5 Best Coffee Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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When you want to brew that perfect cup of coffee, but you don’t know how, what do you do? Where do you go to improve your brewing skills? Do you hire a barista who will charge you a high fee to teach you, or do you rely on the best coffee cookbooks to improve yourself? The latter appears to be the best method simply because it offers you more value for less. With the aid of a cookbook, you can improve your brewing skills, and more importantly, you can always consult the book over and over again to iron out grey areas.

If you scan the internet, you will find so many coffee cookbooks offering readers limitless information about brewing styles, tips, recipes, and ingredient information. Amidst so much verbiage, how do you identify the best cookbook for personal use? Well, sit back, relax, and read through our review. Below, we reveal some of the best coffee cookbooks money can buy.

Best Coffee Cookbooks

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Here are our best coffee cookbooks.

1. The Coffee Recipe Book by Daniel Lancaster

The Coffee Recipe Book By Daniel Lancaster

The Coffee Recipe Book by Daniel Lancaster is a cookbook for anyone looking to learn how to brew a perfect cup of coffee from the comfort of their home. Watch how your skills improve just by reading this cookbook. In his work, Daniel Lancaster reveals 50 espresso and coffee recipes that you can make at home using available ingredients and tools at your disposal. Who says you need to be a professional barista to brew tasty espressos? You don’t if you have a companion and a guide to lead you through the process from start to finish.

This book exposes the traditional methods of brewing coffee as our forebears did in the days of yore.  It is loaded with brewing techniques for morning drip coffees, espresso martinis, and cold brew coffee. With this book, you get first-class information from a master barista who knows all there is to know about brewing coffee.

You will learn how to use your coffee beans efficiently. Practical brewing tips as well as the complete recipe information for 50 classic and traditional coffee styles. The Coffee Recipe book is loaded and easy to read.

Why do we like it?

  • Bold text
  • Information is strategically itemized for clear understanding.
  • The 50 recipes are easy to master
  • Techniques and tools are highlighted in successive order
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2. DK Coffee Obsession

Dk Coffee Obsession

If you are a coffee enthusiast obsessed with coffee, you will surely love this coffee cookbook by this publisher. DK’s coffee obsession is a 224-page book that contains all the brewing styles for classic and traditional lattes and cappuccinos. If you are one of over 150 million Americans who drink coffee daily, this is one of the best coffee cookbooks you will ever lay your hands on.

Coffee Obsession contains historical facts about the origins of different coffee species, step-by-step brewing processes, and iconic flavors introduced by some of the best baristas ever to walk the earth. It contains 130 recipes for any occasion with the complete ingredient and preparation details for each recipe. DK, as a publishing house, is known for publishing highly informative literature about a variety of subjects and their cookbook. Coffee obsession deserves a place in your library.

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily all over the world. If you want yours to come out just right, Coffee Obsession is the book to read.

Why do we like it?

  • Loaded with tips, facts, and techniques to enrich your mind
  • This book has a durable hardcover
  • Different flavor profiles are highlighted
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3. The Curious Barista’s Guide to Coffee by Tristan Stephenson

The Curious Barista's Guide To Coffee By Tristan Stephenson

For those who may not know Tristan Stephenson, he is a professional cocktail specialist with over 15 years of experience. He is also an expert mixologist who has blessed the world with series of amazing beverage recipes that have become the mainstay in many homes, cafes, and bars. In the Curious Barista, Tristan explains coffee making the way a master storyteller will. He takes the reader on a journey from start to finish, and at the end of the book, he provides them with a dose of inspiration and leads them on their own path of recipe experiments.

In the roasting section, readers are taught how to roast coffee in the comfort of their homes without an expert’s supervision. Sweetness, Acid, and Aroma tests are revealed in this book. In fact, after reading this book, you will not only brew coffee like an expert, you will also be in the right position to teach other people how to brew coffee too.

You will learn how to brew lattes, flat whites, Machiattos, Cappuccinos, and so many coffee styles of note. This extraordinary guide also includes step-by-step brewing processes for all the coffee styles listed as well as several recipes you can try at home.

Why do we like it?

  • This book provides readers with a cheaper learning option
  • Available in Hardcover and Kindle form
  • Rich in recipe, techniques, and coffee style details
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4. Craft Coffee Manual by Jessica Easto

Craft Coffee Manual By Jessica Easto

Brewing a perfect cup of coffee at home is made possible with Jessica Easto’s Craft Coffee manual cookbook. You see, the best baristas don’t approach coffee making in exactly the same way that an average Joe would. Rather, they view coffee brewing as an art, and they treat it as such. In the Coffee Craft, the author provides readers with an equipment guide of 10 manual brewing devices that you can buy and use at home. After reading this section of the book, you should be able to pick equipment that fits your sense of style from Siphons, Aeropress, V60s, and many more.

You will also learn how to roast coffee beans properly and how each roasting style affects the coffee’s final taste. Jessica also highlights common mistakes that many people make and how to avoid them. There are helpful tips and tricks to build your repertoire of skills. This book’s texts are accompanied by illustrative drawings to further explain the instructions detailed in the book.

Unlike some other cookbooks that focus on various subjects and not just coffee, Craft Coffee is solely dedicated to coffee brewing and nothing else. It is both an instruction manual and a guide.

Why do we like it?

  • This book will help you identify your preferred coffee flavor
  • A self-improvement work of literature
  • Showcases brewing times, costs, and resource availability
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5. The Art & Craft of Coffee Cocktails by Jason Clark

The Art & Craft Of Coffee Cocktails By Jason Clark

The Art and Craft of Coffee by Jason Clark is one of the best coffee cookbooks online. The author, Jason Clark, is a professional Barista of 20 years who has worked in cafes in New Zealand, Melbourne, and London. In his book, he reveals all his knowledge and also exposes certain secrets about coffee brewing that differentiates pros from amateurs. So, in essence, reading this book is a stress-free way to spice up your skills without spending time in cafes and restaurants brewing different coffee recipes for customers who prefer different coffee styles.

This book contains over 80 recipes. If you like mixing coffee and alcohol, this is one book you cannot do away with.       Jason reveals smart techniques to mix coffee and alcohol in a single cup in the right doses.  The Art and Craft of Coffee will take you on a journey that will excite and inspire you at the same time. Even first-timers with absolutely no experience will become skilled baristas in a matter of days if they digest the information and utilize what they’ve learned as intended.

This book is for beginners looking to learn something new and expert mixologists looking to sharpen their skills even further. The Art and Craft of Coffee is a must-read.

Why do we like it?

  • A mixology and brewing handbook combined in a single volume
  • A crash course for beginners
  • Step by step preparation process
  • Easy to implement recipes
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Coffee Cookbooks Buyer’s Guide

What do you look out for when searching for the best coffee cookbooks? Do you focus on the quality of the print, the information the book contains, or the text arrangements? Or do you focus on a combination of all three? A coffee cookbook with all three features is a great book to have, but that is not all to look for. You also need to be sure that the cookbook will be useful to you. It makes no sense to buy a book that contains information that you cannot use or one with only a week or a month’s worth of recipes.

You also need to find out if the book’s recipes are fresh or merely rehashed and outdated recipes that offer very little value. If you wish to be lucky in your search, you will need all the information you can get from reading Buyer reviews and guides like this one. Here are some of the things to consider when searching for coffee cookbooks.

Printed CookBooks or eBooks

Do you buy a printed hardcover or an eBook like a Kindle version? Fortunately for readers who like the former or the latter, these days, most authors publish their works in both formats. So, you have the option to go for one or the other. Both versions are good because they contain the same information; however, what we have noticed is that printed books are written with a greater level of care. It takes a publisher with a recognizable profile to publish a book while any Tom, Dick, and Harry can publish a poorly written and edited eBook. If you must buy an eBook version, make sure it is written by an author with a reputation.

A Coffee Focused Cookbook or a General Cookbook

Do you buy a cookbook that focuses on coffee brewing alone or one that talks about an assortment of food and cocktail recipes? Buying a general recipe cookbook may seem like a good idea, but it isn’t? If you want a book that will teach you all you need to know about coffee brewing, you need to buy one that focuses on coffee. You can always get something different for other culinary subjects.

How are the instructions laid out?

If you are an expert, you will have no problem reading a complex cookbook that does not go into so much details about each subject. If you are a beginner, a complexly written book will do you more harm than good.  As a beginner, you need a detailed book that will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to replicate the recipes it contains. Measurement tables, brewing techniques, ingredient allocation, and mixing tips are some of the detailed information you need. Also, the arrangement of key details is important. Instructions should follow a successive pattern and not a haphazard pattern. Reading the reviews posted by previous buyers will help you determine if the content is arranged logically.

The Author?

Who is the author, and do they have a verifiable profile? Books written by reputable authors are the best coffee cookbooks to buy because they know that their reputation is at stake. Avoid books whose authors you don’t know. Anyone can write a book, and everyone with the knowledge to share with the rest of the world has every right to publish a book. But without their profile made public, you can’t tell if the work is worthy of value.  The best coffee cookbooks are the ones written by Baristas with several years of experience.


A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Cookbooks with nice pictures improve the reading experience and give you a clear idea of how your coffee should look. Consider buying books with fine images that explain concepts that words cannot.