5 Best Cloth Napkins (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you love keeping your house clean and require paper napkins, cloth napkins are a much better alternative for home use. Cloth napkins can be used for home aesthetics and are great for special occasions where you can impress your guests with fresh, good-smelling cloth napkins. Several brands in the market sell cloth napkins by the dozens, and all of them are available in different materials. Depending on what your need is, you can purchase them in bundles or get individual cloth napkins.

The best quality of cloth napkins is that they are more environmentally friendly to use than paper napkins. You can reuse the cloth napkins by washing them; however, cheap knockoffs tend to degrade faster than the amount you invest in purchasing them. That’s why we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best cloth napkins in the market which have great value addition for your home.

Best Cloth Napkins

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1. Ruvanti Kitchen Cloth Napkins

Ruvanti Kitchen Cloth Napkins

These cloth napkins are made from fibers that have great potential to sponge up liquids. The Ruvanti Kitchen Cloth napkins are comfortable to use and are available in several different colors that you can choose from. The company considers aesthetics and the functional capacity of these cloth napkins, which is why they are perfect for display during special occasions.

With mitered corners, the cloth napkins are available in an economy pack of 12 pieces, giving you the chance to try them once. The company wishes to satisfy its customers with comfortable linen cloth napkins that can be bought for a commercial restaurant, café, or home use. The Ruvanti Kitchen cloth napkins are carefully cut and sewn together to ensure there are no threads that remain loose.

In addition, the cloth napkins are also easy to wash and reuse; however, the company insists not to wash them alongside other colors. Dip them inside cold water mixed with detergent and let the water do its work. The company also gives a 100% money-back guarantee that shows their confidence in the product and shows ownership because the cloth napkins have some defects.

Why do we like it?

  • The Ruvanti kitchen cloth napkins are available in nine different colors for all kinds of different theme-related occasions.
  • The cloth napkins are comfortable and spongey so that you can use them for yourself and use them for cleaning the tables afterward.
  • The company has given a 100% money-back guarantee for the product to ensure your investment remains secure.
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2. Ascoza Cloth Napkins

Ascoza Cloth Napkins

Ascoza has by far the best comfort rating among most cloth napkins in the market. This bundle comes with 25 pieces of cloth napkins that are of premium quality, something you will find in 4-star luxury hotels. By adding the Ascoza Polyester cloth napkins to your home, you are improving your family’s experience and the guests that come to your home.

The cloth napkins are measured at 17 by 17 inches with hemmed edges that ensure no loose threads come out. The unique factor about these cloth napkins is that they are durable and can withstand long cleaning hours. In addition, the company ensures that the Polyester cloth napkins are also soft and comfortable enough for all kinds of business and wedding events.

Even if you don’t have a special occasion, you will remain worry-less that you have invested in something that supports the environment-friendly initiative. The cloth napkins can be reused by washing them in cold water. These napkins are also washing machine-friendly, so you wouldn’t have to wash them manually.

Why do we like it?

  • The cloth napkins are washing machine-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning them by hand.
  • The size of each cloth napkin is 17*17, which is enough for all sorts of cleaning purposes.
  • The Polyester cloth napkins are comfortable to use and come in a pack of 25-pieces.
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3. Threadmill Home Linen Cloth Napkins

Threadmill Home Linen Cloth Napkins

The printed cloth napkins have a classy look to them and are perfect for those who prefer comfort and aesthetics together. With the Threadmill Home Linen cloth napkins, you can keep cleaning for months without having to worry about the cloth degrading in any way. The company gives you a 12-piece pack where each cloth napkin is woven from sustainable yarn, using the cloth napkins environment-friendly.

The Threadmill Home Linen cloth napkins are made of premium quality yarn which is soft and absorbent, making them perfect for cleaning tables, windows, and accidental spillages. Once done, you can quickly wash the cloth napkins in cold water and detergent to ensure they smell good and can be used again. You don’t have to worry about the original design of the cloth napkins fading away anytime soon.

The company has given a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with the pack where if you don’t like the quality of the cloth napkins, you can get a full refund. You can buy these cloth napkins for all sorts of family and public events, including Thanksgiving, weddings, and even an office party. Compared to most other cloth napkins, the Threadmill Home Linen cloth napkins are much more durable while being used.

Why do we like it?

  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee is given by the company, which is why you can remain assured of the quality of the product.
  • The Threadmill cloth napkins are woven from yarn and can be reused for months.
  • The cloth napkins are comfortable to use and are perfect for events such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and weddings.
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4. Gee Di Moda Cloth Napkins

Gee Di Moda Cloth Napkins

The Gee Di Moda cloth napkins are made of superior quality polyester that is both sustainable and can handle commercial use. The company has made cloth napkins in 24 different colors, making it easy to color-match the napkins to a particular event. The cloth napkins are designed to withstand multiple stains, and a thin layer covers the napkins that ensure all stains can be easily cleaned off by washing them in cold water.

The elegant hemmed edges and the finishing will ensure that no threads run loose while using the cloth napkins over a long period of time. Overall, the construction of the Gee Di Moda cloth napkins is exceptional as they have won the hearts of many customers over time. Especially because of their long-term reusable feature where you don’t have to invest more money in buying paper napkins.

Each cloth napkin is 17 by 17 inches in size, which is enough to cover your entire face and also enough to help save you from stains while you consume food. You can easily decorate your lunch or dinner table by using cloth napkins as it would add a premium look and feel to it. The company offers a 12-piece pack upon purchase which you can test out before buying more.

Why do we like it?

  • The cloth napkins are available in 24 different colors, which makes it easy to form color combinations for your event.
  • The cloth napkin is coated with a stain-resistant technology that helps to wash away stains easily.
  • The company provides you with a full refund guarantee to all its customers, which makes it easy for you to invest in these cloth napkins.
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5. Utopia Kitchen Cloth Napkins

Utopia Kitchen Cloth Napkins

The Utopia Kitchen cloth napkins are available in 11 solid colors that help to form color combinations according to thematic parties or other special occasions. The Utopia Kitchen cloth napkins are a set of premium cloth napkins that help ease the burden of cleaning and having to throw away paper towels. You get to save up on a lot of waste this way which is why the Utopia kitchen cloth napkin set is best for you.

The cloth napkins are made with a combination of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which makes them both soft and durable against the elements. The size has been increased to 18 by 18-inches which makes them the largest cloth napkins on this list. The cloth napkins are also cut and sewn using the finest quality poly-cotton available to make the lovely, absorbent cloth napkins you will hold in your hand.

Luxury hotels can use these cloth napkins for commercial purposes such as decorating tables and cleaning, while homeowners can use them to impress their guests. Furthermore, the cloth napkins are also easy to clean because they are dishwasher-safe. The company prides itself on great customer service after purchase in case something goes wrong, so you should take advantage of that.

Why do we like it?

  • The size of the cloth napkins is 18*18, which makes them the largest cloth napkins in this article.
  • The poly-cotton material used to make the cloth napkins ensures that they are both durable and soft to touch while also being super absorbent.
  • Perfect for luxury hotel owners and homeowners who do not wish to compromise on their cleaning materials.
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Cloth Napkin Buyer’s Guide

Cloth napkins are a perfect alternative for paper napkins and are a way of moving forward with the world’s environment initiative. If you are someone who prefers reusable items, consider investing in a good pack of cloth napkins that will help you lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Cloth napkins are also good for aesthetic benefits and look really classy at home if guests are coming over, and you need something to spread on the table or place it near the utensils.

There are plenty of cheap knockoff brands in the market that will try to sell you special offers but always go with trusted ones. There are certain characteristics that can help you separate out the brands you can trust from the brands that will eat up your money for nothing. We’ve listed these characteristics down for you so you can easily pick out the ones that are found close to them.


The size of the cloth napkins will ensure that your guests can place them on their thighs while eating food. The size also determines if there is enough surface area on the cloth napkins, so you are able to clean your home properly using them. Consider purchasing a cloth napkin that is at least 16 by 16-inches large, so you have enough space to hold and use it.


The material with which these cloth napkins are made can defer from company to company. Some prioritize making the cloth napkins more comfortable for use, while some brands will ensure that the cloth napkins are good enough to last a long time after washing. In reality, it depends on what your preference for the cloth napkins is, which makes it easier to decide which ones to go for.

There are some cloth napkins, however, that have the poly-cotton feature that makes them both comfortable to use as well as durable. You can consider going for that option if nothing else suits you.


The soft bit of cloth napkins is again a preference that you can go for; however, it is a valuable feature to have in any cloth napkins you purchase. Especially if you are buying them for commercial use because then your guests would prefer you give them something that is soft to touch. You don’t want the customers to complain that the cloth napkin you gave them a rash because the material used was too hard or paper-like.


The color of cloth napkins is also something to consider. If you have a wedding, Thanksgiving, or any other occasion planned and there is a particular theme you are following, getting similar cloth napkins will actually help with the aesthetics of the place. Colorful cloth napkins can also help you sort them out for every member of the family if that’s something that works at your home.