Best Corn Chips

5 Best Corn Chips (Reviews Updated 2022)

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List a variety of quick and crunchy snacks and corn chips will make that list. The best corn chips are delicious and are made from premium quality white or yellow corn. Cornmeal is mixed with other organic ingredients and fried or baked in vegetable oil. Most times, corn chips are heavily salted.

Corn chips can be eaten alone or with a dip. Choosing tasty and flavourful corn chips from the hundreds available for sale on the market is not easy. To make it simple, we have compiled the five (5) best ones for you. Kindly read the reviews below.

Best Corn Chips

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1. Santitas Corn Chips

Santitas Corn Chips

The Santitas Corn Chips are great for parties and can be taken as lunch. The exceptional taste and flavors that these corn chips offer are excellent. It can be paired with a bowl of guacamole, nachos, or a spinach dip for optimum enjoyment. Santitas corn chips are made from premium-quality, stone-ground white corn that is fried in vegetable oil. The Santitas Corn chips stay fresh as long as it hasn’t reached the expiry date printed on the bag. Once opened, we recommend that you eat it up as soon as possible.

The Santitas Corn Chips come in an 11-oz bag and offer you about 11 one-ounce servings. About 140 calories can be gotten per ounce of chips. More so, 115mg of sodium, 19g of total carbs, 2g of protein, and about 6g of total fat can be obtained per ounce. The sweetness of these corn chips doesn’t depend on added sugar as none is present. Additionally, it doesn’t contain cholesterol.

Why do we like it?

  • Gluten-free
  • Very affordable
  • Watertight packaging
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2. Tostitos Corn Chips

Tostitos Corn Chips

The taste of the Tostitos corn chips is awesome. They are crunchy, delicious, and thick. We love the shape of these corn chips as they allow for optimal scooping of dips. The flavor these chips offer is appealing and irresistible. More so, it is flavourful and is basically the best chips to snack on. These chips don’t crumble into the dip and would be loved by your family and friends. They can barely be compared with any other chips. Interestingly, the Tostitos chips stay fresh till the date of expiration printed on the bag.

The Tostitos Corn Chips are made out of 100% white corn, sunflower oil, and canola oil. It is tasty but should not be consumed in excess by individuals with high blood pressure as it is heavily salted. Each serving contains about 115mg of sodium. The freshness stays intact as long as it isn’t opened. Once opened, we recommend that you consume it within a short period of time.

Why do we like it?

  • Kosher certified
  • Contains calcium and potassium
  • Great for use as a party refreshment
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3. LATE JULY Corn Chips

Late July Corn Chips

Late July Organic Corn Chips are really delicious. It comes in an 11-oz bag and is not made in a facility that processes peanuts and whole grains. Individuals with allergies were put into consideration when producing these corn chips as they are completely gluten-free. These chips are very crunchy and go perfectly with nachos, hummus, and any dip. 11 servings can be gotten per bag, with each serving containing about 130 calories. More so, it contains 7g of fat and 2g of protein per serving. Sea salt is used in this product as it is healthier than regular salt. If you care about taste, this is the right corn chips for you. Your kids and friends will love it.

Vegans will love the Late July corn chips as it is made with them in mind. All its ingredients, including whole ground corn and sunflower oil, are organic. These chips do not contain any preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, or artificial coloring.

Why do we like it?

  • USDA certified organic
  • Non-GMO project verified
  • No trans fat
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4. Calidad Yellow Corn Chips

Calidad Yellow Corn Chips

Yellow corn chips are great tasting too. The Calidad Corn Chips are Mexican-style chips and are incredibly tasty when paired with a nice bowl of spinach dip or nachos. These chips are made with ground yellow corn that has been treated with lime to give it a unique flavor. A mixture of cottonseed oil, corn oil, and sunflower oil is used in the processing of these corn chips. If you need yellow corn chips without trans fat, this is the right one for you. Your kids will love the crunchy and yummy taste. More so, you can serve it to your guests as a party refreshment. The firm texture allows for easy scooping of guacamole and other dips without crumbling.

The Calidad Yellow Corn Chips come in a 12-oz bag and offer about 12 servings per package at 1-oz each. 140 calories, 7g of total fat, 17g of total carbohydrate, 1g of dietary fiber, and 2g of protein are contained in each serving. Note that these chips are a bit salty and contain about 150mg of sodium per ounce.

Why do we like it?

  • Gluten-free
  • Doesn’t contain lard
  • Great texture
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5. Mission Strips Corn Chips

Mission Strips Corn Chips

Feel free to pile a load of nachos or hummus on the Mission Strips Corn Chips. It is delicious and crunchy, to say the least. Made with just four ingredients, including corn masa flour, vegetable oil, water, and sea salt, each mouthful of these corn chips makes you want to take the next. The flavor is great and satisfying. Sea salt used in the production of these corn chips add extra sweetness to make them palatable and inviting. To fully enjoy these corn chips as a crunchy snack, eat up an open bag as soon as possible.

The Mission Strips Corn Chips come in a 13-oz bag and offer as much as 13 servings per bag. You’ll be basically getting about 140 calories from each serving. More so, each 1-oz serving contains 90mg of sodium, 18g of total carbohydrate, 7g of total fat, and 2g of protein. No cholesterol or added sugar are present in each bag of the Mission Strips Corn Chips.

Why do we like it?

  • No preservatives
  • Zero artificial flavors and coloring
  • Gluten-free
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Corn Chips Buyer’s Guide

Popcorn might seem to be the only snack made with corn, but it isn’t. To make and enjoy some popcorn, you will need the best popcorn kernels and a popcorn popper. So save yourself the hassle and go for the best corn chips instead. They are made of corn too. Before shopping for some, kindly read our buyer’s guide for major things to consider.

Expiry Date

Always try to check the expiry date on the package of the best corn chips that you are about to purchase. Most corn chips have a 2 – 3 months shelf life when unopened. So ensure that you purchase one that isn’t expiring soon. You can also check out the best chips for diabetics or the best chips for spinach dip.


Ingredients used in making the best corn chips night contain substances that some individuals are allergic to. Most times, the facility where the chips are produced also plays a role in the type of allergens present. Gluten and milk are the major allergens present in corn chips. Ensure that you lookout for this information on the package of the product before you make a purchase.

Sodium and Trans fat

Either sea salt or kosher salts are used in the production of corn chips. Individuals with high blood pressure should only buy ones with reduced sodium content. Trans fat is not heart-friendly. The quantity of trans fat per serving is usually printed on the nutritional information label on the package of the best corn chips. Corn chips with zero trans fat are preferable.