5 Best Chef Knives (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The importance of a chef knife is known to professional chefs. For perfectly dicing and slicing different food items, you would need a proper chef knife. There are numerous types of chef knives that you could choose from. This could make the selection process very tricky. You need to know which knife would be the best for which task.

To help you choose the right chef knife for the job, we have reviewed the best chef knives. These knives are some of the best in the market and are highly recommended by professional chefs. The article also contains a buying guide which consists of the essential factors. These factors will ensure that you choose the right knife according to your requirement.

Best Chef Knives

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1. Zwilling Professional S Chef’s Knife

Zwilling Professional S Chef’s Knife

Sharpness is an essential factor that you look at in the best chef knives. The Zwilling Professional S Chef’s Knife is highly recommended for its sharpness. This 8 inches model of the brand is perfect for every kitchen dicing and slicing.

The blade of the knife is made from high carbon 57 Rockwell hardness. Due to this, the blade is easily able to retain sharpness for a very long time. You can comfortably use it for your kitchen uses without having to sharpen it every day.

The durability of the Friodur blade has been enhanced with ice-hardening. Moreover, the laser has been used to sharpen the knife’s edges. You can easily cut through any food item, no matter its toughness or hardness.

Another attractive feature of the knife is its ergonomic design. Along with a sharp blade, the knife has a stylish black handle. This handle is shaped to accommodate your hands comfortably. Additionally, it sports a good grip that prevents your hand from slipping.

The handle has three rivets that add to the comfort and grip. The best thing about the Zwilling knife is that it needs little to no maintenance. Cleaning the knife is also very easy since it is dishwasher safe.

Why do we like it?

  • Edge retention is excellent
  • Fridour blade is ice-hardened for high durability
  • Three comfortable rivet handle
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2. Messermeister Meridian Elite Stealth Chef’s Knife

Messermeister Meridian Elite Stealth Chef's Knife

The average chef knife is very hard to handle for people with small hands. This is because the handles are thick, and the knives are very heavy. This issue is solved by the Messermeister Meridian Elite Stealth Chef’s Knife. This knife is 40% thinner than any average chef knife.

The 10 inches model is not heavy like other average 10-inches knives. Equipped with a thumb groove and rivets, this knife provides great grip. Even if you are working with wet hands, you do not have to worry about slipping. This ensures that you are safe when using the knife.

A very attractive feature of the knife is the lifetime guarantee provided by the manufacturer. This gives trust that the knife is going to last for a long time. The sharpness and strength of the knife are due to the special cooling and heating process.

This knife is suitable for different tasks due to the angle of the blade edge. These tasks are trimming, peeling, chopping, dicing, mincing, and slicing. Sharpening the blade is also very easy due to the presence of its partial bolster.

Since the knife is made from soft steel material, it may require daily sharpening. However, this is not a very time-consuming task.

Why do we like it?

  • Lifetime warranty on the knife
  • Ergonomic and slim handle
  • Resistant to corrosion and stain
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3. Global G48 Santoku Hollow Ground Knife

Global G48 Santoku Hollow Ground Knife

Global G48 Santoku Hollow Ground Knife is on the list for the best chef knives mainly due to its handle. Many knives are not comfortable to use due to an imbalance between the handle and blade. This is not the case with this model since it is made from one metal piece.

Due to the use of one metal piece, the knife is exceptionally strong. Not only is the knife strong, but it is also very stylish. There is a dimple texture on the handle, which makes it a striking product. This dimpled texture is also perfect for enhancing the user’s grip, even with wet or greasy hands.

Since the knife is forged from one piece, there are no issues with the balance. This is also due to the hollow parts in the handle. All of these features ensure that you can dice and slice every ingredient with extreme ease.

Another amazing thing about this model is the lifetime warranty. The brand gives trust to the user about the longevity of the knife. There is no doubt that this knife will prove to be a long-lasting and great kitchen companion.

The style of this knife is like traditional Japanese knives. This can be seen from the thin blade and amazing edge retention.

Why do we like it?

  • Made from vanadium or molybdenum stainless steel
  • Great edge retention
  • Elegantly textured handle
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4. Mac Knife Mth-80 Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife

Mac Knife Mth 80 Professional Hollow Edge Chef's Knife

Another stylish knife that has amazing functionality is the Mac Knife MTH-80 Professional Hollow Edge Chef’s Knife. This 8-inch model is perfect for everyday use and does not need frequent sharpening. This is due to the amazing edge retention that this knife’s blade possesses.

The size of this knife makes it perfect for delicate tasks such as chopping herbs or boning fish. This does not mean that you cannot use the knife for tougher tasks. You can use this knife for different tasks, no matter how small or big.

The knife has a Granton edge which can slice even the toughest of ingredients. This blade also prevents sticking, which provides better traction. The balance and comfort provided by the knife are exquisite. This knife weighs 7.1 ounces which is quite lightweight, making the handling easy.

The edge is razor-sharp and should be handled with care. Since the product does not come with a sheath, ensure you buy one individually. This is done to keep you safe from the sharp edges when you are using the knife.

The handle is made from Pakka wood which is very durable. Moreover, maintenance of the knife is not very time-consuming and frequent.

Why do we like it?

  • Handle made from Pakka wood
  • Thin blade with less resistance
  • Solid stainless steel blade
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5. Shun Classic Chef’s Knife

Shun Classic Chef's Knife

Another amazing product on the list for the best chef knives is the Shun Classic Chef’s Knife. This knife is recommended both for its stylish outlook and exceptional functionality. The Damascus blade has wave designs that make it look like a piece of art.

Made from pakka wood, the handle is very durable and strong. This knife is equipped with a very thin blade that is maneuverable. Due to this, peeling and slicing vegetables and fruits become very easy.

The partial bolster of the knife is the reason for its flexibility and ease of use. At 7.3 ounces, the knife is very lightweight and easy to handle. The blade of this model is 1.8 inches in width, which provides great balance and heft.

With a D-shaped pakka wood handle, the knife has amazing balance. Along with this, the grip of the handle is also very comfortable. If you know about professional grips, then you will find that this knife is perfect for the purpose.

Why do we like it?

  • Pakka wood and ebony handle
  • Designed Damascus blade
  • Equipped with VG-MAX steel blade
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Best Chef Knives Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best chef knives will ensure that you have the right accessories for cooking purposes. There are several factors involved when it comes to choosing the right chef knife. You have to invest a lot of time ensuring that the knife you have chosen suits your purpose.

Below mentioned are essential factors that you should keep into consideration. Whether it is the type of knife or its durability, many things should be present in your ideal kitchen knife.


If your knife does not have the right blade, you will not be able to use it for a long time. Knife blades are made from stainless steel, which is prone to corrosion. To prevent this, you need high-quality blade construction which has optimum durability.

Apart from stainless steel, some other options are Damascus, ceramic, and carbon steel. Out of all these options, the most durable is stainless steel, but the other could be good options. Make sure that the blade you choose stays sharpened and is perfect for professional cooking jobs.


The next criterion that you need to look into is the handle of the knife. Some common materials of a knife handle are plastic, resin, and wood. All of these handle materials have different levels of durability. You will need to choose a handle based on the tasks that you would be using it for.

The material that you choose should be very sturdy and able to withstand usage. Ensure that this material is perfect for dicing and slicing. It should provide you with a comfortable grip. It should not slip away from your hands while using it.


Balance is very important in a blade since it provides you with proper control. The balance is created when the blade and handle are of proportional weights. If the weight of one element is more than the other, then it will create an imbalance.

Weigh the knife in your hand and ensure that it feels comfortable. The real issue will arise when you start using the knife. If the balance is not correct, then it makes them work harder. Moreover, it can also lead to sudden accidents while dicing and slicing.


Chef knives generally have very sharp edges; however, some knives are better at retaining their sharpness. It can be quite time-consuming to sharpen the edge of your knife every day or after every use. This would be a bad investment since this means your knife is a blunt one.

The sharpness would be dependent on the way that the blade has been forged. Moreover, the material used for making the blade also makes a lot of difference. If you want a long-lasting knife, then ensure that the edge can retain its sharpness for a long time.


The next factor on the list is the durability of the knife. Without high durability, the investment you have made will be a waste. If you have to change your knife after a few uses, then there is no point in buying such a product. The durability is measured through the material and sharpness of the knife.

You need to see that the knife-edge does not stain or accumulated rust easily. Moreover, the knife’s hardness should be more so that it stays sharpened for a longer time. However, make sure that the hardness is not so high that the knife chips easily.


The design may not be a mandatory factor for some people; however, some chefs focus on the knife’s look. These are the people who like to invest in products that have a certain elegant and stylish design. While some knives have a basic design, others are more stylish.

The design of the knife is completely dependent on the personal preference of the individual. If you want a stylish-looking knife that is also highly functional, then there are several options. However, if you only want to focus on functionality and not on style, that is also fine.

Grip Comfort

When you hold the knife, you should not experience any discomfort. If your knife’s grip is not good, you will be unable to use it successfully. When buying the best chef knives, you need to look at the comfort provided by the grip.

The grip would vary according to your hand size. If you have small hands, then you would be comfortable with thin handle knives. However, if your hands are large, then you should opt for a thick handle. Make sure that the grip is not slippery and your hands are comfortably wrapped around it.


Safety is crucial when you are using a knife. The bolster, which is the area where the blade fattens and merges with the handle, is the safety part. Due to this bolster, your hand does not slip down when you are using the knife. However, even with the bolster, it may sometimes compromise your safety.

If you are using the knife with a wet hand, the bolster may not be enough to keep your hands from slipping. In such cases, a non-slip handle would be the perfect option for you. Moreover, you need to ensure that your knife is sharp since blunt knives are very dangerous. A sharp knife with a non-slip handle grip would be perfect for keeping you safe.