5 Best Clay Bakers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Baking bread and roasting meat is a wonderful experience that one can share with family or friends on a special occasion. Millions of people worldwide bake bread and roast meat daily in an open pit, but there is another way you can make the perfect bread or roast, and that’s through clay bakers. These bad boys make bread-making easy and ensure you get quality bread with a taste equivalent to freshly baked oven bread from a famous baker. Clay bakers are made to preserve moisture in the food item you bake inside and create the perfect texture to chew upon.

As said, there are plenty of clay bakers in the market, and finding the right one means you have to keep looking. Well, we’ll save you from the hassle of doing that because we’ve mentioned a few of the best clay bakers out there. They are durable, sturdy and ensure that your food is cooked perfectly.

Best Clay Bakers

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1. Romertopf Model 99113 Classic Series Clay Baker

Romertopf Model 99113 Classic Series Clay Baker

The Romertopf Classic Clay Baker is designed with German technology and can help you roast your meat or bake bread in the most efficient way possible. The handcrafted clay baker has side handles that you can use to pick it up after use while ensuring that the steaming process helps retain all sorts of vitamins and minerals. All you have to do is soak the top before closing, and the water creates a blanket of steam inside the clay baker to help enhance the taste of your meat or bread.

The clay baker can hold up to 4.2 quarts of food, which is enough to feed six people in one go. The entire product is dishwasher safe and can also fit inside a standard oven and a microwave for use. The whole point of using the Romertopf is to preserve the natural flavors o the food you bake because nothing inside will burn.

What’s more, the clay baker stays clean because of that, making it easy to clean the clay baker after use. You can do it manually or fit it inside the dishwasher. The top of the clay baker also has small pores that help to retain the steam to make your food juicier and healthier to eat.

Why do we like it?

  • The clay baker is handcrafted using German clay and can last you a long time if used properly.
  • The top of the clay baker has a handle to help lift the top off.
  • The clay baker can hold up to 4.2 quarts of food that feed six people in one go.
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2. Romertopf Classic Series 3.1 Quart Clay Baker

Romertopf Classic Series 3.1 Quart Clay Baker

The Romertopf brand has built a name in the clay baker category, which is why another clay baker can store 3.1 quarts of food and is enough to feed five people in one go. The clay baker is capable of baking delicious roasts and making loaves of bread that will make your mouth water. Everything you bake in this clay baker preserves the moisture, which achieves the right balance for the right taste.

The outside is decorated to give an old, traditional vibe to the clay baker, while the inside can be soaked in water before adding your choice of meat or bread to bake it to perfection. The juices are preserved while you roast the meat so you can taste the seasoning you put on it. The clay baker can easily fit inside an oven or microwave, and it is also dishwasher-safe.

The peculiar thing about clay bakers is that they retain the minerals and vitamins needed for your body, making the food you make healthier. In addition, nothing will burn inside the clay baker, which makes it easy for you to clean the clay baker by hand if you don’t own a dishwasher. You will never have tasted better tasting meat than by using the Romertopf classic series clay baker that will intensify the flavors for your tastebuds.

Why do we like it?

  • The Romertopf has a tough build which makes it more likely to last you a long time.
  • The clay baker helps to intensify the flavors and preserve the vitamins and minerals in what you cook in it.
  • The exterior design is perfect for those who consider aesthetics as important as the functionality of their product.
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3. Reston Lloyd 50th Anniversary Series Glazed Clay Baker

Reston Lloyd 50th Anniversary Series Glazed Clay Baker

This natural-colored clay baker is made primarily to withstand degradation over time, incorporating the best of German technology. The Reston Lloyd clay baker helps make moist roasts and braised loaves of bread that taste heavenly to anyone who loves the two. It is also easy to use because all you have to do is soak the clay baker’s top and place it inside an oven or a fire pit.

The water on the walls will evaporate into steam and will be used to soften the food item being baked inside. The blanket of steam also ensures that all the natural flavors are intensified and preserved so that you receive a delicious dish that is worth the time you invest in it. As a beginner cook, using the clay baker may seem tricky, which is why the company also sends a user manual to help guide you on using the clay baker safely.

The clay baker comes with handles and a glazed bottom that makes it easy to lift the lid up and clean the insides properly. The clay baker can hold up to 4.7 quarts of food inside, which makes this clay baker one of the biggest on the list, serving 6-8 people in one serving. The clay baker is also dishwasher safe, so you can rest assured that cleaning it will not be a bigger hassle than it should be.

Why do we like it?

  • The steam effect inside the clay baker helps to soften the meat and bread for you to consume and helps to preserve the flavor.
  • The Reston Lloyd clay baker can serve up to 6-8 people in one go.
  • The clay baker is also dishwasher safe, so keeping the clay baker clean is not a big deal.
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4. Reston Lloyd Clay Pot, 4.1 Quart Tan Clay Baker

Reston Lloyd Clay Pot, 4.1 Quart Tan Clay Baker

The Reston Lloyd line of clay bakers is famous for their traditional aesthetic followed by the number of years they last. The natural clay bakers bake the perfect bread, which can be had straight from the clay baker with every bit of the taste you might have imagined. Reston Lloyd clay bakers last a long time because of their German make as they are sturdy and do not burn food inside no matter what the temperature of the oven is.

You can expect well-preserved meat and bread are coming out of the clay baker once you open it. All you need to do is soak the top of the clay baker and leave the rest to the fire pit/ oven to carry out. A blanket of steam envelopes the meat, which helps to soften it and preserves the juices that flow out, which you can use.

The sides of the clay baker protrude, and this allows you to lift up the clay baker easily. It can also hold up to 4.1 quarts of food inside, which is enough to feed six people. The clay baker can also fit inside a standard oven/ microwave if you don’t have a firepit to bake your bread or roast meat.

Why do we like it?

  • Helps preserve the flavor of each dish you bake which makes them taste delicious.
  • It can hold up to 4.1 quarts of meat or bread which are enough to feed six people in one go.
  • The clay baker is dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean and quick to re-use if you wish to bake several batches.
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5. Reston Lloyd Classic Series 1.5 Quart Clay Baker

Reston Lloyd Classic Series 1.5 Quart Clay Baker

The last clay baker on our list is yet another product of the Reston Lloyd classic series. This clay baker has a quantity of 1.5 quarts and is designed to make moist roasts and loaves of bread that are tasty and have the texture needed for a great bite. The inner wall can be soaked in water to help create a steam blanket that will moisten up the meat and the bread.

The side of the clay baker features a handle that can be used to pick up the clay baker when full easily. The German-made clay baker can withstand high temperatures of both an oven, microwave, or a fire pit. You can use the clay baker to bake bread and cook meat at intense heat and still expect that there won’t be a single burn on the food you use.

The best part is when you open the lid, you will see that the meat will have cooked in its own juices, which helps preserve all the vitamins and minerals. Baking in a clay baker helps keep your food fresh and healthy to eat. The overall weight of the clay baker is 4.8 pounds which means it is quite easy to lift it up.

Why do we like it?

  • The clay pot is small enough to cook for two people and can easily be picked up.
  • The clay baker helps to moisten the food you cook inside it, which helps to maintain the vitamin and minerals inside.
  • The lid is designed to shut tight while the meat or bread cooks in the steam produced inside.
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Best Clay Baker Buyer’s Guide

Clay bakers are not often used, but they are perfect for cooking meat or baking bread because of two reasons. First is that the food you cook in them remains healthy because it isn’t burnt up the way it happens in BBQs. The second reason is that the clay baker is a cheaper alternative to buying a large BBQ set or oven, so you can invest in it to cook delicious food items.

You will find plenty of cheap knockoffs of clay bakers in the market, but in order to find the right one, you have to look at a few key characteristics. These can help you retain the value you pay for your clay baker and ensure the quality of the food you cook in it remains great.

Lid Handles

The lid handles in clay bakers are super important because once all is said and done and the wood you are used up to bake the food inside the clay baker, it needs to be opened. Lid handles can help you raise the clay baker from the fire pit and place it on a table to be opened. They will also help you open the lid up without having to burn your hand.

At this point, it is the little things that can help you improve your experience with clay bakers because they all perform the same function. However, choose the one that makes life a little easy for you and not difficult.


The size of the clay baker will determine if it will end up fitting inside of a standard oven or not. Clay bakers can also fit inside microwave ovens, but it all depends on the size you buy. For that, you need to consider the size of your family and how many mouths you have to feed.

Once done, you also need to consider the weight because it will increase proportionally to the size of the clay baker.


Clay makers can get dirty from the inside and outside because of the whole baking process. If you own a dishwasher, consider the fact that the clay baker you are going for is dishwasher safe or not. Otherwise, it will become really difficult for you to manually clean the clay baker every single time it gets dirty.