5 Best Coffee Urns (Reviews Updated 2022)

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It is safe to say that our lives would be dull and incomplete without a warm and fresh cup of coffee. And especially for someone who runs on coffee, there needs a regular supply of fresh coffee at hand. From 10 to 100 cups of coffee, the Coffee URNS are Coffee containers that will immediately provide you with fresh coffee.

And imagine our lifelong dream coming true, where we have coffee dispensers rather than old basic ways of serving coffee. A coffee Urns is a modern way to get coffee and the best part? It is always fresh and tasty.

Best Coffee Urns

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Here are our Coffee Urns reviews:

1. BUNN Coffee Urns

Bunn Coffee Urns

Bunn Coffee has a traditional and attractive design. The company is known to manufacture high-quality coffee makers and airpots that will keep your coffee fresh and warm to the core for hours. The best thing about the product on our list is that it is unbreakable.

The typical coffee urns come in glass insulation. While glass insulation serves as a great way to maintain heat inside the urns walls, this product comes with the stainless steel wall inside the container. The stainless steel wall serves better when it comes to keeping the coffee hot and also makes the product unbreakable.

The capacity of this coffee urns is very large. The 2.5-litre capacity allows you to enjoy fresh coffee throughout the day. Not only the product has a great capacity, but it also has a brew through lid feature, which is a speciality of various Bunn coffee urns.

Rather than pouring made coffee into the urns, you can directly brew into the coffee urns, which takes convenience to a whole new level. Moreover, the top’s handle makes the product extremely handy and suitable to be carried wherever you go. Whether you are on a camping trip or a long drive, your coffee will stay warm for hours without you going dull and dizzy.

Just because the urns have a large capacity doesn’t mean its design and shape is huge. The convenient compact structure makes the product only 14.5 inches tall to fit into small spaces, and you don’t have to worry about carrying the extra weight with you. The stainless steel look on the exterior makes the product a star of your kitchen, and you can use it for years without damaging the quality of the product.

With the Bunn coffee urns, you can keep your coffee warm for up to 8 hours, and there will be no change in taste too.

Why do we like it?

  • Compact and strong
  • Easy to use
  • Can brew coffee too
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2. West Bend Coffee Urns

West Bend Coffee Urns

The west bend coffee urns are no lesser than a coffee wizard. With a power of 1090 watt and a capacity such huge that you can brew up to 30 cups of coffee at once, this product has been ruling the market for decades now. The company is famous for creating some of the best kitchen appliances since the early 20th century, and you can see the quality of the products.

Even though the coffee urns has a whopping capacity of 30 mugs, you can make your own depending on your need. The markings on the appliance let you keep a check on the quantity of the coffee brewed. Not only it can store your coffee for more than 8 hours and not lose the taste and quality, but it can also directly brew your coffee.

Who needs a coffee maker when you have the west bend coffee urns in your kitchen? The brewing speed is also extremely fast, which is 1 cup per minute so to make the coffee for an entire clan you only need 30 minutes tops. Not to mention, the style and makeup of the product is a whole other thing to die for.

With the shape of a coffee dispenser, you can be worry-free about pilling any coffee, and the product looks smart and extremely modern in your kitchen. The power cord can be removed for safe transportation, and you can use the twist to secure lid to ensure there is no spillage. Moreover, the product has a two-way dripless faucet which further ensures the safety and clean procedure.

You can wash the entire parts in a dishwasher, and the product will not lose its quality over time. One best feature of this product is that it eliminates disposable filter because of the plastic filter that comes with the product. Made up of aluminium this product is flexible in the long run.

Why do we like it?

  • Cool and stylish
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Huge capacity.
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3. Café Amoroso Coffee Urns

Café Amoroso Coffee Urns

Café Amoroso coffee urns are your little café at home. The taste, the aroma and the quality of coffee you get with this product are discussed. Made with a stainless steel body, the whole structure is high quality and sturdy to give you a great coffee supply that never goes cold and does not finish anytime sooner.

The product has a rustless steel finish which gives it another positive quality over its competitors. And the best part is a coffee reservoir where you can brew up to 100 cups of coffee at once. Yes, you read it right.

The 100 cup capacity is ideal for large office runs and even huge gatherings like weddings or family events. The coffee remains and fresh for more than 8 hours, and you can ensure that this product will never give up on you even after years you have been using it day and night. The double-wall insulation feature lets you keep your beverage warm for a greater time.

The high-quality steel makes this product unbreakable, and you can ensure that there are no dents or deformities in the product. The structure of this product makes it a star of your kitchen. With good make and a design that holds attention, this product has some of the best design and built in the market. The strong base ensures your coffee urns have a great grip on the base and even if it is filled to the top, the structure is held strong and stable,

The built-in basket allows you to eliminate the use of filters, and you can easily wash the product parts in the dishwasher without having to worry about damaging them in any way.

Why do we like it?

  • Well designed
  • Double insulation ensures warmer coffee.
  • Durable in the long run
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4. SYBO Coffee Urns

Sybo Coffee Urns

When it comes to designing the most attractive coffee urns, sybo has a lead. The product has a very stylish and unique design and works like a magical coffee dispenser which never runs out of the coffee supply. Ideal to be used in large groups of people such as office uses, churches and big events, the product can hold and brew up to 16 litres of coffee at once.

The appliance also comes with an additional feature that auto shuts off your product when it has been running for so long. The auto shut off feature is not only safe for home and electric but also reduces your electricity bill by a great degree. The product is made with stainless steel which makes it unbreakable.

A rust-free coating ensures the product does not get susceptible to rust after being washed and used for various years. The sybo coffee urns can supply up to 100 cups of coffee in each cycle which is more than perfect. The sleek design and the compact shape makes it easy to carry, and truth be told it won’t occupy any large spaces on your kitchen counter as well.

You can use the markings on the surface to monitor the amount of coffee you wish to make. The product also comes with indicator lights that will help you keep a tab on your coffee progress. The product already has a filter with it, so you don’t need to go for disposable filters, thus saving you cost.

Why do we like it?

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Large capacity
  • Rustproof body
  • Indicator lights
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5. Continental Coffee Electric Urns

Continental Coffee Electric Urns

Last on our list, but this product is unique from all of our coffee urns mentioned above. This product promises quality, capacity and reliability all at once. Even though it can only 50 cups at once, it is ideal for relatively smaller uses and you can enjoy delicious freshly brewed coffee in an instant.

The product is best for your home and even large parties where you can be the host and provide your guests with the best coffee they have ever had. The digital programming feature gives this product an additional advantage, and you can use multiple features such as hot/cold and setting up the brewing timer. You can also monitor the time remaining until you perfect cup of coffee is ready.

The coffee maker comes with a permanent filter which eliminates the need for using disposable filters at once. The stylish shape and compact design make this product a star of your kitchen, and it is a wise investment. The side handles are a great feature to make this product easier to carry wherever you want.

Whether it’s a long trip or a picnic at the beachside, you can take this coffee urn with you and enjoy the cool breezes with a fresh warm cup of coffee. The coffee urns body is made up of stainless steel; thus, it has great strength. There is also a viewing glass that lets you keep a tab on the coffee quantity remaining.

The double-wall insulation gives a great taste and keeps your coffee warm for a longer time. You can use this product for years and never get tired of the quality, and it just gets better with time. Make sure to make the best of the digital setting because this product is here to make your life easier.

Why do we like it?

  • Digital programmer
  • 50 cups of capacity
  • Side handles for safe transportation.
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Coffee Urns Buyer’s Guide

Sure, most of you have heard a ton about coffee makers and even have them in your home. Our life is simply incomplete without coffee, and as the world progresses, the coffee is just getting better and better even though coffee maker is one of the best investments you can make it cannot store your coffee for hours without losing the heat.

And if you have a busy routine and carrying out a great party, you cannot run after every few minutes to brew a fresh warm cup of coffee. This is where coffee urns come in handy. Great in design and technology the product is promising and ideal for your coffee needs.


Coffee urns can keep your coffee warm for hours, but this does not mean you can store twice or even thrice the quantity of coffee you would normally consume. It is both impractical, and after the set time, the coffee will become cold, and it will be wasted. When purchasing coffee urns, make sure to monitor the capacity you need.

They come in ranges from 2 litres to 16 litres, and the capacity you need depends on your use.


Typical thermos and coffee storage come in glass insulation and ensure strength and reliability; many companies now manufacture stainless steel insulation walls. This increases product reliability, and steel can provide almost similar insulation level as glass. If you have a family with kids and cannot compromise on strength, you must opt for stainless steel insulation.

It is both sturdier and lightweight. You can also check for the additional rust-free coating which serves for the exterior of your coffee urns.


Some models of coffee urns have single wall insulation. While they too serve great for the quality but you need to check and opt for double-wall insulation. As you are investing in a coffee urns, you might as well spend a few extra dollars to get the extra insulation layer. The double walls prevent heat from escaping to a greater degree and provide extra strength to the model.

Additional Features

The additional features include an easy to lift the lid, side handles and an auto shut-off feature. Come product offer these feature, and even though they only seem like a burden on pocket, they are extremely helpful in the usage and everyday functionality.