5 Best Chicago Culinary Knives (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Owning a good, sharp knife makes it easy to slice through the toughest food surfaces and ensure precision cuts. Finding the right culinary knife becomes the obstacle because there are so many brands in the market, promising so many different things. While professional chefs understand how to assess if a knife is going to last long-term or not, home chefs and house-moms need to go through reviews like this and rely on rumours regarding their product. Well, congratulations because you’ve come to the right place as the Chicago Culinary knives are well-known for their home use.

They are made with the right materials and designed by seasoned-chefs who help the company understand exactly what is needed from a knife at home. Whether it is the knife’s ergonomics, the grip or the sharp pointy end that helps slice through anything, a good knife is well appreciated. The following Chicago knives are worth investing in this regard.

Best Chicago Culinary Knives

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1. Chicago Cutlery Essentials Stainless Block Set Knives

Chicago Cutlery Essentials Stainless Block Set Knives

The Chicago stainless knife set is for people who prefer buying all kinds of knife for the kitchen in one go. You get 3 ½ inch paring knives, four ¾ inch utility knife, 5-inch Partoku and a 6-inch chef knife with the set. The wooden block you get along with the set can hold up to 4 knives at one time and helps you focus your energy more on the food item and less on deciding which knife to use.

All the knives you get are made from professional-grade stainless steel sharpened to slice through hard surfaces. Getting a flint piece to sharpen the knife after every use can help keep the knives sharpened at their optimum levels. The handles are ergonomically designed to be comfortable when you hold them while the triple-riveted, contoured handles help cut.

The knives are well-balanced and provide precision cutting, prioritizing your safety through stability in each cut. The full-metal finishing helps to maintain the stiff edges and prevent the knife from bending while slicing through a tough shell of fruit like the durian or a pineapple. The Chicago knife set comes with a lifetime warranty which is enough to make you feel secure in the investment.

Why do we like it?

  • Professional-grade steel used to forge perfectly balanced knives for stable and precision cuts.
  • Lifetime warranty for the knives.
  • Wooden
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2. Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition High-Carbon Serrated Knife

Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition High Carbon Serrated Knife

The Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition serrated knife is made to withstand the elements and the way you use it to determine how long it will last. The serrated knife is designed to be used for loaves of bread as well as cutting hard surfaces on fruits. The steel is durable enough to prevent rusting as well as stains that ruin the look of the knife.

The triple-riveted handle is made to withstand any force you apply to it, and the taper grind/ serrated edges are added to maximize the sharpness of the knife. However, serrated knives are always rumoured to bend easily, which is why you can rest assured that the Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition’s high-carbon forged steel prevents the knife from bending too much. This prevents any unnecessary slips and cuts to your hand and increases the safety potential of the knife.

The total length of the knife is of 10-inches. When you purchase the Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition serrated knife, you get a lifetime warranty for it which helps keep your investment safe. You can rest easy knowing you now own a knife that is convenient to use and backed up by the company’s promise in case things go south.

Why do we like it?

  • The classic style of the knife adds to the kitchen’s vibe.
  • High-carbon steel prevents the knife from breaking or bending too much.
  • Serrated edges that help maximize the sharpness of the knife.
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3. Chicago Cutlery Essentials 8-Inch Culinary Knife

Chicago Cutlery Essentials 8 Inch Culinary Knife

The 8-inch length of the knife helps make slicing through loaves of bread, fruits and vegetables easy. The Chicago Cutlery Essentials has the classic triple-riveted handles that the company is famed for. The 25-degree serrated style of the knife helps increase the slicing potential by maximizing the sharpness of the knife.

The black polymer handles are not only ergonomically designed for zero strain on your hand but are also great for grip in case your hand starts slipping. This helps you when you’re cutting through harder surfaces and need the extra grip to hold down the fruit, vegetable or piece of meat. The full metal tang adds extra strength followed by a perfect balance to the knife that only a true chef can tell and make use of.

If you choose to purchase this knife, the company gives you a lifetime warranty which is a great benefit to have. This makes the Chicago Essentials 8-inch knife a must-have in the kitchen because you often find yourself with food that is harder to get by. The knife is also dishwasher safe so make sure you keep it washed for health purposes.

Why do we like it?

  • The 8-inch length of the knife helps with increasing the slicing through tough surfaces.
  • The black polymer grip and triple-riveted handle help to provide stability while slicing.
  • Well-balanced for your day-to-day chores.
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4. Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 6-Inch Utility Knife

Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 6 Inch Utility Knife

The Chicago Walnut Tradition line of knives are all about adding a classic touch to your kitchen. If you, yourself are following the same theme, consider investing in this 6-inch utility knife perfect for slicing through meat and vegetables. The high-carbon steel used to make the blade is not only strong for frequent use but is also capable of withstanding rust and stains.

The Chicago Walnut Tradition 6-inch utility knife comes with a triple-riveted, wooden handle that provides you with the grip and style needed to cut through all sorts of food items. The knife also gives you control over your narrative as you take on the kitchen’s tough tasks and find yourself with precision slices of everything. The stability of the Chicago Walnut also ensures that your hand remains safe throughout the experience.

The knife is dishwasher safe, and keeping it clean will help ensure all health precautions are taken, and no cross-contamination between food items occur. The knife also has a lifetime warranty so you can worry less about the investment and focus more on making your meal perfect. With precise cuts, your meal prep will be done in no time.

Why do we like it?

  • Classical-styled, easy to use a utility knife.
  • Made with durable steel and well-balanced for precision cuts.
  • Perfect for camping because of its short length.
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5. Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 8-Inch Slicing Knife

Chicago Cutlery Walnut Tradition 8 Inch Slicing Knife

If you love holding old-school knives with a wooden triple-riveted handle, the Chicago Walnut 8-inch carving knife is the best in the market. It might seem like a longer version of the 6-inch utility knife, but it has its own specialty in the form of the curved blade that helps to carve through surfaces. It is the perfect Knife for Thanksgiving Day where you have to carve out a turkey or ham.

The knife has a curve at the end to allow for stability while slicing through a dense upper layer of a piece of meat or fruit. All the while, the handle helps support your hand with as little strain as possible. The brass rivets and the wooden handle give it the classical western look and are perfect for bars or café’s where such a theme is followed.

Even if you keep it at home, you continue to feel good about how sharp the knife is and how easily it can slice through anything. The Walnut Tradition 8-inches slicing knife comes with a lifetime warranty as well, which is why investing in it is both safe and secure. You can easily wash the knife with soap or put it inside of a dishwasher to ensure that the knife does not cross-contaminate between food items.

Why do we like it?

  • Sleek design with a classical look and feel.
  • Tapered edges that help increase the sharpness of the knife.
  • You receive a lifetime warranty with the knife.
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Chicago Culinary Knifes Buyer’s Guide

Buying a knife may seem like an easy task, but it all depends on your need at home or at work. If you’re a beginner at slicing fruits, vegetables and meat, you would want to get a knife that has the serrated edges and the handle that gives you the grip to continue. Finding a knife that fits your hand and provides a strain-less experience isn’t that hard, and there are many brands in the market that may tell you what would want but not what you need.

Chicago Culinary knives have been around for quite some time now, and the uniqueness in their design/ blade is that they have made these knives from the experience of people. What you need to do now is look for the following qualities to find the perfect Chicago culinary knife for yourself.


The shape of the knife determines how easily you can maneuver it around your chopping board. A curved shape usually works well with chefs, but it can be subjective depending on your comfortability in using a knife. Chicago culinary knives are available in different shapes and also have different edges depending on the type of food you would need it for.

Some have a pointy end to help pierce through vegetable or fruit skin while others have a rounded end that is used mostly for bread loaves. It all depends on the role of that knife in the kitchen.


The handle is where your grip helps you keep the knife stable so you can cut through. If your grip is uneasy, you will probably make choppy cuts which will be unsatisfactory to you, your family as well as your customers. Hence, make sure you get a handle that is comfortable in your hand.

Handles come in two different materials (mainly made of polymers or wood). They can be glued together in the middle or have rivets running through them. Wooden handles are great for grip and add to the classical look of your kitchen while Polymers are more contemporary.

Blade Materials

The blade is your main product, and it’s what helps you cut, pierce and slice through any food item you get in front of it. A good blade has to be strong enough to not bend because that has the risk of injuring your hand while also remaining sharp enough while cutting through hard surfaces. With Chicago culinary knives, the blades are made of high-carbon stainless-steel that gives you great durability in the long run.

You won’t have to worry about your blade bending or breaking at any point even if you stab a melon at 90 degrees or cut through a giant steak. Chicago culinary knives are made from the blade materials you need to make the perfect dish.

Serrated Edge

The serrated edge is debatable because knives that come with that property are usually made to cut through loaves of bread. However, in recent years, these knives have become really popular because they maximize the knife’s potential to cut through hard surfaces. Buying a Chicago culinary knife with a serrated edge will be most helpful if you wish to put in the minimum effort needed to cut through your food items.


The one thing about the Chicago culinary knives that most intrigues customers are their policy of a lifetime warranty for all the knives they have. With a warranty, you can redeem the value that you invested in the knife and ensure that your standards are met. Imagine breaking the knife in one day and ending up disappointed at your purchase after having to wait for it to arrive.