5 Best Cookbooks for Men (Reviews Updated 2022)

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It is true when they say men have more taste in their hands as compared to women. This sounds like inequality, but it is a common statement that is famously spoken and used worldwide. Maybe we don’t expect much from men, so when they achieve something wonderful in the kitchen, they show praises.

Anyway, cooking, cleaning, working, or any other chore is not based on genders, but it is a basic like skills everyone should know. Many men understand how they need to be self-sufficient thus make the wise decision of stepping into the kitchen. If you are one of those men who are learning to expand their expertise in that area, then you might need a little help for a great and easy start.

Best Cookbooks for Men

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1. Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook

Thug Kitchen The Official Cookbook

With a really bold and macho title, this cookbook is your way to showcase your talent and skills in the kitchen. If you know someone who could really use some basic help to improve their game in the kitchen, then this is the ultimate starter pack. As many books and TV shows give an impression that you need to try too hard to get something right, this is not the case.

This cookbook entails all the basic recipes and simple ingredients that are ideal for everyday fun and taste. With several dishes and snacks that are easy to cook and even easier to learn, you can be a great chef in no time. When you cook with this amazing cookbook, you will be producing recipes balanced with the right nutrients and healthy portions of each food category.

You will be praised for your thoughtfulness and great recreation of all foods with suitable nutritional value. It provides sufficient recipes and is laden with tips and tricks that a person might use to improvise and improve themselves in the kitchen. The male readers are fascinated with the smart facts and detailed recipes, which will help men discover how cooking can be fun and adventurous rather than just a chore.

Light on your budget. This cookbook has an affordable price and balances your kitchen budget because you will be given recipes with easy to get everyday ingredients and not some fancy meal items. Truth be told, if you follow the recipes and techniques in this cookbook, soon you will be pro in the kitchen, and no one would even dare say you are a beginner.

Why do we like it?

  • Ideal first cookbook for men
  • It has all the basic and easy recipes.
  • It does not have expensive ingredients.
  • Fun and motivating
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2. The Dude Diet: Clean-ish Food for People Who Like to Eat Dirty

The Dude Diet Clean Ish Food For People Who Like To Eat Dirty

We will be lying if we say we aren’t intrigued by the cover of the book. As opposed to the common saying: ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ this cookbook for men’s cover gives the right impression of the quality and the content inside. This cookbook for men is not just a book with recipes, but it is a secret and smart way to change their lifestyle and improve their health.

The author, Serena Wolf, wrote this bookkeeping her boyfriend’s eating habits in mind. She realized men are rather careless with their eating and dietary habits; hence they do not invest much effort and time finding out what’s healthy for them and how they can get to that. She came up with a motivating and healthy idea to compile a cookbook for men that will not only yummy recipes but also perfectly balanced and nutritious recipes to ensure men start their journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

This cookbook is crafted for men who are a beginner in the kitchen especially who live by themselves and do not have enough to measure the portion of meals to find the most suitable and healthy ones. The author has combined recipes that are only easy and less time-consuming to prepare. She has made it easy for single males who have to juggle between jobs and their home life, and just because they don’t have enough time, they switch towards unhealthy munching.

The cooking ideas are fun, entertaining, and followed by hundreds of instructions to cook, even beginners a breeze. With simple to follow techniques and an approach that does not seem annoying, many men enjoy this cookbook and learn simultaneously. After all-male metabolism is much different from a woman’s metabolism, this cookbook is crafted with that in mind.

After all, busy working hours and a tough schedule do not allow all of us to run to the gym and prepare those elaborate diet meals. This way of lifestyle will not compromise your taste, nor will it be heavy on your pocket in any way.

Why do we like it?

  • High nutrition meals
  • Carefully planned recipes
  • Special cookbook for men
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3. Eat Like A Man: The Only Cookbook a Man will Ever Need

Eat Like A Man The Only Cookbook A Man Will Ever Need

How does a man eat? Obviously, like a man. The title of this cookbook says all you need to know what’s inside.

Eat like a man: the only cookbook a man will ever need is a physical guide that will help you polish your kitchen skills from zero to hero. If you are a guy who has got the chance to live by himself now or recently shifted to a new place for the job, then this cookbook will be your initial guide in the kitchen. You will discover the easiest and instantaneous ways to make delicious recipes in no time.

From appetizers to main course and desserts, this cookbook for men is here to deliver you an experience of fine dining at home. The best thing about this cookbook is it knows what a man wants. The tasty recipes are chosen by keeping the majority of men’s palate in mind, and you will enjoy the wonderful taste and a treat to your palate all day, every day.

With more than 75 recipes, this cookbook is a great investment, and you will also get wonderful techniques and basic cooking information that will make kitchen-ing easier for you. Even the men who despised stepping in the kitchen, this cookbook can change minds. You also get the freedom to choose the favorite recipe by observing the time taken by each recipe.

With tempting pictures, this cookbook will also help you learn plating and presenting your mood in a way that attracts everyone. Ideal for every occasion, whether you are a beginner or a professional, and this cookbook for men must have in your kitchen.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to make recipes
  • It has many cooking tips and ideas
  • Interesting and informative to read
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4. How to Cook Everything

How To Cook Everything

2000 creative ways to play with the ingredients in your kitchen, this cookbook is like a dream come true not only for men but for everyone who desires a little treat and variation in taste. This is one of the perfect examples of how a cookbook can change your life. Even if you step as a child in the kitchen (who doesn’t know a thing about cooking), this cookbook will turn the tables in no time.

As much as the recipes’ simplicity is commendable, the basic everyday ingredients used in the recipes are another reason to fall in love with this cookbook. You are also granted extremely simple and basic instructions to follow to bring your recipe to completion. Along with the recipes, you are also given several tips and tricks in between the cooking process to discover the true art of cooking.

You don’t need to try all the 2000 recipes from this book to certify yourself as a professional chef, but only a few would do the job. From carving and cutting, chopping, and sauté, you will learn everything. This book tells you about using basic kitchen tools, using the right approach to cut and chop vegetables, the right temperature to preset the oven, and the proper way to baste a turkey.

Experience the true art of making frittatas, pancakes, acing roast chicken or duck, and the variety of recipes in this cookbook is just too many. You can enjoy a touch from various cuisines worldwide since a great number of 2000 recipes cover it all. Also, the specialty of this cookbook is that it allows minimum ingredients to be used.

For example, a half tomato or onion in your fridge or even leftover yogurt can be brought into use to make something wonderful with the recipes in this cookbook.

Why do we like it?

  • It has over 2000 recipes.
  • Has recipes from various cuisines
  • Ideal for every day to special occasions
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5. Joy of Cooking

Joy Of Cooking

To some people, cooking does bring joy, and if it doesn’t do it for you, you are doing it wrong. Cooking is an art enjoyed by people of every age, gender, or background. Even if you are not a fan of a specific cuisine, there is something that is bound to please your taste buds, and you will enjoy cooking that.

This is especially possible with the joy of cooking cookbook for men because it has almost all the recipes from all parts of the world, so you will find everything you have enjoyed since you were a child. Whether it’s baked pie as your mom used to make, roasted chicken just like your grandma did, or anything, the diversity of this cookbook is just commendable.

With a great place in the market for around 80 years, this classic cookbook has been timeless for several generations. The recipes are conventional yet modern, and they bring little culture and ethnicity from various areas of the world. The best thing about the cookbook is that it is your guide through the kitchen.

It makes you master your cooking skills and then mold them as you want. The Joy of Cooking is an excellent resource for various dishes, such as how to discover the perfect way to ace gravy or a simple bread pudding. It also includes advice on how to cook a duck and meal preparation, and entertaining basics.

These tips and tricks come in handy, especially when you are a beginner and have lately started steeping in the kitchen. We would highly recommend this cookbook for men because of its classic nature.

Why do we like it?

  • It includes basic and easy recipes.
  • It acts as a guide in your kitchen.
  • Easy instructions.
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Cookbook for Men Buyer’s Guide

If a man in your life is recently drawn to cooking or even if they have been at it for so long, a cookbook for men is the best way to show some appreciation and love. After all, cooking enthusiasts love cooking, and they take it as more of a hobby. Don’t consider playing with the right choice and making sure you make a wise and smart decision.


As the topic suggests, the best cookbook for men, so the first factor needs to be that your cookbook is specific to men and easy to understand. While many women have spent a great portion of life in the kitchen, most men are not even familiar with basic kitchen terms and techniques. A cookbook for men if they are a beginner needs to be easy to understand.

It must not contain complex terminologies and not have an overwhelming way to teach.


The cost of a cookbook is counted in two ways. The actual cost of purchasing the cookbook and secondly the cost of the ingredients used in the recipe. If your man is a beginner in the kitchen and needs everyday recipes, then there is no point in opting for cookbooks with five-star kinds of dishes and desserts.

A person with a limited budget is not looking for fancy cooking but meal options that are healthy, tasty, and easy to obtain.

Health Constraints

As mentioned above, men are pretty reluctant and careless when switching to healthy habits. The only way to incorporate health in their life, especially if they have a busy schedule, is through perfectly balanced recipes. A great cookbook for men is the one that has perfectly balanced and carefully planned portions of meals.