5 Best Cookie Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Cookies are snacks loved by people of all ages. Regardless of our ages, we can all agree that munching on a pack of cookies is one clever way to quieten our stomach rumblings. Cookies come in all shapes and sizes and flavors, of course. If you love cookies but do not know how to bake them, you can learn how to. What better way to learn cookie baking than to rely on the best cookie cookbooks there are? You see, anyone can learn how to improve their baking and general cooking skills with the right materials.

With a good cookie cookbook, you can learn how to prepare different recipes that your kids will love. Attending a baking workshop or hiring a professional baker to guide you may be an effective but more expensive option. However, with a cookie cookbook, you spend less but learn more in the comfort of your home. Despite the sheer number of cookie cookbooks available online, only very few of them contain fresh and updated baking instructions. To reduce the time that you would have spent searching for a good edition, we have taken the time to compile a healthy review of five of the best cookie cookbooks online that will cost you only a small fee. Here they are.

Best Cookie Cookbooks

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1. Martha Stewart’s Cookie Perfection

Martha Stewart’s Cookie Perfection

When we decided to review the best cookie cookbooks, we wanted to make sure we included cookbooks that are written by highly rated bakers, and only very few cookie books come close to Cookie Perfection written by celebrity baker and blogger Martha Stewart. Cookie Perfection was referred to as one of the best cookie cookbooks for beginners by The Food Network. You only have to read the first chapter to understand why.

Cookie perfection contains 100 cookie recipes that you can try at home with ingredients that are relatively easy to get. This baking book has creative cookie collections that are both refreshing and feasible. Martha took the time to include recipes that are easy to prepare with straightforward instructions outlined in their right order. She reveals the baking and flavoring techniques to make your cookies tasty and very appealing. This book will teach you how to bake different cookie varieties like carrot thumbprint cookies and brown butter cookies that kids love.

This is a go-to baking manual specially dedicated to cookie baking. There is a recipe for every special occasion which adds further gloss to this amazing work of literature. If you want to raise your cookie baking skills several notches, let Cookie Perfection be your guide.

Why do we like it?

  • A perfect recipe for every social event
  • More than enough recipes to last a year
  • Baking instructions are easy to follow
  • This book is inspired by cookie varieties from different cultures
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2. The Perfect Cookie by America’s Test Kitchen

The Perfect Cookie By America’s Test Kitchen

This amazing cookie cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen is worth your time and money. The publisher has a track record of churning out rich and well-detailed self-help cookbooks, and the Perfect Cookie dwells on cookie baking alone and nothing else. The Perfect Cookie throws more light on core baking techniques that are very easy to learn and master. You will learn that even though different cookie varieties require different baking techniques, they all require five common steps that are key. These steps are ingredient measurement, mixing, shaping, baking, and cooling. This book will teach you how to do all five perfectly.

This foolproof version will equip you with the skills to prepare standard and classic cookie recipes, such as Classic Chewy Oatmeals, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and so many more.  The 250 recipes it contains will keep you occupied in the kitchen, and by the time you are done with the entire book, you will become a professional baker.

Every page of America’s Test Kitchen’s Perfect Cookie has images to spice up your reading and baking experience. The chapters are laid out in chronological order, so you can always revert to a certain section of the book if you need to seek out any specific information. This cookie cookbook is quite affordable, but the wealth of knowledge it contains is what makes it one of the best cookie cookbooks money can buy.

Why do we like it?

  • Durable hardcover
  • This book also has a Kindle edition if you prefer eBooks over hard copies
  • It explains techniques and recipes in a fun and creative way.
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3. 100 Cookies by Sarah Kieffer

100 Cookies By Sarah Kieffer

Sarah Kieffer’s 100 Cookies is a cookbook every kitchen should have. This rich literary piece contains detailed information on how to bake novel treats, classic brownies, bland cookie bars, and lots more. If you are a parent, rather than spend so much weekly buying cookies for your kids, consider baking some yourself during your spare time. Children appreciate cookies baked by their parents much more than the ones baked by strangers because it is the art of love you show them that matters as much as the cookie’s taste.

If you doubt how your cookies will come out, let Sarah Kieffer’s 100 Cookies help you improve. The popular blogger of The Vanilla Baking Blog teaches you in 7 chapters what would have taken you a lifetime to learn. There are 100 cookie recipes in the book, and they are all organized under each of the chapters for your clear assimilation and practice.100 Cookies contains a recipe for everyone. If you welcome guests to your home often, treating them to tasty treats is made easier with this cookie cookbook.

An entire chapter teaches Sarah’s Pan Banging techniques that make your cookie edges crisp and the center soft. Also, every recipe is accompanied by a visual representation of the finished article.

Why do we like it?

  • A great literary piece for homemade pastries
  • Varieties of Dessert recipes
  • Detailed instructions on mixing and forming techniques for every single recipe
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4. 101 Greatest Cookies On The Planet by Erin Mylroie

101 Greatest Cookies On The Planet By Erin Mylroie

The author of the 2 Ingredient Miracle Cookbook, Erin Mylroie has come with another amazing baking wonder, 101 Greatest Cookies on the Planet. If you enjoyed reading her first book, we can assure you that you will enjoy reading this one too. Erin takes the reader on a journey through her top-ranked cookie recipes totaling 101. Her New York Giant Chocolate Cookie is one pastry that will blow your mind because it is not difficult to bake.

Her impressive cookie collection has the best flavors for all occasions, including get-togethers, house warming events, birthday parties, and holiday hangouts. In 101 Greatest Cookies on the Planet, you will learn how to mix the dough in a single bowl to cut down on waste and cleaning time. You will also learn how to manage your ingredients effectively. With Erin Mylroie as your guide, you can bake more with less.

The best cookie cookbooks have refreshing recipes with amazing twists, which is exactly what this book offers the reader. For a fraction of a price, you learn so much, and your family will be better for it.

Why do we like it?

  • More than enough recipes to last for months
  • A self-explanatory cookbook
  • A compilation of some of the best cookies ever made
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5. The Cookie Collection by Brian Hart Hoffman

The Cookie Collection By Brian Hart Hoffman

The Cookie Collection is a cookbook specially written for cookie enthusiasts who wish to learn how to bake a snack they love. This cookbook introduces over 100 cookie recipes that you can bake at home. The recipes do not require any special ingredients or instruments. If you love cooking and you have a rich collection of cookbooks, consider adding Cookie Collection to your library, and you will be glad you did.

Become a cookie expert with a wide range of styles and flavors. Master the recipes in this book and be inspired to create your own recipes. Baking does not require any special talent but a constant application of oneself. Fortunately, you don’t have to learn from scratch with this baking manual by your side. The recipes in Cookie Collection are not as complicated as the recipes you will find in other cookbooks. The author has compiled a list of easy-to-bake pastries that require less time and effort.

There are modern and classic crowd-pleasers in this cookbook, and you can learn them all on your own. Practice, they say, makes perfect, and if you want to be a master cookie baker, this is the book you should read.

Why do we like it?

  • A quick and easy read
  • Offers a different approach to baking
  • Contains recipes for pros and beginners
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Cookie Cookbooks Buyer’s Guide

Anybody can become a master baker if they have two basic things. The required ingredients and the baking skill. While the former can be obtained with ease, the latter requires dedication and application, which takes time. The best chefs and bakers to walk the earth did not become the experts that they were overnight. Rather they utilized resources at their disposal to improve their skills. If you want to be very good at baking cookies, you need a material to guide you; a cookbook. Not just any cookbook but the best cookie cookbook.

With so many cookie cookbooks available for purchase today, knowing which one will help you improve is quite difficult. Although you can’t judge a book by its cover, it will be a total waste of money if you buy the wrong book. Despite the old adage, there are smart ways to identify good cookie cookbooks. Read our Buyer guide to learn how.


The first thing you want to avoid when scouting for a cookie cookbook is a general pastry cookbook. There are tens, if not hundreds, of pastries, and only a few of them are cookies. If you want to focus on cookies, then buy a cookbook that dwells on the subject. A book that teaches casserole preparation or cake baking will not do you much good. When you buy a cookbook that teaches cookie baking alone, you learn more because all the chapters will contain cookie recipes and baking techniques.


Always buy cookie cookbooks that have bold and attractive images for two main reasons. Firstly, bold images improve your reading experience. Pictures tell stories that texts cannot. Secondly, images give you a clear idea of how the cookie recipe should look like. If you do not know how the finished product should look like, how then will you know if you have done it right? Cookbooks with pictures breathe life into the recipe ideas and give you a tunnel vision of what you are baking.


eBooks are great but not as great as hard copies. We have found out that cookbooks published in hard formats offer more value to the reader because they are well researched and written. Anybody can publish an eBook, but not everybody can publish their ideas on a hardcover. Hard copies are also easy to work with, especially when you need to consult them for reference purposes. If you prefer ebooks, you can go for them, but on average, hard copies are easier to assimilate and consult repeatedly.


The best cookie cookbooks may contain a wealth of information, but they are relatively cheap. For only a few dollars, you can order a good edition. The price you pay will depend on several factors. If it is an eBook, it will obviously be cheaper than a hard copy. If the book contains hundreds of recipes, the publisher may charge more for it, but this is not always the case. Also, the reputation of the publisher or author may influence the price as well. Cookbooks written by celebrity authors cost more. Finally, the quality of the print (hard copy) matters too. High-quality prints that contain pictures are priced differently. These are some of the factors to bear in mind when deciding on an amount to spend on a cookie cookbook.