5 Best Cuisinart Food Processors (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Owning a food processor makes you feel like you have a personal assistant. Many professionals and beginners use food processors to make food prep easier, and in fact, it is now found in every home. With so many companies offering food processors, it can get confusing to decide which is right. One popular company is Cuisinart. Known for its kitchen appliances, Cuisinart has quite a reputation. Now that you have your eyes set on Cuisinart, half the job is done.

Cuisinart offers many different models of food processors. While they all seem alike, we assure you all of them are distinguished. The other half of the job is to decide which Cuisinart Food Processor is the best one for you. Here are some food processors we think are worth considering.

Best Cuisinart Food Processors

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1. Cuisinart FP-13DGM Elemental Food Processor

Cuisinart Fp 13dgm Elemental Food Processor

If you are looking to make your life easy in the kitchen, get the Cuisinart FP-13DGM Elemental Food Processor. This food processor has been designed to give you an efficient food prep experience.

You can process food in big amounts as the Elemental Food Processor has a generous capacity of 13 cups. The work bowl’s exterior has to mark at 8 cups, but the interior holds 13 cups. If you live with a family or are preparing salads for a group, you will find this processor convenient. There is also a feeding tube with the process that lets you add ingredients during the process.

A food processor’s motor dictates its efficiency. This food processor comes with a 550-watt motor which is stronger than other models. The motor works efficiently to chop, slice and perform other functions without fail. One of the best features of this food processor is that the slicing and shredding discs are reversible. These disks are made from stainless steel and adjust the shredding size from medium to fine thickness.

You receive a slicing blade, chopping blade, and a dough blade. Hence, this food processor is versatile, and you can prep all kinds of dishes with it. The processor is easy to use. There are four buttons labeled on the control panel which allow you to operate. It is also easy to clean the food processor as the attachments are removable, and the bowl is dishwasher friendly.

Why do we like it?

  • Reversible slicing and shredding blade.
  • Removable attachments.
  • BPA-free work bowl.
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2. Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY Food Processor

Cuisinart Dfp 14bcny Food Processor

The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY is a fantastic food processor that you will get even on a budget. This machine gives you true value for your money.

If you love to cook and are often in the kitchen trying out new recipes, you will love this processor. This machine has a powerful motor of 720-watts, which handles all the tasks smoothly without making too much noise. This machine has a large feeding chute that can fit a whole potato, which does not come across in other models. The feeding tube allows large quantities of ingredients to pass through with no problem. The pusher that comes along with it enables you to push the ingredients during processing.

This food processor has a sleek and modern design with its stainless-steel body. You will not find any issues using it as it is user-friendly. There are only two buttons that operate the food processor, which makes it easy to understand. There is an on button and a pulse button. If you are making soup and want to emulsify for a long time, press the on button. On the contrary, if you want to chop something quickly, you can just press pulse as required.

The work bowl allows you to process up to 14-cups of food which is perfect for family lunches or big events.

You should consider purchasing this food processor as it is durable and will last you for a long period. The body, as mentioned, is made from stainless steel but so are the blades and accessories. All the parts are BPA-free making your food healthy and toxin-free.

Why do we like it?

  • Modern and sleek design.
  • User-friendly.
  • Powerful 720-watt motor.
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3. Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBMY Food Processor

Cuisinart Dlc 2009chbmy Food Processor

The Cuisinart DLC-2009CHBMY Food Processor is perfect for everyday use. This food processor comes with a 9-cup capacity which is ample when cooking for a few people. However, if you live with a big family and are used to big meals, this may not be ideal. The feeding tube this machine has is wide enough for bigger-sized ingredients such as potatoes and apples. The tube allows you to push ingredients as the process is working.

Along with a blade for slicing and shredding, there is also one for kneading. If you are an avid baker, this tool will be handy. Moreover, the processor adjusts speed automatically while kneading. All the blades included are made from stainless steel. The disks are detachable. Hence, you can remove and add disks according to your need. The versatility allows you to use this for multiple purposes.

What makes this food processor so convenient is its user-friendly design. The control panel includes only two buttons: the pulse button and the power button. With just a light press, your food processor will come alive. Moreover, you can easily clean this machine yourself and even dishwashing the parts.

You can make this purchase without fear as this food processor’s motor has a ten-year warranty while other parts have a three-year warranty. The warranty provides you with sufficient time to figure out if anything is wrong with the machine.

Why do we like it?

  • The model comes with extra attachments.
  • 600-watt powerful motor.
  • A warranty backs this machine.
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4. Cuisinart DLC-2APK Food Processor

Cuisinart Dlc 2apk Food Processor

The Cuisinart DLC-2APK Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor will be the perfect addition to your home if you live alone. When you only yourself to cook for, you do not need a food processor with a big capacity. This mini food processor may be small, but it gets the job done efficiently.

This food processor has a smart and compact design and will hardly take space in your kitchen. Therefore, if you have a small kitchen, this will work for you. The interface is user-friendly. The processor comes equipped with only two buttons: the pulse button and the power button. With just a light touch, you can get this processor working. One thing different about it is that you will have to hold the button down, which gives you more control.

This machine has a 250-watt motor which is powerful enough for its size. The motor works efficiently to grind, chop, puree, and emulsify. The auto-reverse technology this food processor has provides a sharp edge which results in fine chopping and cutting. With this machine, you will have to cut your food into pieces and then process it roughly. You can fill the work bowl with 3 cups. The work bowl also includes a cover that helps protect the food and avoid spills.

The sharp blades are made from stainless steel. The processor is made from BPA-free and food-grade materials. Hence, you will be saved from toxins and harmful chemicals.

This mini food process also comes with accessories. You also get a spatula along with the machine. You can use this spatula mid-pulse to clean the sides. Also, the spatula is handy when pouring liquid ingredients or sauces.  Overall, this is an excellent purchase, and the design and color will look great in your kitchen.

Why do we like it?

  • This food processor is compact and easy to store.
  • The sharp blades enable easy cutting.
  • Attractive color and design.
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5. Cuisinart DLC-10SYP1 Food Processor

Cuisinart Dlc 10syp1 Food Processor

The Cuisinart DLC-10SYP1 Food Processor has a compact size but a good capacity. This food processor has a 7-cup capacity, which is in the middle. Due to its close-packed design, the processor will not take much space in the kitchen. Whether you like your appliances on the counter or in the cabinet, this is perfect.

The work bowl of this food processor is big enough to toss ingredients around with ease. Moreover, the feeding tube attached is extra-large. You, therefore, do not need to chop your ingredients before putting them in the processor.

What is great about this food processor is its versatility. This machine comes equipped with multiple blade settings, allowing you to choose the one you need. You will get a medium disc for slicing,  shredding and chopping. You can process any ingredient you wish.

The efficiency of a food processor depends on its motor, and this one has a 600-watt motor. The motor works without almost making any noise. The processor is also easy to use. It includes only two buttons, the on button and the pulse button. For more control, you can press the pulse button. The pulse button also ensures a seamless processing experience. But if you are making a puree or soup, the on button will process continuously.

This food processor is also easy to clean. This food processor gets extra points from us because it is dishwasher friendly. So, if you ever do not have time to handwash, you have the convenience of dishwashing it.

Using a food processor may appear dangerous. This model comes with a safety precaution. Unless the food processor is properly assembled, it will not run.

Why do we like it?

  • This machine includes a flat bowl cover.
  • Compact size.
  • Multi-purpose.
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Cuisinart Food Processors Buyer’s Guide

If you are new to cooking or experienced, a food processor is essential in the kitchen. The most tedious task when preparing meals is often considered to be prep. A food processor will help you get through the prep seamlessly. Cuisinart makes some of the best and economical food processors available in the market. However, knowing which company’s food processor to buy is not where your search should end. You should look into the models the company offers.

Cuisinart offers different models of food processors. These machines differ in features such as design, capacity, and materials. Before making any purchase, you should think about which features suit you and your lifestyle the best. For brainstorming, you must decide on the factors which are important to you. Here are some things you should look for.


A food processor is a purchase you will use for the long haul and so it only makes sense if it is durable. Food processors chop other ingredients into smaller pieces, and they should be strong enough to withstand all the grinding, chopping, and slicing.


Think about the cooking you do, and your lifestyle as your food processor’s capacity is based on that. If you live alone, with only yourself to cook for, you should go for a food processor that offers a small capacity. 2 or 4 cup models are best for one person as they can perform basic tasks. You can get your food processor from 2-4cup capacity up to 12-14 cup capacity model.

If you live with a family, we suggest the 12-14 cup capacity model.


Speed and setting are important aspects of a food processor. Although most food processors come with just one speed, there are many which let you switch. You can switch between high speed, medium speed, and low speed. This allows for customization.

Your food processor should also have a pulse setting. A pulse setting is essential as it lets you have more control. Along with helping you gain control, this setting brings food away from underneath the blade, so your food is processed seamlessly.


This factor is significant as cooking involves different procedures, and you cannot have separate machines for everything. Your food processor should include multiple blade settings to perform multiple functions.

Many food processors are available, including blade settings for slicing, shredding, chopping, and even kneading.


Food processors include motors that should be protected with a warranty if anything goes wrong. Cuisinart food processors usually come with warranties. Even then, make sure that the food processor you choose comes with a warranty.