Best Coffee Tumblers

5 Best Coffee Tumblers (Reviews Updated 2021)

Imagine having a long, hard day that only your coffee can salvage. But, as you proceed to drink it, it is cold and tasteless. A good coffee tumbler can make all the difference for you. You can choose to have your drink whenever you want, and your hot coffee will never disappoint. A tumbler lets you easily take your coffee on the go with you, which proves to be quite helpful during late mornings.

You can carry your coffee tumbler in your car and enjoy coffee at the perfect temperature no matter what time you made it. There are many coffee tumblers available on the market, and finding the best one for yourself should not be a challenge if you consider all the factors involved. You may see a similarity among some of the tumblers, but they come with a few distinctions. It all comes down to small details. Here are some of the best coffee tumblers we have picked for you.

Best Coffee Tumblers

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1. Yeti Rambler Tumbler

Yeti Rambler Tumbler

The Yeti Rambler Vacuum Tumbler is for people who are always on the move. It is the first time that Yeti has introduced a product that can fit right in your hand. The design of this tumbler makes it comfortable to hold and does not entertain any slipping accidents.

Yeti has promised that this tumbler is indestructible and will survive in the long run.

This tumbler’s body is made from stainless steel that will last even if you give it a rough time. The double-walled insulation feature will keep your drink hot for hours on end. But not just this, if you prefer your coffee cold, the tumbler will not let even your ice melt and keep your drink cold. It is also sweatproof and prevents problems caused by condensation.

The Yeti Rambler has a transparent lid that allows you to view your coffee as you sip away. The lid is dishwasher safe and is shatterproof, which is not something a lot of tumblers offer. The mug and the lid are BPA-free; hence no chemical toxins will infiltrate your drink. The design of this tumbler is such that it fits easily in your car. It comes in sizes allowing you to customize it according to your coffee intake.

Why do we like it?

  • This tumbler is made from good quality material.
  • Shatterproof lid.
  • The lid and mug are both BPA-free.
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2. Kleen Kanteen Coffee Tumbler

Kleen Kanteen Coffee Tumbler

The Kleen Kanteen tumbler is made from food-grade stainless steel, making it non-toxic. You can enjoy your beverages without worrying about health implications. This tumbler comes with double-walled insulation, which works to keep your coffee hot for up to four hours and cold for twenty hours. It is also very durable and long-lasting. Whether you are running late or in the middle of your day, it does not matter. This tumbler keeps your coffee at the right temperature for you.

The insulated tumbler comes with a generous capacity of 16 ounces which is the perfect amount for most coffee lovers. Often, coffee shops do not offer cups of this size, but this tumbler bridges that gap. You can fill this tumbler according to your desired amount. The tumbler has been designed to avoid accidents and is leak-proof. You can place it in your car without having to worry about any leakage. The tumbler’s compact size enables it to fit in your car’s cup holders easily.

The Kleen Kanteen Tumbler is made from the best, high-quality materials. It is BPA-free, safe from toxic chemicals, and thus has no adverse effects on health. The interior of this tumbler is electropolished, which does not alter the flavor of your beverage. Every drink has an authentic taste. And it has rounded corners, helping you reach every corner, which makes cleaning easier. Hence, this tumbler is convenient to use and maintain. You can purchase this tumbler with your eyes closed as a guarantee backs it up.

Why do we like it?

  • Backed up by the Kleen Kanteen Steel Guarantee.
  • The lid on this tumbler is leak-proof.
  • This tumbler is not difficult to clean.
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3. Chillout Life Coffee Tumbler

Chillout Life Coffee Tumbler

The Chillout Life Tumbler is unique in terms of quality and design. A great thing about this tumbler is that it offers a bigger size than the usual ones. For someone who cannot do without an extra coffee in the day, this is perfect for you. The design of the tumbler separates it from others on the market. So, if you like being distinguished in a group, get this tumbler to do the job.

Apart from the unique design, the tumbler comes in an array of different colors. The colors are aesthetic and draw you towards the tumbler. These colors include pink sparkle, rose gold, etc.  You can choose based on your taste and preference. In terms of functionality, the Chillout Life Tumbler has a body made from stainless steel, making it durable and sturdy. The interior is electropolished to ensure that it remains rust-free.

Moreover, it also does not allow the taste to alter. The tumbler comes equipped with a double-walled insulation technology that prevents any heat transfer. Your beverage will always maintain its temperature.

The Chillout Life Tumbler is also sweatproof. You can enjoy your cold beverage without worrying about condensation. The exterior will remain sweat-free, and you will have a strong grip on your mug. You can only handwash this tumbler, but it is not difficult to clean. The wide mouth enables you to reach all the nooks and crannies.

Using this will have no implications on health as it is BPA-free as well as environment-friendly. Hence, this tumbler is a much healthier option than others.

Why do we like it?

  • The tumbler comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Unique design and colors.
  • It is rust-free.
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4. RTIC Coffee Tumbler

Rtic Coffee Tumbler

The RTIC Tumbler is another budget-friendly option for you that delivers its promises. It is a reliable option, especially if you like hiking, camping, or spending time outdoors.  It has a strong built made from stainless-steel and is BPA-free. Thus, this tumbler is durable and will last you long. You can enjoy your coffee without being afraid of chemical toxins seeping into your beverage.

This tumbler comes backed with double-walled insulation, which keeps your beverage at the perfect temperature for hours. Hence, it is the perfect travel companion. Other features which make this tumbler easy to travel with are its flip top which is splash-proof. You can now be on the road without stressing about any spills. The tumbler is also comfortable to hold. It is sweatproof, so you can enjoy cold beverages without condensation creating any problems. Hence, you get a stronger grip on the tumbler.

Many coffee shops do not offer cup sizes for coffee which go along with most people’s coffee needs. HOWEVER, the RTIC Tumblers are available in three sizes: 20 ounces, 30 ounces, and 40 ounces. You can select the size that fits your coffee needs best. This tumbler is often compared with the YETI one. The RTIC tumbler has a much affordable price and comes with a feature that most tumblers do not. It includes a slot for a straw. If you enjoy sipping from a straw, this one is for you!

Why do we like it?

  • Includes a spot to hold a straw.
  • It is comfortable to hold.
  • Budget-friendly, and you get your money’s worth.
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5. Beast Tumbler Coffee Cup

Beast Tumbler Coffee Cup

The Beast Tumbler Coffee Cup comes with the dream package for all the coffee drinkers out there. You get the best deal at the best possible price. This tumbler comes with two straws (one straight and one curved), a straw brush to keep the straws clean, and a pop-up lid for the tumbler. This combination is packaged nicely and what sets it apart from other tumblers on the market.

The tumbler itself is made from high-quality premium kitchen-grade stainless steel. It is durable and long-lasting, which makes it the perfect companion for traveling. The Beast Tumbler has a double-walled insulated technology that allows your drink to stay warm or cold for long periods.

The lid of this tumbler is shatterproof, which is not what a lot of other brands offer. The transparent lid also allows you to view your drink. It is BPA-free and can easily slide open or close.

The exterior of this tumbler comes with a powder coating which gives it a long-lasting finish. Hence, it has a smooth feel to it. The sweatproof technology enables you to have a stronger grasp on it. The interior has an electropolished coating which prevents any transfer of flavor and ensures you get the best drink always.

The Beast Tumbler Coffee Cup kit makes the perfect present for coffee lovers as well.

Why do we like it?

  • The Beast Tumbler comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Available in different colors.
  • This tumbler comes with a complete package.
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Coffee Tumblers Buyer’s Guide

Coffee tumblers are like the upgraded versions of cups. You may think that buying a coffee tumbler is like a piece of cake. However, once you step out to buy one, you will realize that it is not true. There are many factors you must consider when purchasing the best coffee tumbler for yourself. At one point, all features may align and look the same to you, but these coffee tumblers come with distinctions. It is your job to find out which features to choose and which ones you can live without.

This guide will be informing you about some things you should find in your coffee tumbler. Factors such as price, capacity, additional features all play a role in making your tumbler the best. To ensure you have the correct information, we have highlighted some qualities to make the entire process easier.

Temperature Retention

The basic concept of a coffee tumbler is to maintain a consistent temperature for your beverage. Buying something which does not perform the job, it is built for is useless. You should ensure that your tumbler has the necessary features to keep your beverage according to your liking.

Double-walled tumblers ensure that it retains the hotness as well as the coldness. For temperature retention, stainless-steel tumblers are known to do the best job.


You will likely be using your tumbler the most outdoors. For a tumbler to survive the outdoors, it needs to be durable. Hence, investing in a tumbler made from low-quality materials is a poor choice. You will get a cheap tumbler to save money, but it tends to break and scratch easily. You should spend a little more and buy a tumbler for the long run.


If you cannot get past the day without more than two cups of coffee, you need to consider this aspect the most. Coffee tumblers come in various sizes to satisfy everyone’s coffee needs. You must lookout for a tumbler with a generous capacity if you like to have coffee throughout the day. However, if you prefer caffeine in small amounts, you can get a cup that fulfills this requirement.

Cleaning Ease

Tumblers can be prone to bacteria build-up. A clean tumbler depends on whether it is easy to assemble. A disassembling tumbler allows you to reach every corner while cleaning. It can also be helpful if the tumbler is dishwasher friendly as that saves time. Most coffee tumblers have rounded corners and a polished exterior which makes them easier to wipe down.

Convenient to Use

You must look for a coffee tumbler that includes user-friendly features. this includes having a lid that opens with ease, so you have no trouble while traveling. Some tumblers have a wider mouth hole to prevent the beverage from spilling. The lid should also be leak-proof to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Coffee tumblers that come equipped with easy-to-use, leak-proof lids are also easy to carry around. Hence, you will be able to keep your tumbler in your car or bag with no issues.