap does not have any synthetic smells because any leftover residues of the chemicals can be harmful to you and your child’s health.

There are plenty of chemical-based dish soap brands in the market that sell you dish soap over good deals. However, you must always select the one that provides you with a few key characteristics that will save your health in the long-run as well as ensure properly cleaned dishes. We have listed these characteristics down for you so you may find it easy to look in the market.

Power-cleaning Potential

The power-cleaning potential depicts how easy it will be for you to clean the stickiest stains from your dishes. You will also need to check how many drops of dish soap you had to add in order to clean all the dishes in your sink each day. Once you measure that, you will be able to handle better how much dish soap you need to purchase from the brand you choose.

Search for the keyword ‘Power-cleaning’ in the packaging and then test it out. If it works, you have your dish soap.


Foamless dish soap makes it easy for you to clean dishes because the stains don’t get hidden while you are cleaning them. They are also harmful to the environment, especially when you use chemical-based dish soap. Once the foam gets drained out, it can cause havoc for the eco-system because they are toxic in nature.

Most eco-friendly dish soaps don’t have this problem, provided you can pay a little extra for them. In fact, you will find that foamless dish soaps are less messy to work with while your sink becomes full of dishes.

Biodegradable Packaging

The biodegradable packaging is something you can look for to ensure that your zero-carbon footprint resolution of the year is met. Using biodegradable packaging helps protect the environment and the eco-system in general. Consider investing in a dish soap that has biodegradable packing as they work towards conserving the environment around you, and the same brands also have dish soaps that are made from plant extracts.

Hand Protection

If you like using your hands instead of wearing gloves, you will need to find a dish soap that protects your hands from getting tough overtime. There are dish soaps in the market that ensure the customer’s hands remain soft and the skin doesn’t feel tough. These soaps also ensure that no harmful chemicals get sucked in through your pores.

Soap Amount

The amount of soap you receive in the bottle will determine how much you can utilize throughout the month to clean your dishes. If you own a lot of dishes because you have a larger family, you must invest in a dish soap that comes in a larger packing option with a larger capacity. This will ensure that you do not make frequent trips to the grocery store to be able to purchase dish soap.

USDA Approved

If the dish soap is approved by the USDA, it means that it has been deemed safe for consumers and can be trusted. Always look for either a chemical-based or non-chemical-based dish soap that is USDA-approved because that will keep your health and safety in check.

Fresh Smell

A fresh smelling dish soap ensures that you and your family receive wonderfully smelling dishes while you eat your food at the table daily. Fresh smelling dishes are also preferred by your guests and will work towards improving your image in front of them. However, be aware of synthetic scents or artificial fragrances because they can be harmful to you if there are small residues left behind on the dishware and cookware.