5 Best Chili Cookbooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Do you live in a place where the weather is cold 200 out of the 365 days in a year? Because, while there are plenty of food options that can help preserve your body’s temperature and be tasty at the same time, nothing works better than a hot bowl of chili. Of course, you’ll have to add it on top of your main dish, but the point is, making chili for your family and friends can be super exciting, especially if you have a great recipe to go with, which is why we recommend investing in a chili cookbook.

There are plenty of authentic authors who have written comprehensive cookbooks for making the best chili. These cookbooks include recipes that you might never have even heard of, making them quite exotic to make as the flavors burst with each bite. We have compiled this list to help keep your taste buds alive on cold winter days.

Best Chili Cookbooks

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1. Soups Stews & Chilis by Cook’s Illustrated

Soups Stews & Chilis By Cook's Illustrated

The Soups Stews and Chilis cookbook includes 200 recipes of the best broths, soups, chili as well as chowders that you can make. Convert your ingredients into hearty food dishes that help you maintain a healthy diet in the cold winter. However, eating chili isn’t just restricted to winter because you can consume the thrill of eating it during a hot summer day.

The recipes added to the book are first tried and tested by professional chefs, as the authors of the cookbooks state. They can easily be executed by both beginners and professional chefs, making the chili cookbook very helpful. The ingredients mentioned are straightforward, while the cookbook has a more direct approach in its literature, aiming to take the cook on a step-by-step process.

The brand Cook’s Illustrated is also a widely known American kitchen brand with over 60 professional chefs and has created a name for helping beginners. Their chili cookbook has been created for recipes and made as a guide for new cooks who wish to enjoy chili recipes throughout the year. You will find it useful to purchase the chili cookbook and unlock tips and tricks that make it easy for you to excite those close to you.

Why do we like it? 

  • Includes 200 different recipes apart from chili recipes that help expand your food choice.
  • Tried and tested chili recipes by seasoned chefs.
  • Easy structure of recipes and directions that help you cook your favorite chili.
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2. Southern Keto: 100+ Traditional Food Favorites by Natasha Newton

Southern Keto 100 Traditional Food Favorites By Natasha Newton

If you love the flavor and like making an extra spicy chili, the Southern Keto by Natasha Newton contains wonderful Chili recipes that will leave you licking the plate. The author combines several traditional recipes in the contemporary form alongside the chili recipes, so you are bound to get more than one dish on the dinner table. What’s more, the author tries their best to show chili as the perfect comfort food.

The author has also included different variations and ways in which you can enjoy your chili with roasted chicken. Your meals get nutritional value, and you get something to clear away that sinus in the cold. Natasha’s chili cookbook is all about finding the right recipe on the right day, so she has categorized them into different weeks, which you can choose to go with.

There are 304 pages in the cookbook, so it is quite lengthy to go through, but the author has worked her magic and ensured each recipe is concise but explains wells. You find yourself with several useful tips and tricks that allow you to make good food. You also get a lesson on identifying the right ingredients, so there is nothing to worry about.

Why do we like it?

  • Includes multiple combination recipes that help combo chili with chicken and other types of meat.
  • Includes a comprehensive grocery list that helps identify how to select fresh ingredients.
  • Has several delicious Keto recipes that you can choose from.
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3. The “I Love My Instant Pot” Soups, Stews, and Chilis Recipe Book by Kelly Jaggers

The I Love My Instant Pot Soups, Stews, And Chilis Recipe Book By Kelly Jaggers

The cookbook I Love My Instant Pot is a world favorite of professional chefs who love making chili and other spicy food dishes. The book is exclusively made for beginners to understand how to make stews, soups, and chili and understand the basics behind them. Be it in what ingredients to pick from the market or how to go about those ingredients step-by-step.

The cookbook contains around 175 recipes that help beginner cooks familiarize themselves with the way chili works. Making a combo out of the chili can help increase the meal’s satisfaction, which is why the author focuses on adopting the strategy. The guide is fairly simple to grasp, and the explanations for each step are done well by the author for a first-timer.

The entire book is 224 pages long, and it contains content that includes recipes, a letter from the author, photographs, etc. The professional photographs help you understand what your chili is supposed to look like as you cook it. Each spice you add, followed by tomatoes and meat, changes the way the chili looks, and it is important to understand what the desired flavor is supposed to be, so keep tasting it.

Why do we like it?

  • Includes photographs in the step-by-step process to help assess how the chili turns out.
  • Helps bring in context to the ingredients added to help understand how we get a flavor for the chili.
  • Good for beginner cooks who wish to learn the art of making delicious meaty chili for their family and friends.
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4. Made in India by Meera Sodha

Made In India By Meera Sodha

India is known for its spice, and Meera Sodha has helped put spicy food into perspective by writing down her own story in the beginning. She explains how growing up in India; spice played a huge part in the way her taste developed. She then writes 130 delicious spicy recipes, including an Indian version of chili that both family and friends can enjoy.

Meera helps understand how meat and spice work well together under the right heat, which shows year and year’s worth of experimentation on her part. Her book is structured like a story and helps comprehend which ingredients to work with and how to add fragrance to each dish mentioned, including chili. Her book has clear guidelines followed by photographs of Indian cuisines and chili that help you understand how the end product is supposed to look.

Meera’s Made in India is made for slightly seasoned cooks, so you might want to learn your basics before you purchase the book. However, her vibrant dishes use exotic spices that help build the flavor as she arranged her dishes according to the aesthetic. The book is perfect for those who cook as a passion and not a chore, which is why consider your options.

Why do we like it?

  • The book brings the flavor of the east to chili from the perspective of an Indian author.
  • All recipes are easy to grasp and make but require knowledge of basic cooking.
  • Help understand how to add fragrance to the chili you make.
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5. The Chili Cookbook by Rob Walsh

The Chili Cookbook By Rob Walsh

The Chili Cookbook is a perfect, tried-and-tested recipe book that helps you understand the context of making good chili. The book has a history crash-course of how making chili has developed over the years, which helps the reader really get into the whole concept of the recipe. Once understood, a cook can alter ingredients and make the chili better and more personalized.

This means you can feed your family exactly the kind of flavor they like and not something they will be unlikely to eat. There are a total of 200 pages in the book that help explain 60 different kinds of recipes for making chili. Each recipe gives you an option to make the chili for a special occasion, whether it is the super bowl weekend or simply guests coming over.

All the recipes are mouth-watering, and Rob Walsh has added several photographs of his masterpieces that help you understand what the final dish is supposed to look like. You can make the chili with different kinds of meat as well, including venison, pork meat, and turkey meat, followed by addons. Rob ensures the reader gets a mouthful of encouragement from the photographs, so they proceed to fulfill their chili cravings.

Why do we like it?

  • Each chili recipe has photographs to help understand which step the cook is.
  • The book has 60 delicious chili recipes to choose from, which are taken from all around the world.
  • The book contains an easy, step-by-step process for each recipe.
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Chili Cookbook Buyer’s Guide

When you go out to the market, you find several stalls that sell hot chili, and each time, you wonder how they got the recipe right. The answer always lies in a good cookbook but also in the way the food stall owners practice making the chili to perfection. By getting a good chili cookbook, you too can understand the fundamentals of making delicious meaty chili.

However, there are plenty of chili cookbooks in the market to choose from, which is why you need to consider your chances. The first chili cookbook your purchase will set your experience of chili, so you need to know what to look at to buy the right cookbook. Here are a few things you can trust for that.


The number of pages in the cookbook helps you understand how much literature the author has added to it. It is possible that there are fewer recipes in number; however, the writer has told a story along the way. It depends on you now because if you are someone who just wants to get to the recipe part and not read through the storyline, you can choose a cookbook with lesser pages and context.

More pages also mean the price will increase, so if you are someone who understands the value of saving pages, go for a cookbook that has fewer, concise notes followed by recipes.


Some authors prefer writing the recipes in the form of stories and paragraphs, while others simply put them in bulleted form followed by the ingredients mentioned out clearly. Consider your options and see what attracts you more. We don’t want you stuck, trying to look for a particular paragraph that you can’t find while you’re cooking chili.

Whatever is easier to read and understand can help save you from burning your food.


The reputation of the author is what will help you understand how much you can rely on the recipe they write. You need to consider their background and how well their chili cookbook has been received by their readers. You will also need to consider their writing style and how convenient it is for you to understand their sentence structures.

All of this helps you in the end because you can get through the chili cookbook quickly and move on to the practical part of the process. Some authors even write cookbooks so that they can be used to cook chili side by side as you cook it in real-time. The bottom line always checks the author’s reputation.


All the photographs present in the cookbook will help you decide which step you are on. When you see your own chili turn out the same way as it is in the book, you will definitely get excited about the end result. What’s more, is that the photographs act as a check for the quality of the chili you make (even if you use different meat to make it).

Photographs also help you understand the text better, so look for a chili cookbook that has several.