5 Best Cookbooks for Baking Bread (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Baking bread is truly an art that few people master. Is it because of the complex mechanisms involved or the thought that bread baking is only a thing for professionals? Either way, the truth is baking bread is not rocket science but a series of carefully followed steps that will deliver the fluffy, tasty bread at your service.

To bake the perfect bread, you need a great oven and a great recipe to guide you through this technical process of baking. And This is why cookbooks are important to learn the art of baking the perfect bread. Here are some of our top picks that make bread baking easier for you.

Best Cookbooks for Baking Bread

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Here are our cookbooks for baking bread reviews:

1. The Bread Bakers Apprentice

The Bread Bakers Apprentice

‘Mastering the Art of Extraordinary Bread,’ this cookbook says it all in the title. It is one of the most advanced and sophistically organized cookbooks for a loaf of delicious bread. With each instruction followed by an explanation that can even assist a beginner in baking the best bread they ever had, this cookbook by Paul Reinhart is nothing less than a blessing.

Each instruction is represented in a concise yet comprehensive manner to ensure your bread baking process is executed flawlessly. As you know, baking a loaf of bread is a tough and complex process with lots of ideas and tips involved. This cookbook covers them all.

With different types of breads and different recipes to ace each type of bread, such as ciabatta, brioche, lavash, marbled rye, and anything you have desired to bake yourself, this cookbook will make them all easier for you. There is a separate chapter for sourdough, which leads you through the sourdough making process and recipes for basic to advanced level sourdoughs.

Once you learn basic tips and tricks from this cookbook, you will be baking breads day and night without having to buy once from the market ever again. Also, the art of bread making will be as easy for you as a basic mug of coffee. Moreover, if you do not understand the names of loaves of bread, the author has also attached some mouth-watering pictures to raise your appetite and give you an idea about the final product.

This book has fifty recipes that master the bread-making process, and with a detailed 330 pages guide to making bread, this is like a physical chef that guides you through the entire process. All you need is to follow the instructions carefully and not mess up with the ratios mentioned in the book.

Why do we like it?

  • Detailed recipes
  • Easy to cook bread making process
  • Variety of recipes for different types of breads
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2. Country Breads of the World

Country Breads Of The World

This cookbook for baking bread is not just an ordinary cookbook, but it has all the best and most essential tips and tricks to ace the perfect loaves of breads. The cookbook has more than eighty recipes, each one graced with in-depth instructions and detailed ideas about the right way to achieve an even consistency and great taste. You will find all the instructions clear and easy to understand.

You know how they say never judge a book by its cover, but in this case, the cover does justice to the content inside. With an equally attractive and mouth-watering book cover, the recipes inside are no less of taste and quality. Linda Collister and Anthony Blake have mastered the art of baking bread and now are making the same thing easier and accessible to everyone.

You will find basic bread and all kinds of delicious breads from various cuisines and parts of the world. This book covers rustic-style bread, which includes honey rye, sunflower bread, along with the delicious soup to treat your taste buds. You will also get the recipes for the Swedish saffron cake and the special Easter Kulich from Russian cuisine.

When you thought it couldn’t get any better, this book is also a journey through the best and most delicious bakeries in the world. With detailed and high-quality pictures from various bakeries worldwide, this cookbook takes you on a detailed journey of what it feels like to look at delicious breads and enjoy the freshly baked vibes. Don’t worry about losing your diet control with this book and the amazing recipes because it has various recipes for gluten-free loaves of bread and grain-free loaves of bread.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions to achieve perfection in your baking methods, and once you get hold of the extensive recipes in it, you will not find the urge to purchase bread from the supermarket ever again.

Why do we like it?

  • Detailed and easy recipes
  • You can make various types of bread.
  • Easy to follow
  • Has pictures from various bakeries
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3. Bread Baker’s Bible

Bread Baker’s Bible

A whole lifestyle to bake the perfect loaves of bread, the bread baker’s bible is a must-have for everyone who loves to wear an apron and stand behind the kitchen counter experimenting with ingredients. This is a great cookbook for beginners as well as professionals. It entails all the basic every day bread recipes to complex commercial bread recipes.

The title of this book, “Traditional bread recipes from around the world,” is kept and valued throughout the book, and you will have different recipes with hints and tricks from different parts of the world. Not only it contains delicious recipes from all around the world, but it also has history, anthropology and detailed description about each type of bread. It won’t be wrong to say that this product deeply enriches your mind and your thoughts and satisfies your taste buds.

You can be a professional baker if you follow the recipes listed in this bread baker’s bible, and we are not exaggerating in any way. You will find different bakeries filled with different types of bread from all around the world and lots of people enjoying the wonderful bread in all seasons. Just make it a part of your food library, and you will be thanking us for this recommendation.

With 75 traditional recipes from all over the world, you will not run out of ways to impress yourself and your loved ones with your hard-working bread-making process. Fun to follow and easy to understand, the recipes are a game-changer for everyone.

Why do we like it?

  • It has over 75 recipes for bread.
  • Completely explains each recipe in detail.
  • Discusses traditions and histories from various parts of the world
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4. Flour Water Salt Yeast: Fundamentals of Artisan Bread And Pizza

Flour Water Salt Yeast Fundamentals Of Artisan Bread And Pizza

An extensive and complete collection of all the amazing and easy-to-follow recipes bread and pizza recipes from all the world’s best kitchen practices. This book is written and modified with the ideal guidelines for a home-based baker, so it contains all the basic ingredients and easy recipes. The cookbook uses easy-to-understand terminologies so that even a first-time baker who is experimenting with the ingredients can easily make the tastiest bread of their life.

As the title suggests, flour, water, salt, and yeast, this book plays with these ingredients and all the basic yummy recipes that can be achieved with these ingredients. Special pizzas from multiple cuisines, such as boule or Neapolitan style pizza, are explained clearly. You can follow the entire pizza-making method to feed your entire family a delicious pizza every other day.

Also, the author Ken Forkish explains the recipes and the purpose of each recipe in a way that increases your cooking skills. It’s like a book that is your virtual guide through the entire cooking process. The author has explained throughout the book purpose of each ingredient, such as using warm water to knead the dough and the need for fermentation in the refrigerator.

Customers find it helpful to learn step by step, follow recipes and polish their cooking skills, which will help them in other cooking areas. To get those crispy, soft, and airy on the inside loaves of bread, follow the recipes from the fundamentals of artisan bread and pizza and grace your kitchens with the smell of freshly baked tasty bread.

Why do we like it?

  • Ideal for beginners to professional bakers
  • Has a collection of recipes for bread and pizzas
  • A complete guide to achieving perfection in the kitchen
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5. The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook

The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook

Are you one of those people whose mornings are incomplete without a crispy and sweet toast of bread? If yes, you might not want to compromise your day’s start with some basic bread. After all, going to the bakery every morning and staying limited to two to four bread choices does not mean living life.

For bread lovers, this cookbook is everything they need. It is concise, easy to follow, contains basic ingredients and easy recipes, and is a very determined way to make you a professional baker. Whether you are getting your hands on baking for the first time or are looking for further recipes to expand your skills, this book is the perfect purchase for you.

Who knew there are more than 300 types of bread in the world? As opposed to your common breakfast bread, how about trying those 300 variations of your favorite food item? This book will give you a grip on baking with simple tips and tricks that will expand and polish your skill even outside the book.

Once you start baking, your entire neighborhood will brighten up with the delicious smell of freshly baked bread. Eat them with butter, soup, sauce, or even pasta; there are various options to play from. The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook will keep you and your bread machine occupied with 300 recipes for making quality bread ranging from white bread to whole-grain, fast bread, sourdough, buns, and rolls.

The recipes mentioned in this cookbook are flexible and versatile for a wide range of bread machines, and you will get an amazing way to workaround to achieve the perfect loaves of bread.

Why do we like it?

  • One of the most extensive recipe books
  • It has over 300 recipes.
  • You can find different kinds of bread with it.
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Cookbooks for Baking Bread Buyer’s Guide

It is common for a book lover or a foodie to step into a bookstore and get overwhelmed with hundreds of choices staring right back at them. This is especially common when you are standing in the cookbook aisle and cannot pick the right cookbook for you. When you feel like purchasing them all, imagine the cost and effort it would take you.

After all, no one can choose all the cookbooks globally; the confusion is too overwhelming. Besides, that comprising on any cookbook is like compromising on your kitchen and the quality of food it produces. To choose the best cookbook for baking bread, here are certain factors to keep in mind.

Number of Recipes

The number of recipes in a cookbook is one of the major factors affecting your final choice. A cookbook with a greater number of recipes provides you with greater options to try and choose from. Also, you can try multiple recipes and claim the praises and impress your family members every other day.

Despite that, the whole purpose of choosing a cookbook for baking bread is to play with ingredients and get your expertise on wide choices of bread all around the world. It is not wise to purchase an entire cookbook for someone who only wants two to three basic recipes to try.


Most cookbooks for baking bread include a diverse collection of bread recipes which gives positive points to a cookbook. A cookbook with diverse recipes for baking the perfect bread from various parts of the world is a great one, especially when you are a fan of trying out new cuisines and love to make entire meals from different parts of the world.

Easy Recipes

Making and acing the perfect bread is a tough thing to do, and especially when you are a beginner, you cannot just risk the quantity, ratios, and temperature of the oven. A good cookbook for baking bread has detailed and easy-to-follow instructions to bake the perfect bread for you. Rather than using complex ingredients that are not only heavy on your budget but also not available at common grocery stores, a cookbook with easy everyday ingredients is a good choice.