5 Best Dish Drying Racks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Washing dishes manually is considered to be more hygienic than just leaving them inside a dishwasher. You feel satisfied with how well the dishes have been washed and make use of your time to clean the hardest stuck stains there are for a great shine. However, once the dishes are washed, you need a place or a mat to dry them, where dish drying racks come in. They provide the user with a safe, good-gripped space designed to hold dishes and help them dry out quickly.

Several brands in the market will offer you smart design features, and although the dish drying rack isn’t attractive to look at in your kitchen, it serves a good purpose. Your kitchen remains free of water, puddles forming and mud accumulating for starters because you own an animal in the house. In that regard, we have compiled a list of the best dish drying racks and given you multiple reasons why they are great for you.

Best Dish Drying Racks

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1. KitchenAid Full Size Dish Rack

Kitchenaid Full Size Dish Rack

The KitchenAid full-size dish rack is yet another of the multipurpose dish rack brands in the market. The difference is in the quality of the build and the dripping tray that they provide to ensure that the droplets do not form water puddles after being washed. The design of the dish rack helps boost the airflow between the dishes and ensure the maximum air-drying potential is achieved.

The stainless-steel has a satin coating that helps protect the steel from rusting over time, while the feet have soft grips that help protect your kitchen counter from scratches or scuffs. The drainage is designed to provide the perfect pitch, so the water is collected and discard from one spot. What’s more, is that the dish rack has separate spaces for both knives and other kitchen utensils, as well as space to store glassware.

All the parts in the dish rack are detachable and easy to clean, and the dish drying rack also minimizes the cost by giving a dish drying tray instead of a mat. You can store a decent number of dishes for drying in the dish rack in one go. The company also gives its customer a 1-year hassle-free warranty which ensures that your investment will remain safe and sound.

Why do we like it?

  • Multipurpose dish rack
  • Scratch-proof
  • The 1-year hassle-free warranty given
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2. Farberware Classic 3-Piece Dish Rack

Farberware Classic 3 Piece Dish Rack

The Farberware is your basic 3-piece dish rack that comes in three different colors to help match the aesthetics of your kitchen. The company has made the dish rack to be able to hold a large capacity of dishes in one go which makes it easy for you to wash an entire batch. The best part is, the dish drying rack can hold different kinds of dishes, kitchen utensils, and glassware at one time which helps save cost on a dish drying mat.

Other than that, the dish drying rack comes with a detachable tray where all the water is collected to prevent water puddles from forming inside your kitchen. The company has also added a non-slip grip on the feet to ensure the dish drying rack does not move about accidentally on a smooth surface. The heavy-duty wires used to make the dish drying rack have a rust-free coating that helps protect your investment over a long period of time.

The durable design and detachable tray ensure that you can clean the dish drying tray properly without having to worry about hygiene. The company also provides its customers with a 1-year satisfaction guarantee to help build confidence in the investment you have made. The best part is, the company has also kept prices at a lower rate against the other competitors in the market, which makes this dish drying rack an excellent investment.

Why do we like it?

  • Comes with a dish drying tray
  • 1-year satisfaction guarantee given
  • Non-slip grip on the feet
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3. PremiumRacks Professional Dish Rack

Premiumracks Professional Dish Rack

This black-colored dish rack is known for its contemporary design, drainboards, and a microfiber mat that comes to help drain all the liquids from the dishes. You also get three cup holders as attachments to the PremiumRacks Professional dish rack, and the top of the rack can be flipped from side to side or front. If you wish to take it off to save space completely, you can do that too, which furthers adds to the customizable quality of the PremiumRacks Professional dish rack.

The dish rack is made from 304 high-quality stainless steel, which ensures that no amount of rough use of the dish rack will ever make it break or bend. You can rest assured that the dish rack will remain robust throughout its lifetime and in pristine condition if you maintain it well. The product has also passed a 24-hour salt test which is yet another feature in its resume.

The thin and smart design also makes sure you can place the maximum number of dishes to dry in the minimum space possible. There is a possibility that you can stack your dishes up to save more space while the feet of the dish drying rack comes with rubber grips to ensure it stays in place. The company also gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee to help you remain confident that the product will withstand the test of time.

Why do we like it?

  • Comes with a dish drying mat
  • Made with 304 high-quality steel
  • Stackable design for dishes
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4. Surpahs Over-The-Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack

Surpahs Over The Sink Multipurpose Roll Up Dish Drying Rack

The Surpahs Over-The-Sink Multipurpose dish drying rack has a smaller design than the one mentioned above. For starters, the dish drying rack is made from silicone wrapped in stiff metal rods that have both the strength and durability to remain functional for a long time. The rods allow for enough space between them to hang the dishes and achieve the maximum air-drying potential.

What’s more is that the dish drying rack is also rust-resistant, which means you won’t have to worry about changing the dish drying rack anytime soon. The product is also glassware friendly and is also easy to clean as it easily comes off. You can also store the roll-up dish drying rack in your backpack and take it anywhere you feel it will be needed.

Other than that, the dish drying rack can also be used as a heat-resistance surface on your table to ensure it doesn’t get damaged by hot pans and pots. The warm gray color gives the dish drying rack a classy look and feels while the paint is resistant to any scratches and scuffs that may come. The best part is that the dish drying rack comes with a lifetime warranty which ensures your investment remains safe.

Why do we like it?

  • Foldable, portable dish drying rack
  • Maximum air-drying potential
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
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5. Soren Stainless Steel Over Sink Dish Drying Rack

Soren Stainless Steel Over Sink Dish Drying Rack

The Soraken Stainless Steel dish drying rack has the adjustable height and the width for it to hang above your sink and help you contain all your dishes. It increases the efficiency with which you place your dishes because the dish drying rack is fixed directly above the sink. It also ensures that any water that drips from the dish drying rack falls directly on the sink.

The best feature of the Soraken dish drying rack is the all-purpose drying capacity that it has as it holds not only dishes but also kitchen utensils and kitchen products, and glassware. The dish drying rack is made with aluminum alloy plating, and it remains easy to lift if you wish to clean it properly. The black powder coating helps protect the dish drying rack from any rust that may accumulate over time.

The Soraken dish drying rack comes with a hex key and wrench, which are the two tools you need to assemble it entirely. The steps to assemble the dish drying rack are simple and listed down to help you in a manual that comes with the product. Other than that, the dish drying rack contains 1 knife holder, 4 hooks for mugs, 1 utensil holder as well as 1 ware basket and disk rack.

Why do we like it?

  • Aluminum alloy plating
  • Rust-free
  • Adjustable width and height
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Dish Drying Rack Buyer’s Guide

Washing and drying dishes can be a tedious chore to do which is why it is important to have the kitchen tools that can aid you throughout the process. While there are several products in the market that help with drying dishes, dish drying racks have long been regarded as all-purpose dish drying equipment. They are also worth investing in because of their durability against rusting and helping you conserve as much space as possible.

When you go out in the market, you will find tons of brands selling you dish drying racks in different offers, but there are a few key characteristics you have to look out for. These characteristics help you differentiate between a good dish drying rack and a cheap knockoff. To make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of the key characteristics you should be looking out for.


The drainage of the dish drying rack is the first thing you have to notice when you look for the product in the market. A good dish drying rack brand will ensure the design works in resonance with the objective of draining the excess water that drips from the dishware and the glassware. Some dish drying racks are made to hang above the sink to ensure the drops of water get drained directly into the sink.

However, some dish drying racks have tray drainage that collects water which can be discarded later on. You can choose which one to go for depending on your need and circumstances. Some dish drying racks even have drain plugs that easily let out the water, so consider looking around for all the possibilities before investing in one.


The material used to make the dish drying rack is a huge part of its durability. When you go and purchase the product, look for one that has a stainless-steel build. Other than that, you can work on finding a product that has a rust-free coating to it which ensures that no matter how much water goes through the product, it will not rust.


Having multiple compartments for dishes as well as kitchen utensils makes it easy to empty the sink by washing everything in it. Once done, you can leave it to dry off in the air. The compartments also ensure that you can sort out everything properly so that you aren’t looking for a spoon or fork in the midst of expensive dishes.

This also increases the chances of the dishes accidentally falling to the ground, and you end up missing a piece from your dishware. Instead, consider investing in a large dish drying rack that has multiple compartments, provided that you have space in your kitchen for it.


The grip underneath your dish drying rack will ensure that it stays in place if you are washing your dishes in a hurry. It’s super important because you don’t want any of your dishes falling because accidents can happen often. Add to that the potential of a smooth surface without the feet of the dish drying rack having a grip, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Air-Drying Potential

Dish drying racks are made to ensure that they have open spaces in between them to air-dry the dishes quickly. Sometimes, brands go over-board and consider designs that are different than the standard dish drying racks to maximize the air-drying potential. If you are okay with using these designs and can ensure enough space near the kitchen sink to place the product, you should consider investing in it.