Best Commercial Kitchen Islands

5 Best Commercial Kitchen Islands (Reviews Updated 2022)

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No matter how many counters and cabinets are pre-installed in your kitchen there is always a need for more space to place your essential kitchen items and have a tidy kitchen. If you have a small kitchen by blur print or find your big kitchen smaller because of all the extra items you carry (to make up for your love for cooking), kitchen islands are the best investment. You can purchase as many as you want and place them anywhere in the kitchen.

This is the benefit of a kitchen island, it gives you a sense of control over your kitchen and you can get a station to place plenty of your kitchen tools and utensils. And the best part? They come in all shapes and sizes so let’s find the best one for you.

Best Commercial Kitchen Islands

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Here are our commercial kitchen island reviews:

1. Vasagle Kitchen Counter

Vasagle Kitchen Counter

For smaller kitchens with bigger dreams. The Vasagle commercial kitchen island is the best way to compensate for a tiny kitchen. The versatile design and strong make of this model makes this product a desirable feature in everyone’s kitchen. Made with a compact design this product offers a greater space to fit all your kitchen items and not create a mess.

The Vasagle commercial kitchen counter comes with the installed wheels which provide ease of movement and the product has a three tier so you can place all your items in an order and arrange them categorically. The structure has been made up of the particleboard with the basic wood grain that adds to the quality and strength of the product. With a strong make, this model can bear up to 176 pounds and not collapse under pressure.

You would be shocked if we tell you the top tier alone of this product is strong enough to hold a microwave. The top wooden counter keeps up with the aesthetic as well as quality purpose of the product. The bottom two tiers make up for the strength with a metal mesh that is spaced enough to hold all the items but not too wide to drop things down.

The mesh allows drainage too when you place freshly washed utensils. The height of this product is yet another commendable feature as it allows tall bottles to be placed between the tiers. This product is ideal for your restaurant kitchens when you have to several tables at once because the product it fancy and has smooth running wheels.

Why do we like it?

  • Made up of solid metal frame
  • Strong and practical
  • Has a great load capacity
  • Waterproof
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2. Orleans Kitchen Island

Orleans Kitchen Island

We love this vintage yet versatile product. The Orleans kitchen island is not just here to hold your kitchen items but it is one of the best investments you could make. This product will add stars to your entire kitchen whether you buy it for your home or your restaurants.

The three tier structure with a smart make is this product’s astounding feature. The top is made up of the hardwood butcher block which is class and strong at the same time. This commercial kitchen island is inspired and curated according to the 18th century French cottage style and the quality is promised through amazing craftsmanship.

The spindle legs hold the structure in the place so that any amount of weight and items do not topple it over. The slotted shelves also give a great look to the entire product. The second tier is made with partitions to place your basic items such as cooking pans and even your cookbooks.

You cannot only use it for storage purposes but also use it as a working station. Cut your vegetables, make your salads and everything that you need a little extra space for. The wide and long counter top is easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

The caramel finish on the top of this product is yet another commendable feature of this product and the looks are just unmatched. The metal bottom tiers are made with rust free coating so your kitchen island does not look old as the time passes. The dimensions of this product are 53 inches wide, 26 inches deep and 36 inches high.

The quick and easy assembly process is another reason to invest in this product and not worry about toppling your kitchen island with extra load.

Why do we like it?

  • Smart and sleek design
  • Great for aesthetic and functionality
  • Has three tiers to accommodate enough stuff
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3. Boraam Kitchen Island

Boraam Kitchen Island

If you love cooking more than anything in the world then you need a peaceful environment to test all your cooking skills. And with great cooking skills comes great mess so how about having an extra kitchen island that can manage your salad bar and cover up two to three meals prep items. The Boraam kitchen island is your go to kitchen stand that will give you all the extra space you need.

The simple structure of this product is what many customers admire and the top stainless steel is an epitome of beauty and quality. The durable stainless steel counter top makes sure your kitchen island is strong and remains rust free even after long exposure to air and water. The surface is also super easy to clean and all you need is a clean cloth to get it done with.

The remaining parts of this model are made up of solid wood. The product comes with two small drawers to place your essential items such as knives, spoons or anything you need to hide behind those strong wooden drawers. The second counter is made up of wooden mesh and its height is also adjustable.

You can vary the distance between the bottom and the second tier to make up for the items you need to place in the open space. The only issue with this item is that it needs to be assembled before it’s all ready to make your life easier. Just read the manual and follow the instructions and the whole process is done in a matter of minutes.

The commercial kitchen island by Boraam comes with wheels to provide you a great ease of use and you can easily move around the product in your kitchen as you please.

Why do we like it?

  • Stainless steel counter top for heavy items
  • Adjustable height for the middle shelf
  • Comes with an assembly kit and installation instructions
  • Easy to use and has wheels
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4. MBQQ Industrial Kitchen Island

Mbqq Industrial Kitchen Island

We call this commercial kitchen island simple and reliable. If you are not a fan of fancy equestrian designs and spending extra dollars on those vintage looks then the MBQQ industrial kitchen island is the best choice for you. The product is practical and highly affordable.

The commercial kitchen island is made in a three tier structure and offers you convenience over anything. The storage space in this product is large enough to hold multiple cutlery items and you can also ensure it is going to withstand all the weight you put on it. When you have a busy kitchen with lots of stuff going around at all times, then this product is the best deal for you.

The dimensions of this product are 31 inches length 35 inches height and a handy depth of 17 inches. It also has a towel bar to hold your towel and kitchen cloths you need for extra wiping. This product is great not for only extra kitchen space but you can use it as a serving trolley because of the wheels installed at the bottom.

The whole product is made up of original wood, metal pipes and metal rollers. The strength of this product is something to talk about and the natural wood gives a great feel of rustic look to the whole trolley. Just make use of all the extra space and the safety lock features in the wheel so your commercial kitchen island does not go under unwanted movement.

You can also use the top counter as a cutting station or even a wine station to serve cold drinks to all your customers. The whole structure is made with smart coating so the product remains rust free and is easier to clean. The front of the commercial kitchen island also has hooks to hang some of your pans and utensils.

This commercial kitchen island is great for professional caterers too.

Why do we like it?

  • Simple and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Has extra space
  • Multiple functionality
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5. Dorel Kitchen Island

Dorel Kitchen Island

One of the simplest commercial kitchen island, the Dorel commercial kitchen island improves your kitchen’s performance several times. This kitchen counter will help you get all the extra space that you always wished to have in your small kitchen. The structure and make of this model is one thing to talk about but let’s not forget the functionality.

This item only weighs 62 pounds and has a dimensions of 20 by 48 by 36 inches which is ideal and versatile for every kitchen. The top and second counter are made with a hard wood which is sufficient to hold great appliances such as microwave oven and all your kitchen equipment. The bottom counter has a steel mesh structure to provide extra strength and place the utensils and large cutlery items.

The structure of this product is made with high quality steel and metallic legs that give extra durability and reliability. Just because the product looks delicate does not mean it cannot do heavy duty jobs. The metal legs alone weigh 30 pounds thus they are not hollow and are able to hold the whole structure themselves.

You can use this commercial kitchen island for multiple uses, whether you want to cook something or use it as a serving station or even a drinks station, the base is easy to clean with just a damp cloth. The metal pipes are covered with rust free coating to ensure longevity of the product. Not only for commercial kitchens, this product also great for home uses.

Why do we like it?

  • Lightweight and strong product
  • Made with high quality steel
  • Has great space
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Commercial Kitchen Island Buyer’s Guide

If you are looking to start a new restaurant or your own fast food place you need a large space to manage all the cooking process as well as to maintain the tidiness and cleanliness in the kitchen. This is hardly possible with a limited space especially when it’s just a startup. Many food chains have limited budget so they can purchase a small kitchen space only to spend more on the seating and a comfortable customer ambiance.

To make up for a small kitchen there is no better option than a commercial kitchen island. It is both reliable and affordable and you can use all the extra space to make up for the tiny space. But before you buy a commercial kitchen island here are certain factors to keep in mind.


Some commercial kitchen islands are wider while some are taller. If you have a limited space length wise or height wise you need to find a size that is suitable for your kitchen. After all size of a commercial kitchen island is the most important factor since there is no point in investing on a product that only clutters your kitchen more than ever.


The material of a commercial kitchen island is also a great factor. The material gives the strength to the product. For a commercial kitchen island if you need it for storing heavy duty items such as microwave and oven then you should not settle for marbleized tops are they can be susceptible to damage due to the extra weight.

Moreover, the legs and base of the commercial kitchen island is also very important. As the legs have to withstand the weight of the entire commercial island.


If you need a commercial kitchen island as well as a serving station for your restaurant than portability is an important factor. Most of the commercial islands have wheels installed at the bottom while some are solid at the base. For a serving station it is necessary to purchase a kitchen island with wheels so you easily move it places.

Such commercial kitchen islands are also great for professional caterings.

Additional features

Additional features come as drawers, towel bars or even hooks to compensate extra item. Many manufacturers also install safety lock on wheels so your commercial kitchen island is prevented from unwanted movements.