Best Cold Press Juicer

5 Best Cold Press Juicers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Cold press juicer operates via cold press or masticating method to produce healthy and superior juice to its centrifugal counterparts. Unlike high speed and rough contraction of centrifugal juicers, this gadget gently compresses vegetables and fruits at a lower speed to squeeze out their juice. Due to its slow speed, a cold press juicer extracts all nutrients from your selected ingredients.

Cold press juicers can cost a lot of money, but because these gadgets extract higher-quality juice, they are worth every penny. So now the real question is which cold press juicer will suit you best? Below, to answer this question, we have compiled a list of the five best cold press juicers that will suit you best.

Best Cold Press Juicers

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1. Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer

Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer

If you are looking for an affordable yet sturdy cold press juicer, Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer is the best pick for you. This gadget is among the highest positively reviewed cold press juicers, so we are not the only people who like it. With a compact design, this product comes in different colors, including gray, red, white, green, and premium blue.

Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer is made of ABS, PMMA, and BPA-free material. Plus, this gadget contains stainless steel blades that resist rust, corrosion, and tarnish. As a result, it is quite powerful and features a wattage of 150 watts. In addition, this cold press juicer has two different speed modes; one for softer vegetables and fruits such as orange, grape, celery, and the other for harder ones like pear, apple, carrot, and more.

Why do we like it? 

  • BPA-Free Material
  • Affordable Juicer
  • Easy to Clean
  • Durable Construction
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2. AMZCHEF Cold Press Juicer

Amzchef Cold Press Juicer

Next, we have AMZCHEF Cold Press Juicer. Being second does not mean this gadget is not worth considering; in fact, this juicer is more inexpensive and durable than the above one. It is available in five different colors: galaxy gray, ivory white, mint green, orange, and red. This gadget is made from strong plastic and durable stainless steel.

With proper care and use, we are sure thing cold press juicer will last for years. AMZCHEF Cold Press Juicer provides richer nutrition and purer and higher juice yield. Its seven spiral masticating system squeezes the maximum amount of juice from vegetables and fruits and provides up to 90% more nutrition growth. Furthermore, this product features a reverse function that helps you to clean and avoid sticking.

Why do we like it? 

  • Easy to Assemble
  • Higher Juice Yield
  • Compact Design
  • BPA-Free Material
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3. Omega H3000D Cold Press Juicer

Omega H3000d Cold Press Juicer

Another gadget that deserves mention on our list is Omega H3000D Cold Press Juicer. With 150 watts of power, this gadget comes in two different colors: red and black. This juicer is nothing if not versatile; you can use it for leafy greens, carrots, celery, and other vegetables, fruits, and wheatgrass. Plus, this juicer won’t cost you a fortune.

Omega H3000D Cold Press Juicer is made of strong and sturdy plastic and contains high-quality stainless-steel blades. This gadget extracts the maximum amount of vitamins, taste, and nutrients from a minimum amount of ingredients. In short, this product is the perfect combination of lower speed and higher power, exposing your foods to less oxygen which yields higher nutritional values and preserves nutrient strength and enzymes.

Why do we like it? 

  • Higher Nutritional Value
  • Sleek and Compact Design
  • Boost your Immunity
  • Versatile Gadget
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4. MegaWise Pro Cold Press Juicer

Megawise Pro Cold Press Juicer

You cannot complete a kitchen appliance list without MegaWise products. If recently you have used other MegaWise gadgets, you surely know that they are sturdy and worth every single penny. This gadget weighs about ten pounds that keep it sturdy while working. Due to its strong plastic construction, we are sure this cold press juicer will last for decades.

MegaWise Cold Press Juicer is quite powerful and comes with a high-performance 150-watt motor base. Its compact design and a nine-segment spiral system provide the highest amount of juice yield and nutritional value. In addition, this product is quite easy to assemble and clean; it only takes seven simple steps to assemble it, and this gadget is completely BPA-free.

Why do we like it? 

  • 95% Juice Yield
  • BPA-Free Material
  • Easy to Clean
  • 150-Watt Powerful Motor
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5. Aeitto Slow Masticating Juicer

Aeitto Slow Masticating Juicer

Lastly, we have Aeitto Slow Masticating Juicer. This gadget is affordable, easy to use, long-lasting, efficient, and beyond. If you are a beginner, this juicer may be the perfect pick for you; It is easy to assemble, clean, and operate. Plus, this kitchen appliance contains stainless steel blades and a strong and sturdy plastic body that resists rust, tarnish, and corrosion.

Aeitto Slow Masticating Juicer includes an extra-large feed chute that can fit large pieces of vegetables and fruits. In addition, thanks to its slow speed and high-performance motor, this gadget provides a higher percentage of nutrition, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals. Finally, this gadget is also BPA-free and extracts less than sixty decibels. With proper use, this cold press juicer will last for years.

Why do we like it? 

  • Pulp and Juice Separation Function
  • Silent and Baby Healthy
  • BPA-Free Material
  • Durable Construction
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Cold Press Juicer Buyer’s Guide

Cold Press Juicers can cost a lot of money; therefore, it would be best for you to invest your time before making a selection. In order to get a long-lasting and high-performance juicer, there are some factors you must consider, such as power, price, nutritional values, and more. To help our readers with this process, below, we have provided a complete buying guide for you to keep in mind before buying Cold Press juicers.

Nutritional Value

Some masticating juicers are quite fast; due to their high speed, these gadgets create a lot of friction and heat. As we all know that heat destroys a lot of vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, before selecting a gadget, make sure it operates at lower speeds, usually up to 40RPMs. Above mentioned juicers are powerful but have lower speed; as a result, you get the maximum amount of juice yield and nutrients.


Commonly, cold press juicers are quite costly compared to centrifugal juicers, but that does not mean you cannot get an affordable juicer. Try to stick with your budget because the last thing you want is to buy an expensive juicer that will leave you broke. An ideal cold press juicer should cost less than $150. But if your trusted brand is manufacturing a product with some extra accessories, spending some extra bucks is worth considering.

Easy to Clean

One of the most irritating things we face is time consumption during cleanups. No one wants to spend their whole day cleaning a cold press juicer. Therefore, we recommend buying an easy to clean juicer. We suggest looking for a juicer that is made from BPA-free material and includes dishwasher accessories because cleaning this type of kitchen appliance is a breeze. A juicer that includes a self-cleaning feature or a cleaning brush is a perfect pick.


The quality of your selected cold press juicer is determined by its material. When it comes to kitchen appliances, we suggest buying a stainless-steel product. A stainless-steel cold press juicer resists rust, corrosion, and tarnish, but this type of product is quite expensive. Therefore, if you have a limited budget, selecting a cold press juicer made from plastic is worth considering. Finally, make sure your selected product is safe and does not make a lot of noise.