Best Dining Chairs

5 Best Dining Chairs (Reviews Updated 2021)

Finding the right amount of comfort for yourself and your guests when they arrive at your home can be a daunting task. The furniture you buy for your home should not only be comfortable but fit with the aesthetics of your home to ensure a wonderful atmosphere. A good home to look at will always be appreciated by the guests that come to your place, as well as boost your spirits daily. Dining chairs work the same way as you need to match them with your dining table and ensure they are comfortable to sit in.

Several brands in the market will sell you dining chairs for cheap but will never reveal the quality behind them. Good dining chairs from good brands will have long warranties that come with them and include multiple designs that you can choose from. For that reason, we have compiled a list of dining chairs that you will like.

Best Dining Chairs

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1. Armen Living Butterfly Dining Chair

Armen Living Butterfly Dining Chair

This mid-century styled dining chair has a modern touch to its design and provides comfort to the lower back while you sit on it. The Armen Living Butterfly dining chair has been designed to fit into both wooden and glass-styled chairs and easily becomes the center of attention for guests. It is made up of solid walnut wood that is not only durable but can stay by your side for years to come.

The fabric used is 100% polyester that is both comfortable and durable to stain marks and dust. You can choose to purchase this dining chair for your home or a commercial setting inside a restaurant because the dining chair has both the functional aspect and design needed for that purpose. The fine craftsmanship and polish-works are visible as soon as you view the chair and sit on it.

The dining chair has also been designed to reduce back-aches and be as less stressful as possible if you choose to sit on it for a long time. The Armen Living Butterfly’s arms have a unique style to them that makes it truly stand out in comparison to other dining chairs. The dining chair also has rubber grips underneath its four legs, which help keep the dining chair in place when you sit on it.

Why do we like it?

  • Can fit into commercial and home settings
  • Fabric is made from 100% polyester
  • Unique folded arms for extra comfort
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2. Armen Living Monte Dining Chair

Armen Living Monte Dining Chair In Black Faux Leather

The first glimpse of this monte modern-styled dining chair will make you fall in love with the aesthetic design. The Armen Living Monte dining chair is covered with stylish faux leather that gives you the comfort you need inside your home for all the guests to praise your taste. The metallic-black color followed by the wooden construction allows for extra strength of the dining chair and an enhanced experience.

The unique feature about the dining chair is that it can swivel 360 degrees which makes it easier to sit on it and get off. The medium-high back support allows you to sit straight on the dining table, which also helps with food digestion. The dining chair’s build and aesthetic is perfect for commercial purposes as well as home because it can support large weights and does not break easily.

What’s more is that the dining chair has a simple thought process, followed by a chic and easy blend of color and style that makes it the most sought-after piece in the market. It would be a perfect addition to your home if the rest of your furniture followed the same minimalistic style. The craftsmanship and the 2-year warranty that the company gives help ensure that your investment remains safe.

Why do we like it?

  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • The dining chair can swivel 360 degrees
  • Back support built to aid digestion
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3. GreenForest Dining Chairs Set

Greenforest Dining Chairs Set

If you like leather furniture, the GreenForest Dining Chairs set is the perfect addition for your tables at home. The high-quality, dirt-proof faux leather is both easy to clean and durable against the elements as well as rough use, which reduces the amount of work you have to put into maintaining the product. The brand GreenForest has a reputation for creating modern-styled furniture that has a chic, homely feel to it.

This is why the dining chairs are perfect for a home where the dining table is used very often, and the dining chairs are used in more places than one. The entire set is given to you to assemble, so it makes the dining chairs a part of a smart-home design since you can conserve space if you don’t need them. Simple de-assemble the legs and place them in your storeroom for safe-keeping and ensure they are bubble-wrapped to preserve the faux leather.

What’s more, is that the bottom of the dining chairs is made of soft-sponge padding covered by leather that helps to comfort your behind. The metal legs help to support extensive weights since the dining chairs were designed for commercial use as well. The legs have rubber pads underneath for grip as well as softening the base of the chairs to ensure there is no damage to the legs while someone sits on them.

Why do we like it?

  • High-quality, dirt-proof faux-leathered seats
  • Can easily assemble and de-assemble
  • Soft-sponge padding for comfortable sitting
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4. Christopher Knight Home Phinnaeus Dining Seats

Christopher Knight Home Phinnaeus Dining Seats

The Christopher Knight Home dining seats are part of a line of traditional dining chairs that brings back the Victorian-styled seating trend. The dining chairs feature distressed wood with a soft cushion that helps to comfort your behind as you sit on this elegant-looking chair design. The classical fabric cloth can be changed to have designs that help aid the aesthetics of the home while the fabric is made from 100% polyester.

This means it is durable as well as dustproof, which makes it easy to clean and also easy to use over the long run. Your guests will be amused to find the perfect set of dining chairs for the occasion of dinner parties or brunches. There are multiple sets that you can order as the dining chair comes in pairs of 2 and 4, depending on your need.

The beige color adds further to the elegant look and feel of the dining chairs, while rubberwood build helps to ensure the dining chairs remain with you for a good number of years. Each chair weighs around 36.1 pounds, so that makes them a bit heavier than the modern-styled chair but equally durable. They are perfect for those who wish to add a classical touch to their dining experience and the dining table itself.

Why do we like it?

  • Classical styled and traditional look and feel
  • Dustproof, 100% polyester fabric used
  • Rubberwood build for durability
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5. Rivet Contemporary Dining Chair

Rivet Contemporary Dining Chair

This dining chair is yet another addition to the contemporary collection shown in this article with its chalk-colored foam seats and no armrest style of seating. The Amazon Brand dining chair has a curved back that amplifies the support to your spine, while the foam underneath comforts your back if you wish to sit for long hours. Something that is prone to happen while you and your friends chat away after a good meal.

The 19-inches in height and seat depth of 18-inches is enough for an average person to sit comfortably in the dining chair, and since there are no armrests, you will not feel claustrophobic. The fabric used is not only durable against the elements but also covers the wooden frame of the dining chair. The walnut wood build increases the durability of the dining chair further but does not worry because the brass base ensures that the structure doesn’t break when too much weight is added to it.

What’s more is that the dining chairs don’t require any assembly, which means you can set them up near your dining table right away. The fabric is also dustproof, which makes it easy to clean with both a dry towel and a slightly wet one. You also receive a 1-year warranty from the company once you buy the product.

Why do we like it?

  • 1-year warranty
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Walnut wood structure for durability
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Dining Chairs Buyer’s Guide

Dining chairs are an important part of the furniture of your home, and finding the right ones requires some searching around in the market. You will not only need a product that is durable for long-term use (especially if you have kids involved) but at the same time, the dining chairs should meet the aesthetic of your home. This means finding a set that matches the theme of the other furniture present.

You will find thousands of cheap knockoff items when you go into the market, and only a handful of people know how to pick out their furniture. You can be one of them if you understand what you should look for while you visit the market. Fortunately for you, we’ve listed down a couple of key characteristics of the best dining chairs to help you understand how to go about the purchase.

Leg grip

The grips underneath the legs will determine how much your dining chair ends up moving on a smooth surface. This not only risks you or your guest toppling over but at the same time, it can cause harm to your dining chair or end up breaking it. That would be a terrible situation to be in because you will end up losing out on a precious investment.


Dining chairs have to be comfortable. Otherwise, there is no point in getting one. Always consider yourself, your family, and the circle you are in before you invest in a good dining chair set. The comfortability of the dining chairs will be determined by what kind of comforting foam it uses and what kind of fabric/ leather covers the entire wooden structure of the dining chairs.

Dining chairs not only need to cushion your behind but also cushion your arms with an armrest as well as your back with a backrest. The fact is that once you sit on one, you shouldn’t desire to leave or struggle to adjust to the dining chair before you move away.


The backrest helps to support your back while you wait for food to arrive at the dining table or when you end up spending long hours chatting with friends or family. The backrest is also part of the aesthetic of the dining chair since some don’t come with them and are still bought in dozens. Backrests also have a foam coating that helps to ease the back muscles into the wooden structure so you don’t hurt yourself.


The armrest is another feature that is optional as it is part of the aesthetical design as well. Consider your needs and how much you desire a dining chair that has an armrest for your arms. The armrest ensures your arms aren’t placed on the table all the time because this can not only cause stains on your clothes but also make it difficult for you to sit properly on the tables.

Instead, consider purchasing a dining chair set that has an armrest in it.

Wood Used

The wooden base, as well as the build of the dining chair, depicts how long the dining chair will last you while in use. You need to ask the salesperson what kind of wood is used to make the dining chairs set so that you understand its worth as a furniture item for your home.