Best Commercial Mixer

5 Best Commercial Mixers (Reviews Updated 2021)

Is there any kitchen that is complete in its glory and functionality without a mixer? We don’t think so; basic mixers are common in every kitchen for you to make your shakes and creamy, rich smoothie but what a commercial mixer does for you is far beyond measures. It is smart, versatile, and a cooking wizard in itself.

You can knead the dough, mix cakes, make thick yummy cookie batters and the opportunities with a commercial mixer are endless. This is because of the heavy-duty strength of a commercial mixer which is here to make restaurants and bakeshops run smoothly, but who says you cannot buy one for your home? Dive in as we bring the most amazing commercial mixers from the market and learn how you can buy the one most fit for you.

Best Commercial Mixers

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1. KitchenAid Professional Mixer

Kitchenaid Professional Mixer

Whenever there is a need for kitchen appliances mentioned, kitchen aid is inevitable to come in most minds. The company has brewed a great image and value in front of its customer for years. They sell high-quality, technologically equipped, and smart kitchen appliances that make your life so much worthwhile.

One of the most purchased and admired mixers in the market, the kitchen aid 600 stand mixer can do it all. Whether it’s your pizza dough or your dumplings, the appliance has some best tools and ways to make it all work. Moreover, with the expertise in this product, you will get an extremely affordable and reliable price range, which is why people love this product so much.

Who said colors are not important when it comes to commercial mixers? Kitchen aid understands the value of aesthetics, and this product comes in almost nine colors, each one specific to the kitchen theme. You can choose any you like, and the functionality is still a win-win.

The company provides a six-month warranty for peace of mind; however, there are rare to zero complaints arising from this product. The 575-watt motor is powerful and worthy of praise, and you can use the machine at up to ten different mixing speeds. This machine’s capacity is enough to handle fourteen cups of flour at once, and there won’t be any dry spots nor any spillage.

Ideal for commercial use and bakeshops, bakeries can make huge amounts of cookies and cupcakes at once. This product is also ideal for professional caterers considering its value, size, compactness, and versatility. The manufacturers have also added the soft-start feature to avoid any spillage of flours; it seems like our all dreams come true with this product.

Why do we like it?

  • Has ten-speed settings
  • Great capacity
  • Has a spiral dough hook
  • Multi-purpose
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2. Uniworld Commercial Mixer

Uniworld Commercial Mixer

The Uniworld commercial mixer has a huge quantity of 10 quarts, and this machine truly depicts what a commercial mixer is like. The machine is built to work under high pressure and great quality situations, and all the accessories added with this product make it a great purchase. You can make large batches of dough in this machine, and there won’t be any unmixed or dry patches that come your way.

The machine is also known to meet up some strict safety requirements, and you can rely on it for years of use without losing the charm and quality of the product. This machine’s power motor has a value of 5 horsepower, which is enough to drive great quantities of cookie dough and cakes’ batter. The whole machine is made with alloy steel gears, which adds to the product’s durability and strength.

Now you must be wondering something as huge and capable of great things must make noise during the wonder it does? But that’s not true; the Uniworld commercial mixer is surprisingly quiet. You can be mixing doughs and batters in your kitchen while your guests and customers will be having the time of their life in the room next to you.

This machine’s quietness adds to the value and a part of the reason why many customers like it and prefer this appliance. The stainless steel bowl is yet another commendable feature of this product. There are enough accessories attached to try all the recipes in your bake and make a cookbook.

This machine is like your baking and mixing partner. The weight of this product allows it to be operated at high speeds and not topple over. As we discuss commercial mixers, this product is not so great for home use considering its 200 pounds weight.

Why do we like it?

  • Has a huge 10 quarts capacity
  • Heavy-duty setup and functionality
  • Works in three mixing speeds
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3. Bosch Commercial Mixer

Bosch Commercial Mixer

The Bosch commercial mixer is different and slightly varies in design from its peers. The machine has incorporated a dome of the best mixing and kneading capacities that is on the market. The machine works from the bottom up, and the plastic body is sufficient to withstand high pressures and working speeds.

With a capacity of 6.5 quarts, the machine is ideal for both home uses and mid-sized restaurant uses. If you own and run a bakeshop with tons of baking to do every day, there is no better option than this product. Compact in size and shape, this product does not take up much space on your kitchen counters.

The BPA-free plastic body makes this product a must-have in your kitchen without worrying about the model’s quality and makes. Just because it looks small does not mean it is not capable of doing great things. The machine can knead up to 14 loaves of bread and 24 dozen cookies in a single go.

The dual beating functionality of this product ensures even kneading and beating of the mixture throughout. The triple whipping action of this product gives enough blending to the mixture. The motor of this machine is powered 800 watts, and the belt style functionality is something commendable.

You can easily make items for both small and large scales as this product offers great versatility and flexibility. Moreover, to make up for everything, the product comes with a great bunch of accessories. These accessories amp the overall functionality of the product.

You can grind meat, make kinds of pasta, and whip perfectly fluffy creams without looking for other devices to do the job.

Why do we like it?

  • Has various options
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use
  • Three-year warranty
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4. Hobart Commercial Mixer

Hobart Commercial Mixer

The Hobart commercial mixer has a capacity of 5 quarts. It can easily entertain your small to medium batches of cake and cookie dough. The machine is simple and versatile and allows you to operate smooth mixing at three speeds.

The gear transmission system provides great stability to the product, and the whole mixing operation becomes flawless. The Hobart commercial mixer has a fairly simple operating system for a machine capable of handling and managing tough tasks. The appliance has a simple push control button that can start and stop the function in an instant.

The powerful motor ensures the process is executed flawlessly, and the motor also does not heat up due to constant whirring and mixing. You can make pizza dough, cookie dough, cake batters, pasta dough, and anything that needs a fine and even kneading. The machine can mix all the batters thoroughly, and there won’t be a single dry or uneven patch in the mixed mixture.

This machine’s beauty is that it is simple in functionality but can manage and overtake complex baking tasks. The size and make of this model also make it a star of your kitchen. The whole machine is easy to assemble, and the spare parts are easiest to clean.

Don’t place them in the dishwasher to honor the delicacy of the machine parts. The whole structure is made up of heavy-duty steel alloy that presents strength to the product and keeps it reliable and functioning for years to come. You can use it for hours a day or even days apart; the machine does not lose its reliability with time.

Why do we like it?

  • Can cover up heavy mixing easily.
  • Enough for both home and commercial uses
  • Easy to use
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5. Sunbeam Commercial Mixer

Sunbeam Commercial Mixer

Is there any product more stylish than this? Taking technology and aesthetics to a whole new level, the commercial sunbeam mixer is an amazing buy. The motor is powered 350 watts, so it is ideal for everyday functions, and you can use multiple options easily.

The machine has a great mixing power with 12 different speed levels to make your delicious meals. The soft-start technology is yet another thoughtful incorporation in this product that prevents the dry and wet ingredients’ spillage. The beater allows thorough and even mixing throughout the mixture.

Gently increase the speed to your desired beating speed, and you will experience no splatters because of the soft switch technology. The three-way mixing operation of this machine makes it a star of commercial mixers. This feature also eliminates the buildup on the bowl’s sides by allowing the off-center bow to do the mixing job.

The machine has a motor power that can withstand long operating times without heating up and losing its capability. No need to grasp the top of the handle as the automatic feature allows safe mixing without managing the top manually. The pot also rotates to ensure even mixing throughout.

The machine has two functional attachments that add to the value of the product. These two attachments are truly beaters plus dough hooks. You can make delicious pieces of bread, pizzas, pasta doughs, cookie doughs, and all the options that need mixing with care.

You can also whip the cream to the softest consistency and enjoy the whole process. Ready to make you a MasterChef, the commercial sunbeam mixer is a good choice.

Why do we like it?

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Has a good warranty
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Commercial Mixer Buyer’s Guide

Baking is quite distinctive from cooking as it involves a lot of technical precision and great attention to little things. While baking a good cake or a perfect dozen cookies is a skill, mixing and beating equipment plays a major role in deciding your baked item’s future. An evenly mixed cake batter or cookie dough yields great taste and texture as compared to careless mixing.

If you plan to run your bakeshop or increase your baking game at home, it is not possible without a commercial mixer. Make sure to take care of these factors before making your purchase for a commercial mixer.


When it comes to a home mixer, the capacity is rarely considered because the minimum size is even sufficient for home needs. But when it comes to the commercial mixer, capacity has a huge role to play. Commercial mixers range from 5 quarts to as much as 10 quarts and even more.

The greater capacity allows greater quantity to be entertained at once and this mixer still allows even mixing. However, large commercial mixers are hard to transport from one place to another. They are most likely to stay at the same spot because of their huge weight. If you have a remote catering business, a heavy commercial baker is not the ideal choice for you.


Many commercial mixers come with various accessories to provide a versatile and flexible mixing experience. With the accessories, you can get multiple machine features at once. These additional accessories open up more opportunities and may take the product to the expensive side.

If you are not going to experiment with multiple accessories, then there is no point in spending on the product’s additional features.

Mixer Style

There are several mixer styles, and each one plays a different role than the other. The mixer style of the product also greatly impacts the quantity and quality of the mixture obtained. The smaller mixture, also known as the countertop mixture, has fewer than 10 quarts.

The slightly larger matures come in 10 to 20 quarts, whereas a mixer larger than that comes as the floor mixer. Even if your choice of mixer does not mention the quantity, you can get an idea of the mixing style operated in that machine.