Best Chemex Coffee Makers

5 Best Chemex Coffee Makers (Reviews Updated 2021)

Coffee is a great morning relaxant for people all around the world. If you are someone who’s entire day is ruined without a cup of the best coffee beans money can buy, you need a coffee maker that can produce the right amount of coffee every single day. Chemex coffee makers have both the quality, the name and the functionality to brew the best coffee beans brands into a perfect cup. With their easy three-step process, you can get yourself a well-deserved coffee break in the evening or drink a glass while heading to the office.

Chemex coffee makers come in all shapes and sizes and fill different amounts of a cup per serving. Our recommendations, however, fit all kinds of situations you might face while owning a coffee maker. For that reason, here are our suggestions for the best Chemex coffee makers in the market.

Best Chemex Coffee Makers

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1. CHEMEX Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker

The Chemex Pour coffee maker is a perfectly aesthetical kitchen piece that you can add to your collection, and it functions to make your mornings fantastic. It doesn’t just have an elegant design, but the coffee maker’s glass body is made with the highest quality materials. The non-porous glass is safe from all types of odours and can be cleaned easily by rinsing it under a tap.

The Chemex pour design is patented, which allows customers to brew and store coffee without having to take it out. You can simply cover the top and reheat the coffee so that it doesn’t lose its flavour in the process, which is a big plus since you won’t be wasting any coffee. The coffee maker can give 5 ounces of coffee in a cup and fill 5 cups which is more than enough for a family of four.

Lastly, the half-circle FP-2 filters installed inside the coffee maker can be replaced regularly so that the coffee gives the best taste with the least amount of waste possible. The overall capacity of the coffee maker is around 0.44 litres. All you have to do is grind your coffee beans to a medium grind, dampen the filter cloth with warm water, put a spoon full of coffee in the filter and slowly pour hot water to enjoy greats sips of your favourite coffee.

Why do we like it?

  • Elegant glass design with non-porous quality to stop the glass from smelling bad.
  • Easy three-step coffee making process that allows you to enjoy your favourite coffee.
  • Makes 5 cups of coffee per batch
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2. CHEMEX Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker Classic Series 8 cups

Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker Classic Series 8 Cups

The Chemex pour-over glass coffeemaker with 8 cups of coffee potential is another ingenious creation by the company. This coffeemaker gives you the chance to make homemade coffee whenever you want and as easily as possible. The company has a three-step coffeemaking process widely known for its simplicity and saves you from the hassle of conventional coffeemakers.

Imagine the capability of storing a coffee maker inside a refrigerator because its possible with the CHEMEX pour-over coffeemaker. All you have to do is reheat the coffee you stored and drink it without worrying about the coffee losing its flavour. This is because the non-porous glass used to make the coffee maker does not trap/ absorb any false odours or tastes and ensures maximum satisfaction to its owner.

The coffee maker can handle a capacity of 0.70 litres of coffee which is enough to fill up two rounds for a family of four. The wooden handle provides insulation and protection against the hot, freshly brewed coffee. In contrast, the filter cloth provided allows you to filter away all the impurities to get the best coffee you’ve ever tasted. The total weight of the coffee maker is 1.3 pounds; hence, it is easy to carry around as well.

Why do we like it?

  • Provides a large capacity for brewed coffee so more people can drink the coffee per batch.
  • Can be placed inside the refrigerator to help keep the coffee safe and fresh
  • Wooden handle in the middle looks great on the coffee maker plus protects against burns.
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3. Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker Classic Series 6 Cups

Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker Classic Series 6 Cups

The Chemex Pour Classic series 6 cups can contain an average capacity of coffee per batch. The design is yet again phenomenal to look like anyone who visits your home will not notice the difference between a beautifully crafted vase or the coffeemaker. The coffeemaker’s glass body is made out of non-porous Borosilicate glass that is both durable, easy to clean and does not absorb any bad odours while the coffee rests inside the container.

Resembling a pitcher, the Chemex Pour has a beautiful wooden handle tied together with a small piece of leather that adds a contemporary look to the appliance. You receive filters when you purchase the coffeemaker as they play an important part in the coffeemaker’s functionality. The overall design of the Chemex Pour 6-cups coffee maker allows for you to easily store any leftover coffee in your refrigerator, which is a great way of reducing wastage.

Each full cup poured by the Chemex is said to be about 5 ounces each. The filters used for the glass coffeemaker range from FP-1, FC-100 to FSU-100 etc. Simply add warm water onto the filter before adding you ground coffee to help with getting the right taste when adding hot water on top. It is easier and quicker to use the Chemex Pour followed by being environment friendly than to use any other coffeemaker out there.

Why do we like it?

  • Uses non-porous, strong glass to make the body of the coffeemaker.
  • Can fill around 6 cups of coffee per batch.
  • Great design that fits into the refrigerator to prevent wastage of coffee.
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4. Chemex Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker – Glass Handle Series 3 cups

Chemex Pour Over Glass Coffeemaker Glass Handle Series 3 Cups

This is an exclusive product made by the company for those who wish to hold the coffeemaker from a traditional handle and not a wooden one. The glass Chemex Pour exclusive series is not only easy to use but can also fit inside your kitchen if need be. The elegant design of the Chemex allows you to fit the coffeemaker inside the fridge without having to take any coffee out.

However, if you worry about bad odours being left behind, fear not. The coffeemaker is made from non-porous glass that does not absorb any impurities left behind by the contents of the container; hence you can feel safe. It is healthier as well because sooner or later; bacteria will start accumulating inside the coffeemaker even after it being cleaned properly.

The glass container can also be used for other drinks, but it is preferred that you stick by storing coffee in the container. By simply using the filter, you can brew around 3 cups per serving. The coffeemaker is perfect for two people to use.

Why do we like it?

  • Perfect for two people who wish to brew their coffee every morning.
  • Non-porous glass does not let bad odours to settle in.
  • The elegant design of the glass allows you to use the coffeemaker jug for other drinks.
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5. CHEMEX Classic Coffee Filters, Squares

Chemex Classic Coffee Filters, Squares

If you are need of filters for your Chemex coffeemaker, we recommend looking for the Chemex Classic Coffee filters box that the company has launched alongside the coffee makers. This product box allows for you to frequently change the filters per coffee that are brewed. Each batch would require a fresh filter, half rolled and added to the middle of the coffee maker.

Once the filter settles inside the glass, you can add a finger to increase the width of the point, so there is enough space for hot water to pass through while you pour coffee in the middle. One big tablespoon of your favourite coffee on the filter followed by hot water will allow for the best-brewed coffee ever. The only step you need to take care of while filtering the coffee is by using warm water on the filter itself to give it a little moisture so that it lets the contents of the brew pass through.

The Chemex coffee filters are also 20%-30% thicker than the average competition that exists in the market. This means that all impurities are taken care of while brewing the coffee while preserving the taste as well as the taste of the coffee. It is a must-have if you end up purchasing any of the Chemex coffeemakers from the market.

Why do we like it?

  • 30% thicker than your average filter in the market, making it easy to remove impurities.
  • Easy to adjust and place inside the coffeemaker due to its design.
  • Made from biodegradable materials, so you don’t have to worry about polluting the planet.
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Chemex Coffee Maker Buyer’s Guide

Coffee is an essential part of your morning routine, and if you’ve read the article this far, chances are you are on your way to buying one. However, there are several aspects to Chemex coffee makers that you need to understand before you make the purchase. For starters, you need to understand your own requirements for a coffee maker and compare them to the kind of coffee makers that Chemex makes.

With the market expanding and more and more options present to customers like you, it is imperative that you imagine what you want in your head. We recommend going through the following checklist and then deciding to which options fulfil your needs. Here is how you


Every Chemex coffeemaker has a wooden handle that protects your hands from potential burns. If the handle isn’t given, you need another form of insulation that helps you stay safe. Consider looking for accessories to the Chemex coffeemakers that are both easy to use and become part of the aesthetic of the glass coffeemaker.

Glass quality

Since all Chemex coffeemakers are made from glass, it is important that the glass be made of good quality. Ask about what the materials used to make the glass are and make sure that the glass has non-porous potential. It will also be handling high temperatures, so we also need to make sure that the coffeemaker is not made out of thin glass that can easily break.

Leaving coffee inside the glass container also risks leaving behind a coffee smell that doesn’t go even after you clean it. You need something that doesn’t absorb bad smells since the coffeemaker won’t just be used for making coffee, right? You’ve already thought about it as a standard jug for storing juice in the morning, so make sure the glass quality works to your advantage in such a situation.

Container Capacity

The coffeemakers capacity will help determine how many cups you can fill per serving. This is important since you don’t want to backtrack and make the coffee again because you, your family or your roommates ended up drinking more than what was made. Instead, make sure to keep the capacity in mind before purchasing the coffee maker.

Chemex coffeemakers are available in 3-cups, 6-cups, 8-cups and 10-cups capacity. The only drawback to buying this coffeemaker at higher capacity is that it is more expensive than usual so plan your budget accordingly.


Chemex coffeemakers are amazing when it comes to quality coffee making. However, you can never be too sure as a customer. Make sure you get a warranty that helps you stay secure after the purchase is made.


The filter types that work best with Chemex coffeemakers include FP-1, FC-100 to FSU-100, which is why you need to purchase them alongside the coffeemaker. You only get one per coffeemaker, so make sure you have enough since these filters are the core of the brewing process.