5 Best Delta Kitchen Faucets (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you’re deciding to replace the plumbing in your home or apartment and require a great brand for water faucets, you’d be surprised at what you might find. Delta has a name for itself in the kitchen faucet industry as they’ve spent several years building up their reputation as a premier brand. Delta kitchen faucets are made with premium materials and designed to be as easy as possible for their users. They are a perfect addition to your home if you have been having trouble with plumbing in the past few years.

Delta kitchen faucets also come in several different shapes and sizes, making them flexible to both a modern apartment and an old Victorian-style home. You can get your plumber to install them, and you can reap the benefits as you go. We have picked out several Delta kitchen faucets that you can choose from.

Best Delta Kitchen Faucets

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Here are our best Delta kitchen faucet reviews.

1. Delta Faucet Essa Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Essa Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

The Delta Faucet Essa has a genius design and is made to withstand all kinds of water pressures that can exist. The patented Diamond seal technology of this faucet reduces the probability of leakages to zero percent and ensures that the faucet lasts twice as long as any ordinary one. This also helps you save up on water and the expense that comes with it.

The Delta Faucet also has magnetic docking that snaps immediately to place and ensures that you clean your dishes easily with the foldable metal pipe. The faucet can easily be installed as well, which means you might not have to bring in a plumber as the company adds a manual for installation to assist you. The faucet is designed to fit into a single hole or 3-hole nozzle that is 8-inches in diameter, which can be configured by your or your plumber according to your sink situation.

Furthermore, the Delta faucet comes with a touch-screen spray hole that can quickly clean all the calcium and lime build-up by simply using your fingers. Most people end up using chemical cleaners to clean faucets that can be harmful if the chemical cleaners aren’t wiped out properly. The Delta faucet also has a lifetime warranty it which means you don’t have to worry about your investment at all.

Why do we like it?

  • The Delta Faucet Essa has patented Diamond seal technology that prevents there being any leakages throughout the time it is used.
  • The faucet has a magnetic docking area that helps you snap the sprayer onto it to help you save uptime.
  • The company gives you a lifetime warranty which means you don’t have to worry about losing out on your investment.
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2. Delta Faucet Leland Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet Leland Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

The Delta Faucet Leland has a unique and elegant design to it that would look great in both modern and traditional-styled kitchens. The faucet is made from brass and has Diamond seal technology that helps ensure the proper sealing of the faucet, which prevents leakages. The industry-standard build of the faucet ensures the longevity of use which is what Delta Faucets Leland is known for.

The magnetic docking feature in the faucet helps you in saving time in the kitchen while you use the powerful sprayer to wash your dishes. The powerful sprayer is designed to increase water pressure by twice; it would come out of a normal water sink to help remove all sorts of sticky stains from your dishes. This is the faucet’s ShieldSpray technology that exerts a powerful stream of water to help clear away all kinds of messes.

What’s more, is that the Delta faucet is easy to install as well because the company gives everything you need inside a box along with the manual for a single hole or 3-hole installation. If you were to integrate the Delta faucet with InnoFlex PEX supply lines, you would never face the consequence of leakages again. Lastly, the company gives out a lifetime warranty with the Delta faucet that helps protect your investment.

Why do we like it? 

  • The ShieldSpray technology of the Delta faucet helps to ensure that you can pressure clean any mess or stain on your dishes.
  • The Diamond seal technology ensures that you do not face any leakages in the lifetime that you use this faucet.
  • The company gives its customers a lifetime warranty for the faucet, which ensures that your investment is safe and sound.
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3. Delta Faucet Lenta Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet Lenta Single Handle Touch Kitchen Sink Faucet

The Delta Faucet Lenta has a modern touch to it, followed by the features you need to ensure a pleasant experience throughout the time you use this faucet. The unique feature about this faucet is that it is fully automated to spray water because all you have to do is touch the kitchen spout to let water flow and let go of it to make it stop. You can also use the TempSense feature of the Delta Faucet to check what the temperature of your water is before use to prevent light burns.

The Delta Faucet Lenta comes with the Diamond seal technology just like its counterparts, where the faucet is leak-proof. This helps increase the life of the faucet so that you may use it over a long period of time. The magnetic docking feature also ensures you save up on time, and the water does not spill out of the sink if the sprayer falls out of your hand.

The Delta Faucet Lenta does, however, require 6AA batteries to function properly, but it pays for itself because you get the ShieldSpray feature that ensures all your dishes are neat and clean. It is also super easy to install the faucet in both a single hole or 3-hole sink while you can integrate InnoFlex PEX supply to lessen the leakage chances even further.

Why do we like it?

  • The TempaSense technology feature allows you to check the water temperature before you use the faucet for cleaning your dishes.
  • The magnetic docking system allows for you to quickly use the sprayer in hand or clip it to the faucet if you’re comfortable using it that way.
  • The touch tech water sprayer will only start spraying water once you hold the sprayer and will stop when you let go of it.
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4. Delta Faucet Keele Kitchen Faucet

Delta Faucet Keele Kitchen Faucet

The Delta Faucet Keele is yet another elegant creation of the Delta faucet line, which you can easily install into your kitchen to give it a modern feeling. The faucet is designed to reduce your efforts while cleaning dishes and create a flow, whether it is through the magnetic docking feature or from a flexible arc-like sprayer. Everything is designed to help you reduce wastage of water and provide value to your life.

The Delta Faucet features the Diamond seal technology that ensures there are no leakages during the lifetime of this faucet. The faucet is designed to fit into a 1-hole or 3-hole, 8-inch sink area, and the box you get the faucet in contains all the necessary equipment, including braided supply lines to help you install the faucet quickly. The lowered arc-sprayer can swivel 360 degrees which give you enough flexibility to clean your dishes properly.

The dual function of the sprayer allows you to either pressure spray the dishes or creates a stream that cleans the stickiest stains from your prized dishes. The hose attached to the arc-sprayer also retracts automatically, so it doesn’t fall to the sink. What’s more, is that the company gives its customers a lifetime warranty to ensure their investment remains safe, and you won’t have to worry about anything while going with the purchase.

Why do we like it?

  • The Delta Faucet Keele has a modern look to it that fits right into a similarly styled kitchen.
  • The sprayer of the faucet is designed to swivel 360 degrees which help you clean your dishes properly.
  • The two functions of the sprayer allow you to either pressure spray your dishes clean or stream them clean.
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5. Delta Faucet Trinsic Single-Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

Delta Faucet Trinsic Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

The peculiar thing about the Delta Faucet Trinsic is that it is made for commercial purposes but can fit inside homes as well. The faucet is made with industry-grade brass that helps protect your investment as you see the Faucet last you a lifetime. The faucet also has a touch-clean feature that helps you clean away all the stains from your dishes with a single touch of your finger.

This helps you save time, and in addition, you also receive a magnetic docking port where you can clip the sprayer while you clean the dishes with your hands. The Diamond seal technology ensures you can save water by never letting it drip from the faucet or sink it is attached to. Integrating the Diamond seal with InnoFlex PEX supply lines reduce your leakage chances to zero percent.

The sprayer has 2X the pressure of ordinary faucets, which is where Delta products are preferred because they help to clean dishes easily. You also receive a lifetime warranty with the product, which keeps your investment safe if anything were to go south. All you have to do is read the manual given and install the kitchen faucet as quickly as possible.

Why do we like it?

  • The Delta Faucet Trinsic is easy to use because of the sprayer’s ability to swivel 360 degrees which allows you to clean dishes properly.
  • The industry-grade brass make of the faucet ensures that the product will last you for a lifetime.
  • The magnets of the magnetic docking port never weaken, and you receive a lifetime warranty that ensures your security if anything were to go south.
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Delta Kitchen Faucet Buyer’s Guide

Kitchen faucets come in all shapes, designs and it cannot be very clear to choose from the hundreds of brands in the market. Delta has made a name for itself in the kitchen faucet world, which is why it is also the best choice for you. However, how do you understand what features to look out for before making the final purchase?

That’s something you can only tell by understanding what your need is and what didn’t work for you in the previous faucet you are using. Once you understand your need for the kitchen faucet, you can easily list out all the things you require. We’ve made it easy for you by listing down a few things that you can look out for in the faucet you wish to purchase.

Faucet Materials

The materials with which a faucet is made are a huge factor in how many years that faucet will last you. Weaker materials like iron and steel tend to degrade over time and form leakages that end up wasting water. Instead, look for faucets that are made from shield-coated brass or stainless-steel that will last you a lifetime of use.

Diamond Seal

The diamond seal technology is something that all Delta faucets come with. It is a great feature that protects your sink and faucet from leaking and, therefore, helps to conserve water. Dripping sounds of water can be really annoying if ignored for a long period of time which is why you should consider the following feature in the faucet you purchase.

Magnetic Docking

The magnetic docking feature helps you conserve time and gives you the flexibility to either attach the sprayer to the faucet and use it or take it out and aim it against the dishes. This aiming of the sprayer helps remove stains from difficult places and also helps to conserve water as it is not sprayed directly into the sink.

Hose length

The hose length is important as this allows you to use the sprayer with as much flexibility as possible once you unlock it from the magnetic dock. Large kitchens with wide sinks will require a sprayer attached to a longer hose so consider your situation before you make a decision.