Best Coffee Canisters

5 Best Coffee Canisters (Reviews Updated 2021)

If you are on the hunt for a coffee canister, what features do you look out for? If you want to keep your coffee beans or powder fresh for a long time, you need the best coffee canister with airtight features. The quality of coffee beans you buy is important, but bean quality will count for nothing if the container or canister you store them is low-quality hardware. Suppose you have never bought a canister before; you may not know what features to be on the lookout for.

Throw into the mix the fact that there are so many different canister brands out there, and you have quite a tricky decision on your hands. Before you make a wrong decision that you will rue soon after, take your time to read our review of five of the best coffee canisters available online today. When you are done reading our review, we are sure that making the right decision is something that will happen naturally because you will be armed with the relevant information.

Best Coffee Canisters

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1. Oggi Stainless Steel Airtight Coffee Canister

Oggi Stainless Steel Airtight Coffee Canister

Oggi is a coffee canister with a brushed stainless steel body alongside an acrylic lid. The lid is transparent, which allows you to see through it, and the seal around the edge is airtight. Covered with a silicone gasket, anything you put inside this canister will remain fresh for a very long time. Coffee beans tend to lose their freshness within a very short time, primarily because of how they are kept. And if the beans are not fresh, the impact will be felt when you eventually brew the coffee for drinking.

Oggi is built for the very purpose of conserving your coffee and ensuring that it stays fresh for extended periods. This canister is BPA free and does not contain any toxic material. You can keep your coffee beans in it without having to worry about a change in flavor caused by exposure to the build material of Oggi. The polished finish is also pleasing to the eyes; placing it side by side with other utensils in your kitchen or home bar will not be out of place.

We advise that you wash Oggi using a soft sponge and warm water for longer shelf life. Avoid using an abrasive cleaner so you don’t damage the polish.

Why do we like it?

  • This canister is not bulky
  • Very spacious storage to store your coffee
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Brilliantly designed
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2. Braviie Gorgeous Stainless Steel Storage Coffee Canister

Braviie Gorgeous Stainless Steel Storage Coffee Canister

Braviie is another good looking canister to make our review. This gorgeous canister is a sight to behold for its sleek and mesmerizing physical design. Made of stainless steel of the highest grade, there is no better way to start your day than, to begin with, a cup of freshly brewed coffee obtained from your airtight Braviie canister. Braviie is suitable for both cafes and homes, but we recommend this model specifically for homes because of its homely outlook.

It has a deluxe lid that shuts out air and keeps out moisture and light. The vents also expel CO2 while keeping air out at the same time. Another Braviie feature you will like is the date wheel attached to the top of the canister lid. You can select the date you purchased the coffee as well as the expiry date so that you can keep track of how long your beans will last.

This coffee canister has a 7.5-inch height and can hold up to 1.4 lb of coffee beans in whole form or 1,2lb of powder coffee. That is enough storage space to hold up to 1 month’s worth of coffee, depending on your coffee consumption.

Why do we like it?

  • Offers value for money
  • Attractive and sleek outlook
  • Airtight storage value
  • 3 CO2 replacement valves included in the package
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3. Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container Canister

Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container Canister

Coffee Gator is more than just a coffee canister; it is so much more. This product comes with a CO2 valve, a scoop, and a travel jar. We consider it to be more than a coffee canister because you can store more than coffee in this container. You can also store cooking ingredients or any food item of value. Coffee Gator has got you covered. Spotting a gray color, this canister will complement other utensils in your home.

If you have no qualms about paying a premium price for quality coffee beans, then you will agree that it makes perfect sense to order one of the best coffee canisters to preserve the freshness and flavor of your beans. Don’t let all that coffee beans go to waste simply because you don’t have a storage container perfectly suited for coffee storage. To maintain your coffee for weeks, if not months, just any bowl or container will not suffice.

Coffee Gator is BPA free with innovative valves that expel carbon dioxide while preventing the entry of oxygen.  The travel jar also makes it very easy to carry for your outdoor events.

Why do we like it?

  • Lightweight canister
  • Offers multi-purpose value
  • Made with high-grade materials
  • Extended shelf life guaranteed
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4. Fellow Atmos Coffee and Food Storage Canister

Fellow Atmos Coffee And Food Storage Canister

If you seek a canister that offers multi-purpose value, Fellow Atmos is another product worth considering. This product is a vacuum canister that can be deployed as a coffee beans preserver and food storage. Unlike your traditional canisters that expel CO2 and lockout oxygen, this canister goes a step further. It has an integrated pump attached to the lid, which removes CO2 from the storage compartment. Just in case you did not know, coffee beans emit co2, so you need a canister that can expel released co2 without exposing your coffee beans to oxygen and contaminants.

Expelling CO2 is also very easy. All you have to do is twist the lid repeatedly, back and forth and feel the excess gas make its way into the atmosphere. There is also a vacuum lock indicator, which tells you if the storage is fully locked by revealing a green indicator. The green indicator reveals itself once the atmospheric pressure inside the canister drops to 0.7 degrees.

As good as Fellow Atmos or other coffee canisters may be, it will be disingenuous of us to claim that your coffee beans will remain fresh forever if kept in a canister because that is not the case. Coffee beans lose their freshness over a certain period. However, we can assure you that your beans’ freshness will be extended by 50%, which is more than enough time to consume them.

Why do we like it?

  • The functional air pump extends the shelf life of your coffee beans.
  • Protects your beans from moisture invasions and odor
  • A versatile storage facility for your food and other ingredients
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5. Planetary Design Airscape Food and Coffee Canister

Planetary Design Airscape Food And Coffee Canister

When you come across a canister with a patented design, you know you have a quality product in front of you. Planetary Design Airscape canister has a patented lid with two CO2 valves for the extended preservation of your food items and coffee beans. The brushed stainless steel body is quite rugged but yet, easy to clean. This two-way valve technology is unlike any we have seen in other coffee canisters. The lid locks out humidity and air while the two-way valves expel CO2 in a uniquely different way.

Inside the airless storage, you can store various items such as nuts, herbs, cereals, seeds, cookies, and any perishable food. Planetary’s Airscape is highly recommended for items that you don’t want to store in your refrigerator. Coffee connoisseurs will also appreciate its design’s integrity and quality because this canister has a stain-resistant body. Furthermore, your coffee beans will not develop a strange odor even after remaining in the canister for several weeks.

Storing this canister is also something you will find relatively easy due to its stackable structure.  It is very compact, so you can store it in your cabinet or on your countertop.

Why do we like it?

  • It has a durable exterior body
  • Does not pick up stains, and even when it does, the stains can be removed with a wet cloth
  • Ideal for coffee and food items.
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Coffee Canisters Buyer’s Guide

Are you on the lookout for a coffee canister for your coffee? If you are, we are sure that you will want a canister that can preserve your coffee for longer. But what are the features to consider when canister shopping? Also, what are the factors to bear in mind, so you don’t end up with a canister that offers very little user value? These are the questions we seek to help you answer in our buying guide.

We know that there are so many online retailers these days who market canisters that promise buyers much but offer very little quality. To increase your chances of landing one of the best coffee canisters, do consider the following.

Airtight Lids

Nothing kills your coffee beans as much as oxygen. If you want your beans to remain fresh for a long time, you need a canister with airtight features. The lid is a very important part of the canister because this is the only access point through which air can gain entry. Consider buying a canister with silicone laced lids. Silicone edges prevent oxygen invasions. You may also want to consider a model with innovative features that allows you to expel oxygen by turning a valve or key on the canister lid.


Do you go for an opaque canister or a transparent one? Although the choice is yours, we recommend an opaque canister because it keeps the light away. Should you go for a transparent canister, your beans’ quality may be compromised because light and coffee and not good friends.  This is one reason why many of the best coffee canisters are made with opaque materials like stainless steel.


Even though coffee preservation is your number priority, you also want to make sure that your canister is convenient. When analyzing convenience, we are looking at practical designs and compactness. A good coffee canister should be very easy to open. It should not take up too much space, and transferring it from one spot to another should be an easy thing to do.


The issue of size is up to you. This will depend on how much of a coffee drinker you are. If you consume coffee daily or you live in a household of coffee drinkers, you may want to go for a large-sized canister that can contain sufficient coffee beans to last an entire week. In this case, the larger the canister, the better.

Storage Space

Before you place your order for the canister, be sure of where you will keep it. Are you going to keep it in your pantry or kitchen? Decide before you buy it.

Check the CO2 Valve

The CO2 Valve quality is the mother of all features to examine extensively before you make up your mind to buy it. We must point out that not all coffee canisters have CO2 valves, but we recommend that you buy a model with valves. Valves are ideal because they release co2 from the storage chamber into the atmosphere, thereby preserving your beans. Some high-tech valves also help you evaluate the level of oxygen trapped in the storage compartment.  Constant evaluation of oxygen exposure is one way to ensure that the canister Is working just fine and that your coffee is protected. Do note that canisters with high-tech valves are more expensive.