5 Best Chocolate Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ll likely be into the thousands of different desserts that can be made using this divine ingredient. There are several ways you can use a block of baking/ cooking chocolate, and the best way to do that is by investing in a good chocolate cookbook. However, we’re not just talking about any chocolate cookbook but one that helps you learn the essence of good chocolate-based desserts. Such recipes are available worldwide, but certain dessert chefs have published chocolate cookbooks that can be very useful for new-timers.

Several chocolate cookbooks in the market can mislead you into wasting that block of precious chocolate. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most loved chocolate cookbooks on the market. Their authors are well-known, and their recipes are tried and tested by millions of people worldwide.

Best Chocolate Cookbooks

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1. Chocolates and Confections by Peter P. Greweling

Chocolates And Confections By Peter P. Greweling

The Chocolate cookbook by Peter P. Greweling has one of the largest collections of chocolate-based dessert recipes in the world. The entire book has 544 pages, which means you will have quite a lot to read while you invest. Chocolates and Confections take on a structured approach when it comes to mentioning ingredients to its chocolate-based desserts, followed by the step-by-step process.

Some of the recipes mentioned in the Chocolates and Confections cookbook include Caramel Shortbread Bars followed by Iced Rosettes and Chocolate Skipping Stones. These treats are enough to leave your family mouthwatering at first sight. The chocolate cookbook helps give you clear directions on how to go about each recipe with photographs that help you determine which part of the process you are on.

In total, there are around 250 colored photographs in the chocolate cookbook, followed by some helpful charts that help understand what could go wrong. The author’s entire aim is to ensure each ingredient used, including the cacao, is used right to make the best quality chocolate desserts that you would only find in a store. Each chapter has comprehensive tips and tricks regarding how to go about the chocolate-making process.

Why do we like it?

  • The chocolate cookbook contains 200 recipes of your favorite chocolate desserts you would only find in the market.
  • Gives you the chance to make chocolate goodies at home for your family and friends.
  • Comprehensive writing followed by 250 colored photographs helps you determine which part of the chocolate-making process you are on.
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2. Everything Chocolate: A Decadent Collection of Morning Pastries by America’s Test Kitchen

Everything Chocolate A Decadent Collection Of Morning Pastries By America's Test Kitchen

Everything Chocolate by America’s Test Kitchen contains recipes from one of the most experienced professionals in the market. All the recipes are simplified to ensure that anyone, including beginner dessert enthusiasts who have no idea how to cook chocolate and related desserts, can have a go at it. It is the perfect guide to help you understand each recipe’s context, giving a brief introduction before beginning with the step-by-step process.

With this chocolate cookbook, you are sure to learn how to make Milk Chocolate Revel Bars, Magic Chocolate Flan Cake, or even Chocolate Pavlova with Berries. All of these recipes are sought after in the professional world of desserts, and even you will be surprised at how simple the secrets are to them and making the right flavor. You no longer have to spend hundreds on buying chocolate-based goodies to satisfy your cravings from outside because the chocolate cookbook will take care of everything.

There are around 362 pages in the chocolate cookbook, and with its 200 recipes, the chocolate cookbook gives you ample chances to enjoy fresh chocolate desserts throughout the year. The cookbook even lists down how to acquire some of the best all-natural chocolate dessert-making ingredients in the market. You don’t need to remain patient to enjoy your chocolate anymore because everything will be made from the comfort of your home.

Why do we like it?

  • Contains 200 chocolate-based dessert recipes that are more than enough to satisfy your chocolate cravings throughout the year.
  • Perfect for beginners who wish to try making professional-level chocolate desserts.
  • Simplified recipe descriptions and directions that can help with making chocolate desserts easy.
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3. The Sweet Book of Candy Making by Elizabeth LaBau

The Sweet Book Of Candy Making By Elizabeth Labau

This chocolate cookbook gives you the chance to be creative with the way you make your chocolate desserts. The Sweet Book of Candy Making by Elizabeth LaBau has several mouthwatering recipes, each including tips and tricks by the author that help you understand how to go about them. The recipes can get a little complicated in this chocolate cookbook, but that’s only because they are that grand to eat.

The chocolate cookbook contains ingredients for the recipes in bulleted form, and the basic ingredients that form the chocolate are given a context as to why that is so. The cookbook has more than 50 recipes that include making candy and fondants along with chocolate desserts. The cookbook also mentions the perfect way to decorate your chocolate desserts, followed by mentioning the tools that can be bought and used alongside.

The chocolate cookbook is 160 pages long and has a great introduction to the world of all things sweet. The author includes her own experience (being a pastry chef) by mentioning her own recipes that are given a contemporary touch. All you have to do is invest in the cook and head towards the kitchen with the ingredients.

Why do we like it?

  • Mouthwatering and contemporary recipes that are sure to light up your entire family’s day.
  • The author mentions ways to decorate your chocolate desserts.
  • The chocolate cookbook contains 50 recipes by the author.
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4. The Art of the Chocolatier by Ewald Notter

The Art Of The Chocolatier By Ewald Notter

If you’re a fan of making chocolate desserts and know a thing or two about how to go about the ingredients, the Art of the Chocolatier by Ewald Notter is a must-have cookbook. The cookbooks cover an entire spectrum of topics, which includes the fundamentals of chocolate creation and how to design them according to what you want. The recipes mentioned in this book are customizable when you reach the decoration bit, and you get a step-by-step process for reach the recipe. With clear instructions and easy-to-understand steps, you are sure to reach the perfect dessert in no time.

There are 416 pages in this chocolate cookbook, which contains information regarding the equipment you need for each recipe as well as the basic chocolate-making techniques such as tempering, dipping, and caramelizing nuts. All of these tips and tricks help make your experience of chocolate dessert making perfect. In addition, you get processes that have high-resolution photographs with explanations and techniques to perfect the art of chocolate dessert making.

You may start as an amateur chocolatier, but with the author’s well-written chocolate cookbook, all you need is practice. Once you’re reading, you will be well-versed in the different chocolate compositions that exist, followed by knowing how to decorate the top and sides of each chocolate dessert you make. The author has compared the chocolatier as a chocolate artist, and that is exactly what you will become with this investment.

Why do we like it?

  • Simple methods of making fine chocolate desserts. The cookbook includes 100 special recipes.
  • The cookbook gives you an idea of the tools that can be used to make chocolate desserts.
  • Includes beautiful photographs that help you understand which part of the process you are on while making the chocolate desserts.
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5. Chocolate: From Simple Cookies to Extravagant Showstoppers by Nick Malgieri

Chocolate From Simple Cookies To Extravagant Showstoppers By Nick Malgieri

Nick Malgieri is a famous name when it comes to the world of baking. He wrote this book to help with creating chocolate desserts that in line with the contemporary desserts in the market. In this cookbook, you will find that the author bridges the gap between the professional baker and the home cook who has never made chocolate desserts in their whole life. The cookbook does this in its comprehensive description of delicious chocolate recipes followed by instructions on how to utilize chocolate fudge as both a decorative piece and as a boost to texture and flavor.

There are a total of 480 pages in the book that help understand the context of chocolate cooking with brilliant recipes that you would have seen in a five-star restaurant. The chocolate cookbook has over 380 recipes in total, which means even if you were to try one recipe a day, you would have your entire year covered. The cookbook includes a step-by-step process with colorful photographs that help home cooks to delight themselves with fresh homemade chocolate.

You get to understand the basics and are given a description of why each ingredient is important, as well as the aesthetics of chocolate desserts. The author has a brilliant, story-like approach to the cookbook with beautifully descriptive text that helps you understand the luxury of eating, cooking, and eating chocolate every day. All you have to do is get the ingredients, and this cookbook has got you covered.

Why do we like it?

  • The author includes secret chocolate-making techniques that help with creating beautiful desserts.
  • Clearly outlines important tips and tricks that help troubleshoot problems while making the desserts.
  • Includes 380 delicious recipes, which are the most out of all other cookbooks mentioned in this article.
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Chocolate Cookbook Buyer’s Guide

Eating chocolate is no longer a luxury because anyone can make it at home with the right ingredients. However, getting the flavor right followed by additions to that chocolate to enhance your experience is why people invest in chocolate cookbooks in the first place. Who doesn’t want to eat recipes that are only available in five-star restaurants at home, right?

If you crave chocolate most of the days in the entire year, you should consider purchasing a chocolate cookbook. There are several presents in the market, and it is important to consider certain characteristics of each book before investing in one. The following characteristics will help save your investment, so do pay attention.


The number of pages in a cookbook means the more you have to read. If you’re someone who wishes to ignore the reading part and simply move on to the recipes, those number of pages become useless. This is especially the case if you are a pro chocolatier or pastry chef who wishes to make chocolate desserts.

The number of pages also determines the number of recipes mentioned in the chocolate cookbook so make sure to check before investing in a cookbook.


Not all authors have a reputation in the market, which is why you should know who has written about the recipes. Some authors have spent several years in the field of chocolate desserts, so they invent their own recipes that you can go with as well. Choosing the right author will also determine what kind of desserts you get because there are only a certain number of recipes they will mention in the cookbook.

The author of the chocolate cookbook also determines the writing style. You wouldn’t want to be reading from a cookbook where the thoughts of the author are scrambled because if you’re a beginning dessert chef, it will only move to confuse you more.


The number of recipes in the cookbook is our third category that you should look through. You should consider your situation and your interest in chocolate for this because if you have a family that has a great liking for chocolate desserts, go with a cookbook that will include multiple recipes. However, if you are buying the cookbook for some occasional dabbles at making chocolate desserts, we recommend buying a chocolate cookbook with lesser recipes.

This would also be the cheaper option in comparison to a cookbook that has several recipes. Always consider your own need before going off to the market and buying a cookbook.