Best Cold Press Coffee Maker

5 Best Cold Press Coffee Makers (Reviews Updated 2021)

Coffee is everyone’s favorite; either it exists in the form of hot coffee or cold coffee. So, here’s to excite you by introducing cold press coffee makers for the people who are cold coffee lovers. It’s quite refreshing to have a dose of cold coffee at home, especially when coming back from work in the summers.

It’s always a pleasure to enjoy cold coffee in the most relaxed manner while staying in your comfort zone. We have mentioned below some of the best cold press coffee makers with user-friendly and high yielding. So, keep on reading the article and get to know all about cold press coffee makers.

Best Cold Press Coffee Makers

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Here are our cold press coffee maker reviews.

1. OXO Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Oxo Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

OXO cold brew coffee maker is made up of fine quality stainless steel, which makes it durable. There exists a coffee ground box on which water drops evenly to provide optimal flavor.  A filtration system present, which is ultra-fine and made up of stainless steel, is usable and very easy to clean. The brewing method is very simple and works with a push of a button. This cold coffee maker can fit easily on the countertop.

Along with the stainless-steel exterior, the carafe is made up of glass, which can be added to the refrigerator to keep your coffee cold and fresh for later use.  It has a capacity of 32 ounces which can serve up to thirteen people. Ten extra filter papers come along with it. OXO brew coffee maker is very easy to clean and utilize. All you have to do is add coffee grounds and pour water into a glass carafe.

Why do we like it?

  • Stainless steel
  • Glass carafe
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Durable
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2. Toddy Cold Brew System

Toddy Cold Brew System

Toddy cold brew system consists of a non-electric coffee maker that produces smooth and rich cold coffee right at home. You have to add the coffee grounds and cold water. The rest all be taken care of by this cold coffee maker. It is a versatile coffee maker which is BPA-free. As you know, this process is time-consuming, but the flavor remains unaffected. Several tools come along with this coffee system which includes a brewing container, handle, a glass jug with a lid, and reusable filters.

It is very easy to use and clean. The method of brewing is very simple. Add the coffee grounds, pour in water, and leave it for 12 to 24 hours with the lid closed. Afterward, extracts the brewed coffee in a jug with filter papers adjusted on it. The Toddy cold brew comes at a great price with top-notch quality. It is a must to have a cold brew coffee maker,

Why do we like it?

  • BPA-free
  • Non-electric
  • Affordable
  • High quality
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3. Dash DCBCM550BK Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Dash Dcbcm550bk Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Dash cold brew coffee maker is an instant cold coffee maker. It hardly takes five minutes, and your fresh and chilly coffee is all ready to be consumed. The cold brew holds the capacity of 42 oz or 1.5L at a time. This capacity is enough to serve 16 people. The brewing process is very easy, just turn on the power button and set the intensity, fix a time and fill in the container with coffee grounds. Also, fill the glass carafe with cold water.

This coffee maker is long-lasting and durable. It is BPA free and comes with one year warranty. Some other things that come along with his coffee maker are reusable filters, filter holders, recipe books, and a glass carafe. All the non-electric tools that come along are dishwasher safe. It is a must to have a cold coffee brew to have and is very affordable.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to clean
  • Sleek design
  • Durable
  • Includes recipe book
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4. BOD Cold Brew Coffee System

Bod Cold Brew Coffee System

BOD cold mix espresso producer is comprised of fine quality hardened steel, which makes it sturdy. There exists an espresso ground box on which water drops equally to give ideal flavor. There is a filtration framework present, which is super fine and comprised of hardened steel, is usable and simple to clean. The blending technique is exceptionally basic and works with a press of a catch. This cool espresso producer can fix effectively on the ledge.

Alongside the hardened steel outside, the carafe is comprised of glass, which can be included fridge to keep your espresso cold and new for some time in the future. It has a limit of 24 ounces which can serve up to five individuals. Ten additional channel papers show up with it. OXO brew espresso creator is not difficult to clean and use. You should simply add coffee beans and pour water into the glass carafe.

Why do we like it?

  • Spill-proof
  • BPA Free
  • Stainless Steel Filter
  • Dishwasher Safe
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5. KitchenAid KCM4212SX Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Kitchenaid Kcm4212sx Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Kitchen Aid mix espresso creator is a moment cold espresso producer. It scarcely requires five minutes, and your new and crisp espresso is as of now to be burned-through. The virus mix holds the limit of 28 oz or 1L at a time. This limit is sufficient to serve 14 individuals. The blending interaction is exceptionally simple, simply turn on the force catch and set the power, fix the time, and fill in the holder with espresso beans. Additionally, fill the glass carafe with cold water.

This espresso producer is durable and solid. It is BPA free and accompanies one year guarantee. Some different things that show up with his espresso creator are reusable channels, channel holder, formula books, and glass carafe. Every one of the non-electric instruments that go along is dishwasher safe. It is a must to have cold espresso blend to have and is entirely reasonable.

Why do we like it?

  • Streamlined Design
  • Reusable steeper
  • Durable
  • Affordable
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Cold Press Coffee Maker Buyer’s Guide

Due to the presence of many availabilities out there, you can see that it is not easy to reach the best cold press coffee maker.  For this reason, we have come up with some of the best features to find in the cold coffee maker. So read it thoroughly and get your cold press, coffee maker.

Brewing Method

There come two kinds of brewing methods for cold press coffee makers. One is a cold immersion brew in which soaking of coffee grounds in cold water takes place for several hours, and as a result, strong coffee is produced. The other one includes a slow drip cold coffee brew in which water slowly falls on the coffee ground. This method is more time-consuming than the immersion method. Also, these are included as BPA-free coffee makers.

Filter or infusers

Cold brew coffee maker includes filters. Some of cold brew coffee maker also includes infusers which are made up of stainless steel. Filter papers are mostly not durable, consume them and trough them away. At the same time, the infusers are durable and easy to clean. Also, infusers are environmentally friendly and also allows the loose grounds of coffee to be added to coffee, giving a unique taste.


Generally, all cold brew cold coffee makers are very compact and small-sized. These are easily stored in the fridge for later use or can be placed on the countertop. The large and bulky ones are not the ideal ones, and we won’t recommend them either. Some coffee makers work dully as an ice tea coffee maker too, so this also effects size. This is because they are space-consuming and don’t even make a difference. So, get yourself a small compact design of cold brew coffee maker for less price.


Cold brew coffee makers are affordable in price and range between coffee maker under $100 to coffee maker under $500. Most of them are manually cold brew coffee makers, so these are durable and almost come in the same price range with the same features. The automatic cold brew makers may be expensive as they decrease manpower utility.  Get yourself the cold brew maker that suits your range.