5 Best Crab Steamer Pots (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Nothing beats the savory taste of homemade seafood. It is cheaper and cleaner than the ones from restaurants. If you often steam seafood such as crabs, prawns, lobsters, oysters, you will need the best crab pots. Crab pots make cooking large portions of seafood easy. The presence of a steamer basket in a crab pot gives it a competitive advantage over other pots in preparing the best seafood delicacies. Seafood tastes better when you steam them than when you boil them.

One major feature in crab pots that gives them an edge over traditional pots is a spigot. A spigot is a small tap that allows you to drain the broth instead of pouring or decanting. The best crab pots allow you to steam your seafood in large batches. It also keeps the steam trapped in the pot to make cooking faster. Using crab pots over just any kind of pot is the secret to preparing seafood that stands out both in taste and looks. Below are reviews of the best crab pots to enable you to choose a long-lasting model that will give you a pleasant cooking experience.

Best Crab Steamer Pots

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1. Bayou Classic 8000 80-Quart Aluminum Crab Pot

Bayou Classic 8000 80 Quart Aluminium Crab Pot

Cooking or steaming crabs and lobsters is very straightforward if you know how it is done. The best crab pot you need to get that irresistible look and taste is the Bayou Classic 8000 80-Quart Aluminium crab pot.

Its massive 80-quart (approximately 75.7 liters) capacity is what you need to conveniently prepare tasty crabs, lobsters, or Low Country boil for a large gathering. This crab pot boasts an external 25.1-inch handle to handle width, 22-inch diameter, and 18-inch height when the lid is fitted. This is the perfect size to relieve you of the stress of cooking one meal with different pots. Its internal 19.75 inches width and 15.8 inches height would comfortably handle everything you put in it.

The Bayou Classic Crab Pot comes with a reinforced perforated basket, a domed and vented lid, and an exceptional drain and pour helper handle that maintains its shape. We strongly recommend this crab pot because it is exclusively handcrafted by El Salvador artisans who do a great job manufacturing the best crab pots in the market.

Why do we like it?

  • Works perfectly on double jet cookers and electric stovetops
  • It can be used over an outdoor fire
  • Impressive 11.25-inch basket height
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2. Concord 53 QT Stainless Steel Crab Pot

Concord 53 Qt Stainless Steel Crab Pot

With a thousand and one crab pots from different brands in the market, each with a different design and size, finding the best crab pot for your home or restaurant use can be quite challenging. We recommend the Concord 53-quarts Stainless Steel Crab Pot if you are aiming to boil and steam great and tasty homemade seafood.

This sturdy crab pot measures 16.25 inches in width and 15.5 inches in height, making it the right size for your vegetable steaming and crawfish boiling. It spots a strainer basket with a 14.5 x 12.75-inch dimension and a lid. It is worthy to note that the basket is lifted 1.5-inches off the bottom of the pot by four (4) underneath legs making steaming of seafood very easy.

The Concord 53-quarts Stainless Steel Crab Pot has a capacity equivalent to 50.2 liters. This crab pot’s durability is unmatched because the material used in manufacturing it is above 25-gauge steel, making it 0.020-inches thick. With this fully polished crab pot, you will not have to worry about having holes in the pot after using it for a while.

Why do we like it?

  • Extremely versatile
  • Can prepare food for 30 persons
  • Essential restaurant equipment
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3. Bayou Classic 4042 42-Quart All-Purpose Aluminum Crab Pot

Bayou Classic 4042 42 Quart All Purpose Aluminium Crab Pot

Most backyard chefs search for a crab pot to assist them with their broiling and steaming needs consistently. If you are one, we recommend the Bayou Classic 4042 All-Purpose Aluminium Crab Pot. Its aluminum construction allows for fast conduction of heat that gets your stews, jambalaya, pasta, gumbo, soup, and low Country boil ready right on time.

The Bayou Classic 4042 All-Purpose Aluminium Crab Pot features a vented lid that aims at getting your delicacy to cook evenly and a heavy-duty riveted handle that is strong and isn’t likely to break or snap any time soon. The included crab pot basket that seats at two (2) inches above the bottom is not only ideal for frying your fish, chicken, and Hushpuppies but also perfect for steaming and boiling your clams, vegetables, and seafood.

The Bayou Classic 4042 42-Quart All-Purpose Aluminium Crab Pot measures an incredible 15.5 inches in length, has a width of 16 inches, and is 17 inches high. You would be pleased with this 39.7-liter crab pot that was specially manufactured to make your cooking hitch-free.

Why do we like it?

  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • The bucket comes with a wire spring handle
  • Weighs just 8 pounds when empty
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4. GasOne Stainless Steel Crab Pot

Gasone Stainless Steel Crab Pot

Okay, you don’t plan to feed a huge crowd. You just want to invite a few family members and have a nice dinner of steamed crabs and lobsters. The 24 quarts (approximately 22.71 liters) GasOne Stainless Steel Crab Pot with Steamer is what we recommend for you. This portable crab pot is exactly what you need to get that meal ready as fast as possible. This is due to the good heat conduction of this 1mm thick stainless steel crab pot.

This fantastic crab pot is 12.75-inches in length, 11-inches in width, and stands at the height of 12.75-inches. The GasOne Stainless Steel Crab Pot with Steamer is fitted with welded handles designed for comfort and reduction of hand fatigue when used. It also comes with a steamer rack and lid that ensure that the level of heat within the pot is evenly distributed and moisture doesn’t escape.

If you also desire a crab pot that would not rust or get stained but complement your kitchen with its satin finish that doesn’t show scuffing and marks, then the GasOne Stainless Steel Crab Pot with Steamer is the best crab pot for you.

Why do we like it?

  • Manufactured with commercial-grade material
  • No assembly required
  • Flat base for stovetop
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5. Imusa USA Aluminum Tamale and Crab Steamer Pot

Imusa Usa Aluminium Tamale And Crab Steamer Pot

This lightweight aluminum crab pot weighing just 5.54 pounds is the ideal choice of crab pot for making that delicious tamale, corn on the cob, lobsters, and mussels with the steamer that comes with it. The heavy-duty Imusa USA Aluminium crab pot can hold 30.2 liters (equivalent to 32 quarts) of content easily and efficiently.

With its thick handles, you can carry this 15.3 x 15 x 13.5 inches crab pot on and off the heat source without straining a muscle. The steamer insert that comes with the Imusa USA Aluminium Crab Pot can be removed to transform it into a stockpot that is perfect for cooking lentils, beans, stew, soup, pasta, sauce, and the likes.

This crab pot can be used on flat stovetops, electric cooktops, ceramic cooktops, and gas stoves. The Imusa USA Aluminium crab pot is stain-resistant and corrosion-resistant, giving you a long-lasting and pleasing cooking experience. We recommend washing by hand as the best method of cleaning this unique crab pot.

Why do we like it?

  • Affordable price
  • Conducts heat superbly
  • The steamer can be used as a serving dish
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Crab Steamer Pots Buyer’s Guide

Using the right equipment makes a big difference when cooking at home, at a party, or in a restaurant. If you’ve tried steaming seafood for many people, you’ll know that a crab pot is a necessity. So that you don’t end up regretting your purchase, below are the most important things to consider when shopping for a new crab pot or replacement for an old one.


Crab pots are either made from stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum. Crab pots made of stainless steel are more durable but heavier than aluminum. Aluminum crab pots are lightweight and heat up faster than their stainless steel counterparts.

Cooking speed

Seafood contains a lot of essential minerals and vitamins. Lesser cooking time is recommended to retain all the nutrients in the seafood. Aluminum crab pots speedily cook meals. Stainless steel crab pots are not very fast but retain the heat longer than aluminum crab pots.


Crab pots can get very heavy when filled up with content. Carrying and moving such a massive weight is risky if the crab pot has a weak handle. Always aim to get a crab pot with a welded or securely riveted handle. They tend to be stronger and more durable.


Whether it’s for a tailgate party, wedding event, family gathering, or a large party, getting the best crab pot is necessary. The quantity of what you want to cook should be a major determinant of the size of the crab pot you pick. Since not everyone cooks for many people, smaller households should stick to buying smaller crab pots with a capacity range of 10 quarts to 32 quarts. Crab pots with a capacity of 80 quarts and higher will suffice for restaurants and larger parties.

Construction metal

Aluminum crab pots are lighter in weight than stainless steel crab pots. Stainless steel crab pots are more balanced due to their weight. Also, the handles of stainless steel crab pots are stronger because of the hardness of the metal. Aluminum crab pots spread heat evenly and are perfect for steaming. Stainless steel crab pot holds heat better than aluminum models and retains temperature for longer. Unlike aluminum crab pots, stainless steel crab pots are not prone to leaching.

Frequency of use

How often you use crab pots should determine how much you would spend on them. If you use a crab pot for cooking three times a year or less, an average-cost crab pot will suffice. If you use your crab pot every other day, it will do you much good to go for a sturdy version.


Crab pots can get extremely hot when on the fire. We recommend you purchase the best crab pots with safety features like a thick handle, a lid that covers well, and a body that doesn’t melt under intense heat. Steam can cause scalding. A poorly fitting lid can direct hot steam to your hand when you try to open it. A bad handle can cause spillage, leading to burns and melting metal that can cause a fire outbreak.

Easy to clean

An easy-to-clean crab pot is the joy of every cook. Most crab pots are too large to fit in a dishwasher, so we recommend hand washing. It would do you good to choose a crab pot that doesn’t have areas or crevices that are hard to reach with a soapy sponge.

Indoor or outdoor use

Large crab pots like those with a capacity of 80 quarts (approximately 75.7 liters) or higher can be quite challenging to use indoors. Likewise, for an outdoor event, smaller crab pots would make you resort to cooking in batches which might be quite uncomfortable and time-consuming. Consider the location you will often use it before you make the purchase.


A good lid traps the heat inside the crab pot, especially when steaming or broiling crab, lobsters, mussels, and oysters. Some lids come with a vent, while some don’t. Some are domed; others aren’t. We recommend you purchase crab pots with a heavy and durable lid that can efficiently handle intense boiling and heat.


Don’t go broke while shopping for a crab pot. Take time to determine the best type, size, metal construction, and crab pot brand that will cater to your boiling, steaming, broiling, and cooking needs without breaking the bank.