5 Best Cooking Torches (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The art of cooking has evolved over the last century, and today, the way meals are prepared is very different from what was obtainable in the past. Accomplished chefs looking for better ways to express their skills tend to rely on tools and utensils to help them prepare meals effortlessly. One of the most effective tools used by chefs and knowledgeable homeowners is the best cooking torch.

Contrary to popular opinion, a cooking torch is not used to see your way through the dark. Rather, it is a cooking tool used for cooking certain types of dishes. This handheld tool runs on butane gas and produces a very hot flame with an extreme focus. You can use it to target specific areas of a dish to warm it up.

Let’s just call it a quick action food warmer that can be used in place of a microwave or a stove. There are varieties of dishes you can prepare or warm up using a cooking torch, such as melting marshmallows, brown meringue, roasting tomatoes and pepper, or searing meat. If you plan to buy a cooking torch for your kitchen, you need to make sure that you do it right the first time, so you don’t end up with a bad or inferior product.

To reduce such a possibility, we have done all the work on your behalf. From the numerous torch brands available, we have drawn up a review of five of the best there are.

Best Cooking Torches

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1. Authenzo Butane Kitchen Torch

Authenzo Butane Kitchen Torch

Authenzo is a cooking torch for professional chefs and homeowners looking for a cooking tool that offers fast cooking action at short notice. This torch does not come with butane gas, but the tool is ready to use. All you just need to do is to fill it up with the required gas supply, and you are good to go. Authenzo is a popular choice for dishes such as meat barbecues, caramel desserts, and brulees. This handcrafted cooking tool can also serve as a cigar lighter for smokers too.

This tool is very easy to use. It has a flame adjuster, which allows you to adjust the flame intensity to suit the meal you are trying to prepare. At its highest point, Authenzo can burn up to 2500 Fahrenheit. The level of heat this cooking torch can produce makes it one of the best cooking torches on the market. The Piezo ignition technology of Authenzo also makes it a very functional tool worthy of a place in your kitchen. You can use it sideways or upside down with just one hand. We also like the nozzle, which is made of brass with windproof features. So, if you plan on going for a camping trip and require a tool that you can use at windy locations, Authenzo is a tool you can trust.

This product is a must-have if you are seeking out a flexible tool for your cooking. It can work well with any cookware but use with care as the flames are exceedingly hot.

Why do we like it?

  • Petite and lightweight
  • Extremely reliable cooking tool
  • It has a non-slip handle
  • Works with any butane gas
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2. Legendary Chef Culinary Cooking Torch

Legendary Chef Culinary Cooking Torch

Another cooking torch worthy of mention is this torch by Legendary Chef. This torch is one hell of a cooking tool. At first glance, you may likely downplay its effectiveness, but make no mistake; Legendary Chef is a blazing hot cooking torch for cooking, warming, and searing of food. This handheld mini torch should not be used as a primary cooking tool but as a temporary substitute. It is designed to offer users a safe and easy way to prepare meals when a viable heat source is unavailable.

This torch has user-friendly and safe features. The control mechanism is top-notch. There is a flame adjuster with a switch at the side of Legendary Chef, which allows you to pick a consistent flame for your food by turning and twisting a knob. There is also a lock feature for user safety. With Legendary Chef, what you see is what you get, and that is consistent quality all around.

You will also like its versatile functionality besides cooking. You can use it to light your cigars or fireplace, art and craft projects, or for varieties of camping applications.

Why do we like it?

  • Suitable for a variety of meals
  • Value for money
  • Flexible control mechanism
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3. EurKitchen Culinary Kitchen Torch

Eurkitchen Culinary Kitchen Torch

EurKitchen is another tested and trusted tool rated highly as one of the best cooking torches on sale today. This tool has thoughtful safety features that keep you protected as you prepare your meals. For starters, it has a finger guard for optimum finger protection. The finger guard is inbuilt, and it protects your finger and hands from extreme heat and potential burns when browning or torching your food. Constructed with certified aluminum, TUV, and ABS plastic, EurKitchen is designed to ensure comfortable use.

This tool has a blowtorch with a gas regulator control dial for easy flame control and gas flow. When it is no longer in use, there is also a dial lock you can initiate to shut the gas cylinder. Eurbank can create flames as long as 6 inches at a burning temperature of 2370-1300 degrees Fahrenheit.

With this cooking torch, you can prepare your meals in a matter of minutes which is quite a unique benefit when there are no alternative heat sources available. EurbankKitchen also comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a Money-Back guaranty from the seller if this product does not meet your requirement. But for all intents and purposes, we can assure you that it will.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to hold and use
  • Flame adjuster controls
  • Made with durable materials
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4. Spicy Dew Blow Torch

Spicy Dew Blow Torch

If you are looking for a high-quality cooking torch, Spicy Dew is another torch to consider. This tool is ideal for caramelizing sugar, searing steaks, roasting your marshmallows and peppers, or melting cheese. The culinary possibilities of Spicy Dew are endless. When you have an easy-to-use handheld tool that you can rely on for your tasty dishes and recipes, you then have no excuse but to eat right, every day of the week.

It has a fuel gauge that allows you to see just how much gas you have left in the cylinder at every point in time. If you want a fast cook or a slow cook, you have the luxury of adjusting the flame as per your cooking requirement. This multipurpose cooking can be used indoors and outdoors. While indoor cooking should come as no surprise, it is the outdoor benefit that offers you real value for your money. Spicy Dew can produce a high temperature of 2372 Fahrenheit and will perform well even in windy areas.

Thanks to its intense heating feature, you can use Spicy Dew to solder, weld, wax, or stitch your arts and craft. When you find one of the best cooking torches that offer benefits across a diverse spectrum of applications, we will argue that such a tool is worth adding to your tool collection.

Why do we like it?

  • 100% risk-free cooking torch
  • Child safety lock to prevent unauthorized use
  • It has a refill fuel gauge window
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5. Tintec Culinary Chef Cooking Torch Lighter

Tintec Culinary Chef Cooking Torch Lighter

The final product to make our list among the best cooking torch is Tintec chef cooking torch. This torch is lightweight with a shell made with aluminum alloy but covered with a high-grade ABS plastic handle. The muzzle is temperature resistant for premium functionality. The long shelf life of Tintec is guaranteed due to the high-quality construction material. Tintec has a durable silicone basting which makes it ideal for non-stick pans and grills.

It is also compatible with any nozzle should the nozzle it came with eventually go bad. The metal base can also be unscrewed using the screwdriver that comes with the package if you want to change the nozzle to a different one. Tintec is lightweight and is an ideal tool for outdoor cooking and camping trips. Its temperature-resistant nozzle ensures that you and your fellow campers don’t have to go hungry when spending the night out in the wilds and far away from civilization.

This cooking torch is suitable for professional cooks and beginners who have had little or no prior experience using a cooking torch. Just make sure you adhere to the user instructions by consulting the user manual before you commence usage.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to refill the cylinder with butane gas
  • Sturdy base
  • Flexible ignition button
  • A useful DIY tool
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Cooking Torch Buyer’s Guide

When you are searching for the best cooking torch, there are certain things you need to keep in mind if your number one priority is to buy a torch that is safe and offers excellent heating function. With so many cooking torches available on the internet and at shopping centers, the possibility that you just might end up with a product that is not good enough is high. Read our buyer guide to educate yourself on the essential qualities to look for in a cooking torch to help your case.


There are different types of cooking torches, but the two main types are the built-in fuel torches and the torch head models. A torch head model has the head directly attached to the butane gas cylinder. Rather than refill the tank when it is empty, you simply swap the empty tank for a new tank. This model is economical because they contain more gas volume than the built-in model. The downside to using a torch head tank is that it can be difficult to hold because it does not have a handle.

The built-in tank has its head attached to the base of the gas tank. This model is often compact and slim but is easier to handle. Unlike the head torch models, you can refill them with a new gas supply when the previous supply runs out. The downside to using inbuilt cooking torches is down to the mess they create when refilling them. Either of the two will serve you well, but in terms of long-term economic value, a refillable built-in tank is your best bet.

Safety features

The torch you buy should be one with safety features. You don’t want unwarranted accidents, do you? That is why you should take your time to examine the safety features of the cooking torch you are looking to buy. Some safety features to keep an eye on are; the safety lock button to prevent kids from misusing them, a heat shield to protect your fingers from the flame it produces, and a flame guard installed to prevent the flames from flaring. Also, examine the nozzle’s quality so you don’t buy a torch with nozzles that overheat or pose fire risks.


The quality of the handle is another crucial factor. Only buy a torch that has a good, solid grip and a comfortable handle. The last thing you want is to buy a torch that will slip off your hands when it is on, as this may lead to accidents.

Flame adjuster

The best cooking torch should also have a flame adjusting feature, enabling you to adjust the intensity of the flame to suit your cooking requirement. The dial knob should be easy to twist and turn as you wish.

Burn Rate

How long does the torch burn for? This is an important factor to consider. The best cooking torch should have a burn rate of at least 30 minutes, though there are torches that burn for longer. A longer burn rate ensures that your meals are well cooked, or you can cook as many meals as you want before the flame burns out.