5 Best Cookie Sheets (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Cookie baking requires certain baking tools to bake them right, and the best cookie sheets are some of the tools required. The terms cookie sheet and baking sheet are used interchangeably, but they may mean the same thing or something different. Baking sheets possess a rimmed edge, but cookie sheets may or may not have rimmed edges. When it comes to size and shape, the best sheets are wide and flat because a flat sheet allows better heat circulation and creates enough space for your cookies to expand. With a cookie sheet, you can bake a variety of pastries, not only cookies, though. A very good baking sheet can be used to bake veggies, chicken, pizzas, and lots more.

Searching for a very good cookie sheet to buy remains a problem for many because they are spoilt for choice. Having lots of options can be a good thing, but if you don’t have a special feature in mind, you may end up buying the wrong sheet. With so many cookie sheet brands, this is indeed a possibility. To help you avoid making such a mistake, here are 5 of the best cookie sheets you can buy for your cookie and general-purpose baking.

Best Cookie Sheets

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1. NutriChef Nonstick Cookie Sheet Baking Pan

Nutrichef Nonstick Cookie Sheet Baking Pan

NutriChef products are so good; you will rarely find any previous buyer who has a bad word to say about their quality. When shopping for your cookie sheets, quality should be your number one priority, and this sheet right here is one of the best cookie sheets you can buy for either home or commercial use. This package contains 2 baking tray sheets, a large and a medium-sized sheet, and they both have non-stick coatings to prevent your cookies from sticking to the surface.

The sheets have rimmed borders for precise cookie arrangement. NutriChef is one cookie sheet designed to last because the stainless steel used to construct it is made from high-grade carbon steel metal with an attractive alloy and gold coating. This sheet is oven-safe and can withstand heat of about 450 degrees Fahrenheit. When you bake with this sheet, you can be sure that your cookies will come out just right because of adequate heat circulation allowed by the steel material.

NutriChef is dishwasher safe, but the manufacturer recommends handwashing to extend its service life by a few more years.

Why do we like it?

  • It does not warp
  • The two sheets are of uneven sizes to accommodate small, medium, and large-sized cookies
  • The rimmed borders prevent your snacks from slipping off
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2. Nifty 3-piece Non-stick Cookie and Baking Sheet

Nifty 3 Piece Non Stick Cookie And Baking Sheet

Nifty 3 set sheet is one of the best cookie sheets you can buy for your home. We call it an all-purpose baking sheet because it has been designed to serve as both a cookie sheet and a general baking sheet. The sheets in this pack have an unusually high heat retention capacity of about 500 degrees; that is more than enough heat to bake your snacks to perfection. The three sheets are all non-stick pans with steel coatings.

There are large, medium, and small pans for different cookie sizes, so you are not limited by the sizes of snacks you can bake with this cookie sheet. Each sheet has 4 set grip edges for easy carriage, so dropping your food while on the move is out of the question. Nifty is a perfect sheet for your baking requirements because they allow for the free circulation of heat and your cookies’ eventual browning just the way you like it.

The large sheet is 17×11.5 inches, the medium sheet is 14.5×10 inches, and the small sheet is 13.25×8.5 inches. This practical baking sheet is exactly what you need to bake tasty cookies for your friends and family.

Why do we like it?

  • A worthy addition to your set of kitchen tools
  • Easy to clean with a dishwasher or by hand
  • Made with durable materials and the sheets do not break easily
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3. Circulon Bakeware Non-stick Set

Circulon Bakeware Non Stick Set

Circulon is another reliable cookie sheet you can trust for your baking. This 2-piece product offers you efficient roasting and browning options every single time. With this sheet, your cookies will come out with enticing brown colors and in just the right texture. Baking cookies using a practical tool like Circulon makes your baking session fun as you get to see your cookies transform from a mixture of dough and batter to tasty brown edibles. The sheets are 10 inches and 15 inches wide, so if you have sufficient oven space for them, you can bake two different sets of pastries simultaneously.

Made with heavy-duty carbon steel, Circulon provides your cookies with even heat distribution all over so that every cookie on the sheet will come out from the oven, well cooked. We also like the rolled edges around the sheet. These edges make it easy to lift the pan, and beyond that, they also strengthen the pans and make them harder to crack under intense heat. Suffice to say that the construction of these cookie sheets is top-notch.

Circulon is a sheet that offers users exceptional baking performance, so buying this product for your home is a smart investment decision to make.

Why do we like it?

  • Extra-wide handles for easy lifting
  • The sheets have anti-warp features
  • They bake snacks efficiently and comfortably
  • The non-stick coating prevents your food from sticking to the surface
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4. Benicci Bpa Free Baking Sheet

Benicci Bpa Free Baking Sheet

This cookie sheet by Benicci is a set of three sheets comprising a large, medium, and small size. Designed with deluxe features, these sheets are made with the safest materials possible. Using food-grade materials that are BPA-free is the only way to safeguard users’ health, and Benicci has done exactly that. The sheets are oven safe, and they will not warp when exposed to intense oven heat of as high as 232 degrees. Benicci is built to last for years since they are crafted with carbon steel as thick as 0.5mm with a non-stick coating that is grey.

Preparing your favorite cookies and tasty dessert has never been easier as there is a sheet for food of every size and variety. If you worry about the possibility of your food changing taste because of the sheet you use, be rest assured that you will not have such a problem with this sheet. It is constructed to allow for even heating and smooth food release and nothing more. Benicci will not change the taste of your cookies or other pastries.

Benicci is 100% risk-free from health and safety standpoints. With these sheets, you enjoy the level of quality you pay for.

Why do we like it?

  • An affordable set of sheets
  • The silicone handles remain cool even when the sheet is hot
  • Lightweight
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5. Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Baker’s Quarter Sheet

Nordic Ware Natural Aluminum Baker's Quarter Sheet

The power and efficiency of Nordic Ware is made evident when you consider just how well and fast it bakes cookies and snacks.  This package has 2 sheets made with aluminum. The aluminum material serves as a heat conductor for a consistent heat flow. Baking your cookie with a sheet that affords a smooth transference of heat is a no-brainer, as we are certain that you want your cookies to come out with a uniform brown color. Besides the baking advantages you enjoy, Nordic Ware is a utensil you will not regret buying. The pure aluminum material will not warp or rust. Even after washing it a hundred times and more, the material will remain as durable and as reliable as ever.

Having served the needs of homeowners for decades, this is a baking sheet that you can trust. Made in the USA, Nordic Ware is ideal for both professional and domestic baking. It does not matter whether you are doing commercial baking or home baking; the sheets in this collection will satisfy your every need.

To be sure that you are buying an original sheet from the manufacturer, look for the company’s logo. Every sheet has an engraved Nordic Ware logo.

Why do we like it?

  • Made with natural aluminum, not a combination of low-quality metals
  • Longevity guaranteed
  • Suitable for pastries of all kinds
  • Large and spacious surface for your food
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Cookie Sheets Buyer’s Guide

Buying cookie sheets requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. If you want to buy a sheet of superior quality, you ought to know what to look out for. There are good cookie sheets, and there are cookie sheets. What we mean to say is that not all cookie sheets are created equal. Some sheets are better than others. Bearing this in mind, you need to take your time when making a selection.

If you buy the best cookie sheets, you will enjoy your baking sessions, and the sheets will last for many years. If you buy the wrong one, you will not enjoy the benefit of using it for a long time. In the worst-case scenario, the sheet may even ruin your cookies. With all of these risks in play, we have taken the time to put together a shortlist of some of the features to look out for when shopping for cookie sheets.

Light Colored Cookie Sheets are the best

In case you did not know, light-colored cookie sheets are better than dark cookie sheets for one simple reason. Light-colored sheets ensure even and adequate browning of your cookies. If the sheet’s color is dark, your cookies will come out with very dark colors like they are burnt. Lighter-colored sheets do not create this type of problem; therefore, they are better.

Non-stick coating

The best cookie sheets have a non-stick coating and do not require greasing before use. If you buy a sheet that does not have this feature, you will have to grease the surface with vegetable oil before use. Failure to do that will cause your cookies to stick to the surface, making them a little difficult to remove. Washing the surface will also be tasking since you will have to scrape the surface repeatedly with a sharp piece to remove burnt dough. Cookie sheets with non-stick coating allow for easy cookie release and maintenance.


When it comes to picking cookie sheets, be advised to only go for sheets with insulation qualities. Insulated sheets heat up quickly and bake pastries in less time. But you may want to avoid them if you are baking items loaded with butter and sugar, as these ingredients tend to melt under intense heat.


Handles covered with silicone are ideal because they do not retain heat, making them much easier to carry. Wide handles are also very easy to carry, so we recommend sheets with wide handles covered with silicone coatings.


Stay on your budget when shopping for cookie sheets for your home. You don’t really need anything too fancy, but a functional sheet. Sheets do not necessarily cost so much but make sure the sheet you buy offers real value for its price.

Sheet Rims

Cookie sheets may or may not have rims. Each feature has its merits and demerits. Rimmed cookie sheets are quite popular among professional bakers because they are versatile sheets. But for the purpose of baking cookies at home, rimless sheets offer better value, especially for home use. While the presence of rims may suit your sense of style, it should not be a deal-breaker. What should matter the most to you during your search for the best cookie sheet is to focus on the heat conductivity and circulation feature. If the sheet bakes cookies well enough, according to reviewers, then it is good for you.