5 Best Cookbooks for Kids (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Is your kid eager to step into the kitchen and play with fire and spices? Or you see them becoming the next MasterChef kids in the USA? Either way, kids today are smarter and fast-forward than most adults, and when it comes to trying new skills, why middy cooking?

After all, just because your little one is not happy with algebra (no one is) does not mean their interest cannot peak in any other form. If you have come to the realization of the wonderful taste your kid carries in their hand, it’s about time you get them the ideal way to polish their skills. And for a kid, there is no better guide than a cookbook s which knows how to start and speak in a child-friendly way.

Best Cookbooks for Kids

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1. Cookies: An Interactive Recipe Book

Cookies An Interactive Recipe Book

Rare are children who love to sauté vegetables and bake turkey on thanksgiving, but children are just inspired by what they are drawn to. Hence the first cookbook for kids on our list is the baking cookbook. To suffice their love for cookies, pastries, cakes, and everything they love about those chocolate chip cookies, this cookbook is your kid’s start towards a happy baling life.

The author, Lotta Niemen ha perfectly curated this cookbook for preschoolers. Yes, you heard that right. There is no better activity for your kids with a play and learn approach when they are quarantined inside their homes.

Making a successful fourth book in the entire series, this cookbook mainly focuses on baking the perfect, round cookies. The interactive book cover piques the children’s interest in no time, and all you need is to let your kid alone sit for a while and dwell on the wonderfully easy-to-make cookie recipes in this book. This cookbook covers all the basic steps involved in baking cookies, mixing the right ingredients, measuring the correct proportions, and baking to the perfect temperature.

As your kid grows to learn and interact with colorful pictures of cookies, they will surely have a bright future filled with promising results in the kitchen. This sixteen pages’ interactive cookbook is made up of thick pages so kids can turn the pages with their tiny fingers. As well as the various tabs and pull-out increase the fun of this whole play plays cookbook.

Ideal for kids aging from two to four, this cookbook is their way to increase the love for baking, and if they love cookies, they need to learn how cookies are brought onto the fine dining plate.

Why do we like it?

  • It has various illustrations and images.
  • Step by step guide
  • For kids two to four years old
  • It teaches basic baking vocabulary.
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2. The Silver Spoon For Children: Favorite Italian Recipes

The Silver Spoon For Children Favorite Italian Recipes

A full grasp over the complex yet delicious Italian cuisine that too for your kid. This cookbook laden with Italian recipes broken down into easy-to-follow steps and subsets, is a must-have to enjoy the delicious Italian meals at home. Each dish is completed with carefully explained instructions and attractive images that give your kid love for cooking to a greater extent.

The taste of Italy presented through this book contains all the essential Italian recipes that will excite your taste buds and gather you many praises. The wide range of recipes in this book includes pizza, rigatoni, meatballs, minestrone, pasta. Amanda Grant, the author of this book, has a great motivation behind writing and compiling this wonderful cookbook.

She is a famous children’s nutrition and dietician and is working on finding the best recipes that keep children healthy and serve as a treat to their palate. Children can follow this cookbook easily; however, a little parental guidance is preferred considering the use of fire and kitchen tools. There is no better and precise yet detailed cookbook for kids aged seven to ten that will give them a great start in the kitchen.

And just because it says for aged seven to ten does not mean elders cannot make the best of tasty recipes in this cookbook. The authentic Italian recipes are exciting and fun and explained in a way that seems as simple as boiling glass water; no exaggeration. Along with the wonderful recipes, this cookbook also has basic tips and tricks to help your kid in the kitchen.

Why do we like it?

  • It has colorful photos and attractive illustrations.
  • Italian recipes explained easily.
  • Step by step instructions
  • Kids friendly
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3. MasterChef Junior Cookbook

Masterchef Junior Cookbook

For kids who are a little experienced in the kitchen and want to pursue cooking in their life seriously, there is no better choice than this one. As the title suggests, this cookbook can be your key to the MasterChef journey, and you make all those high-level TV show kinds of dishes with the perfect skill and even better presentation. This cookbook is not all serious and strict, but truth be told, it is very fun and interactive.

The MasterChef junior cookbook contains hundreds of recipes to choose from, each different from the other, and treats your palate in an entirely different way. This book challenges you to go on a cooking spree out of which you will only come better and polished. Also laden with many techniques and hacks to make your dishes taste wonderful, this cookbook is like your whole guide in the kitchen.

The recipes are listed in a manner that makes even the very complex ones so easy to follow, and all the ingredients and their purpose are explained properly. Just because it contains all the complex named recipes doesn’t mean you have to close it frightened and scared. Moreover, the ingredients used in the dishes in this cookbook are easy to find and not very costly for your pocket either.

Gnocchi with Brown Butter–Sage Sauce and Tomatoes and Marshmallow Cupcakes are two of the featured dishes that have yet to be attempted. Your dream likely comes true because some of the recipes in this cookbook are taken from the Show MasterChef junior, where the contestants made them. If you thought of a recipe while watching the show and wanted it to enjoy on your plate, then the probability of it being in this book is pretty high.

You will also feel like having a journey through the show as the images are real and depict the happenings during the TV show. The gossips, comments, and chitchats with the images are like living in the MasterChef kitchen.

Why do we like it?

  • It has a hundred recipes.
  • Best cookbook with easy recipes
  • Suitable for kids aged 9 to 12
  • It has 240 detailed pages
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4. The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs

The Complete Cookbook For Young Chefs

Do you have a young chef in your home? If yes, then here is the good news for them. This cookbook rated as Ney York Times Best Seller is going to be on our list.

The reasons for adding this amazingly explained, delicious compilation of wonderful recipes, explained in simple to follow steps, are just too many. It could be a birthday gift or even a Christmas present for your young one because it isn’t wrong to say that this book is a lifestyle on how to work your way around the kitchen. This cookbook for kids has more than a hundred recipes for each meal.

You will find a wonderful selection of ingredients and smartly curated recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner as appetizers, starters. The main course, desserts, and even some wonderful cool drinks. This book entails recipes and holds a lot of critical information and suitable tricks and tips that a kid could use to become a professional chef later.

Polishing a child’s skill from early tears, this is a scientifically tested and compiled book. Almost 750 kids all over the USA were asked to make their favorite dish, and the compilation of different appetizers, main course, and desserts were gathered in this book to compile a whole lot of satisfaction for your taste buds. As a way to motivate, this cookbook for kids has tips, reviews, and other kids’ comments regarding the recipes, so your child feels even more motivated and challenged.

The cherry on the top, the picture does the work of increasing attraction amongst the kids to make a better-informed decision regarding their meal and present the dish in the right manner. It will polish your kid’s cooking skills, and also, you can enjoy the wonderfully detailed recipes.

Why do we like it?

  • More than a hundred recipes
  • Easy to follow
  • Recipes created by other kids
  • It covers various cuisines.
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5. The Cookbook for Kids: Great Recipes for Kids who Love to Cook

The Cookbook For Kids Great Recipes For Kids Who Love To Cook

One of the best ways to bond with your child, this cookbook is both for you and your kids. For kids who love to cook and for parents who love to spend a little extra time with their kids, this cookbook will bring you and your kid closer than ever. The fun and casual tone of this cookbook will help you, and your kid have some fits and laughter in the kitchen.

The recipes are easy to follow and even easier to recreate since they are all basic and every day. You and your kiddo do not have to take the unnecessary pressure of not messing up the food as the whole point of this cookbook for kids is to have a little fun in the kitchen while learning new skills.

It has everything from basic soup, chicken wings to desserts like cookies. You can also enjoy the interactive pictures and final dish images to drool over before starting the cooking process. You do not need to spend much time reading and choosing the right recipe for you because all are equally delicious and smartly explained.

To make it even easier for you, this cookbook has been arranged as meals of the day so you can get each day’s meal plan without spending hours deciding on what to make. You will be able to try different recipes from the sixty-plus collection of tasty recipes in this cookbook. This cookbook not only focuses on making your kid a maestro in the kitchen but also leads them towards a healthy lifestyle.

That being said, this cookbook is one of the easiest, fun, simple and enjoyable cookbooks on our list. The cookbook author is strongly close to the maternal instinct for a young kid stepping in the kitchen. This is why she has come up with this initiative to provide a healthy balanced diet for the kids.

Why do we like it?

  • Great way to bond with your kids
  • Has more than sixty recipes
  • Easy and fun
  • Everyday recipes
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Cookbook for Kid’s Buyer’s Guide

You might be the greatest teacher for your kid, but sometimes children need to learn their easy things. There is no point in finger guiding your kids as it shatters their confidence and doesn’t give them the willpower to make decisions themselves. This is why, rather than interfering in everything your kid does in the kitchen, you should get theme a great cookbook that is their mentor and guide.

Health Factors

Children are least concerned about their health. They are here to have a little fun. They think about what feels good on their palate rather than finding the right nutrients their body needs.

This could be a huge concern for parents, especially those who don’t know how to make their children consume necessary vegetables and dietary elements.  By instilling the love for cooking in them, you can urge them to try out balanced and curated recipes to give all the necessary ingredients.

Instant Recipes

For a kid’s cookbook, there is no point in having recipes that are time-consuming and take hours. After all, if your child is of school-going age, it is not right for them to spend their whole day in the kitchen rather than doing their homework. So the best cookbook for kids is the one that has concise and easy to follow recipes.

Basic Ingredients

Recipes with basic ingredients for kids are the most suitable. As they won’t be heavy on your budget, and if your kid is excessively playing with spices, sauces, and extra complex grocery items, they might be put in a lot of danger without you even realizing it.