5 Best Cookie Spatulas (Reviews Updated 2022)

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As you read this review, are you wondering why the best cookie spatulas are so essential for baking success? If you are, by the end of the review, you will understand why. Many people believe that just any spoon is good enough to remove cookies from their sheets after removing the sheets from the oven. They wait for the cookies to cool down for a few minutes before removing them. If your cookie sheet does not have a non-stick coating, the cookies will become hard and stick to the surface, creating another challenge. In comes a cookie spatula, and the problem is resolved.

Cookie spatulas are essential because they enable you to easily remove cookies from sheets even while still hot. Spatulas have a very flat head and angular handle that make pick-up relatively easy. You can slide the head under cookies to pick them up without breaking them or scalding your hands. If you have had some trouble figuring out the best cookie spatulas to buy or you intend to buy one very soon, take your time to read our review of five of the best spatulas for cookies.

Best Cookie Spatulas

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1. Anderson Cookie Spatula

Anderson Cookie Spatula

This cookie and dessert spatula is an 8×1.5 silver utensil for home use. Constructed with a flat metal, Mrs. Anderson is designed to allow you to carry and place freshly baked treats easily without breaking them in the process or touching them by hand. Having this utensil in your kitchen simplifies your baking session in several ways. Many people leave their cookies to cool down before they remove them. Worse still, while doing the transfer, they either ruin the cookies with the wrong cutlery or are forced to carry them with their hands.

With Mrs. Anderson, however, your cookies are never at risk of breaking. The beveled front edge of this spatula is very flat and flexible with a comfortable wooden handle. We also like the handle’s length, which keeps your hand far away from the hot cookies as you seek to remove them from the baking sheets. The ergonomic design of the spatula head and the handle makes lifting and dropping an easy chore.

Mrs. Anderson is also very easy to maintain. You can wash with soap and warm water after use. To extend its shelf life, avoid washing with a dishwasher.

Why do we like it?

  • Ideal for lifting, cutting, and serving cookies and other pastries
  • The shape offers users optimum leverage
  • Lightweight but sturdy utensil
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2. Kitchenvia Cookie Spatula

Kitchenvia Cookie Spatula

KitchenVia is a multi-purpose spatula for general baking purposes. You can remove your cookies, pancakes, brownies and pizzas from plates, baking sheets, and dishes with this cutlery. This spatula is light on the hand but protects your pastries from slipping off whenever you are transferring them. The slotted flat surface is wide enough to accommodate pastries of different sizes, and the beveled edge makes lifting relatively easy.

You can slide Kitchenvia under cookies effortlessly and serve them neatly on a plate. The handle is long, and it offers certain advantages. Firstly, you can flip your pastries with it. You can also turn or prep your meals before you serve them. Kitchenvia is not heavy, and the handle is easy to hold. It is ideal for small-sized cookies, but that is not to say that it can not carry large-sized pastries as well because it can.

Buying the best cookie spatula does not have to cost so much, and that is why we chose to include this affordable spatula in this review. Adding a durable and user-friendly utensil to your kitchen collection is indeed a good idea. Kitchenvia is a smart choice.

Why do we like it?

  • Non-stick coating
  • Constructed with heat resistant silicone for user safety
  • Small and sleek design
  • Heavy-duty construction
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3. Oxo Good Grips Cookie Spatula

Oxo Good Grips Cookie Spatula

If you had the opportunity to buy a product that offered you double value for the price of one, would you reject the offer, or would you go for it? Oxo Good Grip Spatula is a 2-piece set made with a silicone handle and stainless steel. The outer layer of the spatulas is covered with heat-resistant silicone. This feature allows it to withstand as much as 600 Fahrenheit of heat. If your cookware has a non-stick coating, you will like Oxo because the spatulas in this set are ideal for non-stick pots, pans, and sheets.

The edge of this spatula is thin but yet flexible as it allows you to slide the head under your snacks to remove them from baking sheets one at a time. The rounded corner is also great for removing the sticky dough from your baking utensils. If you want cutlery that will keep your hands as far away from the heat as possible, Oxo is the product to go for. The handle is soft and possesses a non-slip grip, so there no need to worry about the handle slipping off your fingers.

This is a set of spatulas you can use for a very long time before you decide to seek a replacement. You may choose to use one spatula at a time to extend their shelf life, or you may use both interchangeably if you want them to age at the same time. As always, the choice is yours

Why do we like it?

  • The angled handle will keep your hands away from food
  • These spatulas are dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant features
  • Very durable handles
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4. Fox Run Cookie and Brownie Spatula

Fox Run Cookie And Brownie Spatula

Fox Run is one of the best cookie spatulas you will ever spend your money on. This brilliantly designed cutlery is made with a combination of stainless steel and hardwood. With this spatula, your cookies and brownies will maintain their shape just the way you baked them. This product features a very wide head made with premium stainless steel with enough leverage to hold your cookies in place comfortably. The steel quality also ensures that your pastries are protected from contamination, especially if the spatula is thoroughly washed before use.

The hardwood handle allows for easy lifting and gripping of your food as well. It allows you to cut, chop and lift items easily without having to touch them. In case you didn’t know, wood is not a heat conductor, so no matter how hot the baking sheet may be, you can safely lift your cookies without your hand getting in the way or exposed to the heat.

Fox Run is ideal for cookies, brownies, casseroles, and pizzas. Just think of any baked food you enjoy, and this spatula is one hell of a reliable tool to help with the lifting and flipping.

Why do we like it?

  • Ideal for a variety of baked food
  • A sturdy base and handle
  • Made with quality high-grade materials
  • Easy to clean
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5. Chef Craft Solid Cookie Spatula

Chef Craft Solid Cookie Spatula

A Spatula cannot be regarded as the best cookie spatula in the market if it does not have a wide head and a very strong and long handle. Chef Craft Solid Cookie spatula falls under the category of high-quality baking utensils that every homeowner should have. This spatula is brown and is 8 inches long with a solid blade turner for comfortable lifting and flipping of cookies. Do you regularly bake cookies, chips, pies, and oatmeals? This is one kitchen companion you want by your side to make your baking exercise a worthwhile experience.

Chef Craft has a riveted handle made of solid wood that will not warp or break. It is very light and will not add too much weight burden on top of the snack you need to lift and flip. As for the stainless-steel head, let us just say that the material is of the best quality and nothing less. It will not damage your cookies’ shape, neither will it scratch the surface of your sheets as you seek to slide it underneath the cookies.

We understand your desire to buy a spatula you can wash with ease and one that will last you for several years. If you plan to do a lot of baking, we recommend Chef Craft for its ease of maintenance and durability.

Why do we like it?

  • Small but maneuverable
  • Works for all cookie sizes
  • An affordable cutlery every home should have
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Cookie Spatulas Buyer’s Guide

If you do a lot of baking, it should be your number priority to buy bakeware with a guaranteed long shelf life. There are so many baking tools on sale over the internet and at stores, but only very few of them offer real value for money. The same is the case for cookie spatulas.

Cookie spatulas come in handy for general purpose baking, and they are among the most used cutleries for baking. Regular baking means regular washing, and regular washing may translate to the shortening of the spatula’s shelf life if the one you buy is not of the best quality.

With so many cookie spatulas on sale today, finding a good product is like searching for a needle in a haystack from among the multitude of spatulas on sale. To help you separate the good from the bad, we highlight some of the key issues to consider before you go shopping for a cookie spatula. Read and digest the information in our review, and you will make the right decision.

Angular Shape

When shopping for the best cookie spatulas, we recommend the ones with angular shapes for a good reason.  An angular shape makes it very easy for you to flip your cookie over should the need arise. Lifting may not be all you require your spatula for, so bear this in mind.

If the spatula your buy does not have an angular shape, you may be forced to flip your cookies by hand, which is unhygienic or use an inappropriate tool that will cause them to break.

Stainless Steel

We recommend spatulas constructed with stainless steel as steel is one of the best materials for cookware and bakeware. Steel is not heavy, and more importantly, steel is very easy to wash. Although there are other materials, we recommend that you stick to stainless steel spatulas. Another reason why steel is ideal is that it is durable. Furthermore, your non-stick coated sheets will be safe from grazing, unlike if you used a spatula made from tougher materials like cast iron.


The material the spatula is made of is another thing to focus on. Wood handles are very good because they are not conductors of heat, and they offer good grips. Metal handles are not bad but buying a metal handle with no covering is not a good idea.

If you must go for a metal handle, ensure that the handle is covered with silicone to prevent the heat from spreading to the grip region. Grip lines are also very important when deciding on the type of handles to buy. Handles with grip lines reduce the potential of the spatula slipping off your hands.

Heat resistant

Heat-resistant features are also very ideal.  The best cookie spatulas have this feature, which increases their shelf life by a few more years. To be on the safe side, we recommend spatulas that can withstand about 450 degrees Fahrenheit. With the right heat-resistant feature, the spatula will not warp or fade quickly.

Hanging holes

Last but not least, on our list of essential features to consider when shopping for the best cookie spatula is the presence of a hanging hole. If your cabinet is currently full and you don’t wish to leave the spatula lying exposed on your countertop, it will make a lot of sense to hang it by the handle.

With a hole infused in the handle, you can better manage the available space in your kitchen by hanging some of your cutleries. Should you decide to go this route, A hanging hole is a feature you will readily appreciate.