5 Best Detox Teas (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Tea is a common supplement for thousands of people worldwide who take it to help feel fresh. Many people can’t even function or feel lethargic throughout the day because they haven’t had a good sip of tea to help them get through. Drinking tea in the Asian communities is a known secret to good health and has been for thousands of years. They have anti-inflammatory properties that help heal the body from toxins’ effects and make one feel alert while one carries out day-to-day tasks.

Several brands in the market will sell you offers for the best Detox Teas. However, only a handful actually help your metabolic system and remove the toxins from your body. For that reason, we have compiled a list of the best Detox Teas that money can buy.

Best Detox Teas

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1. KATY’S Love Your Body Detox Tea

Katy's Love Your Body Detox Tea

Not only does the KATY’S Love Your Body Detox tea have a lovely packaging option for you, but its tea consists of an ancient blend of herbs that helps to detoxify your body. The company ensures their customers of the weight-loss effects of drinking their tea regularly, which boosts the metabolic system. The detox tea also helps to flush out all the stale waste inside your bowels and add back good bacteria flora.

That’s not all because the detox tea also has a great flavor to it which is quite distinct from most detox teas. KATY’S detox tea is not made in China and tastes like Crème Brulee, making it stand out as a premium quality detox tea. It is made from all-natural, organically grown tea leaves that give it both the aroma and taste to create a perfect morning for you.

The detox tea is a combination of three tea blends: green, oolong, and yerba mate, which are known for their antioxidant properties. The company offers the tea in different intensities per your needs and ensures on-time delivery once you subscribe to their service. KATY’s detox tea also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that your investment remains safe and there is no false promise involved.

Why do we like it?

  • The woman-owned detox tea company gives its customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure their investment remains safe.
  • Helps to freshen you in the morning and is made with a combination of three teams that are known for their antioxidant properties.
  • The company offers three different intensities to suit your taste.
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2. Pink Stork Detox Tea: Spicy Vanilla

Pink Stork Detox Tea

The Pink Story Detox tea is yet another premium blend of teas with a distinct spicy vanilla flavor that helps boost the metabolic system and improve liver health. The tea is made with 100% organically grown tea leaves and comes in biodegradable sachets that help preserve the environment. Each sachet that you use helps make 2 cups of teas, and the entire 37.5g bag can help make 30 cups of tea.

The tea is made in America is grown by professional herbalists who have spent years in the field, perfecting the art. They have combined the traditional methods of growing and preserving tea with the contemporary to ensure that you receive the best of both worlds. The teabag you use includes 100% organic herbs that include green tea (known for its antioxidant properties), ginger, stinging nettle, and so many more.

All of these herbs are added to help with the detoxification process of your body, so you feel fresh in the mornings or the afternoons. The detox tea also helps with boosting natural weight-loss and has the taste to make you want more every single time you take a sip. The company is woman-owned, which means buying from the company will help further in creating a strong community of self-driven, independent women.

Why do we like it? 

  • The woman-owned company guarantees that you will fall in love with the flavor and detoxification properties of the detox tea.
  • The tea comes in biodegradable sachet packets that help to protect the environment.
  • You can easily make 30 cups of tea by purchasing one bag of tea
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3. Desincha Detox Tea – Debloatea – Ginger & Peppermint

Desincha Detox Tea Debloatea Ginger & Peppermint

The detox tea comes in two different packet sizes that help to either make 30 cups of tea or 60 cups of tea. The Desincha Detox tea is both clean and has the herbal effect of boosting your immune system upon daily use and gives you the energy you need to carry out your daily chores. The detox tea not only helps to remove harmful toxins from your body but also supports your dieting and weight-loss efforts.

The Desincha Detox tea includes the herbal properties of ginger and peppermint that create a fresh flavor that you will fall in love with. This detox tea comprises yerba mate, carqueja, green tea leaves, as well as sage and rosemary to give it the aroma and flavor for a truly delicious treat. There are no artificial flavors involved, neither are there any artificial sweeteners that would compromise your health in any way.

The company also gives the option to buy other flavors which include Apple cinnamon, Pineapple lemon, Pitaya Blueberry as well as Pina Colada. Each flavor has the detoxification properties you need to enjoy the tea without and ensuring you lose weight naturally. The company suggests adding two tea bags if you wish for a stronger flavor.

Why do we like it?

  • The tea consists of the herbal properties of both ginger and peppermint, which not only help with the flavor of the detox tea but are also known for their antioxidant properties.
  • The company also offers its customers four other flavors apart from their original ginger and peppermint flavor.
  • The detox tea helps stabilize the metabolic system, followed by helping you in your weight-loss efforts.
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4. The ORIGINAL FitTea 28 Day Detox Tea

The Original Fittea 28 Day Detox Tea

The ORIGINAL FitTea detox tea is all about giving you the energy you need to go through your day, not feeling lethargic. It is designed by the company to help your immune system and support the body’s digestive system with its rich antioxidant properties. You will not only feel lighter with each sip but also feel the difference when you look at yourself in the mirror, and you aren’t bloated anymore.

The consistent use of this detox tea is recommended because it is made with 100% organically grown tea leaves. The detox tea also includes extracts from other super-fruits that include pomegranates and Garcinia Cambogia, as well as herbs like ginger for taste. There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners involved in the process, so you can rest assured that the detox tea will fulfill its duty.

What’s more, is that 1.7 million customers enjoy detox tea daily because of its smooth taste and perfect aromatic experience. The detox tea also has clinical verification for its weight-loss properties and also helps increase alertness. The product also contains caffeine to help kickstart your day, but the product isn’t suitable for those who are sensitive to it.

Why do we like it?

  • Helps you gain enough energy and remain alert throughout your day, which helps you at work and in completing home chores.
  • Contains fruit and herb extracts that are 100% organically grown to ensure you get the taste and aroma of a premium blend of tea.
  • The tea is clinically proven to aid customers in their weight-loss efforts.
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5. Gaia Herbs Cleanse & Detox Herbal Tea

Gaia Herbs Cleanse & Detox Herbal Tea

The Gaia Herbs Cleanse & Detox Herbal tea has a large following for its detoxification process that helps boost the immune system of the body. While the packaging may be a bit dull, the product includes 100% organically grown herb essence that helps to eliminate all forms of harmful metabolic processes. You will feel lighter and healthier once you start sipping on the detox tea daily.

The detox tea includes Rooibos that is known for its antioxidant properties, as well as Orthosiphon that helps eliminate all forms of excess fluids inside your body. The detox tea also includes essential oils of both lemon and peppermint to help create the fresh taste it is known for. The best thing about detox tea is that it is caffeine-free, which makes it easier for individuals who are sensitive to caffeine products to consume it.

The ingredients that help make the detox tea are all grown organically, so you can rest assured that it does not involve any negative side-effects. You can order the detox tea in bulk packets as the company has created several packaging options. The company also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure your investment remains safe if you choose to order the detox tea in bulk.

Why do we like it?

  • The detox tea contains Rooibos that helps with the antioxidant process and ensure good health for your body.
  • The peppermint and lemon essential oils in the detox tea help to boost the immune system and improve the taste of the detox tea.
  • The detox tea ingredients are 100% organically grown, so you don’t have to worry about any negative side effects.
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Detox Tea Buyer’s Guide

Detox teas are perfect for people who face metabolic problems after having a meal. Asian traditions state that having tea after every meal can help increase the digestive process and helps to create healthy bowel movements. If you are someone who understands the benefits that good detox tea can offer, you should find yourself a batch of fresh tea.

There are plenty of brands in the market who are going to offer you deals, but that also include brands that provide cheap knockoffs that end up affecting your body negatively. In such a case, make sure you understand what to look for in the detox tea you are buying. If you don’t know already, that’s okay because we are going to list the key characteristics that make a good detox tea and, in the end, a great purchase.


The ingredients that make up good detox tea can vary, and all of them have their own individual benefits to your body. Some detox teas focus on increasing the iron contents of your body, while others help with weight-loss. You should consider which ingredients best suit you and what kind of taste and aroma you would like from drinking detox tea.

Organically Grown

Organically grown tea leaves are known to have no or fewer side-effects than those that have artificial flavors involved. They are also better to grow for the environment, and buying more organically grown tea can help preserve your health and that of your family. Organically grown detox tea ingredients also have improved flavors than regular tea, so you should consider investing in them.

Tea Quantity

The quantity of tea you have in the bag will determine how many cups of tea you can make in an entire month. Consider how many family members drink tea in your home, and also consider how many guest visits you have in a week’s time. Once you have that written out, you can calculate the quantity of detox tea you need per month, and you can order accordingly.


If the brand you are getting your detox tea from has a subscription service, we suggest you get it. Tea lovers will always need to opt for options that help improve their tea drinking experience, and buying a subscription is just that. You won’t have to look for the brand in a store because the company will send the desired quantity in bulk to your place at the start of every month.


If the detox tea you are buying helps you preserve the environment in any way, we suggest you get it. If you love tea and are crazy about preserving the environment, try purchasing one of the detox teas we’ve mentioned above.