Best Coffee And Tea Maker

5 Best Coffee and Tea Makers (Reviews Updated 2021)

There are days when coffee is all you need to get the day started, and there are other days when a cup of refreshing tea is what you need to be in the right state of mind. The problem is that you never know when these days will come, so it’s nice always to be prepared. The only appliance you need to handle days like that conveniently is the best coffee and tea maker.

Tea and coffee both have immense health benefits; the only difference is that tea has a little less caffeine than coffee. Therefore, for a machine to qualify as a coffee and tea maker, it basically should be able to brew coffee from pods or coffee grounds and have a hot water dispensing function.

To assist you in getting the best unit available on the market, we have done some research and compilation. Please read our five (5) best coffee and tea maker reviews below.

Best Coffee and Tea Makers

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Here are our Best Coffee and Tea Maker reviews.

1. Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine

Braun Multiserve Coffee Machine

Coffee can be awesome when you brew it with the Braun MultiServe Coffee and Tea Maker. It features an Exact Brew System. This system automatically calculates the exact water flow temperature and speed to give you a great cup of coffee according to your preferred settings. Additionally, it is fast. Its fast brew heating technology fills up the 10-cup glass carafe in 8 minutes. The carafe design is impressive. Its long narrow shape prevents moisture from escaping. The multi-serve dial allows you to choose your preferred brewing mode and cup size.

A built-in water outlet gives you the flexibility of getting hot water for tea any time of the day. Luckily, it is separated from the brewing basket to prevent any coffee flavor.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to customize your coffee
  • Hot surface indicator
  • Efficient temperature sensor system
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2. Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Ss 10p1 Premium Single Serve Coffee Maker

With the Cuisinart SS-10P1, you can have as much water for coffee and tea without having to refill regularly. This is a great addition to your countertop, featuring a 72-oz removable water tank and 5 different brew sizes. Being fully programmable gives you the convenience you desire when brewing a cup of coffee or getting hot water for tea. The reusable HomeBarista filter cup allows you to use your most preferred coffee grounds to brew as many cups of coffee as you want. Brewing takes less than a minute with zero heat-up time. In addition, the amazing control panel is easy to operate. You can set automatic on and off, brew size, specific time to start brewing, and brew temperature.

The easily accessible hot water button allows you to get hot water for tea on demand. The rinse feature is impressive. Pressing the button rinses the brew chamber in-between coffee brew cycles.

Why do we like it?

  • Includes a charcoal filter
  • 3 year warranty
  • Removable drip tray to accommodate travel mugs
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3. Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

Keurig K Elite Coffee Maker

This Keurig K-Elite single-serve K-cup pod coffee and tea maker will give you outstanding performance. Interestingly, it is compatible with the K-cup universal reusable coffee filter. This means that you can also brew a quick cup of coffee using your preferred coffee grounds. When using K-cup pods, simply insert it and select your cup size and you’ll get steaming hot coffee in less than a minute. We love the modern design it features. The brushed finish and metal details are bound to complement your kitchen decor.

Programmable features like the temperature control, automatic on, strong brew, and iced coffee button allow you the flexibility of full customization. Getting hot water for your tea and oatmeal is easy and can be gotten instantly with the press of a button. The large 75-oz removable water reservoir means you can brew coffee and make tea without having to constantly refill.

Why do we like it?

  • Features five brew sizes
  • Quiet operation
  • Alerts you when it’s time to descale
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4. Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser

We give a thumbs up to the Hamilton Beach coffee and tea maker. This is basically a 2 in 1 appliance for your kitchen use. You can conveniently brew up to 12 cups of great tasting coffee and dispense hot water for tea the minute you want it. The 32-oz water reservoir is large enough to offer you enough hot water for multiple cups of tea. Featuring a cone filter, you will get better extraction of coffee from your coffee grounds for an excellent cup of coffee. Do you have a schedule? Feel free to program this unit 24 hours in advance to fit your schedule. Luckily, 2 hours after the programmed brewing cycle is completed, this exceptional coffee and tea maker will automatically shut off.

Note that the programming for coffee brewing and hot water dispensing is independent of each other. Customize your brew to either bold strength or regular and utilize the auto pause-and-serve function to get a cup of coffee in-between cycles.

Why do we like it?

  • Highly reliable
  • Hot water can be dispensed using just one hand
  • Very durable
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5. Cuisinart CHW-12P1 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Chw 12p1 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

When last did you have a piping hot cup of coffee? The next time you’ll be having it, brew it with the Cuisinart CHW-12P1 coffee and tea maker. The GoldTone flat-bottomed filter extracts and offers you coffeehouse-grade coffee while keeping sediments and grit out. More so, an included charcoal filter purifies the water for brewing before brewing commences. An indicator light lets you know when the water is hot so that you can get some. This feature is added for days when you choose tea over coffee. Luckily, the hot water dispensing system possesses its own power button and operates independently of the coffee maker.

Back to the days you need coffee? The large 12 cup carafe is there for you. The high, medium or low settings keep the heater plate temperature controlled. More so, the carafe has a drip-free spout to prevent spills. The large 54-oz water tank is perfect for this unit.

Why do we like it?

  • Safety features prevent accidental dispensing of hot water
  • Automatic on and shut-off
  • Self-cleaning function
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Coffee and Tea Maker Buyer’s Guide

There are days for coffee, and there are separate days for tea. Having the best coffee and tea maker gives you the upper hand on any of those days. Read our buyer’s guide below for things to consider when shopping for one.

Water tank size

Brewing coffee or making tea needs water. Even stove-top tea kettles and tea kettles for gas stoves need water to make tea. Putting that into consideration, the water tank is one of the vital things you should look out for when settling for a particular coffee and tea maker. We recommend 32-oz water reservoirs as a minimum. You can selectively lookout for ones with larger capacities if you drink a lot of tea and coffee within a day.


The quality of coffee filters is important for a great mug of coffee. If you’ll be making tea, a charcoal filter for the water is essential to remove impurities that can negatively affect the taste of the green tea or matcha tea you make. Do not make the mistake of buying a coffee and tea maker without quality coffee and charcoal filters.


The truth be told, cleaning can sometimes be very frustrating. Purchasing a coffee and tea maker that is difficult to clean and maintain makes matters worse. On the other hand, units with removable parts, fewer corners, and a simple design are always very easy to clean and maintain. Watch out for these.