Best Digital Kitchen Scales

5 Best Digital Kitchen Scales (Reviews Updated 2021)

Trying to perfect a recipe is something that every chef or cook tries to do. You can add different quantities of ingredients and see how your food tastes like while trying to find the right combination in the right measurements. However, that being said, new recipes tend to take a significantly longer time to prepare because you aren’t used to the step-by-step process or the number of ingredients to add. In such a case, you will need to invest in a good kitchen scale.

There are plenty of kitchen scales available in the market, and all have their individual offers on them. Any one of them can help you decide what amount of ingredient does the recipe truly tastes delicious in. For that reason, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best kitchen scales in the market right now, with all their benefits listed down for you to choose from.

Best Digital Kitchen Scales

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1. Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

Ozeri Zk14 S Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen And Food Scale

The Ozeri kitchen food scale has been around in the market for a long time, and the company has found great success in the sale of its product. It is not only cheap to get but also portable to store into your backpack and take the kitchen scale anywhere you like. The elegant black touch to the stainless-steel body gives five stars to the aesthetics of this kitchen tool.

The LCD of the kitchen scale tool has five units of measurements and displays the results through an automatic unit button. The company has designed its product to make you feel comfortable using it while also being easy since you would want to focus on the cooking and not the measuring of ingredients alone. The company has also added a tare button that helps find out the net weight of the food you eat for better accuracy since it subtracts the plates you eat in.

The chrome-colored weighing platform on top has been placed by the company to ensure the kitchen food scale adds a touch of class to the entire ordeal. You are also given a pair of triple AAA batteries to start using the kitchen scale tool as soon as you get it into the kitchen. You can rest assured that your investment will work well for many years to come and especially when you’re traveling.

Why do we like it?

  • The digital kitchen scale tool can easily fit inside a backpack.
  • The automatic unit button automatically calculates the weight.
  • The chrome-colored weighing platform is sturdy.
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2. Etekcity Food Digital Kitchen Scale

Etekcity Food Digital Kitchen Scale

The Etekcity digital kitchen scale is yet another famous kitchen tool to own in your arsenal and one that is known for its long-lasting partnership with you in the kitchen. The company design and portable body make it easier for you to take it in your bag while traveling. You can measure any small items on it, whether it is the number of spices you have to add or small vegetables and fruits.

The digital kitchen tool has a tare function that lets you take out the net weight of all the food items you measure on this kitchen scale tool. You also receive an automatic unit conversion system along with the digital kitchen scale that tells you exactly how much each food item weighs up to a weight of 18-pounds. You can view these results in the LCD you get along with the digital kitchen scale tool with the nearest reading to 1g.

The total digital kitchen scale weighs around 11-pounds which again supports the fact that you can take this equipment wherever the need for measuring food items arises. It also has anti-skidding padding underneath the kitchen scale tool that helps it from skidding over any surface you put it on. You can rest assured that your investment will remain safe and work throughout its lifetime.

Why do we like it?

  • The digital kitchen scale tool comes with an anti-skidding bottom surface.
  • Comes with an easy unit conversion system.
  • Easy to use while travelling.
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3. Nicewell Kitchen Food Scale

Nicewell Kitchen Food Scale

The Nicewell Kitchen Food scale can measure your ingredients and food items up to 22 pounds and has a sleek design for those who look for aesthetics in their kitchen tools. The kitchen food scale also has five units of measurement that are displayed in the LCD screen given on top of the tool. It has an easy interface that you can operate with an on/off button given as well as a button for changing units.

The stainless-steel adds durability to the build, followed by the clear metal top that helps ensure that you get the right weights. The kitchen scale also comes with a tare option that lets you subtract the weight of the plate or container to get the accurate weight of each ingredient you put on the scale. This way, you won’t have to worry about separating each ingredient from their bowls or plates to measure them, which can be a nuisance in the kitchen.

The top is made with tempered glass, which is drop-proof which means it won’t break if it drops to the floor by accident. It also makes this kitchen food scale attractive to look at and use, which means it would look perfect for homes that are following the theme of a modern apartment building. Lastly, the kitchen food scale is powered by three AAA batteries which means you can take it with you as a portable measure device.

Why do we like it?

  • The top of the kitchen food scale is made with tempered glass.
  • Attractive user interface in front.
  • The stainless-steel build ensures durability.
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4. Kizing Digital Kitchen Scale

Kizing Digital Kitchen Scale

The Kizing Digital Kitchen scale is yet another portable kitchen scale that you can get if you are a frequent traveler and find yourself in an Airbnb quite often. The only difference between this scale and the previous one is the tempered glass tray you receive that is durable enough to break even after it falls down on the floor. The product has a high-precision rating by every critic out there, which shows the company really put thought and effort into designing the Kizing digital kitchen scale.

Other than the usual auto weight calculation systems, the digital kitchen scale also has a PCS function that helps enable you to count down on the smallest of ingredient weights. The tare function is displayed with the letter ”T”, which helps take out the net weight of the food items. The entire design has been kept as compact as possible to ensure it gives a modern look and feels you need to add it to your collection of kitchen tools inside the kitchen.

The minimalistic touch to the aesthetics and power button followed by the other buttons gives this digital kitchen scale easy to use and understand how to. The company also offers its customers a lifetime warranty of the parts in case things go south. However, you can rest assured that with the metallic build of the body, things will always remain durable throughout their use.

Why do we like it?

  • The digital kitchen scale tool is portable enough to use it anywhere you like.
  • The calculation is taken out automatically to the nearest gram.
  • The scale is highly durable to the elements.
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5. OFFICESU XDFEWFJH Kitchen Food Scale

Officesu Xdfewfjh Kitchen Food Scale

The OFFICESU Kitchen Food Scale has a good reputation in the market for providing its owner with accurate measurements for each ingredient they use. The food scale has high precision sensors installed that help guarantees the customer the quality measurements they require. The entire kitchen scale is made from stainless steel and is compact enough for you to carry it with you while traveling.

The screen that you get gives crystal clear numbers for what is measured in the daylight, while it also includes the night vision feature that helps you see the measurements in dim light situations. You can easily use the kitchen scale while camping to make the perfect stew or roasted chicken. What’sWhat’s more that it’s really easy to set the whole thing up, and the kitchen scale stays up in the same position due to the rubber grip it has underneath.

You can power on the kitchen scale with the click of a button or change the units depending on what you like. The kitchen scale also comes with an automatic unit button conversion that helps figure out what the weight is without the need for human intervention. The entire kitchen scale works on 2 AAA batteries which is great as you don’t necessarily have to place the kitchen scale near a plug now.

Why do we like it?

  • Comes with an automatic unit conversion button.
  • The kitchen scale is compact enough to take anywhere you want on a trip.
  • The kitchen scale comes with rubber grips.
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Digital Kitchen Scales Buyer’sBuyer’s Guide

Digital kitchen scales are important tools for perfectionists in the kitchens you wish to perfect the taste of their dishes. However, they are also important for people who wish to better themselves from some odd disease or health condition that requires them to take care of their diet. This means the ingredients need to be added carefully so that there isn’t any drastic effect on the health.

You will find hundreds of brands in the market who will sell you offers you can’t refuse, but ultimately, you have to go with the one that has great quality and good reviews. The digital kitchen scale you buy needs to have certain characteristics that help them stand out from the rest. To make things easy for you, we have listed down these characteristics in the hopes that you would pick out your kitchen scale tool accordingly.

Scale Size

The smaller the scale is, the easier it is for you to carry it around with you while you travel. Larger scales, however, tend to cater to measuring larger amounts of food items and ingredients. It is important to understand what scale you wish to buy depending on your needs and then go into the market looking for one.

Automatic Measuring

The automatic measuring system works upon the click of a button as it helps set the units in place, and you can get to know the weight of each ingredient accordingly. Always make sure that the digital kitchen scale you purchase has this quality because it will make your life easier.


Since the digital kitchen scale is an electronic item, you must check if the company is giving any warranty with it. So that if you do end up buying a cheap knockoff version by accident, you can get the kitchen scale replaced with a better quality one. And if you’re worried about cheap knockoffs in the market, you can keep your eyes open to the facts mentioned in the above products.

These products are the perfect ones in the category and worth spending on.