5 Best Cranberry Juice (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Cranberry juice is gotten from red-colored berries known as cranberries that are farmed originally in North America. Cranberry juice can be made at home through a simple process of slow-boiling the cranberries in water until they pop, then draining the juice through a fine strainer while pushing on the berries a little to extract the juices. One cup of cranberry juice, with a minimum of 27% cranberry, gives just as much health benefits as one and a half cups of whole berries.

Commercially, the cranberries used to produce the best cranberry juices are harvested through a common method known as ‘wet harvesting.’ The process is not too complex – a water reel harvester machine separates ripe cranberries from the vines, a large suction pipe collects the cranberries, and a truck transports it to a processing plant.

The cranberry juice that finally gets a place in your refrigerator, giving you a splash of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants after going through series of processing, is worth every drop when you buy the best. Having hundreds of products to choose from can lead to confusion. To help you make the right decision, we have selected five of the best cranberry juice sold online.

Best Cranberry Juice

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1. Tropicana Cranberry Juice

Tropicana Cranberry Juice

Satisfying the urge for a sweet drink can’t be any better than with the Tropicana Cranberry Juice. This healthy drink aims to cater to your daily supply of vitamins C, and it comes in a very convenient 32-ounce bottle. Each packet of Tropicana Cranberry juice comes with 12 bottles. Undeniably, each bottle offers the best cranberry juice available on the market.

You won’t have to worry about consuming excess sugar as each bottle contains only 30 grams of sugar. You can benefit immensely from the health-improving properties of the Tropicana Cranberry Juice as it is the perfect drink to go with your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Its portability offers you the opportunity to freeze it and take it with you to the office or put it into your children’s lunch box for them to drink at school.

Each serving contains 140 calories with zero percent levels of saturated fat and zero percent levels of trans-fat, making this drink a perfectly healthy choice for you. This is certainly the best cranberry juice to have in your refrigerator at all times.

Why do we like it?

  • Contains 100% daily value of vitamin C
  • Easy to hold bottles
  • Contains all essential vitamins and minerals
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2. Happy Belly Cranberry Juice

Happy Belly Cranberry Juice

If the quality and freshness of your cranberry juice is your major priority, then we recommend the Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Cranberry Juice. This exceptional product contains filtered water, vitamin C, vegetable concentrate for color, and cranberry juice concentrate. You won’t be getting that odd syrup-aftertaste; you’ll be getting the real deal.

To get the most out of its full cranberry flavor, it is recommended you consume it after 7-days of opening the bottle. Staying hydrated on a weekly basis is achievable when you have the 64-ounce pasteurized Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Cranberry Juice on your weekly shopping list. Your diet should keep you nourished, and that is exactly what this product will do for you.

With an impressive eight (8) servings per container covering 1% of your daily sodium need, 10% of your total daily carbohydrate, 90g of vitamin C need, and no added cholesterol, this is the best cranberry juice you can have with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Remember to refrigerate and shake well before use.

Why do we like it?

  • Offers 110 calories per serving
  • Covers 40% of your daily carbohydrate need
  • Great taste at a great price
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3. Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice

Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice

Perhaps, you want the best cranberry juice that’ll be perfect for a smoothie or punch. The Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice is our recommended choice for you. This sugar-free option is an excellent source of vitamin C. It promises to deliver a load of essential nutrients and antioxidants after a long day at work. It refreshes your body while providing you with healthy nutrients to keep your system functioning at optimal speed.

People with diabetes have no cause for alarm, as the Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice offers total carbs of 3 grams, with just 10 calories per serving. It also has extra Vitamins C and original flavor with no added sweetener. It is important to note that this product must be refrigerated after opening.

It comes in 10-oz bottles that contain just 10 calories, offers 2% of your daily value need of sodium and 3 grams of carbohydrate. The Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice bottles are easy to grab and go’ making them excellent for athletes, picnicking, camping, and snacking. Adding this to your meal-box helps you stay in good shape while purifying and cleansing your body.

Why do we like it?

  • Does not contain caffeine
  • Good for vegans
  • Made with real fruit juice and no artificial preservatives
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4. 365 Everyday Value 100% Cranberry Juice

365 Everyday Value 100% Cranberry Juice

If you yearn for the taste of pure cranberry juice without coloring and sugar, then the 365 Everyday Value Cranberry Juice is the best cranberry juice for you. With ingredients including filtered water, cranberry juice, and cranberry juice concentrate, this genetically modified organism-free (GMO-free) juice contains zero saturated fat, zero trans-fat, and zero cholesterol, and 18 grams of total carbohydrate.

With just one serving of the 32-oz 365 Everyday Value cranberry juice containing 946ml of flavor. You get 4% of the daily needed value of potassium, 6% of the daily needed value of iron, and a whopping 25% of the daily needed value of vitamin C. Interestingly, the calories per serving is nailed at 70 calories.

It is recommended that you chill and shake the pasteurized 365 Everyday Value cranberry juice very well before serving to get the best taste of its cranberry flavors. To keep the taste fresh for longer, you must refrigerate after opening the bottle and consume within 7 to 10 days.

Why do we like it?

  • Recyclable bottle
  • Low sodium
  • Kosher certified
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5. Lakewood Organic Cranberry Juice

Lakewood Organic Cranberry Juice

All-round wellness and vitality is easier to achieve than you think. Lakewood Organic Cranberry Juice is one power-packed nutritional drink made from organic cranberries. One serving presents immense benefits, from quenching your thirst to maintaining your glucose level at normal values. Lakewood restores vital body electrolytes and promotes natural cell growth.

This 100% juice from whole ripe organic cranberries that are gluten-free, casein-free with no additives is the best cranberry juice we recommend, not only because it supports Urinary Tract Health but because it improves iron absorption and helps in maintaining strong, healthy teeth and gums.

Each pack contains 80 calories, 5mg of sodium, 6% daily value of potassium, 6% daily value of carbohydrate, 1g of dietary fibers, and one gram of protein. Lakewood Organic Cranberry Juice is pressed, pasteurized, bottled and vacuum safety sealed in certified organic facilities.

We recommend that you shake the Lakewood Organic Cranberry Juice gently before serving and store it in the refrigerator after opening. It is important to note that this cranberry juice is United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certified.

Why do we like it?

  • Contains vitamin A, B, C, E, and K
  • Non-GMO food drink
  • Maintains normal cholesterol levels
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Cranberry Juice Buyer’s Guide

Not every one of us has direct access to cranberries plucked straight from the vine. But then, that shouldn’t stop you from getting all the goodies embedded in packaged products. Good Cranberry products contain antioxidants like anthocyanins, peonidin, myricetin, proanthocyanidins, and quercetin. They also have vitamins and minerals like manganese, copper, vitamin E, K1, and C.

The best cranberry juices offer the potential to fight age-related diseases like diabetes and heart diseases, and most urinary tract infections (UTIs). They also play important roles in maintaining optimal digestive health while preventing loads of infections. Cranberry juice is also great for the post-menopausal health of women.

There are diverse types of cranberry juices on the market. These include but are not limited to: the Pure cranberry juices, which contain no artificial additives, thereby offering you a full cranberry flavor. There are Blend cranberry juices mixed with grape juice and some other ingredients to improve the taste. Concentrate cranberry juices are made by heating the fruit to remove the water content and condensed into a syrup form, making it easier to store. Lastly, we have Ready-To-Drink cranberry juices, which have been pre-diluted to an easy-to-drink level.

While each of these juice types is great, there are some vital things you need to consider before making the purchase. Below, we highlight some of the things to look for in a cranberry juice product before you pay for it.

Sugar content and additives

The different types of cranberry juices come with different levels of sugar content. There are diet cranberry juices with zero sugar content and ready-to-drink cranberry juices with sugar content enough to make it drinkable without pre-preparation. While some products have sugar levels as low as 1 gram per serving of cranberry juice, others tend to have higher levels ranging from 25 grams to as much as 35 grams per serving of cranberry juice. If you have underlying ailments that may be aggravated by a high sugar intake, you should take more time to read the nutrition table on the package before settling for any one of the best cranberry juices on the market. People with diabetes should avoid products with high sugar levels. Particularly those with significant sugar concentrates.


Cranberry juices come in diverse packaging. While some manufacturers go heavy on plastic bottling, some prefer to stick to the glass bottling option. Other sellers offer their products in both plastic bottle and glass bottle packaging, thereby leaving the choice open to the consumer. Products with glass bottle packaging require gentle handling to prevent breakage and spillage. Consumers who go for the plastic bottle option are encouraged to embrace recycling to reduce pollution and to further protect the environment.


Sizes of cranberry juice bottles vary, so does the liquid content inside the bottle. If you are going for an outdoor trip like picnicking, camping, you would want to purchase packets of cranberry juice in 10-oz to 32-oz bottles that are easy to carry. Large families that love to have cranberry juice during meals would find the 60-oz, 64-oz, or larger bottles more appealing. So in a nutshell, smaller bottles or packs are ideal for outdoor trips, while larger packs are suitable for in-house consumption in large households.


Buying the best cranberry juice is not supposed to make a dent in your pocket. To save cost, consider buying them in packs which is a cost-effective option compared to buying single bottles. However, most people don’t worry much about this, especially if they can afford the extra cost. It is also important to note that different brands have different prices at which they sell their products because of the variance in the cost of production, packaging, and the likes. The product you go for should offer the greatest nutritional value at the least price.

Storage method

Instructions from the manufacturers on the body of the bottles should always state the recommended days to consume the product after opening. While we recommend putting your cranberry juice in the refrigerator after opening the bottle, we advise that you read the instructions on the bottle carefully for the best storage temperature and practices to enable you to get the best out of each bottle.

Expiry date

We recommend that you should always check the expiry date of the Cranberry juice product before purchasing. Cranberry juices that have passed their expiration date tend to give offensive odors and unpalatable tastes.