5 Best Cocktail Muddlers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you have a home bar fully stocked with the tastiest wines and cocktails, that is great, but without cocktail mixing tools like some of the best cocktail muddlers, your home bar is incomplete. Cocktail muddlers may be basic bar tools, but the services they render are very important. For those who may not know what a muddler is, a cocktail muddler is a tool used for extracting aromas and flavors from cocktail spices and herbs or juices from fruits.

When you use this tool in brewing your cocktails, you get the best taste possible, and the flavors come alive. If you are looking for the best cocktail muddlers to buy, there are numerous muddler brands online but comparing and contrasting their quality to arrive at a very good muddler makes the process quite cumbersome. To help you navigate your search, we have compiled and reviewed a list of some of the best cocktail muddlers online.

Best Cocktail Muddlers

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1. Barivo Professional Drink Muddler

Barivo Professional Drink Muddler

Mixing your drinks and fruit cocktails in the comfort of your home is as easy as it gets with this Muddler. Who says you have to pay a visit to a café or public bar to enjoy the best cocktails when you can enjoy the same in your home with a Barivo cocktail muddler by your side? This tool is for professionals and homeowners who have bars in their homes. Barivo is 8-inches long, and it has a steel pestle with a grooved head for mixing and muddling cocktails to perfection.

If you work as a bartender, you will find this Muddler very helpful since it works for all drink types. If you are a homeowner, you want a muddler that helps you get the best taste out of any cocktail you serve your guests. Barivo is a functional muddler that will not hurt your knuckles or unsettle your beverage. Buying this product will be money well spent.

However, we must advise that you learn how to use muddlers on cocktails to get the best results.

Why do we like it?

  • Ideal for professional and home use
  • Very easy to use
  • The grooved head works well for thick and watery beverages
  • This Muddler is rustproof
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2. Hiware 10-inch Cocktail Muddler

Hiware 10 Inch Cocktail Muddler

Hiware cocktail muddler is stainless steel, standing at 10-inch long. This muddler set also has a mixing spoon for all kinds of fruit drinks and mojitos. The quality that this Muddler offers makes it one of the best cocktail muddlers online and will serve you well. Hiware has a non-scratch nylon head with a grooved shape for working your citrus fruits, spices, and herbs. This Muddler may look rugged on the outside, but it will not crack or break your glassware when you mix cocktails in them using this glassware.

It has a trident fork and a swizzle spoon spotting a twisted stem structure. With its stirrer, you can mix your cocktails effortlessly from side to side. We also like the twisted stem design as it allows you to hold the tool with ease, so it doesn’t slip off your fingers. Should you go for Hiware, consider it a worthwhile investment because the stainless-steel material is rustproof. We chose this Muddler for our list because we know that muddlers are often exposed to liquid, so a high-quality rustproof feature is of the essence.

Next time you prepare your cocktails, don’t do so without using a brewing tool that will help you get the best out of your drinks. Hiware is just right for you.

Why do we like it?

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made with quality stainless steel
  • Anti-scratch protection
  • Free from BPA and other toxic materials
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3. Cresimo Cocktail Muddler

Cresimo Cocktail Muddler

Are you hoping to make the perfect cocktail? Look no further than Cresimo cocktail muddler fully packaged with a mixing spoon and a recipe eBook. Cresimo is one of the best cocktail muddlers, and if ratings and reviews by customers are anything to go by, this high-grade mixing tool is one piece of tool ware every home bar needs.  Professional bartenders have trusted this bar toolset for ages because it enables them to mix different recipes to the point of perfection.

Cresimo is a handy and versatile tool. It enables you to mix drinks and cocktails of all kinds. From ginger rogers to mojitos, or citrus mixture, Cresimo can do no wrong. For users who are newbies to the art of cocktail mixing, the recipe eBook will serve as a perfect guide to show you how to mix different recipes like a pro.

This product is quite affordable, and you can use it for an extended period before the time comes to replace it with a new one. Cresimo products are very durable and ergonomic.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to clean
  • Good grip
  • The eBook is loaded with exotic recipes that are easy to master
  • The perfect mixing tool for pros and amateurs
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4. Oxo Non-Scratch Steel Muddler

Oxo Non Scratch Steel Muddler

OXO stainless steel muddler weighs 1.6 ounces with a silver color. It has a nylon head wrapped around it to reduce the impact as you stir your ingredients. This nylon head protects your glass from breaking or cracking as you work your beverage to taste. Besides protecting your glassware, the head also reduces the irritating clinging sound of steel clashing with your cup.

This Muddler has a comfortable grip with a soft black handle that allows you to work at a feverish speed. The handle will not slip from your hands, neither will it hurt your fingers in the process. OXO is purpose-built for home use; however, it will still work just fine for public bars and cafes. If you are a newbie, you will like this tool of convenience since it is easy to use and does not require any special skill.

Don’t want to spend too much time cleaning after your brew session? Then go for OXO. It is dishwasher safe, and you can easily wipe off the dirt from its stainless steel frame.

Why do we like it?

  • This tool is designed to fit your hands
  • Lightweight
  • Long enough to reach the bottom of your mixing jar
  • The structure is a combination of modern and traditional designs.
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5. Twine Acacia Bar Muddler

Twine Acacia Bar Muddler

Twine Acacia Bar muddler is a mixing kit containing 1 muddler, wood grain, and a storage pouch. This reliable Muddler can be used to whip up the taste of your beverages. If you are the type who likes to enjoy the full taste of your natural drinks, you need to buy a mixing tool that can match your cocktails’ quality. The best mixing tools produce the best cocktail, and this is something professional bartenders know for a fact, and that is why they only go for the best tools and nothing less.

Made of fine wood, Acacia will complement your bar, especially if the bar in question is made of wood. The storage pouch also protects it from dust and other contaminants. When you need to use it, simply bring it out from the pouch, rinse it, and you are good to go. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional bartender or just a lover of cocktails. This tool will help you experiment with your recipes until you come up with one or more recipes that will blow the minds of your friends and family.

Twine Acacia does not cost much, but it will last you for years if used carefully and stored properly.

Why do we like it?

  • Thick build
  • Smooth exterior
  • An efficient cocktail mixer
  • Quite cheap for the value it offers
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Cocktail Muddler Buyer’s Guide

Muddlers do not look as grand as many will expect from a tool that generates amazing beverage flavors. Some muddlers look like tiny baseball bats but what they can do makes them worth their weight in value regardless of their size or appearance. Today, there are different types of muddlers made with different materials and spotting different designs. And of course, they are sold at different prices. If you wish to buy the best cocktail muddlers, here are the features to take seriously.


The material of the Muddler you buy is something to take very seriously. Muddlers come in different types. We have bamboo, plastic, wood, and stainless steel. Each material has its strength and weakness. Wood muddlers are the traditional types, but they are quite fragile. If you buy a wood muddler, you will have to regularly wash it and sometimes apply oil to preserve its form. However, in terms of drink mixing, wood muddlers mix drinks well and with less effort. In terms of maintenance, steel, plastic, and steel muddlers are dishwasher safe, but wood muddlers are not. All these materials are good, but if you want a muddler that will serve you for long and is easy to maintain, we recommend stainless steel.


The shape of the Muddler is also essential. Muddlers come in different shapes and sizes, but there is no best shape. When choosing a muddler, only go for the one that your can hold easily. Examine the handle closely and make sure the version you buy has a very good grip. You want to focus on how it feels in your hand when you hold it. We understand that conducting a physical examination while shopping online is impossible, which is why it pays to read reviews to see what previous buyers are saying about the Muddler. The best muddlers have anti-slip handles, so bear that in mind when doing your shopping.


For ease and comfort, you should go for a muddler that is at least 6 inches long. This so because you want your Muddler to reach the bottom of your shaker or mixing cup. If it is too short, your cocktails will not mix perfectly, and you will not get the full flavor.  A long muddler also prevents your knuckle from hitting or grazing your utensil as you try to reach further down. If your shaker or jar is very deep, we recommend a muddler that is 10-inch long. The longer the Muddler, the better.


Muddlers are not expensive, and you can get a very good one for under $10. However, like with all products. The better the features, the higher the price. The best cocktail muddlers cost more than the average Muddler because they are constructed with quality materials. They also have certain design features that make them relatively easy to use. The Muddler you buy should be based on how much you can afford. Don’t bore a big hole in your pocket chasing a muddler that you may not need. If it is functional, durable, and will serve your purpose, then go for it.


Style is also another important feature. Do you want a bland design or a muddler that is compact and sleek? The choice is yours. When choosing styles, consider the look of your general bar. If your bar is made with finished wood, you might want to go for a wood muddler that will complement the bar.


Do you buy a single muddler item, or do you buy a cocktail mixing set comprising several mixing tools? This is another choice you will have to make. There are stand-alone muddlers, and there are sets containing a muddler, a mixer, shaker, stirring spoon, and several other tools. Stand-alone muddlers are cheaper than cocktail kits, but if you need other tools, you should consider buying a cocktail kit. Although it will cost you more, but the price spreads across all the items in the kit will make it a cheaper acquisition.