Best Chef Knife Under $150

5 Best Chef Knives Under $150 (Reviews Updated 2021)

Chef knives are known to be very sharp because of the way they are designed. These knives are created to allow precision cuts. However, contrary to popular opinion, chef knives are not solely made for chefs alone but for everyone careful enough to handle a knife. Although chef knives are very good, they tend to be very expensive compared to conventional knives. But you can still get the best chef knives under $150.

In this review, we have selected five of the best chef knives under $150. These knives are by different brands but rest assured that the value they offer is worth their price.

Best Chef Knife Under $150

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1. Dalstrong Shogun Series Chef Knife

Dalstrong Shogun Series Chef Knife

Dalstrong Shogun chef knife is an 8-inch knife made by this Japanese manufacturer. It has between 8 – 12 inches on both sides and is very flexible for easy handling. Dalstrong is also made from premium Damascus steel blades that will not rust or lose color. If you are looking for a chef knife for your kitchen that will stand the test of time, this Dalstrong Shogun Series chef knife is an ideal chef knife under $150 to go for.

The design is awe-inspiring with a cutting core that measures 62+ on the Rockwell scale of hardness. So what you get with this chef knife is a blade that will not let you down. Even when you are cutting extremely tough items. Dalstrong will not bend or split.

As for the handle is crafted to provide the user with convenience, so using it for an extended period will not cause you arm strain.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Corrosion-resistant blade
  • Nonstick blade
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2. Wusthof Gourmet Chef Knife

Wusthof Gourmet Chef Knife

If you prepare gourmet recipes often, nothing can be more pleasant than doing so with a gourmet chef knife. Even if you are not a professional chef, you can still enjoy your cooking when you chop and cut your vegetables and meat with this Wusthof Model chef knife. The quality of Wusthof is unquestioned because it is made with laser-cut carbon steel stainless steel.

The quality of this German steel is second to none in terms of hardness and durability. We consider it to be a kitchen workhorse because that is what it is. Wusthof can be used to chop and cut different food items consistently for a very long time, and the quality of the blade will not be compromised.

It is durable, sharp, and corrosion-resistant. This chef knife is forged under the strictest standards, so rest assured that you will be getting your money’s worth if you buy it.

Why do we like it?

  • Easy to use
  • Superb quality
  • Extended handle for easy handling
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3. Tuo Damascus Chef’s Knife

Tuo Damascus Chef’s Knife

The TUO Damascus chef knife is an 8 inches long knife with 67 layers steel for cutting through tough food items that your average knife will not cut through. This knife has an ergonomic design that makes handling easy, so if you have a fragile hand too soft to handle a tough tool, this is one knife you want to go for. The Damascus is part of the Fiery Phoenix series, and it is delivered to buyers in a gift box for safekeeping.

The quality of the craftsmanship is one of the first things you will notice. Secondly, you will notice that the weight is well balanced. It is not too light and not too heavy, making it very easy for you to cut very fast with it.

Furthermore, the steel blade is very narrow for nimble movement and intricate cut. TUO is forged with carbon steel.

Why do we like it?

  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Very hard and sharp blade
  • Extremely flexible
  • Durable
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4. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife

Another very good chef knife under $150 is this Zelite Executive Plus Series super cutting and chopping knife. It has a ten-layer super Damascus steel with a very deep 56mm construction. Sold alongside the blade is a leather sheath for blade preservation.

Zelite is an excellent chef knife for cutting, chopping, and cutting with a knuckle clearance that ensures that your knuckles do not interact with the blade or the handle. Furthermore, the blade handle is riveted with a humpback for easy handling.

This blade offers value for money and is the knife you want by your side when you have a lot of chopping and cutting to do in your kitchen.

Why do we like it?

  • Sold with a money-back guarantee
  • Polished and razor-sharp blade
  • Not too heavy
  • Anti-rust steel
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5. Miyabi Kaizen Chef Knife

Miyabi Kaizen Chef Knife

The Miyabi Kaizen chef knife is another Japanese knife with a razor-sharp blade that will make your meal preparation easy. This knife has a traditional Japanese design with a special katana 8-inch edge. The hand-honed blade is forged using a three-step Honbazuke process to get the sturdy edge that is 9.5-12 degrees firm.

As for the handle has a Micarta feature with a linen pattern and a red accent that you will find quite attractive. This best chef knife under $150 will not let you down. It is delivered to you, sharp, and ready for use. If it loses its sharpness after a while, you can get the sharpness back using a honing stone.

For a knife that offers so much value, the knife is worth its price. So pay a one-time price and never worry about buying another knife for the foreseeable future.

Why do we like it?

  • Brilliant patterned design
  • 64 layer Damascus steel that is sturdy
  • Non-slip handle
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Chef Knife Under $150 Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for quality accessories for your kitchen, you need to take your time, especially when shopping for chef knives under $150. If you can not afford a knife sold at this price, you can still get quality budget chef knives for a lesser price. However, for knives that cost this much, you need to take your time. In this buyer’s guide, we want to point out some of the features to look out for when shopping for chef knives.


The weight of the knife you buy should allow you to swing and use with ease. You don’t want a knife that is too heavy or one that is too light. Tojiro and Santoku knives come to mind when selecting a knife based on weight. You may go for a lightweight or a heavy knife, depending on your preference. At the end of the day, your preference is all that matters.


The balance of the knife is influenced by the weight. The best chef knife under $150 will not tilt to one side on its own without your hand movement. So ensure that the knife balances well on your hand. We understand that evaluating the balance may not be easy to do if you are shopping online, but you can read the reviews posted by other buyers to get a fair idea about the knife’s performance.


The handle is another feature to pay close attention to. You may likely be holding the knife for an extended period if you are chopping and cutting a lot of ingredients. If you have the best chef knife under $150, you will not suffer from hand strain, so make sure the handle is easy to hold and has a nonslip body. If you want a knife with a wide handle, a Zhen knife will be a good option.