5 Best Cutco Knives Sets (Reviews Updated 2022)

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You are reading this right now because you are looking for a good knife set. It is important when considering purchasing anything to look for reliable brands. Cutco knives have been around for a long time and have built a good reputation in the knife department. Cutco knives are expensive, but you will find that they are worth the investment. So, if you are replacing your old knives with new ones, we suggest leaning towards Cutco.

Your search for knives, however, does not end on Cutco. Cutco offers a variety of knife sets you can choose from according to your need. There are table knife sets and all-rounder sets that offer many pieces. You must search thoroughly and pick a knife set that fulfills your need and fits your lifestyle. Here we have some of the Best Cutco Knives Sets.

Best Cutco Knives Sets

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1. Cutco 21 Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Cutco 21 Piece Kitchen Knife Set

If your kitchen knives are a bit rusty and you are looking to revamp them, the Cutco 21 Piece Kitchen Knife Set will be perfect. This set includes all types of knives you could need. The knives come with a red cherry wood holder that adds a rustic look to your kitchen and stores the knives neatly. The cherry wood holder is compact and will take little space on your kitchen countertop. Hence, your drawers will have more room for other items, as your knives do not need to be put away.

The knife blades are made from 404 high carbon stainless-steel that makes them sturdy and durable. The blades are also stain-resistant. These knives stay sharp for many years, and you will not have any complaints. Hence, you can get away with sharpening your knives after every few uses.

The handles on these knives are black and look very sleek and modern. You will find that the handles allow you to have a strong grip and prevent any slipping incidents. The knives maintain balance and are safe to use. The strong grip will enable you to gain control and steer the knife correctly. This leads to accurate and efficient cutting.

The handles are riveted to the blades, making them strong and keeping them intact, so they do not get loose. They also have an ergonomic design enabling you to utilize the full power of your thumb and fingers. These knives’ blades have been polished, which gives them a smooth finish and makes them easy for you to clean.

This set fulfills all kitchen knives’ needs and delivers quality performance. This set has a lifetime warranty that you can avail of if any issue arises. As long

Why do we like it?

  • Ergonomic handle provides easy grip.
  • Stain-resistant.
  • Riveted handles.
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2. Cutco Table Knives Set of Four

Cutco Table Knives Set Of Four

The Cutco Table Knives are elegantly designed with a serrated knife edge. These knives possess a unique, modern look that will add a fancy touch to your table. The knives have black handles that will go along with any table setting. These Cutco knives can pierce through any food item, including steaks, vegetables, and the thickest of ingredients. The knives’ blades are sharp and stay sharp for many years as they are made from 440A high carbon stainless steel.

The knives have been designed to have a comfortable handle that is easy to hold. You will get a strong grip on the handle without the knife slipping from your hand. Hence, you can cut your food at the dinner table while maintaining a steady balance.

What is great about these knives is that they are not limited to steak cutting. Although they make great steak knives, you can use them for salads during brunch or spread butter on your toast. The possibilities are endless with these knives.

This set is a good gift option for anyone during the holidays, birthdays, or any other special occasion. The knives come in a set of four in a tray. These knives can be stored neatly in their tray as it is compact and takes little space. You receive your money’s worth with these knives. Although a bit expensive, they remain sharp and durable. Moreover, you receive a lifetime warranty, so you can always get them replaced if ever you come across an issue.

Why do we like it?

  • Stays sharp for years.
  • Lifetime warranty.
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3. CUTCO Model 2018C Homemaker + 8 Set

Cutco Model 2018c Homemaker + 8 Set

The Cutco Model 2018C Set will be the perfect addition to your kitchen. This set comes with ten must-have knives for your kitchen, along with eight table knives. Hence, if you need a set offering a full package, you should go for this one. The knives come with a honey oak knife block that adds a vintage and rustic look to the kitchen. You can choose to display the knives in the wooden block, which will save space in your kitchen drawers.

If you need to cater to your family or frequently hold dinners, the eight table knives will serve you well. The knife blades in the set are made from high-quality stainless steel. The blades are stain-resistant and have been polished to give them a shiny look. Moreover, the polished blade makes cleaning easier.

The knives’ handles are ergonomic and designed for a strong and steady grip, which improves efficiency. It also prevents any slipping mishaps or incidents in the kitchen, thus keeping you safe. The handles are strong enough to withstand any rough use. They will not crack or chip and will remain intact.

Overall, this is durable and will last you a long time. The blades will remain sharp. If you ever need to get your knives sharped or replaced, there is a lifetime warranty to help you with it.

Why do we like it?

  • Includes eight table knives.
  • Chip-resistant handles.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
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4. CUTCO Model 1810 Studio Set

Cutco Model 1810 Studio Set

The Cutco Model 1810 is the best knife set for you if you do not need the full set. This knife set includes four prepping knives to fulfill your cooking needs. Along with the four knives, you also get four dinner table knives. This set has a beautiful sleek design and comes with an oak knife block. This block is compact and closely packed, taking less space on your kitchen counter.

This model includes some of the best knives offered by Cutco.  The set has a Paring Knife, a Trimmer, a Petite Carver, Spatula Spreader, and four table knives. This knife set may appear small, but it will cover all the important cooking bases in your kitchen.

The classic brown color of these knives fits in well with any kitchen theme. The handles are ergonomic, providing you with a strong grip. If you tend to be rough with knives, you will find that these handles are strong and resistant to scratches and chipping. The color on these handles will also not fade, always leaving the knives looking good as new.

The knives have been constructed to be triple-riveted, which means the handles will not get loose or come off with time instead of other knives. You are also provided with the comfort of a lifetime warranty. If you want to get your knives sharpened or replace, you can avail yourself of the warranty.

Why do we like it?

  • The compact size takes less space.
  • Tripe riveted ensures sturdiness.
  • Handles provide a strong and steady grip.
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5. Cutco 19 Pc Kitchen Knife Set

Cutco 19 Pc Kitchen Knife Set

If you want a knife set that is enough for your family or are looking to replace your current one, it is perfect for you. The Cutco Kitchen Knife Set includes nineteen pieces that each have their own function, hence, fulfilling all your kitchen needs. The knives in the set come with a beautiful cherry wood block that adds a rustic touch to your kitchen. Hence, it will make an excellent purchase as you get to showcase your knives too.

This 19-piece set includes different kinds of Cutco knives. You get a Gourmet Paring Knife, the Trimmer, Santoku Trimmer, 7-inch Santoku, 8-inch Santoku Carver, Cheese Knife, Prep Knife, Tuning Knife, 8 table knives, and a knife sharpener. So, you get different knives that will help you prep various meals. Hence, this kitchen knife set is versatile.

Most people come across issues regarding knives’ blades going dull after a few uses. The blades of this set, however, remain sharp for many years. They are made from polished stainless steel. This makes it shine and effortless to clean. The handles are ergonomic and provide you with a steady and strong grip. You get more control with the knife and, thus, fewer chances of incidents.

The knife blades are riveted, which makes them less prone to getting loose. Overall, this is a durable set and perfect if you have many people to cater to.

You also get a lifetime warranty. As long as you have the set, you can ask for replacements if the need arises. You can also get the blades sharpened under warranty.

Why do we like it?

  • This set includes a variety of knives.
  • The cherry woodblock adds an extra touch.
  • Effortless to clean.
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Cutco Knives Sets Buyer’s Guide

If your current knives are giving you a hard time lately, it is a hint that you need to upgrade. Cutco is the best in the market when it comes to knives.  You must choose a reliable company like Cutco that delivers the promises it makes. All the customers boast about Cutco’s knives and how efficiently they work. However, your hunt for the best Cutco Knives Set does not end here.

Cutco knives are an expensive investment. Therefore, before making any purchase, make sure you consider all the important factors involved. You need to purchase a knife set that will fulfill your criteria and work well for you. A knife set that works well for someone else will not necessarily suit you. To make the process easier, we have highlighted some key features you need to think of when selecting a knife set.

Type of cooking

Consider what you cook and how often. If you tend to cook various dishes, you will need knives that cater to your prepping needs. If you do not often cook or cook little, there is no need to purchase big sets when a small set will do just good. In case you have little experience dealing with heavy knives, go for a set that includes santoku. Santoku is less bulky and is easy to deal with, and will make your kitchen experience more convenient.


Blades are the most crucial part of any knife, considering that they do all the job. Purchasing a knife that does not have a sharp blade is of no use. Make sure that the blades are made from the best stainless-steel and are sharp enough to cut through the thickest of ingredients. Stainless-steel blades will also resist rust and will last you longer. A knife set with agile blades will also be useful as they can reach all corners and result in finer and accurate cutting.


The knives’ handles are important as they let you control the entire process. Make sure that the knives set you select have ergonomic handles. These handles have especially been designed to give you a strong grip and more comfort. You can try holding the knives to judge how they feel. Also, ensure that the handles are chip-resistant and not prone to cracks. A sturdy handle will ensure that your knives do not go to waste if they ever break.

Serrated Knives

Many people forget that serrated knives are important when it comes to prepping food. Ensure that the knife set you select includes serrated knives as you never know when you need them. These knives come in handy when there are smooth surfaces to pierce through, such as a tomato. Serrated knives are also good with bread and provide a clean cut. They help get work done more quickly.