Best Countertop Blenders

5 Best Countertop Blenders (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Over the years, blenders have gradually become a vital kitchen appliance. Countertop blenders are designed to mix, blend, and chop up food. They are powerful machines that speed up cooking processes and make them more straightforward, such that you bypass certain basic levels of food preparation. A high-quality countertop blender is a must-have in your kitchen as it ultimately improves cooking methods.

Good blenders help with blending fruits like apples, bananas, pineapples, and more, making excellent and healthy smoothies for your family. Having some of the best countertop blenders within your reach allows you to cater to the needs of every member of your family. So, just before you pay for that blender, you need to make sure that it is worth your money. Our reviews and guide will help you make the best selection possible.

Best Countertop Blenders

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1. Vitamix Professional Blender

Vitamix Professional Blender

A high-speed countertop Blender like Vitamix Professional Blender is known for its simplicity and effectiveness. This brilliant kitchen tool allows you to blend every food or fruit to perfection. It comes in different designs and colors and has been created to suit your needs and personal preference. A great feature of this blender is its 48-ounce container that is ideal for blending in bits, just if you are interested in making smaller family meals.

Vitamix Professional Countertop Blender is an incredible innovation that gives room for easy cleaning. With just a drop of liquid dish soap and some warm water, your blender can self-clean in 30 to 60 seconds! You get to save good time and energy and channel your time to other equally important tasks.

Perhaps you are a tad bit concerned about space and storage; you do not have to be because Vitamix is one cool blender that fits comfortably under most kitchen cabinets and is perfect for family meals and entertaining your guests. You would be glad to hear the container and lid are dishwasher safe too.

Why do we like it?

  • Adjustable speed
  • Beautiful and detailed design
  • High performance
  • Simple to use.
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2. Breville Countertop Blender

Breville Countertop Blender

Blending just got better with the Breville professional countertop blender. You can make everything fresh and pleasant with its wide range of functions and performance features. Mix up your food and fruits with this innovative tools that allow you to cook in comfort and in style. Breville countertop blender has amazing features ranging from a high-speed electric motor to top-notch precision blades. There is no need to worry about durability because every part of this device is made with premium quality build materials. Breville Countertop Blender is sturdy, strong, and features a smoothie cup.

With a heavy-duty blade system, the pulse feature in this blender allows for extra control and accuracy. Breville Countertop blender comes in different designs, colors, and sizes, giving you a wide range of choices to pick from. The glass jar is durable and strong. Just in case you are looking out for something that can consistently crush ice or frozen food, a blender like this one has a powerful motor that does the job smoothly for you.

We recommend you blend foods and fruits mostly at medium speed. For complete control when blending, the  LCD display control button has pre-programmed settings for effective control. Another feature we enjoy is that Breville professional blender has an auto-clean feature that allows you to easily clean the blades if food or fruit leftovers get stuck on the blender blade.

Why do we like it?

  • Smart technology
  • Multi-functional one-touch button
  • Versatility
  • Complimentary recipe card
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3. Jusseion Countertop Blender

Jusseion Countertop Blender

Jusseion is one of the great picks we have found. With an auto-blend,  simple-to-set-up system like this one, Jumpstart your fantastic experience with the feature of a smart touch screen. There is no longer a need to hold the blender or stir ingredients while in use. This brilliant feature allows you to blend your ingredients with ease and in less time.

Another reason we like Jesseion countertop blender is that it has a countdown timer. This way, you get to do other things while blending. It feels so good to have your hands free to sort out other tasks instead of standing around your blender while waiting for your food to blend to perfection.

Effective and equally efficient, Jusseion has been designed to suit your homely needs with that extra touch. It is indeed, a great addition to your kitchen appliances. Jusseion countertop blender also has a dishwasher-safe feature that is suitable for blades, cups, and lids. With a detachable blade, you can clean it easily. All you need is a bit of soap and water. A blender like Jusseion countertop blender takes up very little space in your kitchen and can sit comfortably on the counter.


Why do we like it?

  • Compact size
  • Sturdy blades
  • Affordable
  • Easy storage
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4. Black+Decker Countertop Blender

Black+decker Countertop Blender

Black Decker Countertop Blender has a stainless-steel blade with multi-level blending features to enhance productivity and blending effectiveness. If you have been looking for a blender with the best consistency, look no further because a great blender like Black Decker has you covered. This blender comes with a strong, sturdy, and flexible glass jar.

We love the fact that Black Decker Countertop Blender operates in a simple and efficient manner, making it a kitchen classic. The durable glass 5-cup jar does not easily break and is spacious enough to accommodate a significant quantity of ingredients. It can also take several portions of your favorite soups, smoothies all at once. The blending jar comes with an insulated chilly coat that keeps frozen drinks cold for a long time.

Black Decker Countertop Blender is easy to use and a real treasure to have in your kitchen. You may have a lot of appliances in your home, but one device that is necessary for you to have would be an effective and efficient blender. Black Decker countertop blender saves you a lot of time and energy and is an ideal tool to improve your cooking regime.

Why do we like it?

  • Efficient motor
  • Time-saving blender
  • Sturdy design that will stand the test of time.
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5. WantJoin Countertop Blender

Wantjoin Countertop Blender

WantJoin is a professional blender for home and commercial purposes. When you want to make yourself a quick and healthy meal or drink, such as a fruit juice or smoothie, a good countertop blender such as WantJoin is certainly what you need.

WantJoin is an ideal pick for a few reasons. Firstly, it is very affordable even for those on a lean budget. Secondly, the control features are user-friendly. WantJoin blender is ideal for making huge batches of creamy, chilled drinks for the whole family. If you are looking for something that will not require too much time and effort to maintain, WantJoin is the best countertop blender for your home.

For cooking enthusiasts, we recommend you get yourself a sturdy and efficient countertop blender like WantJoin. Furthermore, this blender has a safe countdown timer that allows the blender to go off by itself once it is done blending chunks of food or fruits. You can also set the timer until it blends your food to the consistency you want. WantJoin countertop blender also features a one-button switch for easy and thorough cleaning.

Why do we like it?

  • Affordable
  • Multi-functional
  • Fast and easy
  • Well built.
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Countertop Blenders Buyer’s Guide

We are aware that there are very many options of countertop blenders available on the market. We also realize that there are equally high prospects of getting excellent products that can aid your cooking sessions, but due to a large number of blenders on offer, you may get confused when making a selection.  Our Buyer’s guide is here to show you how you can choose the right kitchen blender. We list out some of the important details that make some countertop blenders unique. With the help of one of the finest blenders on the market, you can make lots of tasty drinks and healthy foods right in the comfort of your kitchen. Some of the best Countertop Blenders are a necessary, permanent kitchen appliance, and most are high-speed and simple to operate.

When setting up your home kitchen or cooking space, you need something easy to clean and maintain, affordable, durable, and efficient. The ultimate goal is to ensure that your fruit and meal preparation processes is stress-free. Without further ado, let us highlight the essential features that a good countertop blender should have.


Why bother getting a blender that is not large enough to accommodate as many servings as possible? That way, you are not getting your money’s worth, and it also means more stress for you. Every countertop blender has its own size and capacity, so it is left for you to decide your personal preferences and make your choice based on those needs. A blender is a better option for stretching the varying options of nutritious foods your family gets to eat, basically because they can prepare a larger variety of foods. Getting yourself a blender with a large capacity saves you some time and energy. As they say, bigger is better. You do not have to make numerous trips to your counter to process a new batch of smoothies when you can prepare all you need with a large-sized blender.

Price Range

Whenever you plan on getting yourself a countertop blender, you need to consider how far you are willing to stretch the available funds at your disposal to get a strong, effective, reliable, and long-lasting blender. Like every other product, some are a bit on the pricey side, while others are not.  Although it can be a bit tough to know which would be worth your money, do not forget that a high price does not always necessarily mean quality and vice versa. So, it is important that you have a budget before you start your search and make sure you stick to what you can afford. If you can afford your budget a little in search of quality, then do so.

Cleaning ease

Even though you spot a countertop blender that catches your fancy, it is also important that you remember to get a countertop blender that can be easily cleaned. It should be easy to clean foods and fruit particles that stick to the blades. Note that not all countertop blenders are dishwasher safe or can be fully immersed in water. However, for those designs that do not support self-cleaning, the parts that work with food are usually dishwasher safe. Although you can choose to hand-wash them, you also need to be careful around the blade set(s). we recommend the best countertop blenders that are both dishwasher safe and have detachable parts. If the parts are detachable, you can easily clean them piece by piece.


Having a good blender improves your cooking process. Having a blender that is compact and easy to store is even better and can make your cooking regime faster and a lot easier. You need to think about the storage space available in your kitchen. We do not want you getting everything right except storage. Many countertop blenders may work just fine, but their bulky size makes storage a challenge. It would help if you did not have to move things around a lot each time you want to make a meal or fruit drink. Therefore, it is vital you look out for details like compactness when making the final purchase decision. Look at the size and make sure you have available space for whatever countertop blender you are buying. Now that you have a little more information about the best countertop blenders, picking the right one should be like walking in the park.