Best Commercial Espresso Machines

5 Best Commercial Espresso Machines (Reviews Updated 2021)

This goes out to coffee lovers who have once or twice or even more times dreamt of owning a coffee place. If not a properly functioning coffee place with people chatting in the corner, friends gossiping over something, and bonding over fresh warm mugs of espresso, we all wanted to have the best coffee station at home. This is your chance to make your dream come true.

Finding the best commercial espresso machines is your way to have a lifetime of espresso without having to pay for it. It’s a one-time investment that has no regrets. So if you are on your hunt for the best commercial espresso machines, here are some choices for you.

Best Commercial Espresso Machines

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Here are our commercial espresso machine reviews:

1. La Pavoni Commercial Espresso Machine

La Pavoni Commercial Espresso Machine

Do you need a commercial espresso machine but don’t want it to be too heavy? As a professional caterer, you might need to move your espresso machine from place to place, but with something weighing as huge as 80 pounds, it is just not practical. And a lighter machine wouldn’t have enough capacity.

The La Pavoni commercial espresso machine is your go-to machine when you need a portable coffee maker to come with you to places. Do not worry about the capacity, as this machine can produce up to 150 shots of cappuccino that you can enjoy and drink. Even though it looks like a typical coffee maker at your home, this machine is something more than just professional and commercial.

The top space is the most commendable part of this machine. With a sleek and stylish design, you can make the best of this appliance and enjoy catering like never before. Just because it is lightweight does not mean it isn’t heavy-duty.

The machine has a strong and robust structure, and it does not even take up that much space on a kitchen counter. The only limitation of this machine is that it can produce one cup of coffee at a time. However, the time taken between two successive cups of coffee is negligible, so you can get cup after cup and not worry about its limited capacity.

You can efficiently serve coffee to all of your customers or guests, and with the built-in cup warmer feature, you can be guaranteed that your coffee will remain warm for a longer time. Popular amongst the caterers, this product is much-hyped in the market for all the right reasons.

Why do we like it?

  • Portable and smart design
  • Easy to use
  • Has a quick brewing time
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2. Nuova Commercial Espresso Machine

Nuova Commercial Espresso Machine

This machine is here to make your coffee brewing process easier and faster. It won’t be a brag to say that just a few clicks, and you won’t even need to be there to watch the whole process. The machine delivers some of the best and tastiest espresso mugs, and you are likely to enjoy the sophistication this product brings to your kitchen.

The Nuova commercial espresso machine has a capacity of 22 liters which is great for an enormous serving of coffee. The machine can fill up both small and tall cups simultaneously. In addition to that, the manufacturers have also added a cup warmer feature that will keep your coffee hot long after it is brewed.

This machine is also the international espresso machine of the official world barista championship. Now, this has to say something about the product. This machine’s sleek and stylish body makes it another reason to be placed in your coffee shop.

The stainless steel and shiny exterior are what make this product a treat to look at. Moreover, this product is fully automatic, so you do not have to spend hours getting the coffee machine training or hiring a new barista that knows how to deal with coffee makers’ old style. With this product, you need a simple button to pour the deliciously brewed coffee into your mugs.

The additional features include a special steam wand cool touch system which will help your coffee remain at an ideal temperature. Moreover, this product weighs 224 pounds which makes it sturdy and focused on your coffee shop counter. You don’t need to worry about the spillage or damage happening to this heavy-duty commercial espresso maker.

You can make four cups of coffee which equals four happy people at once. The simple design ensures there are no complex parts in this machine, so there are fewer chances of any damage happening to the product. If you are setting up a coffee shop or looking for an upgrade, choose this product for a wonderful experience.

Why do we like it?

  • Made up of stainless steel
  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Simple to use
  • Durable in the long run
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3. Jura Commercial Espresso Machine

Jura Commercial Espresso Machine

One of the strongest candidates on our list, which makes the strongest cups of coffee. The Jura commercial espresso maker is here to make your mornings better with its sturdy structure and strong make. This model can produce coffee after coffee, and each cup will be full of flavor and strength just as you need.

Featuring on a different side than the rest of our products, you cannot only control the cups of coffee coming out of this machine, but you can also manage the strength of each cup. Yes, that’s right, the Jura commercial espresso maker can make coffee with eight varying strengths. You can choose from the smartly programmed features in this product.

The machine allows you to select from two brewing temperatures and three hot water temperatures. You can make the best of the twelve different programmable settings and use these programs to get fresh cups of coffee every day, all day. The capacity of this machine is 25 cups of coffee per cycle which is pretty great.

All you need is a little time to get yourself familiar with the pre-programmed settings, and you are good to go. Be ready to serve coffee barista-style with this product that has become a star of many kitchens. The thin-film display allows you to select your preferred choice from various settings, and you will be enjoying multiple combinations to get the best taste of both worlds.

And just because this machine looks complicated, it is not; even a beginner can use this product and make some of the best cups of coffee they have ever tasted. You can make two cups of coffee in each cycle.

Why do we like it?

  • Versatile for different shades of coffee
  • Easy to use
  • Has an LCD
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4. Elektra Deliziosa Espresso Machine

Elektra Deliziosa Espresso Machine

Taking the barista life to a whole new spin, this product is not like your typical commercial espresso maker. We love the make, we admire the style and don’t talk about this product’s smartness, which will deliver you cups after cups without getting empty any time soon.

This machine has a great style and comes with a rather compact structure. With a 2200 power wattage, you can ensure that your coffee is made in quick rounds, and your customers won’t be waiting long for their fresh morning coffee. The brand is also one of the bests when it comes to getting commercial espresso makers.

Although the manufacturers don’t like to brag much about it and call it a semi-automatic product, the machine comes with five automatic dosing devices here to make your life easier. The boiler has a whopping capacity of 1.45 gallons which makes this machine a coffee wizard. And the best part?

This product only weighs 80 pounds, so that you can use it as a part of your catering items as well. The high precision gauge gives a hint of old school and reduces the energy consumption of the machine. You can make the best of the programmable night function, which allows a reduction in energy usage.

Moreover, there is an electronic control that allows you to hold over brewing temperature so you can govern the final temperature of your coffee. The only limitation to this machine is that, as compared to others, it may require skilled staff to ensure smooth operation. Moreover, you can only get a single cup at one time, but the time between two cups is almost zero, so that’s not a concern.

Why do we like it?

  • Compact shape
  • Has a top storage
  • Ideal for catering profession
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5. Macross Commercial Espresso Machine

Macross Commercial Espresso Machine

Who thought making coffee could be so much easier and more fun? This machine is a perfect example of innovation to another level. Combining the best industrial practices with inventions, this beauty is ideal for your new coffee shop or even if you need an upgrade with your previous one.

This model’s design and make are what most baristas admire, and the knob control feature gives a great hold over the dispensing process. The whole machine is made with a stainless steel body to remain lightweight and strong to the core. The machine only has three buttons so that you can get yourself with the coffee-making process in no time.

All you need is to choose one of the vital options from power, boiler refill, and coffee brew, and the machine will be ready to take care of the rest. The water reservoir keeps the water at the perfect temperature, and this machine does not lose any heat to the surroundings. The top water basin is a much-hyped feature of this product.

Because of the top water reservoir, the machine is extremely simple to wash and keep clean. Free from any spare parts, you don’t need to spend extra hours assembling this machine at the start of the day. You can open the café and start serving cups after cups of coffee.

The machine has a 2-liter capacity and its structure makes this product admired by so many people. The large handle gives you an easy grip and prevents your hands from extreme temperatures and burning. If one of your friends will open a coffee place, there is no better gift than this.

Why do we like it?

  • Has a stylish design
  • Extremely compact and lightweight
  • Has a glass pressure gauge for easy reading
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Commercial Espresso Machines Buyer’s Guide

It’s not like a can of baked beans or even an all-purpose seasoning; the commercial espresso machine is a huge investment. With the prices as high as these products have, you cannot settle for something that you may not need and need but not get only to regret later. Commercial espresso machines are a tricky business because, most of the time, there are at least one or two factors that we tend to ignore when making the purchase.

Just be sure to buy something affordable, reliable, dependable, and versatile in the long run. Here are few factors to keep in mind.

Automatic vs. Semi-automatic

Commercial espresso machines are both available as fully automatic and semi-automatic. Semi-automatic may require some of the barista experience and skilled labor to run the operation, and you can also have greater control over such machines. However, with an automatic commercial espresso machine, the whole process needs a single or two clicks.


Capacity is the most important feature in a commercial espresso machine. After all, it is what separates a basic coffee maker from a commercial espresso machine. Some espresso machines have reservoirs as huge as 100 cups, and some have limited to 50 cups per cycle.

You must choose the one as per your needs. For large-scale coffee shops, having a huge reservoir is better as it reduces the time taken to start each cycle, and the coffee warmer feature also keeps your coffee warm for sufficient time.

User Friendliness

User-friendliness is one of the most important factors when it comes to a commercial espresso machine. Some machines have complex features, and some have one to two-button features that will get the job done for you. Although most commercial espresso machines are here to make your coffee-making process breezier and easier, certain ones need special skills to set the temperatures and control the froth level.


With something as huge as a commercial espresso machine, you cannot just depend on it every once while cleaning. A commercial espresso machine has great use all day, so it needs to be clean. Some commercial espresso machines are self-cleaning, but still, they need a regular once-in-a-while deep cleaning.