5 Best Chips for Hummus (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Hummus is of Middle Eastern origin and consists of major ingredients, including mashed chickpeas, tahini, sesame, lemon juice, and garlic. It can be served warm in a bowl and eaten with chips. Lately, it has become a very delicious snack and can also be used as an appetizer. If you are really going to enjoy hummus, the type of chips you eat it with matters a lot.

The best chips for hummus must have the right texture, thickness, flavor, and taste. To save you the stress of browsing through hundreds of chips available for sale on the market, we have compiled the best ones for you. Below are the reviews of our five (5) best chips for hummus. Kindly read them and make a sound choice.

Best Chips for Hummus

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1. Off The Eaten Path Hummus Chips

Off The Eaten Path Hummus Chips

It is great to have some chickpea crisps to go with your hummus. The Off The Eaten Path Hummus Chips are made with rice and real chickpeas. These chips are healthy, tasty, and nutritious. Rosemary and olive oil flavors make these chips pleasant to have at arm’s reach when hummus is on the menu. No artificial flavors or coloring are added to this bag of chips. Note that milk ingredients are included in the processing of this product. In terms of thickness, these chips are thick and strong to scoop up hummus without crumbling.

The Off The Eaten Path Hummus Chips stay fresh in the unopened bag for a long period of time. To enjoy the taste and flavors to the fullest, we recommend that you eat up an open bag at a sitting. It comes in a pack 16. Each 1.25-oz bag contains 160 calories, 7g of total fat, 210mg of sodium, 23g of total carbs, 4g of protein, and 2g of dietary fiber. Minerals like calcium, iron, and potassium are also present.

Why do we like it?

  • Gluten-free
  • Real ingredients
  • Non-GMO
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2. Stacy’s Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pita Chips

Stacy's Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pita Chips

The Stacy’s Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pita Chips are truly on fire. They offer you that desired amount of heat that goes amazingly well with hummus. It is made from real Pita bread and baked twice with real jalapeno peppers. You’re not getting any artificial flavors or coloring when it comes to these chips. Stacy’s chips are not gluten-free as they contain wheat ingredients. However, there is almost no saturated fat in this product as the levels are extremely low. Additionally, rosemary extracts and ascorbic acid are added to serve as antioxidants. These chips remain fresh in the unopened bag and have a long shelf life.

The Stacy’s Fire Roasted Jalapeno Pita Chips come in a 7.3-oz bag and would conveniently offer about 7 servings at 1-oz per serving. Each ounce contains 140 calories, 5g of fat, 18g of carbohydrate, 3g of protein, 280mg of sodium, and about 1g of sugars and dietary fiber.

Why do we like it?

  • Spicy flavor
  • Low in added sugars
  • Non-GMO project verified
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3. LATE JULY Snacks Clásico Jalapeño Lime Tortilla Chips

Late July Snacks Clásico Jalapeño Lime Tortilla Chips

Carefully chosen organic and Non-GMO ingredients are used in making the Late July Jalapeño Lime Tortilla Chips. These chips have a very unique and enjoyable flavor. Individuals with a variety of allergies will find this bag of chips very valuable. It is peanut-free and tree-nut-free. More so, it is certified gluten-free, and no wheat ingredients are included in its production. It is delicious when paired with hummus or any other type of dip. These chips are delicious but do not contain any high fructose corn syrup, any artificial coloring, or any artificial flavors.

The LATE JULY Tortilla Chips come in a 5.5-oz bag and offer about 6 servings per bag. Nutritionally, it contains vitamin A and iron and offers about 130 calories per ounce of chips. Also, you’ll be getting 7g of total fat, 150mg of sodium, 17g of total carbohydrate, and 2g of dietary fiber. Interestingly, the Late July chips are very low in added sugars. This bag of chips has a lengthy shelf life and stays fresh until the expiry date printed on the bag.

Why do we like it?

  • Kosher certified
  • No preservatives
  • Zero trans fat
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4. Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips

Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips

For a crunchy lunch, we recommend the Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips. These chips do not have any artificial flavors and coloring. They are made from potatoes and vegetables that are organically sourced in the garden. Amazingly, they are sturdy and will scoop hummus nicely without breaking. Remarkably, this bag of chips does not contain any genetically modified organisms and are certified kosher and totally gluten-free. Individuals who endeavor to live healthily would find these chips satisfying. In addition, these chips contain less fat than regular potato chips.

The Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Chips come in a 7-oz bag, which offers about 7 servings at 1-oz (38 chips) per serving. Each serving contains 16g of total carbohydrate, 7g of total fat, 230mg of sodium, and very little sugars and protein. Kids will particularly love the taste of these chips. The sea salt adds an irresistible flavor.

Why do we like it?

  • Contains no cholesterol
  • Vegan
  • Premium quality ingredients
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5. The Daily Crave Himalayan Pink Salt Lentil Chips

The Daily Crave Himalayan Pink Salt Lentil Chips

The Daily Crave Lentil Chips come in a pack of 24 bags, each containing 1-oz of flavourful chips. The Himalayan pink salt, which is a part of the ingredients used to make these chips, gives it a distinct flavor. Gluten intolerant individuals will find succor in these bags of chips as it is completely made with gluten-free ingredients devoid of genetically modified organisms. The Daily Crave Chips are first baked, then flash-fried for a short period of time to make it crunchy. The texture is incredible, and each chip is thick enough to scoop up hummus without crumbling.

Each 1-oz bag of the Daily Crave Lentil Chips contains about 4g of protein, 7g of total fat, 17g of total carbohydrate, and about 220mg of sodium. Impressively, it doesn’t contain any added sugar and cholesterol. These bags of chips stay fresh as long as they are unopened and haven’t reached the expiry date. It is important to note that they are manufactured in a facility that processes milk and soy.

Why do we like it?

  • Zero trans fat
  • No artificial flavors and coloring
  • Great for kids lunch box
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Chips for Hummus Buyer’s Guide

In preparing hummus, you’ll need a food processor for hummus or the best blender for hummus. If peradventure you have some frozen ones, you should know how to defrost hummus. When purchasing the best chips for your hummus, kindly read our buyer’s guide for major things to consider.

Expiry Date

Always ensure that you check the expiry date on the package of the best chips for hummus that you are about to purchase. Most chips usually have a 60 – 90 days shelf life. So ensure that you purchase one that is still far from getting expired. You can also check out the best chips for nachos and the best chips for spinach dip.

Trans Fat

Trans fat are not heart-friendly. The quantity of trans fat per serving is usually printed on the nutritional information label on the package of the best chips for hummus. Ensure that you go for ones with zero trans fat.


This majorly depends on the ingredients used in making the chips you are about to buy. Sometimes, the facility where the chips are produced also plays a role in the type of allergens present in the best chips for hummus. Gluten and milk are the major allergens present in chips. Ensure that you lookout for this information on the package of the product you’re about to pay for.