5 Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Coffee is a widely consumed beverage, and we all like to drink our coffee differently. Some of us like cold-pressed coffee or what others may call slow-brewed coffee, while many others prefer hot coffee. If you are the type who likes their coffee cold, you need to know that not all coffee beans are ideal for cold coffee. What you need, in actual fact, is the best coffee beans for cold brew. Cold-brewed coffee is easy to prepare. Made with ground coffee, all you need is a filter and cold water at room temperature.

Even though the coffee powder takes a long time to settle, unlike when you use hot water, it eventually does, and what you get in the end is a sweeter and smoother flavor that is less acidic than hot coffee. Cold-brewed coffee is 60%-70% less acid than hot-brewed coffee. If you want to buy the best coffee for a cold brew, you need to avoid sellers that market coffee products that may not fit your requirement. This is easier said than done with so many coffee brands calling for your attention. To simplify the process for you, we have reviewed five of the best coffee beans for a cold brew.

Best Coffee Beans for Cold Brew

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1. Stone Street Cold Brew Colombian Whole Bean Coffee

Stone Street Cold Brew Colombian Whole Bean Coffee

If you indeed love cold-brewed coffee, you will love the flavor of Stone Street Cold Brew coffee. This Colombian coffee bean product is of the dark roast variant sourced from Colombia’s hills and plains in South America. The beans in this pack are 100% Colombian Supremo, and they have amazing flavor qualities that are not as acidic as coffee beans used for conventional hot coffee. Stone Street is sweeter, smoother, and very strong. A gulp from your cup will leave a lasting impression in your mouth and mind.

The LB bag used in packaging these coffee beans is a 3-layer natural craft foil bag specially designed to protect its freshness. Even after spending so much time in the bag, the beans will not lose their aroma or freshness.  With Stone Street, you can make a perfect blend of cold coffee using your special blending recipe just the way you like it.

These coffee beans are one of the best in the market for coffee brewed at room temperature, and believe us when we say that this coffee will put a smile on your face and leave you satisfied every time you drink it.

Why do we like it?

  • Durable storage foil bag
  • Attractive packaging
  • Strong flavor
  • Extended coffee beans freshness
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2. Cold Brew Lab Whole Bean Organic Coffee

Cold Brew Lab Whole Bean Organic Coffee

Lovers of organic foods and beverages will like Cold Brew Lab for this amazing coffee with an amazing taste. If you like cold coffee in the afternoon, the time has come to stop wasting your resources ordering cold coffee from street-side cafes that may not be providing you with quality coffee despite the exorbitant price you pay for it. Cold Brew lab coffee beans are 100% organic Arabica Coffee from Colombia. There are no mixtures or additives, just natural coffee beans.

The beans are a combination of dark and medium roasted Arabica beans. Combining both roast styles in the right proportion creates a nice blend that you will love. The eventual result is a mildly dark and highly flavored coffee drink. Cold Brew Lab coffee is very easy to prepare and can be drunk at any time of the day. It also comes in two options. The extra coarse beans or the whole beans option. Feel free to order any of the two as they work well in cold water.

Cold Brew Lab coffee beans are USDA certified and pesticide-free. They have been packaged under the safest standards with a long shelf life. Ensure you keep it well wrapped and stored in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness.

Why do we like it?

  • Nice color and flavor
  • Extremely rich texture
  • 100% organic and free of chemicals and free radicals
  • Safe and healthy packaging
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3. Bizzy Cold Brew Organic Coffee

Bizzy Cold Brew Organic Coffee

Bizzy is a coarse ground coffee with a sweet and smooth flavor. These coffee beans are ideal for homemade coffee beverages. The ingredients used in preparing and processing the beans in this pack are of the highest quality. Unlike other coffee brands that offer coffee that are of an inconsistent texture, this seller has gone the extra mile to sift this coffee so as to ensure that you achieve a consistent texture and optimum flavor extraction during your brewing session. The ease of preparation and quality flavors makes Bizzy one of the best coffee beans for cold brew.

It is a climate-friendly coffee with flexible qualities. You are free to add more water if you prefer a watery cup of coffee or less if you prefer a thicker texture. The coffee is USDA certified and processed using natural processes that ensure that the coffee retains its nutrients and natural flavors. Bizzy coffee beans are sourced from Peru, Guatemala, and Nicaragua: home to some of the most nutritious coffee beans on the planet.

This product is what we will like to call fast action coffee for busy people who have very little time to prepare hot coffee. In a minute or less, Bizzy is ready, and you can gulp down a full cup and be on your way before the clock strikes again.

Why do we like it?

  • Very affordable coffee
  • Relatively easy to prepare
  • Ideal for watery or thick brew styles
  • Packed in a very attractive wrapper
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4. Tiny Footprint Cold Press Elixir Coffee

Tiny Footprint Cold Press Elixir Coffee

We decided to include Tiny Footprint amongst our best coffee beans for cold brew because it is the world’s first-ever carbon-negative coffee. This term has stuck to Tiny Footprint because of the role coffee trees play in ridding the atmosphere of CO2. The trees from whence these beans are sourced are shaded Arabica trees. That is coffee trees that grow under shades and away from direct sunlight. Each pack contains 16 ounces of coffee roasted to perfection for your ultimate delight.

A single pound of Tiny Footprints will brew 1.5 gallons of water with a brew ratio of 1:6 per 1:1 dilution. Spending your money on a coffee that guarantees you 6 cups of cold coffee is not such a bad idea. But you should also know that this pack does not contain only Arabica beans. The seller has also spiked it with portions of Ethiopian coffee to spice the taste to achieve a more balanced flavor.

With Tiny Footprint, you enjoy quality coffee at a ridiculously cheap price. To preserve these coffee beans’ freshness or any coffee beans for an extended time, we recommend that you procure a coffee canister to store the beans.

Why do we like it?

  • This brand represents value for money
  • The blend of Ethiopian and Arabica coffee beans makes for a tasty cup
  • Safe and free of carbon elements
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5. Koffee Kult Dark Roasted Coffee Beans

Koffee Kult Dark Roasted Coffee Beans

Another best coffee beans for cold brew you may want to try is Koffee Kult’s delicious fresh gourmet coffee. Its dark roasted beans have a nice flavor and a dark color that you will love. The coffee beans are roasted in small batches and shipped out immediately they are packaged to maintain their freshness. So when your order gets to you, what you get is a pack of freshly ground gourmet coffee filled with all the richness and nutrients in its organic state.

If you have always had a soft spot for gourmet coffee, you may not want to try another brand ever again after you taste this brand. The texture is consistent, the color is welcoming, and more importantly, the flavor is out of this world!.

Koffee Kult’s coffee beans are sourced from Sumatra, Colombia, and Guatemala. With this product, you get a coffee that looks great, smells great, and tastes great.

Why do we like it?

  • A welcoming aroma
  • The coffee beans are delivered fresh and in good condition
  • Perfectly suited for cold water
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Coffee Beans for Cold Brew Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have a fair idea about some of the best coffee beans for cold brew, let us move on towards some very important factors to consider when shopping for coffee products. To be fair, any coffee beans can be brewed with cold water, but not all of them will give you the kind of smoothness you desire. Some coffee beans are simply better than others. With that in mind, you can’t settle for just any coffee beans you find online or at the supermarket.

During your search, you need to ask the right questions and seek the right information. The country of origin where the beans come from is important. The processing method is also important among several factors. Let us review some of the important details to bear in mind.

Roasting method

Also called the roast type, you may go for a dark roast or medium roast option. Dark roast coffee blends well and settles faster in cold water than medium roast coffee beans. Furthermore, dark roasted coffee tastes better. Lighter beans contain more acid and are more expensive besides their higher caffeine element. So, we recommend dark roast coffee beans, but you may still go for medium or light roast coffee beans if you prefer them.


If your budget is going to be an issue, there are cheaper options. Lighter roast coffee beans may cost more than dark roasted beans on average, but there are still cheaper brands that may even far less than dark roast coffee. Brands price their coffee beans differently, so consider the flavor you are getting before committing your resources.

Single Origin/Multiple Origin

The origin of coffee beans has always been shrouded in controversy due to some sellers’ dubious practices. Some sellers mix their coffee beans under the pretext that they want to provide consumers with a perfect and richer blend and tastier flavor. That may be the rationale behind their actions, but many of them only do that to make more profit. By mixing cheaper coffee beans with more expensive and high-quality species, they increase their profit margins. For this reason, many are not so keen to buy mixed species of coffee beans. However, we also know that when different specie of coffee beans are mixed in the right proportion, the brew’s taste is richer and sweeter. While there are pros and cons of buying mixed coffee beans, we leave that choice to you. But make sure you don’t spend more than you can afford simply because a seller is offering a mixed origin product, which may not even represent value for money.

Grind Type

Another important feature to consider when shopping for the best coffee beans for cold brew is the ground type. The size of the coffee is one major factor that determines the coffee’s taste. Very good cold brew beans have a coarse texture. How do you know a coarse grind? Two key ways. One is by reading the product description or label. Also, when you rub the coffee on your hands, it feels like sand. There are so many reasons why coarse coffee beans are the best for cold brew. Coarse beans

  • Are not as bitter as fine grinds
  • Mix well with water and will not settle to form a bed at the bottom of your cup like fine grind beans
  • They are much easier to strain than fine grinds

Home Ground/ Pre-Ground

Do you go for a home ground or a pre-ground coffee? The ideal option will be to buy a coffee you can grind yourself because after grinding, you get the full flavor when you brew. Pre-ground coffee tends to spend a long time at storage facilities before they get to you, and by then, they may have lost their freshness and some of their flavor. If you have a coffee grinder, buying a home ground coffee is better.